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CORDIScovery – unearthing the hottest topics in EU science, research and innovation

CORDIScovery – unearthing the hottest topics in EU science, research and innovation

By CORDIScovery
CORDIScovery is a new monthly podcast featuring a panel discussion between guests at the forefront of their scientific fields. From threats to biodiversity to the future of space exploration, if you want to hear how the EU’s cutting-edge research is taking on the key issues challenging us today, then be sure to download and listen to what Europe’s leading scientists have to say. CORDIScovery is produced by CORDIS, whose mission is to share the results of the very best of EU-funded research.
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CORDIScovery – unearthing the hottest topics in EU science, research and innovation

The new synergies of shopping
Shopping: can robot assistants woo shoppers back to the post-pandemic high street? A cashless society – the term resonates more than ever as people grow more reliant on contactless payments and online transactions. But is that a green light for fraudsters and, if so, could a biometric credit card be around the corner? However we go about paying for it, buying more online means more returns. One EU funded project is doing great work to make the process greener and less expensive for retailers and consumers. Frank Sandeloev, CEO of CardLab Innovation, has extensive experience in the development of electronic biometric systems. He’s particularly interested in cybersecurity, fraud prevention and their intersection with privacy. Will a credit card that reads your thumbprint and creates a one-time only token when you use it be in your wallet anytime soon? Between sizes and feeling guilty about all those jeans you’ve bought online and returned? Daphne Pijnappel might make you feel better – she’s working on finding an efficient way to put returned goods back on the market. Online shopping is what we are becoming accustomed to, but what about the future of high streets and malls? Is there a role for robots? The prototype developed by the MuMMER project may be able to help. Mary Ellen Foster, is a Senior Lecturer in Human-Robot Interaction at the University of Glasgow, tells us more.
April 12, 2021
The future of aviation
The pros and contrails of flight – The aviation sector is indispensable, but how can we reduce its environmental impact? This episode of the CORDIScovery podcast talks to three researchers whose work on making flying cleaner, more efficient and less invasive for those living under flightpaths, may offer some answers. Dr Andrew Rolt, of Cranfield University is working to make hydrogen powered flight a reality – is that feasible? Dr Vittorio Cipolla, based at the University of Pisa, is hoping to bring a radically redesigned wing to market – will companies embrace disruptive tech? Laurent Leylekian at the French aerospace lab, ONERA, has an ear out for the public’s perception of noise pollution. Is my definition of noise nuisance the same as yours? Listen on to find out.
March 5, 2021
Welcome to the very first episode of CORDIScovery where we’re taking an in-depth look at the drive to maintain healthy ecosystems and biodiversity preservation, introducing you to three EU-funded scientists who are making valuable contributions to this cause. In our first episode, Abigail introduces you to three EU-funded scientists working to protect the world’s biodiversity in the face of increasing levels of human intrusion and climate change. How does biodiversity depend on geography? What impact is the illegal trade in wildlife having on the communities that are involved, and on targeted species? What can be done to preserve areas? Do ‘protected areas’ protect? Answering these and other key questions are Pedro Cardoso of the Finnish Museum of Natural History, Rosaleen Duffy of the University of Sheffield, and Jonas Geldmann of the University of Copenhagen.
February 3, 2021