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The Making of India's Constitution

The Making of India's Constitution

The Constitution of India 1950 marked the emergence of India as an independent constitutional republic. It was drafted by the Indian Constituent Assembly between 1946-50 and was also shaped by a longer historical and political process that began in the late 1800s and gained momentum in the mid-1940s.

Join us in this journey to uncover the ideas, people and events that shaped the Indian Constitution. Through this podcast, we hope to advance a popular understanding of India's constitutional and political history.

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The Making of India's Constitution

Episode 1: The Karachi Resolution, 1931
In 1931 the Indian National Congress passed the landmark Resolution on Fundamental Rights and Economic and Social Change popularly known as the Karachi Resolution. In this episode, we take you through the dramatic political story behind the Resolution which included the execution of Bhagat Singh, growing unrest within the Congress's left-leaning groups and the role of radical political activist M.N. Roy. We highlight the Resolution's key principles and how these shaped the Constitution of India in 1950 particularly the Directive Principles of State Policy. This episode includes excerpts from our interview with Professor Kama Maclean, South Asian History, University of Heidelberg.
April 16, 2021
In this introduction, we give you a sense of what to expect in upcoming episodes, and locate the podcast within’s broader constitutional education work.
April 07, 2021