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Content Friday: Content Marketing Podcast

Content Friday: Content Marketing Podcast

By Sooraj Divakaran
Are you struggling to find answers to some of your content marketing challenges? Content Friday is a brand new podcast series that will address your questions on content marketing and beyond.
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EP2: How Much Does Content Marketing Cost?

Content Friday: Content Marketing Podcast

EP8: Inside RedHat's Content Marketing Strategy
RedHat's content marketing strategy reflects it’s commitment to the open-source community and will continue to inspire other brands in the space. The brand continues to invest in building the open-source community with Its marketing and other related initiatives. Learn what makes the brand's content marketing strategy successful. 
September 13, 2020
EP7: Inside Moz's Content Marketing Strategy
Moz’s Content Marketing Strategy is focused on simplifying search engine optimization for marketers. The brand offers helpful content to first-time visitors, which establishes trust and respect with the audience. The beginner’s guide provided by Moz for SEO and Content Marketing is regularly updated to ensure that they cover the latest updates and trends. Learn how the Moz developed its content strategy and what makes it successful.
August 28, 2020
EP6: How to Develop a Content Distribution Strategy
Content Distribution Strategy helps you to promote your content and amplify its reach. But how do we approach creating a content distribution strategy? I have outlined a three-step process that you can use to develop your content distribution strategy that leverages insights from your performance and gets better over time.
May 31, 2020
EP5: How to Create Content for Social Media?
It's getting increasingly difficult to get users to engage with your content on social media. Today content marketers have to create content for a mix of social media platforms, which adds to the complexity. Learn how you should approach creating content for social media and some basic rules to be followed.
May 25, 2020
EP4: What is a Content Marketing Framework
Content Marketing Framework provides structure to your content marketing strategy. Learn the different content marketing frameworks and when to use them for your business.  
May 17, 2020
EP3: What is Internal Linking and How to do it Right?
Internal linking often doesn’t get the attention that it deserves when it comes to content marketing. Internal links are like inter-city bridges they connect different parts of your site and provide passage for link equity and traffic to flow through the content. Learn what internal linking is and some of the best practices to do it really well. Music: Transcend Tides from YouTube Audio Library
May 15, 2020
EP2: How Much Does Content Marketing Cost?
Are you new to the world of Content Marketing? Want to know what are the costs involved? You have come to the right place. In this video, we talk about the base content marketing costs and how pricing in the industry is evolving. Music: Timelapse Tides from YouTube Audio Library
May 15, 2020
EP1: Why Readers Don't Engage With Your Content?
Are you struggling to get readers to engage with your content? Whether you are new to content marketing or a seasoned content marketer we are sure that you will find the tips in this video useful. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel to receive more actionable advice on content marketing. Music: Timelapse Tides from YouTube Audio Library
May 15, 2020
Content Friday Trailer
Content Friday is a podcast series on content marketing that provides actionable advice on how to generate traffic, links and to grow your business. New episodes out every Friday. Music: Once Again from
May 15, 2020