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Convergently Speaking

Convergently Speaking

By Dan Anear
A podcast by Dan Anear with a self-development bent where we talk about the complexities of life, the interconnectedness of everything and the absurdity of it all.
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From Pain to Purpose
Life brings us pain, unfortunately there's no way around that. It is certainly not easy, but when we have particularly painful times, we have the opportunity to harness and use that pain to learn and grow and transform. We may just find ourselves coming out the other end with purpose, all the stronger for finding meaning and healing amongst the pain. Dan share's some simple but profound quotes that he has gotten a lot out of while doing the work of healing and transforming his own pain to purpose.  Find Dan: Coaching Instagram: @convergentlyspeaking  @daniel_anear_coaching Facebook: @convergentlyspeaking @danielanearcoaching
September 28, 2020
Mental Health, Transformation and Lived Experience with Jamie Ryan
Enjoy this beautiful conversation with Jamie Ryan, who is a social worker, counsellor and educator with over 25 years experience in the Mental Health field.  He and Dan talk about the ways that the mental health sector is transforming to put people's experiences more in the centre and how Peer Work is part of this transition. Jamie shares about some of his own experiences, which we are honoured to hear. The two also talk about what people's mental health will look like post - COVID, and how we move forward to grow as society.  Enjoy the episode! Find Dan: Coaching Instagram: @convergentlyspeaking  @daniel_anear_coaching Facebook: @convergentlyspeaking @danielanearcoaching
September 10, 2020
Self Development: What if I'm Leaving my Partner Behind?
Dan discusses what can happen when one partner in a relationship begins to get into self development, heal past traumas or question their beliefs. How do you manage these changes and how they affect your relationship? How do you best communicate about what you're learning and what's going on? Is the relationship doomed?  Find Dan: Coaching Instagram: @convergentlyspeaking                       @daniel_anear_coaching Facebook: @convergentlyspeaking                     @danielanearcoaching
August 12, 2020
The Stories We Tell Ourselves
Solo episode with Dan talking about the stories we tell ourselves. Dan shares a personal story of how looking at the stories he was telling himself was holding him back and how the stories we are telling are vital to our sense of well-being. What are the stories you're telling yourself? Do you have control over these or are they malleable and changeable?  Find Dan: Coaching Instagram: @convergentlyspeaking @daniel_anear_coaching Facebook: @convergentlyspeaking @danielanearcoaching
July 31, 2020
Rejecting Auto-Rejection
Solo episode from Dan, talking about how to deal with our human tendency to immediately reject and therefore not listen to ideas that are contrary to our own beliefs or are from the other side of a particular issue. What is the antidote to this seemingly inbuilt wiring? How can we teach ourselves to listen better and more fully?  Listen for more! Find Dan: * Coaching Practice * Instagram:             @convergentlyspeaking               @daniel_anear_coaching * Facebook:             @convergentlyspeaking            @danielanearcoaching
July 15, 2020
Change and Grief with Neville Starick
Interview with Neville Starick, who shares some of his story as a third culture kid and a life of international travel.  Neville is a counsellor who specifically looks at the role of change in people's lives, and how they can move through the grief that change brings with it. He shares some beautiful insights and stories, as well as some bonus Enneagram content! (Neville is an Enneagram 4). Have a listen, you'll love it.  Join the conversation on Instagram, share your own stories, impressions of the episode or feedback! Find Neville: on facebook: Cynosure Support Find Dan: Coaching Instagram: @convergentlyspeaking  @daniel_anear_coaching Facebook: @convergentlyspeaking @danielanearcoaching
June 21, 2020
Why I Love the Enneagram
The Enneagram is pretty ubiquitous in culture at the moment, everyone is talking about it and everyone wants to tell you your number.  Dan talks about the Enneagram, which he's been studying for over a decade, how he's found it helpful and transformative in his life, and some insights on how to journey with it as a tool for personal development.  Stay tuned for more Enneagram content in the future!  Find Dan: Instagram: @convergentlyspeaking  Facebook: @convergentlyspeaking
June 4, 2020
Overcoming Adversity with Rohan Harry
Rohan Harry - comedian, podcaster, and friend from way back - joins the podcast to share his story of overcoming some incredible health issues. It's an inspiring, funny, and at times heartbreaking interview, you're sure to enjoy it!  Dan and Rohan talk personality (Rohan is a classic INFP), motivation, the trickster archetype.... and much more.  Find Rohan: I nstagram: @attitudeconsultant  Find Dan:  Instagram: @convergentlyspeaking  Facebook: @convergentlyspeaking
May 29, 2020
Personality Types & Relationships: Judgers vs Perceivers
The fourth and final episode in our series about personality and intimate relationships.  The Judger/Perceiver split can be a tricky one to navigate, but with a little understanding, a J/P couple can really thrive as they appreciate and grow from the other's way of doing things. And what if you're both the same type? Dan talks about that too! Something for everyone.  Enjoy the episode and hop over to social media to tell us what you thought about it! Find Dan: Instagram: @convergentlyspeaking  Facebook: @convergentlyspeaking
May 8, 2020
Personality Types & Relationships: Thinkers vs Feelers
In the 3rd episode of this series on relationships and personality, Dan discusses the difference between thinkers and feelers.  Do thinkers still have feelings underneath all that cold, hard logic? (yes!) Can we ever get on the same page?  Listen to understand where your partner may be coming from and how they see the world, and you'll begin to speak the same language and appreciate what each other is bringing to the table.  Find Dan: Instagram: @convergentlyspeaking  Facebook: @convergentlyspeaking
April 24, 2020
Personality Types & Relationships: Sensors vs Intuitives
This second episode in the series about personality and relationships, Dan discusses the differences between Sensors and Intuitives. Understanding this difference between people can make a huge impact on how we relate to each other, maybe more than any of the other 3 dichotomies of the Myers-Briggs system. Sensors and Intuitives see and experience the world in very different ways and yet these polar opposites can be complementary making for a great partnership dynamic. Find Dan: Instagram: @convergentlyspeaking  Facebook: @convergentlyspeaking
April 16, 2020
Personality Types & Relationships: Introverts vs Extroverts
The first episode in a 4-part series,  Dan talks about the differences, tension points, and strengths in romantic relationships in regards to the Introvert/Extrovert dichotomy. Is it ideal to both be the same type? How do you get your introvert partner out of the house? How do you navigate the issues that arise from being so different (or so similar!)? Some thoughts to get you reflecting on your own relationship.   Next time, Sensors vs Intuitives (S vs N)!
April 9, 2020
Navigating challenging times as an INFJ - with Betsy Garmon
Dan has a chat with Betsy Garmon who is an artist, coach, and soul cartographer.  They dive into how they, as INFJs, are experiencing and dealing with this current pandemic and everything that comes with it. Betsy brings her wisdom on self care, journaling, and how we can live connected to ourselves.   Find Betsy at her website here and facebook here  Find Dan at- Instagram: @convergentlyspeaking  Facebook: @convergentlyspeaking
March 28, 2020
Men Need Men
Solo Episode from Dan talking about modern masculinity, vulnerability, and how men need each other. 
March 13, 2020
Being an Enneagram 9, Learning from Indigenous Australia, Trauma & the Body - with Rev Jesse Size
A few weeks back during a short getaway to Port Augusta (South Australia) I was able to sit down with my good mate the Reverend Jesse Size, a great conversation chocked full of wisdom from a man who has spent his life living alongside people on the margins, Jesse blends theory and practice like few I've ever met, enjoy! -Find me at- || facebook @danielanearcoaching || instagram @daniel_anear_coaching
February 28, 2020
Bowing Down at the Throne of Busy
In this episode, I talk about the cultural norm of needing to always be busy and talk about how I've come to think about managing my time, a re-frame originally triggered by a trip to Zambia. -Find me at- || facebook @danielanearcoaching || instagram @daniel_anear_coaching
February 15, 2020
Evolution, Open-Mindedness, Enneagram, Myers-Briggs with Sam of Unapologetically Evolving.
Something a bit different this week. This is an interview I did for my friend Sam's new podcast, Unapologetically Evolving . We talk about some of my early life, my evolution and growth, open-mindedness, holding space for others, respecting other’s choices and nut out some of the intro concepts of the Myers-Briggs system as well as Enneagram and Spiral Dynamics.  I really enjoyed having a chat with Sam, and his other podcast episodes are also a really good listen, head on over and check them out. -Find me at- || facebook @danielanearcoaching || instagram @daniel_anear_coaching -Find Sam at: - facebook @unapologeticallyevolving || instagram @unapologeticallyevolving ||
January 26, 2020
Being an Enneagram 2, Gentle Masculinity and Archetypes - with Steve Johnson
Old mate Steve (because I've known him for so long) comes on Convergently Speaking where we talk about Gentle Masculinity, Archetypes and being an Enneagram 2 peppered with some Richard Rohr wisdom, enjoy!
January 17, 2020
Positive Psychology, Mindful Parenting and Self-development with Carmen Bliss
Carmen Bliss, Counsellor, Coach and good friend of Dan's joins Convergently Speaking for a winding coversation through Positive Psychology, Mindful Parenting and all things self-development.  If you resonate with what Carmen has to say then please show her some social media love! You can find her at: @inspiredwellbeingco  #inspiredwellbeingco
December 15, 2019
Intuitive Awakening
In this episode I talk about what it means to have an Intuitive Awakening and my own experiences of learning that I'm an Intuitive. If you've been enjoying this podcast so far maybe you too are an Intuitive, have a listen to find out.
November 29, 2019
Dan and Caitlin Discuss Relationships
For this episode my wife Caitlin joins in for a discussion about our, relationship and some things we've learned over our (almost) 10-year marriage. Note: Now that I now  have two microphones keep an eye out for more Convergently Speaking guests, I have some fabulous people I'd like you to meet.
November 13, 2019
Life is Hard
In this episode I talk about the idea that life is hard and what we can do about it.
November 1, 2019
Making the Unconscious Conscious - Part 2
In this episode I discuss real life stories of making the Unconscious Conscious and how transformative this can be.
October 22, 2019
Making the Unconscious Conscious - Part 1
In this episode I suggest the much of what our brains are up to is unconscious to us and discuss the idea of bringing some of this material into our conscious awareness. In part 2 I share tools and stories about actually bringing our unconscious into our conscious.
October 9, 2019
A Rubric for Assessing the Quality of our Friendships
Friendships aren't always easy and we can find ourselves unconsciously slipping into unhealthy dynamics with our friends. In this episode I offer a simple rubric for assessing the quality of our friendships, one I've personally found to be very useful.
October 1, 2019
Victim Mentality vs Responsibility
In this episode Dan talks about being a victim versus having a victim mentality and where personal responsibility fits in with this.
September 25, 2019
Systems Thinking
We all exist within multiple systems and yet because we can't physically see these systems it's easy to forget so how much of an impact these have on our lives. This episode breaks down the idea of Systems Thinking and why it's a valuable way to look at the world.
September 10, 2019
Unconventional Masculinity
On this episode Dan talks about unconventional expressions of masculinity and how personality type plays a role in the way men express themselves.
August 26, 2019
Convergently Speaking?
In this episode I discuss the thinking behind the Convergently Speaking name and how it relates to my own worldview and personality type.
June 5, 2019
On Free Will - A New Perspective
In this episode I look at the age old topic of Free Will and offer a third way of thinking about this dilemma to the binary approach we generally think about it. Hope you enjoy the show and please subscribe for future episodes.
May 13, 2019
Anger as a Symptom
First episode of the Conveniently Speaking podcast where I look at anger as a symptom and what we can do about it.
May 5, 2019