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Sleep Eat Perform Repeat

Sleep Eat Perform Repeat

By David Clancy & Ciaran Dunne
Discussions with individuals from professional sport, military, arts, business and other performance industries on their careers to date, with a focus on high performance and what makes these individuals tick.

Hosted by David Clancy and Ciaran Dunne. Sponsored by Hauora.
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Episode #29 Keith Earls

Sleep Eat Perform Repeat

Episode #91 with David McMillan – Irish professional footballer with Dundalk in the League of Ireland
Today we spoke to David McMillan – Irish professional footballer with Dundalk in the League of Ireland, and currently the League of Ireland's all-time leading scorer in the UEFA Champions League. McMillan was the joint top-scorer in the 2016–17 UEFA Champions League qualifying phase and play-off round with five goals. We talk about Davids' career to date having played in Scotland and Ireland...and where it all started for him. Preparation on a match day, post match reflection, analysis and other performance strategies are opened up. David discusses the recent success and learning curve for Dundalk in Europe - and the current circumstances around playing professionally during the pandemic in Ireland. David sheds light on balancing football with his profession as an architect, and the nuances and positives of this balance. Thanks for joining us on our show Dave - and best of luck in your current European campaign!
October 26, 2020
Episode #90 with Jake Kelfer – founder of Professional Basketball Combine, author, business coach and motivational speaker
Today we spoke to Jake Kelfer – founder of the Professional Basketball Combine, author, business coach and motivational speaker We talk about the recent adjustment period, and online and accessible projects - such as elite elevation and his coaching programme. This is for freedom seekers, entrepreneurs and coaches - to expand and elevate their life through building a world-class network. Jake sheds light on the pursuit of dreams, success, and the process - and relishing those experiences. Have fun making mistakes and the small wins he says! Up and down days are discussed - and Jake's wisdom on this piece is worth the listen alone! This is the perfect time to drop this priceless episode after the Lakers win in the NBA! Listen out for the timeless story about Jake's encounter with Jerry West in the elevator! #keepelevating #staypositive Thanks for joining us on our show Jake!
October 19, 2020
Episode #89 with Alistair Rogers – All Blacks performance analyst during their two RWC wins, coach and former rugby player
Today we spoke to Alistair Rogers – All Blacks performance analyst during their two RWC wins, coach and former rugby player We talk about Alistairs' journey from Wales to New Zealand, a life of playing and coaching rugby. He became the All Blacks analyst for 7 years, specialising in opposition analysis and defence - and was part of the coaching staff for the RWC wins in 2011 and 2015. He has been involved in coaching roles with the Wellington Hurricanes, Auckland Blues, and now in Japan. Al talks about the mind and the mental game - and the differences between the Northern and Southern hemisphere in that space - "The All Blacks wanted to do something nobody else has done - and that was pretty special to be part of..." We discuss leadership, performance, communication, culture and decision making as a coach. This one was special for us! Thanks for joining us Al...and best of luck in Japan mate!
October 12, 2020
Episode #88 with Jay Acunzo – keynote speaker, author of 'Break the wheel', and podcast and docuseries host/ producer
Today we spoke to Jay Acunzo – keynote speaker, author of 'Break the wheel' and podcast and docuseries host/ producer. Jay shares the opportunity that the pandemic gave him - with more quality family time at home. Jay tells us what success means to him...opens up on creativity, curiosity and practice. We discuss 'Marketing Showrunners', the platform where Jay helps people find their voices and elevate their podcasts. We talk about Jays' work with large multinationals like Google and HubSpot - and smaller and leaner companies; he educates us on the word telic, and paratelic...and what they mean. Find out more about Jay @ Thanks for joining us on our show!
October 5, 2020
Episode #87 with Brant Menswar – critically acclaimed author, motivational speaker, award-winning musician and podcast host of 'Thoughts that rock'.
Today we spoke to Brant Menswar – critically acclaimed author, motivational speaker, award-winning musician and podcast host of 'Thoughts that rock'. Brant is a transformational keynote speaker, with a difference - a former rock star...he now edu trains everyone on purpose and values. He has created a movement called 'Black Sheep' - where Brant helps you identify your non-negotiable 4-5 core values. We had a great conversation about values, high performance and legacy. We talked about how Brant pivoted during the pandemic, and how he handles adversity and setbacks. His new book called 'Black Sheep - unleash the extraordinary, awe-inspiring, undiscovered you' has just been published. Find out more about Brant @ and
September 28, 2020
Episode #86 with Dan John – world-renowned strength, fitness and lifting coach, former All-American discus thrower, Highlands game competitor and author
Today we spoke to Dan John – world-renowned strength, fitness and lifting coach of 30 years+, former All-American discus thrower, Highlands game competitor and author. Dan has coached athletes for over 30 years, and has written numerous books in the field of strength training and lifestyle such as 'Attempts', 'Never Let Go', 'Mass Made Simple', etc. In this episode we discuss habits - how you are the sum of all your habits; Dan also sheds light on tools such as 'shark habits' and the 'pirate map'. Dan shares his 3 coaching pillars that he has leaned on during COVID-19 - the three basic rules of coaching, that tie into every aspect of life. This man started lifting weights in 1965; he says to respect the process...and let the results happen. Dan has plenty of life experiences. Lean in! Thanks for joining us on our show DJ, who has many links and experiences from time spent in Ireland! Find out more about Dan at This episode is kindly brought to you by Instant Speed Training. Used by the best athletes in the world such as Beauden Barrett, Usain Bolt, Cristiano Ronaldo and numerous Olympians alike, speed bands are the key to increasing your speed and performance.  You can check out their fantastic products at or on social media on their handle @speedbands. Use our discount code SEPR15 for an exclusive 15% off. Big thanks to Martin McElroy and the Instant Speed Training team for sponsoring this episode.
September 21, 2020
Episode #85 with David Hieatt – co-founder of Hiut Denim Co., the Do Lectures, and author of Do Purpose and Do Open
Today we spoke to David Hieatt – co-founder of Hiut Denim Co., the Do Lectures, and author of Do Purpose and Do Open. We talk about all things brand, culture and purpose with David...and what makes great businesses great. We open a dialogue about how David has adjusted during COVID-19 and still given value in an events business. The Do Lectures has had to pivot and reinvent itself. David shares the importance of being 1% each day - that ongoing quest. Thanks for joining us on our show David! please check out his 'Keyboard CEO' course online - highly recommended!
September 14, 2020
Episode #84 with Laura Gassner Otting – author of ‘Limitless: how to ignore everybody, carve your own path, and live your best life’, keynote speaker, confidence catalyst and educator of consonance.
Today we spoke to Laura Gassner Otting – author of ‘Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life’, keynote speaker, confidence catalyst and educator of consonance. Laura tells us about the four elements of consonance – calling, connection, contribution, and control...going into detail about why they are important, and what they are exactly. We open a dialogue about meaningful work and what that is all about. Purpose is highlighted – as is when personal and professional lives and careers can change trajectories for the right reasons. Laura shares what she has learned about herself over the past few months, and what she is having to conquer now, displaying great resilience. Thanks for joining us on our show LGO! #limitless
September 7, 2020
Episode #83 with Damian Browne - explorer, peak performer, adventurer and former pro rugby player
Today we spoke to Damian Browne - explorer, peak performer, adventurer and former pro rugby player. Damian talks to us about "living my masterpiece", about his relentless pursuit to challenge himself physically and mentally. Damian played 16 years of professional rugby before making the decision to become a full blooded adventurer of the highest level - the 7 summits challenge, the solo Atlantic row, the Marathon des name it - he's going after it to conquer it. We talk about mindset, resilience, preparation and all the things that come in between. This is an inspiring episode. Thanks so much for sharing your stories and lessons Damian. Special thanks to Peter James Johnson of Firma Stella - exclusive sports memorabilia, for sponsoring this episode.
August 31, 2020
Episode #82 with JJ Dunne - gym owner, coach and competitor in powerlifting and bodybuilding
Today we spoke to JJ Dunne - gym owner, coach and competitor in powerlifting and bodybuilding JJ is not your average ‘Personal Trainer’. The owner of Asylum Gym in Dublin he coaches people looking for real results, that are not afraid to be pushed ridiculously hard. He trains powerlifters, strongmen, bodybuilders and field athletes - and brings them all up to a very high level…if they want it bad enough. He still competes himself, although covid-19 has made it difficult, with competitions delayed and cancelled. He is hoping to compete in Malta this month. We talk all things training, from recovery to the importance of diet and understanding nutrition. JJ sheds light on the best techniques for training and how he re-frames from adversity and setbacks – “do you deserve better?”. “High performance is what you’re willing to put in”. This was recorded pre-lockdown when times were different, but training philosophies were not. Thanks JJ!
August 24, 2020
Episode #81 with Tom Coyne - best-selling golf author, host of 'The Golfers Journal' podcast, and lover of all things golf.
Today we spoke to Tom Coyne - best-selling golf author, host of 'The Golfers Journal' podcast, and lover of all things golf. Tom is a regular contributor to 'The Golfer’s Journal' and is the author of 4 of golf’s most unique books, “A Gentleman’s Game,” “Paper Tiger”, “A Course Called Scotland" and "A Course Called Ireland". Much of his writing focuses on links golf, a passion that was refined during his research for his Irish book- in which Tom walked the perimeter of the country while playing every links course in Ireland. Tom has written for Golf Magazine, Golfweek, Sports Illustrated and The New York Times, and appeared on many podcasts like 'No Laying Up'. We talk about the Irish DNA and what makes it special for Tom. We discuss links golf and the community that plays the sport in Ireland - in comparison to the US. It was fascinating to hear about the journey Tom embarked on when he nearly made it pro, and the future of golf. See you here soon for a round Tom!
August 17, 2020
Episode #80 with Greta Streimikyte - Paralympian and 1500m track and field athlete
Today we spoke to Greta Streimikyte - a blind Irish paralympic athlete who competes in the 1500m in track and field, and who has won gold in the European Championships, and competed at the Rio olympics. Greta moved to Ireland in 2010 from Lithuania and has been an Irish citizen since 2015. Hear the remarkable story about when running became 'the thing' for Greta, what she thinks about when she runs, and just before the race starts. We talk about preparation and her having to adapt her training over the last 6 months due to covid-19. Greta sheds light on her role with "Dare to Believe", where she is part of a group of Olympic and Paralympic Ambassadors who aspire to inspire the young people of Ireland to “Dare to Believe” in themselves, the Olympic Values and Team Ireland. High performance is a lifestyle choice and Greta helps us understand this at a deeper level - Thanks for joining us on our show!
August 10, 2020
Episode #79 with Uli Hesse - acclaimed football writer and author, editor and journalist
Today we spoke to Uli Hesse - acclaimed football writer and author, editor and journalist; author of  "Tor", "Bayern...", "Building the Yellow Wall..." Uli talks about employment as a writer now with the editorial staff of 11 Freunde magazine, Germany's biggest football monthly versus being self-employed as a freelancer in the past. This man won the 'football book of the year' by the Telegraph last year - aspiring and established writers can learn so much from Uli. We talk about books in a foreign language and the challenges of that for selling and publicity, considering English readership markets. We lean in when Uli discusses what makes a good writer - and the point in time when he identified himself as a writer. This is a remarkable true-to-life journey of a writer who started penning pieces about music in 'Rolling Stone' magazine to football, and all that came in between. Thanks for joining us Uli!
August 6, 2020
Episode #78 with Garrett Harte - former Editor in Chief of Newstalk, Business All Star Thought Leader and Communications Consultant
Today we spoke to Garrett Harte - former Editor in Chief of Newstalk, Business All Star Thought Leader and Communications Consultant of Harte Media Garrett has been involved in media since 1995 - having produced for ITV, edited for TV3, ran the Newstalk station as Editor in Chief, and is now the MD of his own consultancy company. In this episode we talk about leaders that Garrett has admired, and why. We discuss managing talent and how to let these individuals blossom whilst keeping a cohesive team unit- themes such as trust, and decision-making come to the fore. We talk about self-awareness, purpose and reflection - and the balance between working very hard and slowing down to pause. We really enjoyed this one... Thanks for joining us Garrett, from one Common Purpose alumnus to another.
August 3, 2020
Episode #77 with Shane O'Donnell - Irish hurler for Clare and PhD student with UCC & Harvard
Today we spoke to Shane O'Donnell - Clare hurling legend and PhD student with UCC & Harvard. Shane won the All-Ireland senior hurling championship for his county Clare in his debut season in 2013, and played a huge role in the final victory - he was named man of the match! He was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to Harvard University in the US in 2019 - and it's fascinating hearing the story behind this. We discuss the differences between studying and playing in Ireland, and the USA, and his advice on the student - athlete balance. We discuss the aftermath of that individual performance for the ages in 2013, what makes hurling special, hamstring injuries, the importance of playing with confidence, and Shanes' studies for his PhD, such as gut bacteria and IBS. Thanks for joining us Shane!
July 27, 2020
Episode #76 with Ryan Hawk - host of the podcast 'The Learning Leader Show', and author of 'Welcome to Management'
Today we spoke to Ryan Hawk - host of the podcast 'The Learning Leader Show', and author of 'Welcome to Management' We talk about the origins of the show, having now recorded over 350 episodes - having interviewed a who's who of all things learning, leadership and performance. We ask Ryan what he knows today, after all those fascinating conversations. We discuss the value of reflection after having learned something new, and why being an 'intentional' leader is crucial for success. Ryan explains how he came to writing his new book, and what was involved in that process. And finally - Ryan tells us how he measures success across his many endeavours - and what we will see from him next. Thanks for coming on our show Ryan.
July 23, 2020
Episode #75 with Jonny Holland - former pro rugby player, now high performance nutritionist
Today we spoke to Jonny Holland - former professional rugby player with Munster, now nutrition coach We talk about how Jonny got into sport at a young age, an early thirst for competition, and how rugby came to the fore. We discuss why nutrition was important in those formative years - and how and why it became his 'second career', after injury ended his rugby journey. Jonny gives advice on why the education of nutrition planning is crucial to understanding what fuels your body - and compares amateurs v the pros. Also - it is fascinating to hear Jonny shed light on gluten-free diets - think Novak Djokovic! Find out more about Jonny @jonnyholland10 or
July 20, 2020
Episode #74 with Michael Townsend Williams of Do Breathe
Today we spoke to Michael Townsend Williams - co-founder and CEO at Do Breathe, coach and author. "How is life?" - "complicated", was his initial answer. Michael sheds light on the collective unknown - but also excitement going on in the world at the moment. We talk about his initial job in advertising, alcohol problems, mobile marketing, and a transformational experience...and what happened next. Michael found yoga, as a way to connect with his inner world. He talks about 'welldoing' -  wellbeing, doing and direction, which is a model for mindfulness, yoga and breathing as part of his portfolio of work - improve wellbeing...whilst performing and doing more. He is constantly exploring the dance between excessive doing and excessive being. Thanks for joining us Michael.
July 13, 2020
Episode #73 with Kohjiro Kinno - Sports Illustrated and The Golfers Journal photographer
Today we spoke to Kohjiro Kinno - photographer for Sports Illustrated, and The Golfers Journal, amongst other things. We start with the famous photo that Kohjiro took of Tiger after him winning the Masters in Augusta - that was the cover of the famous Sports Illustrated. We discuss how to be in the right place at the right time, and what makes the ideal shot for Kohjiro. Kohjiro sheds light on his 20 year journey from a beginner to an experienced, world-renowned photographer of sports and landscapes. This is an episode about art, creativity - and always delivering to yourself and others.
July 9, 2020
Episode #72 with Louise Galvin - hybrid athlete and physio.
Today we spoke to Louise Galvin - Ireland rugby sevens international, frontline physiotherapist and rugby pundit. Louise played Gaelic football for her native Kerry and represented Ireland in basketball before turning her attention to international rugby. She has featured in the sevens and 15s side for Ireland with great success. Louise is the epitome of the sporting all-round high achiever and high performance athlete. Listen to her share what makes this possible and what goes into it. She is not afraid of fear of failure and getting out of the comfort zone. She is definitely a woman that embraces new challenges. Thanks for coming on our show Louise!
July 6, 2020
Episode #71 with James McCormack - the modern day entrepreneur
Today we spoke to James McCormack - entrepreneur for over a decade, podcast host, family man, and the man behind the Dublin barista school and the world barista institute. James started in business in 2009 with €500 in his pocket, and has survived an economic depression and the COVID19 pandemic. Hear about his story from reuben sandwiches, to tacos, to cold brew coffees. This is a tale of resilience, overcoming adversity and setbacks. Getting into business and staying open is not "rocket science" as James says, it's all about hard work. Find out more about James at
July 2, 2020
Episode #70 with Michael Bungay Stanier - best-selling author, thought leader and coach
Today we spoke to Michael Bungay Stanier (MBS) - thought leader on coaching, keynote speaker and author of best-selling books such as 'The Coaching Habit' and 'The Advice Trap' - "say less, ask more, and change the way you lead forever". We have a great conversation about coaching and communication. Michael gives some great nuggets on the advice trap, and will make you think of advice differently, both giving it and receiving it. We talk about staying curious a little bit longer, asking more questions and the online course run by MBS called the "Year of Living Brilliantly". Both Ciaran and I signed up for it - it's really special! Find out more about MBS at
June 29, 2020
Episode #69 with Holly Husler - yogi, sound journey teacher and podcast host
Today we spoke to Holly Husler - yoga and sound journeys teacher, singer, writer and host with husband Adam Husler of the podcast "Honestly Unbalanced" We have a great conversation about finding balance in life, and all the nuances of trying to find that harmony. "We're all in the same boat...we are all real", as Holly says. We discuss sound baths, yoga, stillness, mindfulness and meditation - Holly gives some simple advice for everyone on bringing pause to your life. "Yoga doesn't have to be yoga - to be yoga" - find what works for you. It means to unite your soul, body and mind together. Thank you for the education Holly.
June 25, 2020
Episode #68 with Patrick McKeown - Breathing consultant
Today we spoke to Patrick McKeown - breathing consultant - Director of Buteyko Clinic International, consultant to Oxygen Advantage, speaker and best-selling author. This is the man to help solve your breathing problems and optimise your breathing. We discuss breath holding and the value of nasal breathing with Patrick; we learn that mouth breathing is not efficient, and also the causes of sleep apnoea. This is a deep informative dive into human evolution, the physiology and anatomy behind how to breathe correctly and efficiently. The breath can be very powerful - We start our life with the breath, and we leave with the breath. So... breathe well.
June 22, 2020
Special Episode - What is High Performance?
In this bonus release, we hear 10 guests take on what high performance means to them! Success leaves clues! These elite performers give us special insights into what brought them to the highest level in their chosen field! We are very grateful to have hosted all our guests so far. We truly hope everyone listening is taking value from each and every episode! Find out more at!
June 15, 2020
Episode #67 with Shane O'Donoghue - Irish Olympic hockey player
Today we spoke to Shane O'Donoghue - Irish field hockey player who plays as a midfielder for the Irish national team, and Ireland's all time record goal scorer. We discuss the challenges of training for team sports like hockey versus an individual sport and get his insights. Shane tells us about his time in Belgium playing professionally and how much it impacted him personally and professionally... his cooking too! Shane sheds light on other developments in his life - he is in the midst of launching two performance coaching companies..."mentally fit" coaching and training, and "train the brain" sports psychology. Watch this space!
June 15, 2020
Episode #66 with Ronan O'Mahony - former professional Munster rugby player
Today we spoke to Ronan O'Mahony - former professional Munster rugby player, now crossfit addict... live on location in the Strand hotel, Limerick just before the covid-19 pandemic hit us. We miss those in-person social chats so looking forward to getting back to more of these. Listen out for the hotel lobby music :). Maybe our new intro? ;) During the chat we discuss his playing career, the injury that ended his career, crossfit and his cultivation of coaching. Preparation and self reflection are themes that jump out of this episode. Ronan really had an amazing journey into rugby - a truly remarkable story from schools to the academy to the professional game; thanks for sharing. A big thanks to Motion Nutrition for sponsoring this episode- and in partcular Joe Welstead. Find attached a discount coupon for any orders:; use dclancy10 at checkout for 10% off your order.
June 8, 2020
Episode #65 with Pete Cartlidge - frontline physiotherapist
Today we spoke to Pete Cartlidge- Band 7 advanced physiotherapist specialising in orthopaedics and major trauma at the Royal Stoke Hospital, UK, and current covid-19 frontline healthcare practitioner. We learn about the preparation and current management plan to cope with this unprecedented time. Pete has also just recovered from having been diagnosed with COVID-19; hear firsthand what this was like for him. Listen to what Pete has taken from this period to appreciate moving forward - many reflections and lessons. Thanks for your service Pete! Stay safe - #washyourhands all
June 1, 2020
Episode #64 with Trevor Ragan - 'learner lab' and jungle tiger teacher
Today we spoke to Trevor Ragan- a man on a mission to discover and share the science of better learning; think of him as a learning and research translator for us all. Everyone can become a better learner- learn the building blocks during this chat. We discuss growth mindset, fear, uncertainty and many other things. Please subscribe to Trevors' excellent podcast- 'Learner Lab podcast', and find out more about his work at Welcome to the jungle folks!
May 22, 2020
Episode #63 with Emma Canning - GB heptathlete
Today we spoke to Emma Canning- Scottish-born track and field athlete- specifically a heptathlete, who has represented GB. Emma talks about adapting her training and mindset during this covid-19 time out. She then explains the specialities that she competes in, and goes into detail about a potentially career-threatening injury that she has overcome. Emma discusses physical, mental and technical competencies of her craft and how and when she knows she will excel in a particular event- it really is about preparation and confidence. Thank you for joining us Emma and looking forward to watching you compete again! High performance really is a lifestyle- nice point Emma.
May 18, 2020
Episode #62 with Amy O'Donoghue - Irish international middle-distance runner
Today David spoke to Amy O'Donoghue- Irish international middle-distance runner, track and cross-country athlete...a person of positive vibes. Amy discusses goal setting, routine, adapting training during covid-19 and "being kinder to yourself". We had a nice chat about meditation and mindfulness- mention to Jessie Barr; We also talked about what Amy loves about running. Thanks for giving us great energy Amy!
May 11, 2020
Episode #61 with Alan Stein Jr. - author, high performance coach and motivational speaker
Today we spoke to Alan Stein, Jr.- published author of "Raise your game", keynote speaker and former high performance consultant to some of the best NBA players on the planet. What sports can pull from business and vice versa is at the core of this interview. Alan opens up on processes and methodologies of both places. It follows on nicely from our previous shows with David Gillick and Bernard Jackman- give both a listen if you haven't yet. Ciaran, Alan and I have a great conversation about time and attention, immersing yourself in the present moment- in essence..."be where your feet are". Key themes such as accountability, embracing discomfort and presentness are elaborated on. This one was so insightful and very enjoyable.
April 30, 2020
Episode #60 with Olympian, author and corporate wellness ambassador David Gillick
Today we spoke to David Gillick- Dad, author, olympian and Masterchef winner. Here is a story about a journey from one being a high level athlete to new ventures, and how identity has evolved over time. It was very interesting to hear Davids' take on high performance in sport, and high performance in the corporate world. Key themes such as mindset, hunger (excuse the pun here!) and resilience are talked about. Listen out for his answer to what makes "Gillick Cuisine" too.
April 27, 2020
Episode #59 with Bernard Jackman performance specialist and former professional rugby player/ Head coach
Today we spoke to Bernard Jackman- successful business man, former head coach and professional rugby player with Leinster rugby and Ireland. To start the interview, Bernard discusses the art of coaching, and the movement into professional rugby for him during his playing days. We then take a journey into the transition from high-performance sport into the business world, and what these two competitive environments can learn from one another. Key themes such as teamwork, benchmarking and effective communication are brought to light. Thanks for joining us Bernard!
April 20, 2020
Episode #58 former Italy rugby captain, now coach- Marco Bortolami
Today we spoke to Marco Bortolami- rugby coach at Benetton Treviso, and former captain of Italy having played over 100 times for his country. Marco discusses moving to coaching from playing and all the different challenges that he has faced. Leadership identification and behavioural characteristics is talked about in-depth plus much more. There was so much to take from this episode such as decision-making skills, flow states, accountability, adaptability and leadership. "Marco says "the most important muscle in the body is the brain"- Shout out to future guest Brent Hogarth from the Flow Research Collective. What a journey we have been on brother! Grazie Marco!
April 13, 2020
Episode #57 Founder of Owens Recovery Science blood flow restriction training (BFR) training Johnny Owens
Today we spoke to friend and colleague Johnny Owens. We hear about the situation in the USA and in particular Texas during the COVID-19 pandemic. Johnny shares his story about blood flow restriction (BFR) training- what it is, how is it used, why it can help?... and where the future possibilities lie. This is a really fascinating interview for those of you interested in sports medicine, orthopaedics, healthcare, research. the military and so many other facets. Johnny- see you again in San Antonio soon brother. Stay safe home...wash your hands...and thanks for tuning in.
April 3, 2020
Episode #56 with Clare Murphy - World-renowned Storyteller and teacher
Today we spoke to Clare Murphy- storyteller, artist, trainer and teacher of story, Irish myth and folklore. Clare discusses co-creation and reactions of listeners during storytelling sessions that she does. We hear about how she got into the game and her journey to date, plus what awaits, and more. "Storytelling is at the root of everything..."; enjoy this one...learn from it...share the story with your loved ones and give her a follow @storyclare- she is publishing stories during this "global time-out".
March 30, 2020
Episode #55 with Michael Caulfield of Just Caulfield- Sports Psychology Consultant
Today we spoke to Michael Caulfield- Sports Psychology Consultant at Just Caulfield. In light of this time during the coronavirus pandemic, we took time to talk "global time-out" with Michael today. We discussed the challenges we are all facing now, and how to approach them together. Michael shares his stories and insights from his diverse background. "Be yourself" he says during this time-out, and as Jimmy Greaves once said "it's a funny old game".
March 18, 2020
Episode #54 Founder of @thedunkcamp Andy Nicholson aka "OverTheHillDunker"
Today we spoke to Andy Nicholson aka "overthehilldunker" - lover of all things dunk-related in the game of basketball, and founder of @thedunkcamp. Andy talks about his passion for basketball and his obsession for dunking in particular. It's fun hearing Andy talk about who he admires in the world of dunking and why. Listen to Andy talk about his prep routine, conditioning and the mindset needed to perform at the highest level that he physically can. There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such mindset, passion and the importance of preparation and routine. We kept this episode for a few weeks as wanted it for March Madness. Listen to this as a break from all the noise around the coronavirus pandemic. Nice energy here for you devoted and new listeners.
March 16, 2020
Episode #53 Fashion model and actor- Paul Sculfor
Today we spoke to Paul Sculfor - Britain's "original male supermodel", actor, husband, dad and gentleman. Listen to Paul share his humble origins and how he started on his journey to being a globally recognised model. Paul tells us what he enjoys most about his work- places, people, things, etc. Listen to his life lesson for us and all of you- it is special. There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such as consistency, embracing challenge and the importance of self-reflection
March 9, 2020
Episode #52 Pro Baseball player- Tim Rodriguez
Today we spoke to Tim Rodriguez - Portland-born baseball player, former Texas Ranger and current Dublin City Hurricanes outfielder. Tim talks about his time spent in Ireland to date, baseball stories, his roots from playing at the age of 5 and why baseball is a part of our history here in Ireland too. Baseball Ireland is growing and Timmy is a big ambassador for it. Listen to Tim talk about the state of relaxed awareness, some aphorisms and his life lessons for us. There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such as mental toughness, the importance of preparation and passion for what you do.
March 2, 2020
Episode #51 Damian De Allende
Today we spoke to Damian De Allende - South African professional rugby player currently playing in Japan, Springbok rugby world cup champion, future Munster player and all-around nice fella. In this episode Damian shares where he feels he can add value to Munster rugby in Ireland, both on and off the field. He opens up on the remarkable victory in the recent rugby world cup and what that meant to him, the team and his nation. It was lovely to hear the origins and ancestry of Damian- he has some spanish blood in fact. A future surf trip to Spanish waters is on the cards for sure. There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such as work hard-play hard, the importance of downtime off the field of play, and relishing the challenge to grow. A big thanks to Johan Scholtz from kinetic talent for facilitating this interview with Damian. If you'd like more information on this episode or any of our others, check out our website Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
February 24, 2020
Episode #50 James Kerr
Today we spoke to James Kerr - best selling author of Mana and Legacy, leadership expert and high performance thought leader. In this episode James explains in-depth what makes a high performing environment, and what are the cultural and leadership characteristics of such a place. James shares his experience through the years of working in elite sport, military organisations and the corporate world to find common themes for success, and also discusses what Manchester United could do to become successful again. We are very grateful to have had James on this podcast. His insight and teachings from his books have had a profound impact on our professional and personal lives. There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such as legacy, learning and development, and leadership. If you'd like more information on this episode or any of our others, check out our website Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
February 17, 2020
Episode #49 Jaco Taute
Today we spoke to Jaco Taute - professional rugby player, Springbok, formerly of the Stormers of super rugby, Munster rugby and now currently playing with the Leicester Tigers. In this episode Jaco talks about his adaptation period to Leicester from Munster, and his transition from the Southern hemisphere to the Northern hemisphere. We open a dialogue about his interesting player career and the rich cultures he has been a part of. It was fascinating to hear Jaco about his injury career and how he showed serious mental strength to bounce back several times. Also, listen to Jaco talk about what he looks for in a good rugby player. There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such as adaptability, grit, and work ethic. If you'd like more information on this episode or any of our others, check out our website Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
February 10, 2020
Episode #48 Caelan Doris
Today we spoke to Caelan Doris - professional rugby player, Mayo-born, former captain of Blackrock school (most successful school in Irish rugby), former under-20 Ireland captain, current Leinster number 8 and now a fully fledged Irish rugby international- having made his debut against Scotland in the 6 nations, in February 2020. In this episode Caelan talks about his injury past, weekly schedule, training regimen and recovery strategies. We touch on how he prepares himself for big moments and the mental feelings that come with big games and his strategies for these meaningful moments. It was fascinating to hear Caelan talk about what has been a remarkable acceleration through the school system to the world-renowned academy at Leinster and then into the senior setup provincially and in Europe. Listen to Caelan talk about how to make an impression in a very successful team environment rich with high performance culture. He really has let his rugby do the talking. We kept this episode until the 6 nations 2020 although we met and interviewed Caelan back in September 2019. He made such an impression on us as a person and as a professional that we both figured he would be an Irish international soon. Once he left the recording studio Ciaran and I said to each other that "he will be a special player". Now Caelan Doris is starting and playing for Ireland. He will own that jersey for a long time. There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such as adaptability, humility, leadership and mindset. If you'd like more information on this episode or any of our others, check out our website Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
February 3, 2020
Episode #47 Ger Slattery
Today we spoke to Ger Slattery - coach/ player for Young Munster RFC of the Ulster Bank League, Ireland club XV International, former Munster rugby senior player and teacher in St Munchins, Limerick, Ireland. In this episode Ger sheds light on the challenges he faces from being a player to a coach with the same club, and how important man management is for his success.  Ger talks about mentors and the importance of having close people that challenge your thought process with conviction. The role of captaincy and the nuances and qualities of leadership are discussed as well as injuries in rugby, such as concussion. An interesting point made by Ger was when he said one has to sometimes put yourself in positions where you could make mistakes, take risks- with the hope and expectation that come the end of the year the success from taking those calculated risks outweigh the negative consequences. There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such as mindset, humility,work ethic and leadership. If you'd like more information on this episode or any of our others, check out our website Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
January 27, 2020
Episode #46 James Rankin
Today we spoke to James Rankin - Crossfit coach, Crossfit athlete @perpetuafitnessdublin and one who defines himself in his niche as a movement specialist. James sets his alarm at 0445 every day. This guy works hard- days involve personal training, his own training, classes and then rinse, repeat. Listen to the passion and determination in his voice, from his intro to Crossfit in 2012 when he watched Rich Froning on youtube smash some thrusters. In this episode James sheds light on goal setting, movement screening and his personal movement analysis thoughts- gut instinct versus tech innovations in the industry. James tells us what makes an ideal coach and on the other side of the coin, an ideal client to be coached. Thanks to James for giving a wonderful answer to what makes high performance and also distilling his learnings and lessons from the years. There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such as legacy, desire, adaptability and leadership. If you'd like more information on this episode or any of our others, check out our website Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
January 20, 2020
Episode #45 Lee Cox
Today we spoke to Lee Cox - top 50 coach by Today's Golfer, Long drive coach to top-10 world long driver Martin Borgmeier @fullbeardlongdrives, fellow of the PGA and devoted West Ham fan. This episode is for aspiring golfers who want to learn about swing and power mechanics, maximum distance tools and strategy, amongst many other pearls of wisdom. We asked about talent identification for pathways to drive long and discussed ball striking- it is not about how fast one strikes but how well one strikes the ball that really matters for Lee. He compared the ball striking patterns of amateur to elite to professional golfers. Lee is the man that helps golfers really perform under the lights and makes the crowd take out the popcorn:) There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such as the importance of preparation, mental versus physical prowess and mindset. If you'd like more information on this episode or any of our others, check out our website Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
January 13, 2020
Episode #44 Carl Paoli
Today we spoke to Carl Paoli - coach, author of @freestyle the book, host of @thefreestyleway podcast and the founder of the @freestyle app. When we founded this podcast we wrote down 3 names of people we wanted to interview on the show- Carl was one of those 3. We have always been a huge admirer of his work and really like his content. Follow him and learn like we did and still do. "Be like water", as he says. In this episode Carl educates us on the mind and the body. Carl discusses belief systems, thoughts and emotions and how getting them right can be conducive for a growth mindset. Carl talks about movement literacy, how to improve athletic competencies and help one express themselves at a higher level. He unveils the curtain behind why people do what they do and for what- what outcome. We also ask Carl what makes a good coach a good coach. Listen out for a great answer on that one. We purposely kept this episode recorded from July until now as wanted a big listenership for guys like Carl. There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such as positivity, mindset and loving what you do. Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
January 6, 2020
Episode #43 Paul Corry
Today we spoke to Paul Corry - commercial manager at McNulty Performance, RTE TV and radio analyst, and former professional footballer for clubs such as Shamrock Rovers, Sheffield Wednesday and UCD AFC, where Paul was a student-athlete. This was a very varied interview with so many aspects of performance discussed. Listen to Paul shed light on the challenges of rehabbing away from the pitch physically and mentally. Paul really opened up here, which we were grateful for. The mental burden and uncertainty of the next steps for a pro footballer can be tough- this is that story. Paul gives himself sports psychology advice now for his younger self, such as goal setting, habit forging and building. Paul explains the importance of getting an education, especially for those footballers who are striving to make it at the highest level; a plan for post football or if football doesn't work out is key. A strong education foundation has helped Paul massively in his post-football career. There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such as culture, sustainable leadership, adaptability, mindset and perseverance. If you'd like more information on this episode or any of our others, check out our website Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
December 30, 2019
Episode #42 Bobby Maximus
Today we spoke to Bobby Maximus - 'Maximus Body' best-selling author, UFC vet, @menshealthmag writer, Jiu-Jitsu martial artist World master champ and overall huge inspiration for David personally. Listen to Bobby share how much he gets from leading by example, and providing for his family by building his brand by being the fittest he can possibly be. He wants to help others and feels exercise is the key. Bobby talked about his time audit and how you have 168 hours in a week- choose how you want to spend it and do what's important to you. There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such as recovery, motivation, mindset and work ethic. Anyone fancy doing the 'holy trinity' training session that Bobby challenged us to? I have already got my son working on the exercises that Bobby recommended my two year old Michael should be able to do also. We chose not to edit this episode with Bobbys' son in the background- this was and is real life. He is wise beyond his years- there was a great story about self limiting behaviours. Rewind that part and listen to it again. It's special! To wrap up...I'm so proud that Bobby is a Munster rugby fan.:) If you'd like more information on this episode or any of our others, check out our website Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
December 23, 2019
Episode #41 Sharlene Mawdsley
Today we spoke to Sharlene Mawdsley - Irish International 200m, 400m, Puma-sponsored athlete and Irish Champion, currently studying Sociology & New Media in the University of Limerick. We learned about what is high performance to Sharlene, be that nutrition, self care and recovery. We had the differences between summer and winter training for track and field athletes explained to us, which was very interesting also. Sharlene shed light on balancing the university commitments with that of being a high level competitive runner and opened up on her injury history, and what she learned from the whole experience. Sharlene tells us that a big goal for her is 2024 Olympic qualification and we would not bet against her. There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such as drive, overcoming setbacks with resilience and constant learning. A shout out to Tony Gonzalez and his podcast 'Wide Open'; We asked the question inspired from his pod about a meal that we want to be healthy but isn't healthy, and what would that be for Sharlene. If you'd like more information on this episode or any of our others, check out our website Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
December 16, 2019
Episode #40 Richie Norton
Today we spoke to Richie Norton - ex rugby player, founder of the Strength Temple, master coach @xptlife and @oxygenadvantage, yoga teacher, breathworker, adventurer, life architect and speaker. Today we learned so much about the importance of the breath; there were echoes from the podcast previously done with Mario Donato so go back and listen to that episode if you have some time. Richie shed light on performance training and coaching from his work with extreme performance training (XPT), having worked with individuals such as Laird Hamilton, Gabby Reece and Brian Mackenzie. Richie opens up on why it's so important to harness energy in physical, emotional and spiritual realms, and also what he would do if he had a session with the Crusaders rugby team in New Zealand. There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such as humility, mindset and passion. Maybe we need to lean in more, level up and write a book together Richie...after a surfing trip in Costa Rica. Thanks for this. We both enjoyed this. If you'd like more information on this episode or any of our others, check out our website Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
December 9, 2019
Episode #39 Ode Osbourne
Today we spoke to Ode Osbourne - UFC fighter, school educator, Jamaican born and "sent by God for greatness". We learned about a remarkable journey from the beaches near Kingston, Jamaica to Wisconsin and Florida in the USA. Ode shares the story about the epiphany he had when he was a young boy and how that set him on a path to greatness, and ultimately the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Ode tells us about his start in wrestling, his introduction to mixed martial arts (MMA) and his style in the fight game, that of "free flow". Fight analysts call Ode Osbourne the "Picasso of MMA", and say his style resembles that of the legendary Brazilian UFC fighter, Anderson "The Spider" Silva. What made this episode special was when Ode shared his teachings and leadership-building strategies that he employs with the young students he works with in school through elements of MMA- structure, motivation and discipline. There was so much to take away from this episode from key themes such as mindset, resilience and grit. If you'd like more information on this episode or any of our others, check out our website Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
December 2, 2019
Episode #38 Mark Langtry
Today we spoke to Mark Langtry - former League of Ireland footballer, Science TV presenter, theoretical physicist and Head of Science & Sport of Explorium, Ireland. We learned about how much science can influence our lives and how much fun and joy it can bring to us. Technological advancements in sport were discussed as was who Mark looks to as a role model. Student-athletes can learn from Mark in this episode but it really comes down to the importance of enjoying what you do. Mark tells us how sport can teach us life lessons and opens up on his three main areas of focus in life currently. We finish with asking Mark about his penalty choice in soccer and his all-time 5-a-side. This is a very stimulating episode and one for those fond of cognitive diversity. If you'd like more information on this episode or any of our others, check out our website Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
November 25, 2019
Episode #37 Jessie Barr
Today we spoke to Jessie Barr – Olympian hurdler, PhD researcher and sport psychologist in the Irish Institute of Sport. We talked about the complex relationship between body and mind, mental health in athletes and the trials and tribulations of competing in track and field. Listen out for Jessie talk about the yips, thoughts on recent doping scandals in athletics and whether the physical or mental grind is more difficult. This is a great episode for any aspiring athlete or person who wants to understand what it takes to make it in the field of high performance. If you’d like more info on this episode or any of our others, check out our website on Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
November 18, 2019
Episode #36 Kevin Maggs
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode # 36. Today we spoke to Kevin Maggs – former professional Irish rugby player, capped 70 times, a Barbarians representative and now the current IQ rugby regional talent ID officer at the IRFU. Kevin shares insights into his experiences in professional rugby, his initiation with Bristol rugby and his current role with IQ Rugby. We discuss identifying talent in youth rugby and whether talent is innate or can be trained. Kevin sheds light on the characteristics of great leaders, having played with so many over his career on the pitch. It is fascinating to hear Kevin open up about his transition from player to coach and the challenges, mindset and habits of elite high performing rugby players. The key theme embedded throughout this episode is of the importance of hard graft but also with that the enjoyment of your chosen craft, if you’re lucky to be there. The plan for this episode was to release it during the Rugby World Cup in Japan but we decided to keep it till after the completion to see how accurate our predictions were. Listen out for that, and the future of the sport according to Kevin. If you’d like more info on this episode or any of our others, check out our website on Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
November 11, 2019
Episode #35 Damian Hughes
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #35. Today we spoke to Damian Hughes – Manchester-born change management catalyst, Professor of Organisational Psychology and Change and best-selling author of books including ‘The Barcelona Way’, ‘The Winning Mindset: What Sport Can Teach Us About Great Leadership’, ‘ How to think like Sir Alex Ferguson: The Business of Winning and Managing Success’, and ‘Liquid Thinking’. Damien sheds light on his very successful background in business, education, sporting elite environments, high performance culture and change management. We asked incisive questions and got incisive and constructive responses. A real gem for people in high-performance settings and one of our best episodes to date. If you’d like more information on this episode or other episodes of the podcast look on social media or on our website Please subscribe, share, rate and review but most importantly, listen and enjoy.
November 4, 2019
Episode #34 – Damien Varley
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #34. Today in our latest RWC series in association with the Limerick Leader, we spoke to Damien Varley – former professional rugby player with Munster and Ireland. We chat to Damien about his current ventures and life post retirement from professional sport, creating positive collisions in sport and business, applying traits from rugby to the business world, how to shut out external noise and use self-appraisal, dealing with highs and lows, and the importance of building support networks. If you’d like more info on this episode or any of our others, check out our website on
October 28, 2019
Episode #33 – Lindsay Peat
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #33. Today, in association with the Limerick Leader, we spoke to Lindsay Peat – professional rugby player with Ireland and former Ireland basketball international and Dublin GAA player and All-Ireland winner. We chat to Lindsay about her career and her journey through different sports, the skills she has acquired over the years when transitioning to a new environment, intrinsic vs extrinsic foci when trying to develop skills, striking a balance between family life and that of a professional athlete, common characteristics in high performers, being in a flow state, overcoming obstacles, and talks about what she would like her legacy to be. If you’d like more info on this episode or any of our others, check out our website on
October 21, 2019
Episode #32 George Clancy
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #32. Today we spoke to George Clancy – professional rugby referee. We chat to George about how he got into refereeing, his process of preparation for big games, ongoing development within the professional referee cohort, concussion management, career progression as a referee, how he likes to referee games, advice for younger referees to develop themselves, shutting out external criticism, the benefits of the upcoming new rugby law changes to the sport, and lessons from rugby to refereeing in other sports. If you’d like more info on this episode or any of our others, check out our website on
October 14, 2019
Episode #31 Rodney So’oialo
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #31. Today we spoke to Rodney So’oialo – former All Black player who captained New Zealand, passed the number 8 jersey onto current skipper Kieran Read, and is now coaching in Wellington. We chat to Rodney about his transition from playing to coaching, traits he tries to instil in his players and the common attributes amongst the top coaches. Rodney shares what he has learned through the years which has helped him evolve and grow as a coach, his time playing in Japan and leaving the cherished All Blacks jersey in a better place. Listen to this for the key fundamentals for success, hard work, leadership and always trying to learn and push yourself. This was so inspiring. The podcast can be found on Apple podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify. Please subscribe to Rate and review, share if that’s your style, but most importantly…enjoy!
October 7, 2019
Episode #30 Fineen Wycherley
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #30. Today, in association with BDO in Limerick and the Limerick Leader, we spoke to Fineen Wycherley – emerging professional rugby player with Munster. We chat to Fineen about his journey to becoming the player he is today, preparing mentally to take chances, how he measures his success, current strength levels in the Munster squad, traits required for sustained success, how he winds down away from games and recovery methods, self-critique vs external critique, and what he enjoys most about playing the game of rugby. Once again many thanks in particular to BDO and Denis Herlihy for helping us bring this episode to you today. If you’d like more info on this episode or any of our others, check out our website on
September 30, 2019
Episode #29 Keith Earls
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #29. Today we spoke to Keith Earls – professional rugby player for Munster, Ireland and the British & Irish Lions. We chat to Keith about the influence of his family sporting background on his career, early sports specialisation and advice for younger players. Keith gives insight into how he believes the game will evolve in terms of preparation in the next decade and how he has maximised his impact on the game over the years. Keith shares how he slows down and unwinds a little away from rugby, balancing his career with his family life, his injury history management, coping with pressure and facing the All Blacks Haka. There is a special moment in this episode where the high scoring back tells us why Munster is a special team and club.
September 23, 2019
Episode #28 Jimmy Hensel
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #28. Today we spoke to Jimmy Hensel – founder of the Mayhem Mindset; author, speaker, teacher and coach. We chat to him about the mayhem mindset, what it is and how it can be applied, he dispenses some life lessons, the common characteristics of successful people across high performance industries, perfection vs excellence, being willing to fail, and defining success. If you’d like more info on this episode or any of our others, check out our website on
September 16, 2019
Episode #27 Jack Coolican
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #27. Today we spoke with Jack Coolican – formerly of Gonzaga and currently of UCD rugby – as the second instalment in our emerging talent series. We chat to Jack about his rugby role models, the competitive nature of the Leinster Schools Senior Cup and balancing these demands with his educational demands, future plans, his understanding and assessment of current concussion protocols as a young player, his injury history and trying to overcome it, and his thoughts on current injury rates in rugby. Check out more on this episode and all others at
September 9, 2019
Episode #26 Glenn Stewart
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #26. Today we spoke with Glenn Stewart – High Performance Manager of the West Coast Eagles Australian Rules Football Team in Perth. We spoke about his thoughts on high performance culture – how to build it and how to sustain it. We hear his thoughts on who are the high-performance leaders in professional sport, where the future of sport science lies, and what makes the research community in sport in Australia as innovative as they are. We hope you enjoy! For more information on this episode and many more, check out
September 2, 2019
Episode #25 Julien Espinosa
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #25. Today we spoke with professional basketball coach Julien Espinosa. It was great to speak to a Head Coach and get his thoughts on various topics including his coaching career to date, his coaching philosophy, his thoughts on being a ‘players’ coach’, advice for younger coaches on copying successful models vs creating your own and having role models, the effect on team dynamics of high-ego players, the ideal ratio of focusing on your own game vs focusing on opposition, trying to coach up ‘one-dimensional’ players, and the evolution of basketball as a sport. A great listen for any aspiring coaches!
August 26, 2019
Episode #24 Armand Traore
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #24. Today we spoke with professional footballer Armand Traore. We chat about where he is at with his playing career, his typical training week, and how he finds balancing his Muslim faith and specifically Ramadan with the nutritional requirements of professional sport. We speak about the power of self-talk and his use of mantras, how he dealt with injuries from a psychological point of view, balancing family and football, career setbacks, career highlights, and the development of his game. One for the football fans.
August 19, 2019
Episode #23 Jaelyn Wolf
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #23. Today David and Ciaran sat down with Jaelyn Wolf who heads up the Wellness Programme in Gym Jones in the US. We discuss her diverse background as designer, photographer and writer, how she got to the point where she is today and how her background helps her in her work with Gym Jones today. We get her thoughts on people’s increasing connection to the land in terms of participation in events in the great outdoors and also the concept of ‘forest bathing’. We get back to the nitty gritty of performance basics on issues such as recovery but also the idea of ‘bio-hacking’ – experimenting in different methods to aid recovery and performance. Check out more on this episode and others at Many thanks to Jake Hutchinson, Lisa Boshard and all at Gym Jones who have brought this episode to you today. Check their brilliant work out on Instagram @gymjonessalvation or their website
August 12, 2019
Episode #22 Rian Doris
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #22. Today David and Ciaran sat down with Rian Doris – the Chief Growth Officer at the Flow Research Collective who have a look at what goes on in the brain and the body at times of peak performance. They have a chat about how he got to this point in his career following an accident in his early teenage years, what his day to day with Flow Research involves, what a flow state actually is and how to reach it, thoughts on the ’10,000 hour rule’ and habit formation including reflection. They speak about how athletes are sometimes unable to harness flow state at critical times and the concept of ‘flow proneness’ and whether flow state can be objectively measured and how it fits within the high performance triangle. A must listen for anyone with an interest in sports psychology or how the mind works in relation to high performance environments!
August 6, 2019
Episode #21 – Mario Donato
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #21. Today we spoke to Mario Donato, owner of CMD gym and builder of superhero physiques! We chatted about his background as a free diver and his bouldering exploits, we chat about the mental aspect of free diving, along with the physique needed with rock climbing and bouldering. We speak about his clients and what cohorts he finds are the strongest trainers, his life lessons for his younger self, his thoughts on iron sharpening iron, motivation to make a change, his role models, his life goals and how he measures success. We wrap up by speaking about his interest and work in ocean conservation. A great listen!
July 29, 2019
Episode #20 – Hughie Douglas
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #20. Today we spoke to Hughie Douglas, footballer for Bray Wanderers in the LOI. Joined in the studio by Jake Mulligan, we chat to Hughie about his injury history and how his ACL injury has impacted his play, what advice he would give to people going through the ACL rehab process from a physical and mental point of view, the support networks for injured players in the LOI, education for younger players, his interest in sport science and the idea of marginal gains in sport. 
July 22, 2019
Episode #19 – Martin Borgmeier
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #19. Today we spoke to Martin Borgmeier, the golf long driver who was European champion in 2018. We speak to him about the sport of long drive golf and how he got involved in it. We chat about how he trains for long drive from a physical and mental point of view, the physics and design of the long drive club, his thoughts on the use of routines, and altering his swing. An interesting listen for golfers and others.
July 16, 2019
Episode #18 – Georgie Starkie
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #18. Today we spoke to Georgie Starkie, a kickboxer and Muay Thai competitor and fitness coach in the UK. We speak to her about her past as a competitive horse rider, how she got involved in combat sports, what her typical training week looks like, the mindset of a fighter and how she balances that with being a coach, how she reacts when she senses blood in a fight as well as dealing with the flight or fight response. Hope you enjoy!
July 8, 2019
Episode #17 – Eoghan McGregor
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #17. Today, in the third of our CrossFit Ireland series of interviews we spoke to Eoghan McGregor, CrossFit athlete and head coach in Perpetua Fitness here in Dublin. We spoke to Eoghan about the parallels between the corporate world and high level coaching and fitness and how it has influenced him in his own business and in Perpetua and how he got involved in CrossFit and coaching originally; we get insight into his recovery and unwinding techniques, and his thoughts on group vs individual competition. We speak about leadership and how he sees his role in managing staff and clients in Perpetua, juggling his priorities in his role, changes to CrossFit as a sport over the past decade, and the development of an elite environment and culture in CrossFit through learning from the best. He finishes with a lesson for everyone on growing as individuals.
July 1, 2019
Episode #16 – Michael Smith
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #16. Today, in the second of our CrossFit Ireland series of interviews we spoke to Michael Smith, fittest CrossFit athlete in Ireland 2019 and co-owner of est_28 in Newry. We spoke to Michael about his CrossFit journey so far, the philosophy of est_28, the physical requirements of CrossFit, his typical week of coaching and training, the evolution of his training and mindset after making the CrossFit games, managing highs and lows, his 3 favourite bits of kit to train with and what his WOD would be with those, his role models, the thing he likes and dislikes most about CrossFit, and what it means to represent Ireland at the CrossFit games.
July 1, 2019
Episode #15 – Iain Goulding
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #15. Today, in the first of our Emerging Talent (and CrossFit Ireland) series of interviews we spoke to Iain Goulding, up and coming Irish CrossFit athlete. We spoke to Iain about his sporting career to date and how he ended up in CrossFit, how he finds the balance now that he has switched attention to becoming a full-time CrossFit athlete and what his motivation is, his own coaching philosophy, the physical and mental challenges of CrossFit including the competitive element with other athletes and developing mental toughness, how to programme around goals, and the difficulty of maintaining personal relationships when committed to training. A very insightful listen!
July 1, 2019
Episode #14 - Candela Ebbesen
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #14. Today we spoke to Candela Ebbesen, Dancer with Les Ballets de Monte Carlo & CEO of Ballerina Productions. We spoke about her journey to becoming one of the top performers in the Ballet industry, including her injury history to date. We discuss what a typical week for a professional dancer looks like, unwinding strategies, the competitive environment of professional dancing, pre-event nerves, the particular physical challenges of certain routines, mindset preparation, striking a balance between mental stress and physical fatigue, the defining physical and psychological characteristics needed to make it as a professional dancer, living in the ‘dancer’s high’, and the accuracy of black swan. A very interesting listen with lots of valuable insights and lessons for anyone in high performance sport.
June 24, 2019
Episode #13 - Adam Husler
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #13. Today we speak to Adam Husler, world renowned alignment-focused vinyasa yoga teacher. We speak to Adam about his journey to becoming one of the more well known yoga teachers in the world, including his background as a boxer and his work with non-profit organisations. We speak to him about his experience performing ultramarathons and the subsequent effect they have had on his mindset; we also speak to him about the particular type of yoga he teaches and its application in the field of high performance sport and exercise. We hope you enjoy it!
June 18, 2019
Episode #12 Jake Hutchinson
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #12. Today we speak to Jake Hutchinson, one of the main men behind Gym Jones in the US. We talk to Jake about the genesis of the famous Gym Jones mottos such as 'The Mind Is Primary', and the development and importance of mental resilience in sports. We speak about some of the common characteristics between high level sport and the military, Jake's background as an Avalanche Specialist (!), the importance of adaptability in sport and life, how to get out of a hole, and finish with an interesting Q&A. A must listen for anyone interested in mindset!
June 12, 2019
Episode #11 - Callum Wilson
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #11. Today we speak to Callum Wilson, professional footballer with Bournemouth FC in the Premier League, and International with England. We talk to Callum about the requirements to be a striker, and about his successful recovery processes from two ACL injuries. We speak about his mindset - specifically what effect if any transfer rumours have on it and his play, as well as talking about the confidence and belief that is required to perform at a high level in the Premier League. We also chat about his sporting role models in his career to date. A great one for anyone with an interest in football!
June 4, 2019
Episode #10 - Dan Lawrence
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #10. Today we speak to Dan Lawrence, renowned boxing S&C coach. We chat to Dan about his career to date and how he's got to where he is in the boxing sphere, along with getting some career highlights off him. We discuss the role of S&C in boxing, both in terms of reflecting and appreciating its role in a boxer's success, and how it has to try and overcome the 'cult of personality' of the more traditional boxing coach. We speak about the importance of the art of communication, a typical fight week prep for a boxer, his future S&C plans, his dream client to train, and most importantly his favourite Biggie song.
May 31, 2019
Episode #9 - Rob Madden
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #9. Today we speak to Rob Madden, physio to Anthony Joshua and to Lance Stroll in Formula 1. We talk to Rob about his career to date including all the different sports he’s worked in and the differing demands of these sports. He lists some of the more surreal moments in his career to date and reflects back on his career with some advice for his younger self. We have a chat about Formula 1 and the unique physical and psychological demands required of the drivers at that level, and get some insight from Rob on how he keeps himself fit in order to stay performing at a high level in his field.
May 27, 2019
Episode #8 - Sarah Rowe
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #8. Today we speak to Sarah Rowe - footballer for Mayo and Collingwood. We're joined by Sarah's good friend Laura Martina who gets a chance to grill Sarah after many years of friendship! We speak about sport specialisation, the professionalism of the LGFA in comparison to the AFLW, injury history, about the effect of social media on athletes in todays society, sports psychology support structures for younger LGFA players and cultural differences between team sports in Ireland vs Australia. Very interesting discussion with lots of takeaways for aspiring young athletes!
May 24, 2019
Episode #7 - Sean Russell
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #7. Today we speak to Sean Russell - footballer for Limerick in the LOI. We chat to Sean about his current progress in his rehab from a serious knee injury, we chat about his career journey to date - including his time in the US - alongside his plans for life after football. We get his advice for younger players in terms of mindset, nutrition, S&C and recovery and also get his answer on where he would stitch the ball in a penalty shoot-out.
May 20, 2019
Episode #6 - George Coetzee
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #6. Today we speak to George Coetzee - professional golfer from South Africa. We had a helping hand from @paddy_golf who joined us to give a bit more golfing know how. We chat to George about what he does to unwind away from the course both when healthy and injured. We speak to him about what recreational golfers should do to improve their games. We also speak to him on his thoughts on the place of strength and conditioning and mobility work in modern golf. We’re delighted to have our first golfer on and we hope you take something from it!
May 13, 2019
Episode #5 - Tommie Hoban
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #5. Today we spoke with Tommie Hoban - current professional footballer playing with Aberdeen on loan from Watford. Tommie is currently undergoing rehab for an ACL tear so we have a good chat with him about his rehabilitation process - from the support structures he has in place with his family, to his use of such methods as mindfulness and visualisation to help his rehab and general performance. We chat about the support structures in place for young players coming up through professional academies and also get his thoughts on what lessons the Irish underage systems can take from its successful English counterpart.
May 9, 2019
Episode #4 - Matt Jarvis
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #4. Today we spoke with Matt Jarvis - current professional footballer playing with Walsall on loan from Norwich City. We speak with Matt about his injury history throughout his career and get his thoughts on possible causes for this. We have a chat with him about loyalty in football - both international and club - from both the player and fan perspective. We have an interesting chat on any effect his record move to West Ham may have had on him both on and off the pitch. We also get his thoughts on his toughest opponent to date!
May 4, 2019
Episode #3 - Jay Ajayi
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #3. Today we spoke with NFL running back and Super Bowl 52 winner Jay Ajayi. Jay is currently undergoing rehab following an ACL tear and he gives us some insight into his recovery process. We get some great perspectives from someone involved in professional sport at the highest level in terms of the process and perfecting your craft. We also talk about individual stats vs team wins, players from other sports trying to cut it in the NFL, and also get Jay’s thoughts on the finish to the Premier League – him being a massive Arsenal fan. Enjoy.
May 1, 2019
Episode #2 - Jason Holder
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #2. Today we spoke with Jason Holder – captain of the West Indies Cricket team and currently the #1 ranked all-rounder in the world. Jason gave us some great info on leadership and what it means to him, from leading a team of island nations that is the Windies, to passing on the guidance and leadership he gained from greats such as Brian Lara to the next generation coming through. We speak about sledging in cricket and get Jason’s thoughts on its use to gain an edge in Cricket. And we also get his tips for this year’s NBA finals. A worthwhile listen for anyone involved in leadership roles in sport of business.
May 1, 2019
Episode #1 - James Ellington
Welcome to Sleep Eat Perform Repeat Episode #1. Today we spoke with James Ellington, a former Team GB sprinter who was involved in a very serious motorbike accident in 2017. We spoke to James about his road to recovery since then; his relationship with Team GB at present, how his body is feeling at present and his plans to get back competing. Had a very good talk with James about the fine margins at the elite level of athletics and how he deals with adversity. Some great motivational stuff in here.
April 29, 2019