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In Context

In Context

By Context Travel
In Context is a podcast for curious travelers. Through a series of conversations with Context Travel scholars from over 60 of the world's cultural capitals, In Context explores the real life of the people, history, and culture of our greatest cities.

Context scholars hail from a wide variety of disciplines including art history, cuisine, oenology, ecology, archaeology, and classical studies. While their areas of expertise differ, they’re united by a lifelong curiosity, a passion for sharing their knowledge, and a yen for taking you into the lives, histories, and stories of their cities.
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In Context: A Dispatch from Rome

In Context

In Context: A Dispatch from Rome

In Context

In Context: Saint Patrick's Day in Dublin
Join Irish historian Jennifer Carbery as she shares her take on the history of Saint Patrick's day, the life and times of the Saint himself, and the impact of the coronavirus on this year's festivities in Dublin with marketing director Brenna Fleener.  Learn more about our scholars and tours at
March 16, 2020
In Context: A Dispatch from Rome
A real-time update on what this week has been like living with the Coronavirus quarantine in Italy from Megan Todd, Context's Italy, Greece, and Turkey program director and longtime resident of Rome, as discussed with Context marketer Brenna Fleener. Learn more about our scholars and tours at
March 13, 2020
In Context: Food in Madrid, with Natalia Martinez
An exploration of Madrid's culinary highlights and history with journalist and Context Travel Madrid Tapas Tour guide Natalia. Join Natalia and Context marketing director Brenna Fleener for more on the Spanish tradition of tapas, current food trends in Spain, and recommendations on where to eat and drink in Madrid.  Learn more about our scholars and tours at 
March 13, 2020