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Conscious Living with Monica

Conscious Living with Monica

By Monica Haughey
Conscious Living with Monica is a thought provoking wellness podcast hosted by psychotherapist Monica Haughey. In this series Monica continues the conversations started in last years Conscious Living and Working Conference and brings some of the stories and outstanding speakers she met during the conference and discover how they can inspire and support us during these pandemic times. The Conscious Living &Working Conference sought to shape a new agenda on how we might find more balance for ourselves, our work and our planet. You can find out more about Monica
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Episode 2 Deirdre O Sullivan Organic farmer in conversation with Monica Haughey

Conscious Living with Monica

Episode 5 Karen Mc Carthy -Social Media Strategist and Business Mentor -On the Opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Value of Social Media
In this episode host Monica Haughey is talking with Karen Mc Carthy, social media strategist, entrepreneur and business mentor about her views on the important role of entrepreneurs at this time and her work around supporting them with getting the best from social media. Karen herself has trained in digital marketing but very quickly recognised that she needed to find out more about social media and that her training very quickly had become outdated. Her passion is now to support businesses who didn't grow up with social media and educate them how to utilise this tool to their advantage. She and Monica both share a passion for working with female entrepreneurs and they discuss what exactly does make an entrepreneur ? They also have some very useful tips for entrepreneurs around how they might keep going with their ideas around their design for their lives  and they discuss the  need for support and where they might best access this. Karen has worked closely with Monica in providing the  ongoing online social media teaching for her female entrepreneur groups. Listen in to their ideas about the important role of entrepreneurs at this time and the "limitless reach" and vast potential which is available to us through social media. Find out more about Karens' online business accelerator programs here. 
July 13, 2020
Episode 4 Isobel Philips Leadership and Educational Consultant -On Working from home and redefining productivity!
In this episode of Conscious Living with Monica, host Monica Haughey is in conversation with Isobel Philips, leadership trainer, educational consultant, and CEO of her own business; Educative.  In this podcast episode, Isobel has some useful tips around being realistic in terms of what we can get done and how we need to not "should ourselves" but instead celebrate and value what we do. She feels now is the time to redefine work and productivity as many of us find ourselves working from home with little support. The conversation tackles the changing face of the workplace and the need for greater flexibility and clarity around work done rather than hours spent at a computer. Listen in as Monica and Isobel discuss the current pandemic and its impact on those juggling work and family life as well as some very topical issues such as humanising the workplace, the need to foster trust and autonomy in the workplace and the need for much greater flexibility.  We are more than just our to-do lists or as Brene Brown would put it we need to define “What done looks like”!  
June 23, 2020
Episode 3 Sinead Duffy -Yoga and meditation teacher and Yogandha Oils Founder
In this episode in the series, Monica Haughey is in conversation with Sinead Duffy who speaks about wellbeing, her nourishing oils and also her views on economic growth and what yoga can teach us about stretching beyond ourselves. Sinead is a meditation and yoga teacher, an entrepreneur, and the founder of Yogandha Oils. Yogandha Oils creates aromatherapy blends for wellbeing, yoga, and daily mindset. Sinead believes in the importance of nourishing rituals as a way of bringing about a deeper level of consciousness to ground us and connect us and take ownership of the present moment.  Listen in as Sinead talks about how she has noticed that since the lockdown, many of us are tapping into the opportunity to slow down and connect with ourselves, our families, and also with nature. As an entrepreneur, she is passionate about ensuring that her business is ethical and sustainable and that’s why 5% of Yogandha Oil profits go to supporting micro-enterprises run by women.  She is offering a discount of 10%  for all listeners -using this code 
June 2, 2020
Episode 2 Deirdre O Sullivan Organic farmer in conversation with Monica Haughey
Welcome to episode two of The Conscious Living Podcast with Monica Haughey. In this episode, Monica is in conversation with pioneering organic farmer and co-owner of the Green Door, Market Deirdre O Sullivan about how we can enhance our health through food. Deirdre  is a believer in the value of conscious growing, conscious preparation and how we can learn to increase the energy of the food we eat.  Deirdre has a fascinating and unique approach to food and cites some of her influences to include "Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered" by Michaelle Small Wright and the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto. These experts have confirmed what she intuitively believed in terms of the value of respecting  the life of  plants and vegetables but also that we all can develop a relationship with the unique microbiomes on the vegetable to help improve our own health. She believes that bugs are not all bad and that we are all part of an eco system of microbes. Do have a listen to this passionate, informed and pioneering entrepreneur. 
May 12, 2020
Episode 1 Hema Vyas Psychologist, Spiritual Mentor & Speaker
In the  first conversation in this series host Monica Haughey is talking  with Hema Vyas, leading psychologist and spiritual thought leader who is sharing a new understanding of the wisdom of the heart. She was keynote speaker at lasts years Conscious Living Working conference and I invited her to share her views on  this current pandemic. She speaks about how  tragic it is for many people who are grieving yet  there is also at a spiritual level the possibility for positive thought and action. Hema  invites us to connect more with our hearts and to see a blessing in how the world now needs to pause. She suggests that since everything  was going so fast we had lost true connection with ourselves and one another .  Have a listen to this  15 minute conversation  and do tell us what you think.  Contact us on and find out more about Hema and her work on
April 27, 2020