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The Connecting Memories Podcast

The Connecting Memories Podcast

By Paul Leworthy
In this podcast series, Paul Leworthy will be talking to leading academics about memory. As well as presenting some aspect of their research, each episode's guest speaker will be invited to discuss what the term 'memory' means in the context of their research.

For more information about the Connecting Memories research initiative, please visit:
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On memory and terror attacks with Guest Speaker Dr Sarah Gensburger (CNRS)
The guest speaker for this episode is Dr Sarah Gensburger (CNRS). Dr Gensburger presents a talk entitled ‘From ordinary memory to extraordinary heritage: a study of the memorialisation of the 2015 attacks in Paris?’ In her talk and in the discussion that follows, Dr Gensburger examines how the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks were remembered and discusses studying the commemoration of these events from the perspective of a sociologist and a resident of the district in which the attacks and much of the commemoration took place.
July 13, 2020
On memory and monuments with guest speaker Prof Patrizia Violi (University of Bologna)
The guest speaker for this episode is Prof Patrizia Violi (University of Bologna). We discuss ongoing debates about contested monuments and statues and Prof Violi presents a talk entitled ‘What future for contested monuments?’
July 6, 2020
On memory and social movements with guest speaker Prof Ann Rigney (University of Utrecht)
The guest speaker for this episode is Prof Ann Rigney (University of Utrecht). Prof Rigney presents a talk entitled 'The Afterlife of Hope: how the killing of demonstrators is remembered’ and we discuss cultural memory in connection with activism and social movements as well as ways of moving away from thinking about the past in terms of trauma.
June 22, 2020
On memory and contested pasts with guest speaker Prof Anne Fuchs (University College Dublin)
The guest speaker for this episode is Prof Anne Fuchs (University College Dublin). Prof Fuchs presents a talk entitled ‘When did postwar German memory culture end: from divided memory to a pluralistic memory culture’ and we discuss cultural memory in terms of memory contests and scales of implication.
June 15, 2020
On memory and activism with guest speaker Dr Gyorgy Toth (University of Stirling)
The guest speaker for this episode is Dr Gyorgy Toth (University of Stirling). Dr Toth presents a talk entitled ‘Memory, performance, and Native American sovereignty rights’ and we discuss cultural memory and activism in the context of Red Power and the Native American rights struggle. 
June 8, 2020
On memory and cultural trauma in Japan with guest speaker Prof Akiko Hashimoto (Portland State University)
The guest speaker for this episode is Prof Akiko Hashimoto (Portland State University). Prof Hashimoto presents a talk entitled ‘Something Dreadful Happened in the Past: War Memories in Japan’ and we discuss the cultural memory of WWII in Japan.
May 18, 2020
On memory and distributed cognition with guest speaker Prof John Sutton (Macquarie University)
The guest speaker for this episode is Prof John Sutton (Macquarie University). Prof Sutton presents a talk entitled ‘Distributed Ecologies of Remembering’ and we discuss how things, places and other people are involved when we remember.
May 11, 2020
On memory and African American literature with guest speaker Dr Leila Kamali
The guest speaker for this episode is Dr Leila Kamali (@kamali_leila). Dr Kamali presents a talk entitled ‘Cultural Memory Past, Present and Future in the work of John Edgar Wideman’ and we discuss the cultural memory of Africa in African American and Black British literature.
May 4, 2020
On memory and memorials with guest speaker Prof Bill Niven (Nottingham Trent University)
The guest speaker for this episode is Prof Bill Niven (Nottingham Trent University). We discuss Holocaust memorials and the question of relevance and Prof Niven presents a talk entitled 'Reigniting Relevance: Recent Approaches to Memorial Heritage’. Bill Niven is Professor in Contemporary German History at Nottingham Trent University.
April 27, 2020
On memory and the built environment with guest speaker Prof Edward Hollis (ECA, University of Edinburgh)
The guest speaker for this episode is Prof Edward Hollis (ECA, University of Edinburgh).  We discuss what memory means in the context of the built environment and Prof Hollis presents a talk entitled 'Secret Lives, Memory Palaces and Concrete Monstrosities'.  Edward Hollis is Professor of Interior Design at the Edinburgh College of Art in the University of Edinburgh.   A PDF of images to accompany Professor Hollis's talk can be found here:
April 20, 2020
Podcast series preview
In this short preview, Paul Leworthy introduces the Connecting Memories podcasts and sets out what the series hopes to achieve.
April 20, 2020