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Cooled Collective Podcast

Cooled Collective Podcast

By Cooled Collective
An automotive enthusiast's journey into what makes the car culture in Socal and beyond so great. Everything from customizing, talking to experts and the lifestyle in between, Drew looks to figure out a deeper meaning for why we obssess over cars so much.
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000 : Cooled Collective Podcast Intro

Cooled Collective Podcast

005 : Darrien Craven Photographer (@crvn)
In this day and age, the "insta" culture has bled into the fabric of our society and almost has become the norm. To find a 20 year old with the experience and patience of someone in their 30s is a pretty rare thing. Darrien, being in his mid 20's has so much insight about the world and the world that surrounds his life on the daily. We talk about his career during the Covid19 pandemic and how he has been more busier than he has ever been, his career struggles and wins along with social media and combating mental health.  We know that almost all great things take time and overnight successes usually aren't overnight. Darrien also talks about his time in high school and how he spent most of his time alone and being a late bloomer. Always humbled and thankful for his circumstance, Darrien is definitely one to keep your eye on.  I wish you all the success Darrien. Kisses lol. Make sure to follow him using the links below.  Darrien Crvn on Life UnHyped: Click here for the episode Drew Follow Darrien Craven: Instagram: Website: Profile Photographer: Profile Photo Neon Editor: Cooled Collective: Instagram: Website:
October 14, 2020
004 : Joey Lee (Stickydiljoe)
Had an amazing time conversating with Joey Lee from Stickydiljoe aka The Chronicles. We talk about his 12-year-old journey into becomes one of the oldest historians of Honda gatherings in the United States, his struggles to get the brand sustainable at the start and where his future lies for all of his endeavors.  Joey has done it all and he has done it all on his own terms. He did it because he didn't have a Plan B, he knew that this was his calling and he pushed even when he had doubts. Determination, discipline and dedication got him to where he is at now. So much to talk about and so excited to see where he takes things in the years to come.  Take a listen at how an old school does it. I hope you enjoy it! Drew Follow Joey Lee: Instagram: Youtube: Website: Cooled Collective: Instagram: Website:
September 14, 2020
003 : Rasant Products (Aircooled Performance)
Had the great pleasure of hanging out with Andrew from Rasant Products and checking out all of the power train upgrades he does for aircooled Porsches. One of the biggest things I wanted to do was experience his 1975 Hot Rod 911 and figure out how much of his 3.5 liter ITB + Motec beast would tantalize my senses and oh tantalize it did.  The surge of low end torque right of the bat is so welcomed and the sounds the ITB trumpets make at high RPM is every aircooled kid's dream. To have a car that weighs in at 2250lbs and has 305whp is another box that every aircooled kid was checked off.  We talk about when and how he picked up his 1975 911, the journey on building his shop and reputation and so many other things. I will have a video up on youtube at some point so you guys can check out the video of me driving his hot rod. Oh what a time it was! Please go check out Andrew by the links below: Instagram: @rasantproducts Also if you haven't already, make sure to follow @cooled.collective on the gram and check out the website for some cooled merch. See you guys on the next, Drew
August 28, 2020
002 : Norcal Rally 2020 Recap
Just this past weekend, I had the pleasure of spending time with some good people. Some old, some new friends along the Norcal coast. It was an insane 4 days of traveling, dealing with intense heat, driving beautiful roads, rogue thunderstorms and then leaving before the fires engulfed the areas we just passed through.  I get together with 3 of the boys who helped put this together, Chris @zer030ne, Quan @thequanandonly and Charley @charleygfx and we talk about the journey. We were quite exhausted when we put this podcast together so please bear with us and our lower than usual energy. Unfortunately we didn't have any other time to record as we had to leave the house at 4am.  I appreciate you guys for hanging out with us and hope to see some of you on the next drive up! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @cooled.collective and support the channel by checking out the website for cooled merch: Thank you guys for always supporting! Drew!
August 21, 2020
001 : Vache BMW 2002 + Alfa Romeo GTV
Such an honor to have my good buddy Vache on my very first episode of Cooled Collective Podcast and talking about his two vintage builds. If you guys have seen my photos on the gram, you would know how beautiful his BMW 2002 and Alfa Romeo GTV builds are. Absolute amazing builds.  In this episode, we talk about his journey on how he acquired these Racing Queens, how long it took to build them and if there is a price he would be willing to sell them for! Vache also talks about his 996 and some cool facts about that ownership as well.  A podcast that celebrates the lifestyle of cars and the ownership of such cars. It will take some time for me to find my groove but I hope you guys can grow with me and take this podcast to places I have never imagined. So let's go! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @cooled.collective and support the channel by checking out the website for cooled merch: Thank you guys for always supporting! Drew!
August 10, 2020
000 : Cooled Collective Podcast Intro
Thank you everyone for all of the support you have given me during the past 2.75 years!  There is still much to do but like all great things, it is about building it brick by brick.  Where does all of this lead you ask? Hopefully, finding great people out there looking to do great things. Much love and stay blessed Drew
July 30, 2020