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XNode Podcast #2 - Two years building companies in China - Lessons learned

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Every podcast will be about entrepreneurs, founders, and innovators working in China!
XNode Podcast #3 - Expanding to China, the founder of Zoomzoom Tour shares his story
ZoomZoom Tour is an online market place for local tours and activities. Originally from Australia, they expanded to Shanghai recently and are now growing their business significantly. Things haven't been simple - from localising to hiring, the journey has been an intense ride. Jerry, Zoomzoom Tour's founder and CEO, shares with Songlin what happened to them and what they learned from it.
July 17, 2019
XNode Podcast #2 - Two years building companies in China - Lessons learned
Luuk Eliens, Head of Innovation at XNode arrived in Shanghai 2 years ago on behalf of HighTech XL, a Dutch accelerator. We are talking with him about executing an innovation strategy, cultural differences, and getting support from people. There is a lot to unpack so feel free to join the conversation on LinkedIn!
July 9, 2019
XNode Podcast - Launching your startup in China - we cover the basics!
Super excited to start our first recording -  Kevin and Emily are talking about the first steps you need to have in mind when you consider expanding to China. Click here to see the video and here to follow us on LinkedIn!
July 3, 2019
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