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Consultant Conversations

Consultant Conversations

By J. Boaz, M. Mueller, T. Smith, & K. Soriano
PGA of America Career Consultants in need of a social and professional outlet talking about jobs, careers, and life.
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Episode 4: Attracting Talent
Attracting talented employees is essential, but how do you do it in a tight labor market. The Consultants look at the issue from a slightly different perspective. 
January 20, 2021
Episode 3: Networking
The final episode of our "Landing the Job" Series examines the role of your personal network in helping you navigate the job search process. 
January 5, 2021
Episode 2: Application Documents
Your application documents (resumes, cover letters, etc) need to stand out from the crowd. But how do you do that? The Consultants have a few tips to turn your boring resume into a "marketing document" for You, Inc.
December 16, 2020
Episode 1: Interviews
PGA Career Consultants discuss ways to improve your performance in an interview.
December 8, 2020