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Consult ROI

Consult ROI

By Camron Bodily
Simply Put.... What is the most effective way you can invest your time to get the return you want? Don't know? Listen in and see how other people have turned even the horrific tragedies in their life into a massive advantage and catapulted them to success as they overcame the obstacles in their life.

Whether you're an established business, new business, or even just an admin or executive we discuss challenges with various industries, health, family balance, financials as well as interview specialists for their unique input on both life and business or entrepreneurship.
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Most Fundamental Skill for Success

Consult ROI

Most Fundamental Skill for Success

Consult ROI

How Honesty is a key to success
Today we give an update on what has been going on in our world. We also discuss how being honest with yourself translates into success and prepping you for opportunities. How do we also avoid going after all the shiny things in life? If you have any questions that you would like answered email them to
September 29, 2021
Power of the Intentional Pause
Charles is a Marine Vietnam Combat Veteran and Founder Owner of Get Payroll Which Provides Payroll, Accounting and CPA services.  He talks about the highest ROI he's ever made was with his wife and business partner, what helped him in having a successful marriage of over 45 years and how it's led to the success he's had in his professional career.   Communication is the key, but how can we communicate effectively with both our staff, partners, spouse and others to have truly fufilling relationships?  Listen in and see. If you found value, please support this channel;   PayPal -   Coinbase -
June 10, 2021
The Power of Self Love
Today it's a short and sweet one.  There's still a lot of value packed into this about the value and importance of self love and care.   "Because Self Love is the most important skill we were never taught. It is the missing ingredient to Complete Success." About Jonathan Jonathan Troen is a Self Love Mentor, Life Mastery Coach, and creator of the Self Love Revolution. He is also the co-founder of the Austin-based mindfulness center, Austin Yoga Tree. Jonathan’s mission: To help people find the joy in side of themselves. Jonathan spent 20+ years in the entertainment industry. He was living the life of his dreams, meeting the biggest stars in the world, except he wasn’t happy. And he couldn’t figure out why. He began studying people: how they live, what motivated them, and how they defined success. His studies brought him to one conclusion: Most of us are mean to ourselves, and all we really want is to be loved. He also discovered that when we seek love from outside of ourselves, it is fleeting. Lasting love comes from inside of us. And since we’re not taught to love ourselves, this creates a problem. Jonathan created the Self Love Revolution specifically to share the methodology he created after 15 years of research and practice. Jonathan’s belief: We all deserve success. We all deserve to be loved. And we all deserve to be treated kindly, especially by ourselves. Jonathan has been featured locally on NBC Austin, CBS Austin, Fox 7 Austin, NBC Tampa Bay and has been a featured speaker at SXSW with his signature talk, Self Love Revolution: The New Pathway to Success. Discover More If you found value, please support this channel;  PayPal -  Coinbase -
May 03, 2021
Education with Purpose - Peter Elam
About Peter Co-founded Diamond Tree with my brother. It's a bootstrapped business and we've been working hard on the platform. I love to talk about design, entrepreneurship, and those trying to build a coaching or consulting business. Also just a curious person that likes talking about just about anything. I'm also the founder of An organization to help urban adults find community, growth, and purpose. Discover More https://diamondtree.orghttp://notribe.org If you found value, please support this channel;  PayPal -  Coinbase -
April 26, 2021
Reading People-Why it's a Valuable Skill
Today on Consult ROI Podcast we're talking about reading people, why is it ok to read people and how is it a valuable tool in being able to communicate effectively with them both in business and personal life.   About Me I am an International Profiling and Communications Specialist and have worked with international clients, the likes of Disney Films and Gillette, and high-profile organisations like the Australian Federal Police and Tax Office to help them to understand how people tick. I also work with business owners and executives, helping them to understand and engage their clients and prospects, enhancing their presentations and negotiation skills and increasing sales. And with parents and teachers to help them enhance the ability of their children to reach their full potential while improving the experience of the parents, teachers, and students. My latest community initiative is The Campfire Project. The Campfire is a safe place for men and women to give themselves permission to tell their stories. To share their experiences and wisdom from around the world. This is my #WeTogether initiative Discover More  If you found value, please support this channel;   PayPal -  Coinbase -
April 19, 2021
Finding Your Content DNA
We're talking Content DNA, what is it and why is it crucial to find in order to find success in your business, connecting with your clients and separating yourself from the competition. Intro: My name is Margo White, and I'm a serial entrepreneur. 4 years ago, I changed my business direction and went into Copywriting. But not JUST copywriting... There are a lot of great copywriters out there, but no one teaches entrepreneurs how to do their "homework" - develop a strategy, Customer Avatar, narrow down the niche, create a unique approach in communication with their prospects and clients... Copywriters should not decide the fate and direction of the business. But then again, your two options were: learn to "Copywrite", or outsource it. That was before I entered this market. I help Fortune 500 companies to: ✔️ create their content strategy and a unique - as I love to call it - "Content DNA" ✔️ define "Customer Avatar" and other mysterious creatures in the world of marketing ✔️ prepare a special "content marketing package." ...and other. Reach Margo here; If you found value, please support this channel; PayPal - Coinbase -
April 13, 2021
From Nothing To Everything
Robert Ian Bonnick grew up in a child's home where most ended up dead or in jail. He never feeling like he belonged anywhere due to discrimination and culture but due to mindset and focus he was able to pivot and pull himself out of that pit and turn the bad hand he had been dealt into a highly successful career influencing millions of people and helping countless worldwide. Author of Soul Survivor   SpeakUP Monday Group; How to take your story to a profitable business brand  In this podcast we discuss mastery of self, overcoming discrimination and systemic oppression or systemic racism, life is like a game of snakes and ladders, how some of our biggest trials can be our greatest strengths.    Consult ROI is supported by viewers like you, if we helped you please help us with a coffee/hot chocolate :) If you can't, no worries, we understand :)   PayPal -  Coinbase -
March 08, 2021
Consult ROI - Story Of Greatness
How do we take the Story inside of us and transform it into a powerful message to influence others and build success?   Les Patterson is one of the most admired humble veterans, businessmen, spouse, and Father.  He is the Chief Storyteller of Red Edge Mentoring. Les has coached business leaders over the last 25+ years, helping them step confidently create their own Story of Greatness,   The Story we lead ourselves with is crucial to creating a solid Strategy to guide our company so we can best Serve those we love and lead and our customers.  The core focus of Red Edge Mentoring focuses on three key areas: Story | Strategy | Service. Consult ROI podcast is funded by viewers and listeners like you that find value in these amazing mentors and coaches If you found value we just ask for what you'd spend on coffee or burger to help us bring you more content and value. Thank you! PayPal - Coinbase -
March 01, 2021
How R&D is essential for Improvement In Life
Justin Maxwell is part of Big Life Financial and has a specialty in Research and Development Tax Credits in various companies.  This is the unedited podcast recording of this session. I'll admit I went down a few rabbit holes and rants. This is why I try not to do these when I'm tired.  My hope is that you can dig through the dirt to get the gold. Consult ROI doesn't just focus what the person does for a living, we go into WHY they do what they do, how their life experience has helped them in their life and how it can apply and benefit your life even if you don't qualify or need their specialty, like RnD Tax Credits. He has a background in physical therapy and fitness which is a big jump to most people to drop it and go into accounting and go into specialty of credits and rebates so here's his life journey. Remember, no matter how crazy their life story or how far off it is from what you are interested in or need, you can always learn valuable life lessons.  So what's your ROI? Visit Our Site/Store; Podcast; Spotify; iTunes; Support The Channel;
January 04, 2021
Podcast Return-What happened
My own medicine I needed to swallow. Podcast I recorded back in July right after my child was born and before I had to have surgery. It was important enough of advice that I felt it was essential enough to post now. Remember, no matter how crazy their life story or how far off it is from what you are interested in or need, you can always learn valuable life lessons.  So what's your ROI? Visit Our Site/Store; Podcast; Spotify; iTunes; Support The Channel;
January 03, 2021
Mindset Monday Coronavirus COVID19 Scare
In this episode we discuss how COVID 19 has affected the economy as well as people's mindsets and destroyed peoples faith in the economy. We discuss how to get through this and how to make the most out of it without being a vulture.
March 23, 2020
What do you do when personal life destroys what you've worked so hard for?
Whether you had a loved one die, went through a nasty divorce, got paralyzed or suffered some kind of other traumatic experience. How do you process this, and how do you separate your work from your personal life?
February 17, 2020
Delegation and Documentation
We go in briefly on what we do to help alleviate the training burden on our managers or myself to allow us to scale more effectively and the importance of prep work as 90% of most success is predicated upon prepping through execution
January 24, 2020
What is the key to the best Nutrition??
In this episode we speak with Chanelle, who is a master nutritionist and personal trainer, on what really is the key to true nutrition and health. The answer will surprise you! You can check her out at
January 18, 2020
Mindset Monday-Giveaway Announcement
How you react to things in your life determines the quality of your life. Announcement for mastermind. Send in topics you'd like to see discussed or prizes to us on our Facebook page @ what would you like the giveaway at the event to be? A 4k tv, speakers, amazon or restaurant gift card? Let us know!
January 13, 2020
How to Establish Your Brand
We all know branding is important but how do you do it?
January 10, 2020
Master your Mind, Win the Journey
Have you ever wondered how to overcome obstacles in your life, physically, mentally? Learn how to replace habits. How to get through self destructive habits and get the drama, violence and negativity out of your life. If you can master this you can master your journey in life and in turn your entire life around and get through any obstacle.
January 08, 2020
Morning Ritual-Power in Gratitude
My every day morning process to get both my body and mind to work in unison and to remove fear and anger from my life and replace with gratitude and charity. Challenge you to do this everyday for 2 weeks along with weekly challenges and tell me which ways it improves your life. Maybe it's a new opportunity, maybe it's saving someone on their last string.. maybe it was helping you understand your own true value. Either way, I know it will help you in your life.
January 06, 2020
Merry Christmas! Efficient Time Management
Whether you're working or playing or spending time with family how can you make the most out of that quality time to build the most value? We answer these questions and more in this episode
January 06, 2020
Q&A Friday! 3 People Picked!
We got over 37 questions that came in. Thank you! I picked 3 that I felt would connect with the most. These 3 different women asked questions on various challenges they're facing in today's world and we gave a strategy on how to overcome them
January 04, 2020
Essential Skills & How to Scale Your Business
We discuss first what are the biggest skills you need to develop in life and as a business person then conversation evolves into what it takes to scale your business and setup foundation to grow once you make that leap on hiring your first employee. Next week we'll discuss what to look for in those employees, this week was how to provide them an environment to be successful! Call (833) LOVE ROI with any of your questions
January 03, 2020
Most Fundamental Skill for Success
Learn not only the right way to sell but how to learn the skill when you are an owner operator, as well as how to identify why you lost deals. How to speak their language and how understand value and finding your ideal clients while establishing yourself as the expert. Featuring Guest: Danny Jessop
January 02, 2020
Healthy transition into 2020
Have you ever had brain fog? Charlotte Larson walks you through her traumatic accident and how she came out of it. he also talks about a positive way of looking at life and New Year’s Resolutions. The Technology world can have a girly side too..
January 01, 2020
Mindset Monday-Micro for the Macro
How to develop habits in the micro to conquer the macro. Don't know how to overcome your bad habits or become the person that allows you to conquer the world and accomplish your dreams? Listen in and learn how!
December 31, 2019
Starting a business with nothing
What do your finances need to look like when you have no money? You'll often find your financial hardships are of your own making because your concern in regards to the judgement of others. So how can we address this?
December 27, 2019
Specialist Thursday-What Does it take to be known as the expert?
What does it take to be known as the specialist or the expert in your field? How do you find what specialty to go into when you're just starting?  Why does communication play a part in your ability to be considered an expert?  We answer these questions and more on this podcast episode!  Be sure to follow us @consultroi or call in at (833) 568-3764 that's (833) LOVE ROI
December 27, 2019
Happy Family = Happy Business
We often think that dumping time into our business will help it to succeed but never undervalue how important it is to put block out family time to ensure they don't feel neglected as it will greatly effect your mindset and business in all other aspects of your life. Merry Christmas Eve!
December 25, 2019
New Year's Resolution Commitments
Introduction to our podcast with our special guest Charlotte Larson from CompITAV. What are some of our "why's" and what are our goals and resolutions for this upcoming year in 2020 as well as how we plan to stay committed to these goals.
December 23, 2019
December 22, 2019
December 22, 2019