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The Cooke Collective Podcast

The Cooke Collective Podcast

By Adam & Brandon Cooke
Brandon and Adam Cooke speak about their life experiences and growth through plant medicines, meditation, exercise, diet and how it all plays a vital role in our relationships and everyday lives.
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Psychedelic Minds #1 - The Wonders of Micro-Dosing Psilocybin

The Cooke Collective Podcast

Ep. 37 - Learning to Listen & Needing Validation from Others
After a long year, Adam and Brandon are finally back in the same room. Adam is freshly back from an Ayahuasca ceremony and Brandon has literally transformed himself while in Austin (he's lost 30 lbs) he looks amazing, and sounds vibrant.  After some catching up about life they talk about the importance of listening to our loved ones and important people in our lives; as in really learning to hear what they are saying and not just, brushing it aside, discounting it as gibberish, or just them annoying you again. We also discuss the need we have to receive validation from people that are irrelevant in our lives, when really there is no validation that exists other than what they are saying in our own minds. We discuss how the need for validation from others often becomes the poison of our minds, and ultimately holds us back from true spiritual and creative success we all wish to achieve. We hope you enjoy. For blog and apparel - IG - @cookecollective @infinitevisi0ns @funknastycooke Twitter - @adamtcooke Follow us on Telegram - Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
May 19, 2022
Ep. 36 The Dumes
In Episode 36, Brandon sits down with indie rock band The Dumes to discuss the catharsis of songwriting, finding inspiration in the hard moments, and the liberation that comes from allowing yourself to just be fucking angry. Coming off the final day of SXSW in Austin, Texas, Elodie Tomlinson, Chris Dunn, Liam McCormack, Pete Recine, and Kyle Biane share what it takes to get recognized as an independent band in 2022, the level of stoked they felt to open for Sammy Hagar on the main stage during SXSW, and their process of recording their first EP with famed producer Joe Chiccarelli right as LA’s lockdown orders hit. Band members Kyle and Pete share their journey of turning LA Musician and Community Builder Laura Peters’ home into a recording studio, The Market, after her passing, where they continue to foster and build LA’s music community. Tune in to also hear front-woman Elodie spin a tale of the fateful mushroom journey that ultimately unlocked a healthy outlet for her anger and led to the formation of this powerful band. Be sure to stick around until the end of the show to hear The Dumes new single, “Staring at the Wall.” Follow The Dumes @thedumes_ Please join the discussion @ Telegram! IG / Twitter - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
March 31, 2022
Ep. 35 - Controlling our Reactions and Accepting Responsibility
Brandon and Adam are finally back with a fun and important episode about accountability and what it means to live a life full of ups and downs. Sometimes we're meant to have a bad day, and sometimes we're meant to have a good day, its all equally important. Its up to us how we react and what we expect from it. Brandon also discusses his unexpected hardships with moving to Austin and Adam discusses having to adapt to a new family, staying motivated, pandemic and business issues.  For blog and apparel - IG - @cookecollective @infinitevisi0ns @funknastycooke Twitter - @adamtcooke Follow us on Telegram - Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
February 24, 2022
Ep. 34 - Cycling & Endurance Coach; John Wessling
In episode 34 Adam and John sit down to discuss all things endurance sports. John talks about his life as an endurance athlete and what it takes to stay at the top of his game. He is a National Champ Category 1 (one step down from Pro Class) Cross Country (XC) mountain bike racer, he coaches some of the top level pro motocross athletes, cross country skiers, snow mobile racers, and is the coach for the UCLA Cycling Team. John has great insight for anyone looking to learn how to train, or how to take their training to the next level. He also gives a lot of insight about mental toughness, diet, which type of bike to invest in, and how to not get down on yourself when you've lost it or taken breaks in your workouts. Even if you're not into cycling this is an entertaining and motivating episode, we hope you enjoy!  Links- Please join the discussion @ Telegram! IG / Twitter - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke  Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
December 02, 2021
Ep. 33 - Luke Wessman; A True Gentleman
In this episode Adam enjoys a great conversation with Luke Wessman. He has a fascinating life story; he’s a well established tattoo artist that was born on a hippie commune in rural Tennessee. We talk about many various topics from meditation, wild conspiracy theories, Kanye, “have to’s & get to’s, relationships, how to improve our romantic relationships, what it was like to work and appear on the show Miami Ink, as well as his intriguing road to becoming a high degree Freemason.   Lukes discusses his childhood experiences that are anything but normal— he came into the world the natural way ( a tent) on a fully sustainable hippie commune with no running water or electricity, then moving and living a nomadic life up and down the coast of California. He discusses how he had a moment of embarrassment with his childhood background while eventually deciding to embrace his story which led him to learning the value of hard work. His values and life experiences eventually moved him to start the community and brand called The Lost Art of the Gentleman; “Treat them like you don't have them forever,” is how Luke would advise men on the treatment of, not just romantic partners, but people in our lives that matter most to us.. Finally, Luke talks about his career as a tattoo artist, doing it for the love of the craft, the secret to being able to work with high-profile clients, working with people without a hidden agenda and just being a genuine person. We believe we can all learn something positive from Luke and this podcast proves it. Please let us, and him know your thoughts on IG, Telegram or with an Apple Podcasts review. ...episode #33 could not have had a more perfect guest and release date than 11/11 ✨ Enjoy. You can connect with Luke on Instagram: Read more about his work: We appreciate you tuning into this episode of the Cooke Collective Podcast. If you loved this episode, head over to Apple Podcasts, and please leave a rating and review. It would absolutely help us in raising awareness of the work that we do, and how we can collectively grow as an entertaining information hub, and as a community. Connect with us on Instagram for collective wisdom and daily inspiration and free information: Join Our Telegram Group where we discuss integration and other topics not discussed on IG: Produced by Brandon Cooke Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
November 11, 2021
Ep. 32 - Earthships w Lauren Anderson
In this episode, Adam Cooke travels to Taos, NM to talk to Lauren Anderson of Earthship Biotecture, a community and concept founded by Michael Reynolds (inspired by television news stories about the problem of trash, and the lack of affordable housing) who built structures, in the early days, out of discarded steel and tin cans. Lauren shares how Earthship is a self-sustaining community composed of 75% full-time inhabitants, and 25% nightly rentals.  Located originally in Taos County, New Mexico, where the community still has to abide with building codes, Lauren also enumerates the principles of Earthship Biotecture.—Building with natural and repurposed materials—Thermal/solar heating and cooling—Solar and wind electricity—Water harvesting—Contained sewage treatment—Food production. Lauren goes into the details of these principles, like in building with natural and repurposed materials, she reveals that they use tires as building blocks, glass bottles, reclaimed metal, cardboard, and plastics.  In addition, as Earthships do not have air conditioning systems and HVAC, the community relies on the heat of the sun, tubes that draw in cool air from the back berm, and the layout of the greenhouse space and the living space to provide heat or cold air. Lauren also talks about how they harvest water, and the systems they put in place to conserve it—from using the water for shower, and then how the same water is used to grow organic food. Listen to the full episode to find out how she explains these intertwined principles of water harvesting, contained sewage treatment, and organic food production. We hope you enjoy! Read more about Earthship Biotecture here: Connect and engage with Earthship Biotecture on the following social media platforms:  Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: We appreciate you tuning into this episode of the Cooke Collective Podcast. If you loved this episode, head over to your favorite podcast player, and leave a rating and review. It would absolutely help us in raising awareness of the work that we do, and how we can collectively grow as individuals and as a community. Connect with us on Instagram for collective wisdom and daily inspiration: Join Our Telegram Group where we discuss integration and other topics not discussed on IG: TikTok: Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
October 21, 2021
Ep - 31 Ramona Soriano
Ramona Soriano is a long time friend and a very enlightened human being. Spritual Teacher by trade; she teaches and practices the arts of kundalini, meditation and sound bath healing. She recently left everything behind to take a 3 month hiatus in the California desert to sort of get away from city life, and begin anew. ⁠ ⁠Adam traveled to visit her and her new tribe in Joshua Tree the day before this podcast to enjoy a tour of the beautiful property where she has been residing and working. He then enjoyed a sound bath in a rock cave, and ended the evening (to early morning) by watching what Adam explained as "an incredible psychedelic meteor shower with a lesson in flying, family and chemistry". The following day they recorded the podcast and discussed her life and their healing experiences from the night before and years prior. You'll get to hear some deeply emotional, and moving moments from both of them...⁠ ⁠There are not a lot of people you meet in life that create an actual shift, a place of mindful experience and complete calmness. Ramona is that person.⁠ ⁠Please enjoy your day with this very inspirational podcast with Ramona Soriano and Adam Cooke.⁠ ⁠For more info on her business and how to book a session with Joshua Tree Alchemy + photos of the property / venue, please visit her site and follow our Cooke Collective feed on Telegram -  Links- IG / Tiktok / Telegram - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke  Ramona's Social - @kundalini_soul @joshuatree_alchemy Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
September 20, 2021
Ep. 30 - Del Jolly from Unlimited Sciences
Del Jolly is the motivated man at the forefront of Unlimited Sciences. The genesis of Unlimited Sciences began in 2013 when a group of mothers demanded access to medical cannabis for their children and started the nonprofit, Realm of Caring. Seven years later, they now have the world’s largest database on real-world cannabis usage and continue to help families improve their quality of life. Now they’re conducting psychedelic research using real world experiences combined with scientific data to improve our understanding of how psychedelic drugs, dosage, set and setting affect people’s experiences and lead to more harm-free and positive outcomes. The potential for psychedelic compounds as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs is immense, but we need more research to advance the cause. Adam and Brandon had a great discussion with Del about the powerful movement behind psychedelics and the healing of traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and depression.  We hope you enjoy as much as we did. Links- IG / Twitter / Tiktok - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke @unlimitedsciences Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
September 01, 2021
Ep. 29 - Evan Hatfield & Rik Dobson
We are very pleased to have Evan Hatfield on the podcast. He has joined us with his friend and record label owner Rik Dobson of Pinkturban. We discuss Evan's journey of playing Sitar, how him and Brandon became close friends, and his over all view of music, his day to day process, and what it's like to train Sitar with his Guruji. Rik is a music industry vet and is very knowledgeable about his craft, and he was a pleasure to talk to.  This is a very inspirational episode, enjoy! Links- IG / Twitter / Tiktok - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke @pinkturban @otmshank @evan_hatfield.mp3 Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 & Pinkturban Soundcloud -
August 18, 2021
Ep. 28 - Decriminalize Nature with Larry Norris, PHD
What an absolute honor to have Larry Norris, PHD on the Podcast! Adam and Larry speak about all the groundbreaking new laws and movements around the "Decriminalize Nature" organization. These guys are doing wonderful work. We are in such an amazing time as we move toward the decriminalization and legalization of psychedelics and entheogenic plants.  We discuss normalizing psychedelics as therapy, the rules surrounding these new laws, how experienced people like ourselves can be available for service to people who need help integrating their psychedelic experience. He also speaks a bit on the general thoughts about how the Native American tribes feel about the movement; especially in regards to Peyote.  We have a bigger role in life whether we like it or not; sharing these medicines and making sure more people have access, and are educated on them is our mission, we're happy that we can be here to help. It feels surreal. Enjoy. Links-  IG / Twitter / Tiktok - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke IG - @decriminalizenature Twitter - @decrimNature FB - DecriminalizeNature  Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
August 01, 2021
Ep. 27 - Remaining Strong In Your Awakening w/ Ryan Reyes Pt. 2
In the second part of this 2 part episode, professional skateboarder, musician, & psychedelic advocate Ryan Reyes is back on the podcast to discuss the details of his first Ayahuasca ceremony. It's always a special treat for us to hear the healing of others especially with a medicine as powerful as Ayahuasca. Ryan also discusses why he has quit using Cannabis and why he feels this is an important part of his spiritual growth. We finished this podcast feeling inspired, we hope you enjoy Ryan's powerful experience as much as we did.  Please let us know your thoughts on our Instagram feed, TikTok or in the reviews section of your favorite podcast.  Links- Ryan Reyes Instagram - @ryrey IG / Tiktok - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
June 30, 2021
Ep. 26 - Remaining Strong In Your Awakening w/ Ryan Reyes - Pt. 1
Ryan is a professional skateboarder, musician, psychedelic adventurer and mindfulness advocate. We had a great catch up in this 2 part episode as we talk about the meaning of mindfulness, where does love come from, and what its been like for Ryan to blossom into this new person he has become, while still being in the trenches of the not-so-forgiving world of skateboarding. He is a brave man to say the least! We love having him on. We hope you enjoy. Links- Ryan Reyes Instagram - @ryrey IG / Twitter / Tiktok - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
June 22, 2021
Ep. 25 - The Positive Possibilities of Gene Therapy & Ai
We promise you this is not a conspiracy episode, its more of a hilarious stoner episode about futurism and how we can ultimately win using these technologies. The guys talk about the possibilities that lie within gene editing therapies like CRISPR and what the future of Ai could look like especially once its attached to the human brain. Its easy to think we're all screwed when we start to hear these types of technologies come out, but were not so sure its all bad.. How does gene editing fit into our lives spiritually, and are we playing God or just evolving? Will gene therapy help us live 30% longer? Are we living in a simulation and is cracking the DNA code just the beginning of figuring out who and what made us? and will an Ai chip like Neuralink ultimately help us coexist with Ai in a 100 years? We hope you enjoy! It was a fun one with lots of laughs. Links- IG / TikTok / Twitter - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
June 09, 2021
Ep. 24 - Naming The Voice In Your Head
This episode is an important one, and we're very proud that we're able to bring it to light. It's something that sits inside of all of us, the asshole voice in our head that keeps us from achieving our highest and true self. The voice that keeps you from becoming what you are supposed to become. The voice that holds you back from everything you have ever dreamed of because it tells you that you're not good enough. Some of us are lucky enough to have a hold on it, others have no control of it, and some may have control of it in their professional lives but when it comes to their personal life they fall victim to the voice every time. We get it, and the first step is to recognize that it does not have full control. We're here to give some techniques that can help you communicate with that voice and tell it to shut the f'k up, and mind its own business. Enjoy. Links- Social - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
April 30, 2021
Psychedelic Minds Ep. 2 - Adventures on LSD
In the second episode of the "Psychedelic Minds" series Adam and Brandon tell some great stories of their ups and downs on LSD. They tell some intricate and humorous tales of everything from good trips to bad trips, to not knowing where they were, or what body parts were hanging out, and self realizations that helped shape the rest of their lives. Please keep in mind; when you click to listen you agree that this podcast is not meant to be instructional, that it is meant for entertainment purposes only. If you happen to become enlightened due to the use of these substances, and or due to the listening to this podcast we are not at fault in any way, its is purely the universe showing her magic. Don't fight it, just go with it and let it do its thing. Enjoy.  Links- IG / Twitch - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
March 26, 2021
Ep. 22 What’s happening with Brandon & Adam?
In this episode Brandon fills us in on some of his new happenings and travels as he's got some huge new opportunities on the horizon with his band The Blood Moon Howlers (ps they're KILLING IT). Adam talks about the ups and downs of his new 14 day psilocybin micro-dose journey, the regimen, and what type of emotions are coming up for him (ps he's NOT killing it). This one is very fun easy to listen to. We hope you enjoy.  Website, blog and apparel - IG / TikTok - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
March 26, 2021
Ep. 21 Healing with Medicine Woman Anabel Vasquez Pt. 2
In Part 2 Anabel discusses the beautiful medicine and the travels she has encountered in Peru with "Huachuma". Huachuma is the sacred cactus that we call San Pedro in the states. She gives us some interesting tips about how it can be used as an anti-depressant with micodosing. She gets deep into the integration that comes along with the medicine journeys she performs and how it really is a 24/7 duty; sometimes we forget that the integration is the most important part of our journey and Anabel does a great job of explaining the process. This woman has completely dedicated her life to healing and helping beautiful people all around her while raising a family, she is an inspiration to us all. We hope you enjoy. Links- IG / Twitch - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
March 17, 2021
Ep. 20 - Healing with Medicine Woman Anabel Vasquez Pt. 1
Anabel Vasquez is Medicine Woman, Kambo Healer, Bufo Practitioner, Reiki Master, and warrior of nature. Upon her journey, Anabel has been working closely to recieve guidance and blessings from the Shipibo tribe of Peru (Ayahuasca), the Matses tribe of Peru (Kambo), the Yawanawa tribe of Brazil (Rapé, Kambo, Ayahuasca), the Huichol tribe of Mexico (Peyote), and various tribes in the Andes Mountains of Peru (Huachuma).  She continues to learn from, work with, and obtain medicine from these tribes in a respectful and sacred manner. Anabel holds Shamanic Healing Ceremonies with Kambo – sacred Peruvian frog medicine, Bufo Alvarius – sacred medicine of the Sonoran Desert frog (5MEO DMT), Rapé (Hapé), Sanunga, Ayahuasca, Huachuma and others.  Anabel has worked with these sacred medicines for the last decade, helping thousands of people along the way. She has acquired a reputation for quality of service in respects to the ancestors and sources of these sacred medicines and the blessings that come with them. In this 2 part episode, Adam and Brandon have an intense discussion with Anabel where they share their experiences and results with plant medicine specifically, Bufo. Key Takeaways: Intro (0:00) Anabel’s recap on the past year with the global pandemic (3:00) How the pandemic has affected lots of individuals mental health (5:15) Ways Anabel aids people affected by the pandemic without being their enabler (8:38) What Annabel envisioned when she first started getting into plant medicine (9:29) The beauty of using these plant medicine to heal (22:17) Some Kambo experience and what it can or has healed others from Anabel’s Kambo training experience in the Amazons and how it help her detoxify (44:16) Why Anabel decided to go all in with her plant medicine “initiation” (57:17) How Anabel went from using just Psilocybin to Bufo, Ayahuasca and other plant medicines (1:04:03) The quantum nature of Bufo and how it aids in connecting you to everything around you (1:07:32) The intense experience Anabel had while working with her shaman on Bufo in Mexico (1:16:35) The lineage of Bufo Anabel learned from and how it’s extracted for meditation (1:31:38) Is Bufo endangered? How can it be protected? Show resources: Cooke Collective Instagram Adam's Instagram Brandon’s Instagram Website Podcast Facebook Follow us on TikTok  - @cookecollective @adamtcooke  Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
March 11, 2021
Ep. 19 - Becoming A Better Man with Ian McCall
In episode 19 Adam sits down with former MMA Champ Ian McCall for some deep conversations about becoming better men. They discuss many important issues including childhood trauma, psilocybin therapy, overcoming addiction, the benefits of Peptides and Exosomes. What it means to belong to a plant medicine church, the movement to get psilocybin approved for use in the UFC, and how psychedelics could potentially lift athletes to anther level of performance as well as helping cure PTSD and brain injuries. Ian also offers his very special psilocybin microdosing concoction that we can't wait to try. This is a very entertaining conversation with so much information you're going to need to take notes. We hope you enjoy. Links- IG / Twitch - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
March 05, 2021
Ep 18 Ryan Reyes - Overcoming Trauma With Psilocybin
In episode 18 Adam has a very heart opening conversation with professional skateboarder and psychedelic advocate Ryan Reyes. They discuss childhood trauma and what it was like growing up in troubled and drug addicted families. The discuss the overwhelming amount of skateboarders living with childhood trauma and how skateboarding has become the ultimate escape for them. Ryan talks about his path of healing through psychedelics, what it is like to be a modern professional skateboarder, and the challenges of dealing with the "old school" type thinking of many skateboarders and company owners. They also discuss the problem with discrimination, racism, and homophobia in skateboarding, and many other issues you wont want to miss.  Unfortunately there is still a very unhealthy old school mentality within the industry, its an unorganized and cut throat business with no room for anything that is not "cool" in their eyes. We really hope this podcast can begin to shed light on these issues and start to open up the doors for more people and companies to enter skateboarding in a positive light. We would love to see younger and older career skateboarders be respected and valued as people, not just the latest trend with a marketable look and dollar sign on their back.  We hope you enjoy. Links- Ryans Reyes Social - @ryrey  Cooke Social - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
February 20, 2021
Ep. 17 - The Good, The Bad, and The Addicted
When it comes to the taking of substances, you have to ask yourself this. Is the drug the problem or are you the problem? In this episode of The Cooke Collective Podcast, we discuss, among other interesting things, some of the mistakes you make when taking drugs and alcohol. We're not here to preach why you have to stop it entirely but to help shed some light on when to take it and when to stop. Taking substances usually are not dangerous if used properly, but fawning over the substances and misusing them can become deadly both mentally and physically. As a society we need to stop using drugs as a crutch and face our problems carefully. The beauty of these substances can only be found when you use them carefully and creatively, not as something you fall back on when things don’t go the way you plan Links- Instagram / TikTok / Twitch / Clubhouse - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 & Key Takeaways: Intro (0:00) New year, new president, new day!!! What are you excited about in 2021? (1:42) The beauty of living in California and taking a Californi-cation (4:00) The inspiration from Joe Rogan’s podcast for today’s episode #1593 Dr. Carl Hart (8:24) The major mistakes Adam made when he was taking drugs (10:51) The dangers of masking your trauma with drugs or alcohol (11:34) How to use your addiction to detox from the drug (14:31) The blame culture around drug users and why that mangles your healing process (20:30) Benefits of making drug use legal in the USA (24:02) Cheap thrills; the dangers The Cookes faced from having to try drugs in an unregulated environment (27:22) Why the benefits and dangers of taking drugs or alcohol should be taught to older teens(31:00) The two types of drugs - the drug that make you want to do more and the drug that makes you want to do less and what how does it work? (35:48) Obnoxious results caused by the effect of habitual alcohol or drug craving (37:44) Detoxing from your addictions and healing from your trauma, keeps you from being a living void(45:16) What your body needs with or without alcohol (53:15) Why you should stop justifying taking addictive substances (1:00:11) Ask yourself why you’re doing it and if you get defensive about the why, then you should probably not do it (1:10:01) Look at yourself if you feel uncomfortable about your partner’s past (1:12:08)
February 03, 2021
Ep. 16 - How To Own Your Shit In a Relationship
In this previously live streamed episode of the Cooke Collective Podcast, Adam and Brandon talk about how destructive (generational) trauma can be and ways you can heal from it. They also share some interesting tips on how to deal with the differences you face, with your partner in a relationship. They talk about the importance of accountability in a relationship, and ways you can hold yourself accountable for you actions. Inevitably, change happens to everyone and just as you begin to berate the changes you see in your partner, you are also changing. So what can you do to embrace this change? We hope to help you with this.  This spring Adam and Brandon will be speaking at a new transformational festival. If you’d like to attend one of these empowering sessions with Adam and Brandon, you can join them at the Lost But Found Festival from April 15th to the 19th near Oklahoma City. They will be hosting the event and leading some light hearted and deep speakings based around psychedelics, sexuality, relationships, mental health, and humanity. And of course, you get to see Brandon perform live! Don’t forget to like, subscribe and share with a friend. Links for apparel, blog, and show notes - Social media  - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke Intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 & More info on Lost But Found event (0:16) Tidbits about the Cooke Collective Podcast (05:26) Why you should work on being accountable for your actions in your life and relationship (16:20) The confirmation bias disease: the hunger to reaffirm your negative thought process (24:47) Why self affirmations are more important than public affirmations (31:23) The significance of receiving negative feedbacks and working towards changing for better where necessary in your relationship (40:24) Why having a rebound won’t solve your emotional void (54:50) Work towards reconnecting on both the good and the dark places in your relationships (1:04:23) Why you need to compromise for your partner in your relationship (1:15:43) How unnecessary expectations blind you from the beauty of the moment (1:19:27) You never know what trauma your partner lives with so don’t judge and take it easy (1:26:52) Q&A section (1:39:57)
January 27, 2021
Ep. 15 A Warm Welcome to 2021 Pt. 2; You're Not Alone
In Part 2 of this very fun episode Adam & Brandon discuss how we can control our thoughts, overcoming fear, DMT, Aliens, Good Drugs vs. Bad Drugs, ideas of how we eliminate systemic racism, and how we can save the world by working on ourselves.  Links for Blog, Show Notes (coming soon) & Apparel - IG / Twitch - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke intro Music - Evan Hatfield @evan_hatfield.mp3 &
January 14, 2021
Ep. 14 A Warm Welcome To 2021 - Pt. 1
In this episode Adam and Brandon review the wild year of 2020. They discuss the hardships and the break throughs they've had, and how their practices have kept them in a good mental space. They discuss their personal achievements, how to deal with failures, the therapeutic benefits of doing this type of podcast, Kambo therapy, fried chicken, the ups and down of their relationships, new schedules, and how they are working though these unpredictable times in a more positive and healthy way. Please join us and bring in the New Year on a positive note with this humorous and insightful episode, it's a lot of fun. Enjoy. **We have had an overwhelming amount of messages asking about our show notes, we are working on them and they should all be posted to our blog within the next couple weeks for all episodes. Intro Music - Links to show notes, blog, and apparel - Social - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke
January 09, 2021
Ep. 13 Matt & Juju of "The Blood Moon Howlers"
In Episode 13 as we get to know Matt and Juju we have a great conversation about the current state of the music business, where the world will be in the next decade, how the music industry works, and the new music they have out now. Matt and Juju have fascinating lives from growing up as musical prodigies to their current day lives as husband & wife bandmates. Brandon has been a member of the band for a few years now, we discuss their dynamic and how important it is to be on the same vibration with the people you create and work with. This is a very inspirational episode for anyone trying to make it in music or any other creative endeavor.  Intro By @evan_hatfield.mp3  Social Links - @bloodmoonhowlers Adam Cooke @adamtcooke / Brandon Cooke @funknastycooke / Brand Page @cookecollective 
December 28, 2020
Ep. 11 Rediscovering Native American Foods
In Episode 11 our guest Abe Sanchez discusses the importance of native foods and why we need them as a society. This episode is one of our favorites because we hold this subject, and traditional Native American culture close to our hearts. He discusses how to prepare Acorns, Nopales, local Chia, and the highly sustainable (and delicious) Honey Mesquite Bean.  If you are into superfoods, alternate diet, new ways of eating, or just interested in learning about Native American culture, you're going to love this podcast.  Abe is scheduled to speak at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum Dec 9th. Its a free seminar where you can learn more about these native foods. You can also purchase a cook book he collaborated on called "Cooking The Native Way" on Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other book stores. Intro Music - Links-  IG / TikTok - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke @abesanchez40
December 07, 2020
Ep. 10 The Fascinating Life Of Brandon
In episode 10 we get to know Brandon Cooke on a more personal level. Brandon is one of those people that radiates pure love, he's placed himself forever in the seat of the student, this is what has made him a such great teacher. Gentle by nature, he is a musician, an outdoor enthusiast, a person of the people and an all around spiritual being; it comes to him naturally. This episode was needed because he is not one to speak of himself, he needs to be asked to give you his life history or to speak of his achievements; we could have went on for hours. From being raised in the mountains, to his breakthroughs with psychedelics, to his first national tour in a band, this is the fascinating story of Brandon Cooke. 
November 27, 2020
Ep. 9 Living Organic & Avoiding Everyday Toxins
In Episode 9 Adam and Brandon Cooke discuss the importance of living an organic lifestyle, what a true organic diet looks like, foods they struggle with, and which style of eating best serves them. They also dive into how you can identify toxins in our personal products and many ways in which you can avoid the thousands of toxins we are all exposed to in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, living in the states we are all exposed to toxins and pesticides in our food, drinks, lotions, soaps, and household items. Some of these toxins have been proven to cause cancer, cognitive decline and a range of other ailments. Learning how to avoid them is a major step toward achieving your health and wellness goals.  Intro Music - Links- /  IG / TikTok - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke
November 18, 2020
Ep. 8 Kundalini & Kambo; with Taylor Eyewalker
On episode 8 we have our first guest on the podcast Taylor Eyewalker. She is a Kundalini yoga teacher and certified Kambo Practitioner.  Taylor started her Kundalini trainings in 2008 with teachings from Guru Singh, and separately with Tej and Harijiwan. She is a 3000+ Hr certified Kundalini, Tantra, and Ashtanga teacher through Yoga Alliance and IKYTA.  In more recent years she has found the importance in the use of Kambo for our mental and physical well being. She has trained extensively with Kambo in the Amazon and with teachers such as Ginny Ruherford, Karen Darke, and Tomasz Zarembe. She is considered an Advanced Practitioner through Kambo International. She is a wealth of knowledge and we had a great time talking to her, you might want to take notes on this one! Enjoy. Intro Music - Links- &  IG / TikTok - @tayloreyewalker @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke
November 18, 2020
Psychedelic Minds #1 - The Wonders of Micro-Dosing Psilocybin
Brandon and Adam were gifted some Psilocybin chocolates from a guest and both ate 1/4 each. What was supposed to be micro turned out to be a little more macro than they expected, so they decided to do another podcast under the influence. This is a great conversation about the benefits of psilocybin, stories of healing depression, and some fun stories of adventures abroad on the Magic Mushroom.  The Psychedelic Minds ™ Series will feature stories of healing and fun adventures on psychedelics.  Intro Music - Links-  IG / TikTok - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke 
November 10, 2020
Ep. 7 Sex, Relationships & Tantra
On this episode Brandon and Adam discuss the techniques they use to build deeper intimacy and connections with their partners. They discuss ways in which you can revive a lifeless relationship or marriage, ways they have become more intimate and loving, and ideas on how to keep the relationship feeling fresh, new and alive. We hope you enjoy! *NSFW Intro Music - Links-  IG / TikTok - @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke  Adam Cooke, Brandon Cooke, Tantra, Relationships, Sex, 
October 30, 2020
Ep. 6 Facing Trauma & Losing fear; Ayahuasca Pt. 2
After experiencing brutal first nights for both of the guys in Ep. 1, Brandon and Adam discuss what it was like during their second and third nights sitting with the psychedelic medicine Ayahuasca. They tell vivid stories of their visions and what it is like to be touched by the spirit of Mother Aya, to be given the ultimate gift of losing all fear, how it lead them to their trauma, and to know without doubt that one day we are all going home. This podcast is not meant to be an instructional guide, we are simply sharing our experiences of healing through psychedelic medicines and shamanism. Enjoy. Intro Music by Evan Hatfield - IG @adamtcooke @funknastycooke @cookecollective 
October 21, 2020
EP. 5 Realizing the Ego; Ayahuasca Pt. 1
Adam and Brandon discuss the road that lead them to the healing psychedelic medicine Ayahuasca, how the first night gave us a whole new perception of ourselves, and what it was like to go toe to toe with the big bad ego. This podcast is not meant to be used as instruction or a "how to" manual, we are simply sharing our experiences of healing under the guidance of indigenous medicine facilitators & shamanism. Enjoy.
October 14, 2020
Ep. 4 Unity In Politics
Brandon and Adam discuss why it's important not to let ourselves become divided by politics and media. We discuss police, social issues and the reason why hate will never defeat hate. Love and compassion are much easier to find than you may think, we offer tips on how to channel that energy you're already giving in other forms. We have faith in humanity but first we know we must come together, and to overcome racism and violence we must have Unity.  Intro Music By - @evan_hatfield.mp3  Hosts - Adam @adamtcooke & Brandon Cooke @funknastycooke 
October 07, 2020
Ep. 3 Living Alcohol Free & Letting Go of the Old You
Adam discusses what it's like to be alcohol free for over 9 months, and how he deals with social situations when everyone else is drinking. Why we feel it's important not to raise children in an environment of alcohol, various life hacks, and how letting go of our "old self" is the key to becoming the "new you". Enjoy.  Music By Evan Hatfield - IG @cookecollective @adamtcooke @funknastycooke // Book Reference - Author; Annie Grace @thisnakedmind 
September 27, 2020
Ep. 2 Bad Breakups, India & LSD
In this episode Brandon tells the epic story of what happens when you ask your fiancé if she wants be in an open relationship right before she leaves to Bali. In turn this lead him to an epic solo trip to India where he lived, ate and traveled with his Guru for 45 days. You don't want to miss this one. Intro By @evan_hatfield.mp3 / Adam @adamtcooke / Brandon @funknastycooke / Brand Page @cookecollective
September 21, 2020
EP. 1 - Finding Peace and Strength in a Pandemic
In our first episode we discuss relationships, positive masculinity, plant medicine, childhood trauma, the toxicity of social media + our favorite forms of mediation. Will we get better at this? We think so, enjoy.
September 15, 2020