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conversations berlin

conversations berlin

By Ali El-Darsa
"conversations berlin" is an online platform showcasing art projects, artist portraits and talks with Berlin-based artists and cultural workers.

Initiated in 2016 by Ali El-Darsa, the fall-2021 edition showcases talks and works by Vika Kirchenbauer and Salwa Aleryani, as well as projects by curator Michael Birchall, focusing on the changes that artists have had to adapt to since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Vika Kirchenbauer
Vika Kirchenbauer discusses her most recent work and her solo exhibition, FEELINGS THAT MOVE NOWHERE, which opened in May 2021 at the Kunstverein Düsseldorf. Curated by Eva Birkenstock, some of the works in the exhibition are featured on This is the first conversation in the fall-2021 series. It was recoreded in August 2021. Vika Kirchenbauer is an artist, filmmaker, writer, and music producer. Her work has received wide-ranging international attention. Her films and installations have, for instance, been exhibited in group shows and screenings at, among others, the Tainan Art Museum, Taiwan (2021); the Whitechapel Gallery, London (2020); Kunsthal Charlottenborg (2019), Copenhagen; the Berlin International Film Festival (2020), the New York Film Festival (2020), the ICA Artists’ Film Biennial, London (2016), and the Videonale at the Kunstmuseum Bonn (2013, ‘15, ‘17). Most recently, Vika Kirchenbauer received the EMAF Award, the German Short Film Award, and the German Film Critics Award for her work UNTITLED SEQUENCE OF GAPS(2020). In 2016, her video work SHE WHOSE BLOOD IS CLOTTING IN MY UNDERWEAR was awarded the Best Contribution to the German Competition at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. Other awards include the Kunstfonds Stipend (2020), the Villa Aurora Los Angeles Fellowship (2018), and the Visual Arts Working Stipend of the Berlin Senate (2015).
October 01, 2021
Joshua Schwebel
Toronto-native, Berlin-based via Montréal. Joshua Schwebel's work composed of interventions provoke a confrontation between the representation and the recognition of art. His actions and their respective forms of documentation often indicate points of tension between significance and its construction.
April 01, 2016