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Connecting with Careers Podcast

Connecting with Careers Podcast

By Clayton Lawrence | Pipeline Career Services
Have you ever wondered how to take the next step to advance your career? On this show, host Clayton Lawrence will connect you with resources to improve yourself and advance your career. We'll be exploring the career journeys of people who love what they do and have career advice to offer. Our goal is to inspire and motivate you as you navigate your own career journey. Let's get that dream job!

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Changing Careers, Roles, and Industries with Keauna Mason
Keauna Mason started her career as an electrical engineer at Northrop Grumman and then transitioned to business school at Stanford, marketing analytics at Interscope Records, working at a startup, and finally managing an operations team at Facebook. She has seen her fair share of career pivots and will be providing an overview of her career journey along with advice for those who may be (or need to be) making changes in their career. What we'll cover: How to identify the signs that signal a potential need to make a career change How to financially prepare to take a pay cut that allows you to pursue your passions How to identify transferrable skills from one role to another The decision of going back to school for an MBA Keauna's current role at Facebook For more information, reach out to Keauna at or ----- Join the Pipeline community: @PipelineCareerServices Resume, Interview, and Career Coaching: New episodes every Wednesday at 6 PM EST!
November 18, 2020
Pivoting Careers - From Retail to Magician with Ricky Locke
Ricky Locke is a professional magician, behavioral trainer, podcaster and a genuinely nice chap. As a professional magician and someone with an extensive background working in retail leadership and colleague development, he is absolutely passionate about creating memories that will last a lifetime and understanding what makes people successful in life, and how to live the best version of themselves. On this episode, we’ll be talking about pivoting careers: what it looks like and how to approach it. Joining us is Ricky Locke, who pivoted his career from working in retail to being a professional magician. We’ll learn about Ricky’s story and understand how and why he made his pivot. Learn more about Ricky's magic experiences: Listen to Unlocked on Spotify: Listen to Unlocked on Apple Podcasts: Follow Ricky on Social Media: @rickylockemagic --- Join the Pipeline community: @PipelineCareerServices For resume, interview, and career help visit New episodes every Wednesday at 6 PM ET!
November 11, 2020
Getting A Job During the COVID-19 Pandemic with Ciara Lawrence
Ciara Lawrence was one of the many individuals who faced uncertainty with job searching in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the months leading up to her college graduation, she applied to numerous companies only to face rejections due to hiring freezes. In July 2020, Ciara graduated from Kennesaw State University with a BBA in Marketing and no job. Fast-forward to the end of August and she receives a job offer from Deloitte (who had originally stopped her application due to a hiring freeze). Join our conversation with Ciara as we learn about what she did during her job hunt to remain competitive and get hired during a global pandemic. Check out the portfolio Ciara used to strengthen her brand: Connect with Ciara on LinkedIn: Learn more about MLT: Learn more about The Emma Bowen Foundation: ----- Join the Pipeline community: @PipelineCareerServices For resume, interview, and career help visit New episodes every Wednesday at 6 PM EST!
November 4, 2020
Bonus: Thank You
This is our 10th episode! Thank you for tuning in each week to listen to the career stories we share. In this episode, we'll give you a sneak peek for what to expect in November. If you would like to become a monthly supporter of the show, visit ----- Join the Pipeline community: @PipelineCareerServices and sign up for resume reviews or mock interviews at New episodes every Wednesday at 6 PM EST!
October 31, 2020
Making Decisions in Your Career & Decision Engineering with Michelle Florendo
If you've ever wondered how to approach a major decision in your career, this episode is for you! Join our conversation with decision engineer and professional career coach, Michelle Florendo. Michelle helps individuals, from college students to company executives, make decisions to reach their goals. In this episode, we'll learn what "decision engineering" is and unpack a framework for making decisions in your career.  Michelle also explains the idea of a portfolio career which is how she is able to balance the numerous coaching roles she has.   Ask a Decision Engineer podcast:  Book Michelle's decision coaching:  Management Leadership for Tomorrow:  ---  Join the Pipeline community: or @PipelineCareerServices  New episodes every Wednesday at 6 PM EST!
October 28, 2020
Program Management & Sharing Your Story with Alex Berry
W. R. Alex Berry (call him Alex) is a Portland-based Technical Program Manager within Intel’s Global Supply Chain. He combines his corporate experience from four industries (chemical, forestry, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing), his nonprofit leadership, and his global travels to build bridges between the public and private sectors. After graduating from Georgia Tech with a B.S. in Industrial & Systems Engineering and a dual Business/Mandarin minor, Alex has dedicated the last five years to creating sustainable programming at the intersection of technology, business, and societal impact. With this in mind, Alex created a social business (Chocolate Milk Diplomacy - #CMD) that empowers underserved and marginalized communities with the career development support they need. His black-owned business works with students, early career professionals, and career changers on resumes and cover letters, skill mapping, interview preparation, career navigation, and more! After work, you can find Alex leading within the community - collaborating with nonprofits that support minorities, first-gen students, and those facing homelessness. A true introvert, Alex recharges by playing soccer, watching anime, and drinking chocolate milk! Alex and #CMD would love to connect with you! Don’t forget to share #CMD with your networks and friends! ----- Join the Pipeline community: @PipelineCareerServices or New episodes every Wednesday at 6 PM EST!
October 21, 2020
Film & Music Production with Stevie Thompson Jr.
We all have a favorite song or a favorite movie, but have you ever tried to make either one of those? I’ve always been curious how that works, so on today’s episode, I am joined by a friend of mine who does just that. Stevie Thompson Jr. Is a media enthusiast and is the founder and CEO of a film and music production company called Simplicity Productions. Outside of that, he is a client-technical specialist at IBM. We’ll dive into each role to understand what it’s like and how he got there.  Follow @SimplicityProductions: Follow @KeslerTheMovie: Donate to The Pros of Cons film production: ----- Join the Pipeline community @PipelineCareerServices: New episodes every Wednesday at 6 PM EST!
October 14, 2020
Empowering Black Women with Kendall Rankin
The Diamond Campaign is a nonprofit with a mission to create space for Black women to achieve their greatest potential together. Join the conversation with Founder & Executive Director, Kendall Rankin, to learn more about how The Diamond Campaign cultivates #BlackGirlMagic, how it started, and how you can get involved. Kendall also drops some great motivational quotes and tips on how to balance her non-profit with a full-time corporate job.  For more on The Diamond Campaign, visit and follow @TheDiamondCampaign on social media.  ---  Join the Pipeline community: or @PipelineCareerServices  New episodes every Wednesday at 6 PM EST!
October 7, 2020
Life as a Rocket Scientist and Overcoming Impostor Syndrome with Shaheer Sajid
Hosting a podcast isn’t rocket science, but on today’s episode, it is! Join our conversation with Shaheer Sajid - a guidance, navigation, and controls engineer at The Aerospace Corporation. We'll talk about how Shaheer went from being intrigued by outer-space and rockets as a kid to simulating physics for rockets and supporting satellite launches. We'll also talk about our experiences with impostor syndrome and how to combat it.  Reach out to Shaheer on LinkedIn: -----  Join the Pipeline community: @PipelineCareerServices  New episodes every Wednesday at 6 PM EST!
September 30, 2020
Learn to Code with Kamari Wright
One day, coding will be as critical of a skill as reading and writing. To get ahead of the curve, we will be speaking with Kamari Wright - the founder of KamSchool. KamSchool is an organization that teaches individuals how to code via curriculum tailored to their interests. In this episode of the Pipeline Podcast, we'll learn how KamSchool can help you learn to code and dive into Kamari's career background to understand how he arrived at this point. For more information, you can visit: KamSchool Website: KamSchool Twitter & Instagram: @kamschool_io KamSchool LinkedIn: ----- Don't forget to join the Pipeline community: or @PipelineCareerServices New episodes every Wednesday at 6 PM EST!
September 23, 2020
Become the Media You Consume with Shinjini Das
Action can be the difference between whether or not you achieve your goals. On this episode of the Pipeline Podcast, we are joined by the go-getter herself: Shinjini Das. Join us as we speak with Shinjini about going after your goals, representation in the media, and the origin of her media company, Das Media Group - an organization that can help build your brand. For more content from Shinjini, you can follow her on social media @SpeakerShinjini. ----- Join the Pipeline community: or @PipelineCareerServices New episodes every Wednesday at 6 PM EST!
September 16, 2020
Changing Jobs Internally with Brianna Honeywell
Have you ever wanted a change of scenery within your company? On this episode of the Pipeline Podcast, Brianna Honeywell from KPMG gives us the inside scoop on how she successfully switched roles from financial services consulting to data analytics modeling. Along the way she drops some gems on how we can do the same in our companies. Connect with Brianna on LinkedIn: Join the Pipeline community: or @PipelineCareerServices New episodes every Wednesday at 6 PM EST!
September 9, 2020
Cracking the Coding Career: My Story
Get to know the host, Clayton Lawrence, and his career journey in software engineering on the first episode of the Pipeline Podcast! Connect with Clayton on LinkedIn:  Join the Pipeline community: or @PipelineCareerServices New episodes every Wednesday at 6 PM EST!
September 2, 2020