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By Angelo Karageorgos
Witnessing the Magical Emergence of Potentiality. Where the Path to Authenticity is Paved with Enthusiasm when you Embrace Life as a Whole


17 Episodes
Politics and Freedom of Mind in an Airbnb in Paris
May 22, 201814:48
With What Mentality to Approach the Meditation Practice
May 18, 201816:56
10th of 10 Days of my Water Fasting: The 10 Things I Learnt
May 7, 201816:18
8th of 10 Days of my Water Fasting. The "Mucusless" Health Ideas of Arnold Ehret
May 5, 201815:52
6th of 10 Days of My Water Fasting. Rejuvenation With the Power of Not Eating. What Does Science Say
May 3, 201813:26
4th of 10 Days of my Water Fasting: My “Whys”
May 1, 201814:35
3rd of 10 Days of My Water Fasting: What is it and How I am Doing It
Apr 30, 201805:31
2nd of 10 days of my Water Fasting: Why Eating Frequently is Often an Addiction
Apr 29, 201813:32
An Alternate Approach to Learning (that we already know)
Mar 20, 201813:28
A Valuable Lesson of Friendship on the Shores of the Rives Ganges
Apr 26, 201821:23
How to Prepare for Something that Stresses You
Apr 20, 201813:23
Making your Own Choices
Apr 15, 201812:10
Being Released from What You Have Been Calling Reality
Mar 30, 201814:09
What to Do Since You Can’t Enter in the Same River Twice
Mar 27, 201817:23
The Tremendous Value of Enthusiasm
Mar 20, 201812:28
Nature the Ultimate Mentor
Mar 8, 201818:43
A Contemplation on How to Believe
Mar 7, 201825:14
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