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Send Three & Fourpence

Send Three & Fourpence

By Conrad Kinch
Thoughts about wargaming, RPGs, books, poetry, law and whatever else comes to mind. Conrad Kinch lives in Dublin where he shambles towards eternity accompanied by the long suffering Mrs Kinch, the Kinchlet twins and one very demanding cat. A columnist for Miniature Wargames magazine, he writes fiction, gaming material and bad poetry. His first novel “The Fox Wife’s Tail” is available from Amazon.
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Send three & fourpence: Compromise
In this episode of Send Three & Fourpence, I share some thoughts on the value of compromise in Wargaming. You can leave a message at or you can record something and send it to me at Or find me on Twitter at @aquestingvole. 
September 02, 2021
Terrain for Wargames & Role-playing Games
In this episode of Send Three & Fourpence, I share some short tips about what to look for when choosing, buying or better yet making terrain for your RPGs and Wargames. You can leave a message at or you can record something and send it to me at Or find me on Twitter at @aquestingvole. 
August 11, 2020
How do you solve a problem like Badajoz?
The sixth episode of Send Three & Fourpence.   The siege of Badajoz was unquestionably a dark day in the history of the British Army.  On the 6th of April 1812, Wellington's army which was besieging the French garrison launched an all out assault on two breaches that had been made in the walls.    The result was hellish.  The attackers suffered 4,800 casualties, but successfully stormed the town.   After the storm, the officers lost control of their men and the town was sacked. Three days of murder, rape, robbery and looting followed before order was restored.  Zack White of "The Napoleonicist" podcast has argued quite convincingly to my mind that the sack was, if not officially sanctioned, considered an  acceptable risk.  The loot that would result was thought of as a necessary inducement to convince men to storm the town in the face of determined opposition and lacking an appropriate siege train.  You can listen to Zack make his arguments here. At the end of the episode, I pose a question - "Knowing what Wellington knew at the time and knowing the likely result for the civilian population,  would you have ordered the storming of Badajoz?"  I'd be interested to hear what you think.  You can leave a message at or you can record something and send it to me at Or find me on Twitter at @aquestingvole. 
July 13, 2020
Cantiniere, Vivandiere & Why I hate Lady Macbeth.
In which I hold forth on Vivandiere and Cantiniere and why they definitely weren’t prostitutes. And why Lady Macbeth annoys me. You can see some pictures of my Vivandieres at the link here ( You can watch that Victoria Wood sketch here.
June 14, 2020
Writing rules is hard
Gamers often give out about how game rules have loop holes in them or that they need more editing. I think we’re being a bit hard on them. This was mainly prompted by an episode by Dave of @d_percentile. Also it is late, I need to be up for work in four and a half hours and I can’t sleep. So I recorded a podcast.
April 27, 2020
Wolves of God Review
A review of the new RPG from Kevin Crawford of Stars without Number game and some call ins from Colin, Jason and Rob.
April 21, 2020
Remote Wargaming in the time of Corona Virus
Episode 4 of Send Three & Fourpence A lot of us are locked up in our homes at the moment and don't have access to our normal wargaming outlet.   However,  we do have access to video conferencing technology that makes it possible to play wargames (and boardgames) remotely.  I've been playing like this for a couple of years, when time allows, and have picked up some tips on how to make your remote wargames run a bit more smoothly.  If you'd like to see some pictures of my setup and description of our latest game, you will find it on my blog Joy & Forgetfulness.  Other blogs mentioned in this episode.  Winter of '79 Battle Game of the Month
April 08, 2020
Civil and Criminal Law: What's the difference?
The fourth episode of Send Three & Fourpence.  What is the difference between the Criminal and Civil Law? What is the difference between “being prosecuted” and “getting sued”? What does “beyond a reasonable doubt” mean? Why do the police investigate some breaches of the law but not others? In this episode we will be finding out the answers to some of these questions and learning a little bit about the basics of how law works.  If there’s something significant that you think I’ve missed you can leave a message at or you can record something and send it to me at
April 03, 2020
Extraordinary how potent cheap violence is.
This episode is a collection of thoughts on handling violence in RPGs. Mostly prompted by discussion with Menion over at the “Confessions of a Wee Timorous Bushi” Podcast.
March 17, 2020
Thoughts on Investigative adventures & others
Thoughts on Investigative adventures and how to write and run them, a review of The Witcher TV series, a review of Conquest Games Robin Hood Range of figures and the contents of the post bag.
February 20, 2020
A Review of Scarlet Heroes Quick Start Kit by Kevin Crawford
The inaugural episode of Send Three & Fourpence. This episode is a review of the free product Scarlet Heroes Quick Start Kit by Kevin Crawford. Available for free at This is my first podcast and my first attempt at using anchor. In it I say “eh” more often than Dara O’Brian and struggle with the intricacies of the medium.
February 08, 2020