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Conservation Weekly

Conservation Weekly

By Lauren Ayres
Join wildlife conservation specialist, Lauren Ayres, as she discusses some of the most ground breaking, astonishing, and impactful stories in conservation each week.
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Podcast Update!!!
A quick update on the brief hiatus of the podcast and some recommendations for podcasts to check out in the interim!
July 27, 2020
June 14, 2020: Diversity's role in conservation, pangolin protection efforts, & social media positivity inspired by nature.
This week we’re talking about diversity's role in conservation, a new social platform for nature lovers, and a push forward for pangolin protection in China. Links:  Jungle Jordan's YouTube Channel Into the Jungle Podcast Mammalz Mongabay: "Banned: No more pangolin scales in traditional medicine, China says"
June 15, 2020
June 1, 2020 - Unicorn Soundscape : How Narwhals can be Affected by Climate Change
Today we're talking about a breakthrough in narwhal research, why these creatures are so fascinating, and what you can do to help wild narwhals.  Study: Soundscape of a Narwhal Summering Ground in a Glacier Fjord  American Cetacean Society - Narwhal Info Music: Black Sabbath - N.I.B. 
June 02, 2020
May 25, 2020 : Wildlife Markets
Today we're talking about China's governmental buyout offer for wildlife breeders & farmers - a step in the right direction to curb wildlife consumption at wet markets. Supporting articles:  China offers buyouts to wildlife farmers in response to pandemic  China releases list of animals to be farmed after COVID-19 Wuhan bans eating wild animals as coronavirus drives a crackdown in China *Help us continue to make this podcast: donate below and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform to receive episodes as they are released. **
May 25, 2020
May 17th, 2020 - Doc Walks 4 Animals
This week we're talking to Dr. Monica Metzdorf - who WALKED across Southern California to support wildlife, as well as chatting about people helping animals needing help during COVID19 and how you can help them too! Dr. Monica's website:  Good News Network reports on Americans with eco-concerns during the COVID 19 pandemic: IPSOS Earth Day 2020 survey results slide deck: Home gardens in Sri Lanka: NBC report on UN Hunger Pandemic warning: UN World Food Program Donation link: Poaching increase due to COVID19 impacts:
May 17, 2020
May 10, 2020: Belugas, Snow Forests, Eels on iPads, and a deadly snake island
Today we’re talking about an island inhabited by venomous snakes, conservation of a unique snow forest, eels that need to socialize, and discussing captive beluga welfare. This is the first episode with the show's new co-host, Sylvester Martinez. Follow him on instagram at: Learn more about today's stories:  Smithsonian Magazine article on Ilha de Queimada Grande Nature Conservancy of Canada Sumida Aquarium Eels Zoologic Podcast - When Legislator Agendas Trump Animal Welfare
May 11, 2020
May 3, 2020: Whaling, Virunga Park Rangers, Coral Reefs, and ex-situ conservation efforts in the time of COVID19
Today on The Conservation Weekly Podcast we discuss Icelandic whaling, remember the fallen rangers of Virunga Park, learn about new coral breakthroughs, and find out how you can support ex-situ conservation efforts during the COVID-19 shutdown. Links to stories:  Mongabay "Iceland won't be killing any whales this year" Virunga National Park Statement  Florida Aquarium Press Release Ridged Cactus Coral Spawning Critical-needs donation links for zoos:  Vancouver Aquarium Colchester Zoo San Diego Zoo Global Birmingham Zoo Seaworld / Busch Gardens Orana Wildlife Park (Christchurch Zoo)  Oregon Zoo
May 04, 2020