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The Gathering Podcast

The Gathering Podcast

By Connections Church
At Connections Church, our mission is to “Build Relationships as we Build Gods Kingdom”. Listen to people in the community of the Northwest Suburbs of Minneapolis as they talk about how they’ve lived that statement out.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them”
Matthew 18:20
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Walking in the Wilderness
Will Valiant shares his experiences with finding God without distraction, and how that can practically be applied to our ever so busy lives. Hear what he’s learned from connecting with God through stillness and community!
December 22, 2021
The End of the Rope
SheyAnne Gust gives her testimony, talks about baptism, and how one friend following Gods prompting changed her entire life.
December 08, 2021
Community in Faith
Anna VanGilst talks about trusting the Lord, homeschooling, and encouragement to women in the church.
November 24, 2021
Simple Faith
Trevor Betzler talks about how he came to faith, and the impact our influence has on others.
November 10, 2021
Kids Ministry: “that’s cute”
Kids Director Angi Sweet gives us insight on kids ministry, and why it’s important in the body of the church. Hear about both misconceptions and reality of ministering children!
October 27, 2021
Make Your Faith Your Own
Associate Pastor Jonathon VanGilst tells us about his experience as a child, pastor, and even Caribou barista! Hear how he’s grown in faith, and followed Gods calling to him.
October 13, 2021
Sydney Kress
In today’s podcast, Maddy sits down with Sydney Kress for a fun conversation. The conservation includes Sydney’s story of being adopted from Nepal, how she came to faith in Jesus, where God has her today and so much more.
December 14, 2020
Tavis & Beth Charles
Best selling author Thom Rainer reminds us that, "God's plan A to reach the world for Christ is the local church and there is no plan B". In this week's podcast Tavis and Beth Charles share how the local church has helped them continue to take one more step closer to Jesus.
December 07, 2020
Bix Nauman
Bix and Fritz - Encouragement to live by!
November 23, 2020
Jeanne Nauman
You are never more like Christ than when you serve is a common reminder we share around Connections Church. Just as important is the statement you are never more like Christ than when you give.  Giving is at the very core of what God has done for us (He gave His one and only son, John 3:16). God calls us to reflect Him in every way including how we give.   In this week's podcast you will hear a story of a couple's journey down an unexpected path in which they have been able to serve and give to others in a supernatural way.   Be encouraged that God calls all of us to serve and to give, but He does not call us all to do this in the same manner.
November 16, 2020
Marco Solt
Pastor Ray sits down with Marco Solt - you will not want to miss this episode.
November 09, 2020
Matthew Tingblad
Pastor Ray sits down with Matthew Tingblad for a encouraging conversation. Learn about Matthew, his faith journey and what he is up to now!
October 31, 2020
Maddy Kirchen
Pastor Ray sits down with Maddy Kirchen to hear how she is growing in her faith.
October 19, 2020
Megan & Bruce Anderson
Bruce and Megan Anderson sit down with Pastor Ray and share their incredible story.
October 12, 2020
Aaron & Kayla Regnier
Aaron was an intern at Connections Church for 14 months and now him and his wife, Kayla, are preparing for their next steps in ministry! We love Aaron and Kayla.
October 05, 2020
Matt & Celia - PART 2
Part 2 of Matt & Celia’s conversation with Pastor Ray.
September 28, 2020
Matt & Celia - PART 1
Matt & Celia sit down with Pastor Ray to share part 1 of their story.
September 21, 2020
David Nelms
Pastor Ray sits down with David Nelms, who is the Founder and President of The Timothy Initiative.
September 02, 2020
Michael & David Ayeni
Michael & David sit down with Pastor a Ray to share their hearts and perspective on the recent events taken place in Minneapolis.
May 31, 2020
Scott’s Story
As Pastor Ray is traveling down to the Dominican Republic, he makes a special stop in Florida to visit with a good friend, Scott.
March 09, 2020
Pastor Jim Nicholas
As we begin the year 2020, Pastor Ray Fritz and Bix Nauman sit down for a conversation with Pastor Jim Nicholas. They talk about reading the Bible and the importance of making Gods word a priority in your life.
January 05, 2020
Jill’s Story - Part 2
Pastor Ray Fritz, Bix Nauman and Maddy Kirchen sit down for another conversation with Jill Fritz. Today, Jill dives deeper into some hardships she has endured in life, and how God has been good to her through it all.
December 18, 2019
Jill’s Story - Part 1
Pastor Ray Fritz, Bix Nauman and Maddy Kirchen sit down for a conversation with Jill Fritz. Jill shares about her love for music, some of her hardships in life, and how God has been good to her through it all.
December 14, 2019
Maddy’s Story
Pastor Ray Fritz and Bix Nauman sit down with Maddy Kirchen. She shares how she came to faith in Jesus Christ and how she has been growing in her relationship with Him. Join us for a incredibly encouraging conversation.
November 25, 2019
Encouragement from Bix
Pastor Ray Fritz sits down with Bix Nauman for an incredibly encouraging conversation.
October 31, 2019