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Constellateur | Systemic Insights

Constellateur | Systemic Insights

By Constellateur
Ideas, Insights and Inspiration. For life, love and work. From the constellation fields where amazing things flow and grow. Brought to you by with your host Tom Wittig. In this podcast I am sharing my insights from systemic coaching, family and organization constellation and integration in business and organizations.

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Money Flows - Systemic Insights Journey
In this episode we are exploring the aspects of money flows and financial matters for a systemic perspective.  This episode is related to a free webinar with the same title: "Money Flows". You can find the replay on:  The Free Resource Library for Organisation Constellations: The Constellateur Website: Enjoy, share and let me know you feedback and questions.  #systemic #money #meditation #coach
November 18, 2020
Recruitment and Hiring - Systemic Insight Journey
In this Insight Journey you are invited to explore a recruitment and hiring situation. Hiring a new member in the organisation is always a special situation. It can bring something new to the field of the organisation. And it can be strategic decision, because it is often hard to revise. That means that the impact and dynamics of a great-fit and a wrong-hire can have dramatic consequences both for the organisation as well as for the employee. Therefore it is essential that we take our time to evaluate the situation from different perspectives.  In this meditative insight journey you can explore such hiring situation from a systemic perspective. Find more information on #meditation #hr #recruitment #mindfulness
November 11, 2020
My Inner Portfolio - Systemic Insight Journey
In this Insight Journey I am inviting you to review your personal inventory and portfolio of experiences, skills and competencies. The episode is related to a webinar about Self-Renewal and Growth.  Find more information on #meditation #career #personal growth
November 10, 2020
The Crisis - Systemic Insight Journey
When we are experiencing a crisis, we realize how it separates and how it may bring us closer to something new. In this episode, Tom Wittig shares insights about working with the topics of Crisis: Guided Insight Journey.  Thoughts and insights about the current crisis.  The webinar, which is mentioned in this episode, can be found in the Organization Constellation Video Library on  Find more information on  #Crisis #Meditation
November 7, 2020
The Power of AND - How a small change makes a big difference
Powerful conversations using the word "AND" instead of "BUT" in your conversations can make a big difference. Try it for yourself and let me know what happens in your relationships.  Find more information on #communication #management #relationship
July 2, 2020
What moves Innovation and Renewal?
We encounter Innovation and Renewal in many areas of our life and work. Not only in organisations and business. It is also essential for our couple and family relationships and for our physical and mental health. Without renewal decay will prevail. And what is the movement behind this? How can innovation succeed?  This is the starting point for this series of topics about renewal and innovation. Tom Wittig | Constellateur Find more information on #renewal  #innovation #leadership
July 2, 2020