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Convious on air: The latest Leisure & Tech News

Convious on air: The latest Leisure & Tech News

By Convious
The podcast about the exciting world of leisure, technology, and best of both worlds: technology in the leisure industry. In this podcast series, our host Vanessa will be talking to various professionals and touch upon the latest trends and developments in the leisure industry that are worth your while. From cutting-edge technologies, creative campaigns to visitor behavior - we got it all.
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Leisure business as unusual - the insights of the season
It’s a wrap! In the first season, we have talked to many professionals, industry experts, partners, and visitors in the world of leisure & tech. From cutting-edge technologies, campaign and communication strategies creation from scratch, market trends, and sudden developments, to visitor experiences and their unforgettable stories. When looking back at 2.5 hours of great conversations, packed with incredible insights and best practices, we now got the most insightful parts out of each and every episode right here all-in-one.
August 19, 2020
#7 Fun in German Theme Park ‘Fort Fun’ despite COVID-19
How do venues manage everyday operations and approached reopening? We talked to Dijamant Neziraj, Marketing, Sales & PR  Manager at the Fort Fun Abenteuerland in Germany to recap how Fort Fun approached and mastered the challenges of the last few months. We chat about how they managed and experienced being one of the first parks in Germany to reopen after the lockdown and what the future holds.
July 9, 2020
#6 Ride Review: What to expect when visiting a leisure venue during times of COVID-19
How do new safety measures affect the guest experience? We brought Ride Review to share their latest experiences of amusement park visits across Germany and the Netherlands. With over 8 years of review experiences and around 50 thousand followers on YouTube, they break down a comparison of what a visit looks like now compared to before.
June 18, 2020
#5 These Social Distancing Technologies reopen venues
Leisure venue reopenings are here! We are chatting with Suania about those innovative platforms and technological solutions, which facilitate virtual lines, social distancing, guest flow control, online tickets, and much more. Together, we summarize and categorize the broad width of technologies we encounter in the market and those presented during the IAAPA Webinar ‘Social Distancing Technologies to Facilitate Reopening Attractions.’
June 9, 2020
#4 The 'New Normal' - with leisure industry expert Goof Lukken
Across Europe, we have seen several venues reopening successfully and others having to revisit opening plans all over again. We asked industry expert Goof Lukken to have a chat with us about the industry's adaptation process to something we call ‘The New Normal,’ the industry’s resilience, collaboration, and future impacts on visitors and their experience.
May 31, 2020
#3 Technology: The leisure industries’ recovery plan
Emerging technologies are all over the place. But how can they help the leisure industry in meeting the new norms and requirements? We are talking to tech enthusiast and Chief Data Scientist Paul Klyvis about new technologies in leisure and how & why they will most likely be the norm of the future.
May 22, 2020
#2 Market voices: What leisure venues think, do & say
I am talking to our Business Development Representatives Patrick and Kai to give a voice to the current challenges and activities of leisure venues. Together, we are chatting about the venue’s worries concerning regulations and uncertainty, social distancing, and adopting new technologies to keep up, allowing us to gain extensive insights into the market's current state.
May 11, 2020
#1 COVID-19 Side Effect: getting more direct! Why Leisure Venues remove Intermediaries
In our first episode, we are talking to Camiel Kraan, founder and CEO of Convious, about the current developments we can witness in the world of travel and leisure intermediaries. Tune in and discover what such redefined dynamics might mean to your venue during these somewhat uncertain and rapidly changing times.
April 29, 2020