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EP1: The Conversologist Story

An episode of The Conversologist

By Jam Mayer
Welcome to The Conversologist podcast.

Where we talk about the art and science of conversations in the digital space. We know that technology can be a powerful enabler in the customer journey, from marketing to customer service but communication and emotional connection still need to be at the core.
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EP8: The Conversologist Has Evolved
Will you accept her challenge?  The art of digital engagement is changing fast; but so are we, in the ways we use it and the expectations we have. Chief Conversologist Jam Mayer reflects on the changes, on the challenges faced by digital marketers in this evolving landscape, but also on those truths that remain unchanged. Comments and feedback at 
July 11, 2019
EP7: Why Do We Hate Chatbots?
When a thriving tech startup company decided to drop the word ‘chatbot’ from its lexicon, you know there’s something wrong. ‘Negative connotations,’ according to this developer. Chatbots were predicted to be the hype of the coming decade. So why the push-back, why the hate - or is it fear? Is it user ignorance, bad experiences, or something else? In this episode, Jam Mayer and Rew Shearer try to uncover a few of the truths behind why ‘chatbot’ has become the new c-bomb, and let you make up your own mind. Comments and feedback at 
June 15, 2019
EP6: An Interview with the Cortex Copywriter, From Neuroscience to Chatbots
Episode 6: From neuroscience to chatbots: an interview with the Cortex Copywriter Sydney-based Nathan Mudaliar is a trained neuroscientist who has followed his creative heart into copywriting, screenwriting and yes, chatbots. In Nathan’s world, copywriting actually is a science. From the effects of words on the dopamine reward centres, to the psychology of tone and nuance, his work is the future of marketing. Chief Conversologist Jam Mayer talks copywriting, chatbots and cerebella with this episode’s special guest.  Nathan's website Comments and feedback at 
June 7, 2019
EP5: The Personality in Chatbot Marketing, Why It’s More Than Just a Pretty Face
Episode 5: The Personality in Chatbot Marketing Chatbots are commonplace in business and marketing, covering everything from brand awareness, to customer service, to online sales. Most chatbot conversation designers will agree an effective chatbot needs a personality. But nearly always, ‘personality’ means a name, a face, and not much else.  This week we talk chatbot personalities, skeuomorphism and the key to true customer engagement.  Comments and feedback at 
May 30, 2019
EP4: Questions from Hootsuite - Building a Social Organisation
  Episode 4: Questions from Hootsuite: Building A Social Organisation: Jam’s Social Media Brand and Marketing Tips How do I identify my target audience? Should we get a chatbot? How do I convince my client that conversational marketing is the way to go? When Hootsuite came to Auckland on May 20th Jam Mayer was invited to speak in the panel discussion. There were many questions, and not everything got answered. This episode we tackle some of those questions, and give our perspective. If you’re a busy social media manager, small business operator, if you’re time-poor like the rest of us and trying to get the best ROI from your social, this episode of The Conversologist podcast is for you. Comments and feedback at 
May 22, 2019
EP3: The Move to Private Spaces in Social Media
Social Media is changing.  (Again.)  As users push back on privacy and the perceived invasion of their personal space, Facebook is leading the shift towards private spaces via messaging, groups and communities.  What does this mean for the big social networks? For the users? For the businesses and marketers? Chief Conversologist Jam Mayer and Senior Content Conversologist Rew Shearer discuss the changing landscape and take a top-level look at some of the implications. Your comment or discussion is invited. 
May 14, 2019
EP2: The Ethics of Chatbots
Like many new technologies, the chatbot industry is in full growth mode. But what about the ethical considerations - what information should they gather? Should they declare themselves as chatbots or can they pretend to be human? How manipulative should they be allowed to get in the name of profits? Host Jam Mayer and Senior Content Conversologist Rew Shearer discuss some top level thoughts around the ethics of chatbots. Blog post discussed in this episode: Does your chatbot need a personality?
May 5, 2019
EP1: The Conversologist Story
Why a Conversologist? In this episode, I share my story that gave birth to the title.
April 25, 2019
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