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Smile And Love Always!

Smile And Love Always!

By Corey
Our Purpose-filled Life as a family. Individual thoughts on Faith, challenges, school, work, goals, happiness, joy and Peace.

Smile And Love Always!
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“Be Fearless!”
Fear doesn’t accomplish anything. Fear just stands in the way of everything. “God has not given us the Spirit of fear, but of power and Love and self-discipline.”
December 18, 2020
“Remember Why You Started”
“We should not expect a harvest the day we first plant the seeds.”
November 28, 2020
“Becoming One!”
“Removing the obstacles until there are none. Embracing the gift of Life, “Becoming One!””
August 29, 2020
“Sometimes you have to accept the apology that you will never receive, and keep progressively moving forward, obtaining much needed Closure.”
August 19, 2020
“Come Empty”
“Come empty, to be filled anew, refreshed, with all that is true.”
July 14, 2020
“The Power That You Possess“
“The Power That You Possess cannot be relinquished in the face of adversity!”
June 17, 2020
“Better Days”
“The impacts have been felt far and wide. However, so has the Love of God. While we wait, renew your strength! As we process what’s going on around us, take the time to make Peace, from within.” During this time, do not lose hope! May we come to know God on a deeper and lasting level!” Smile And Love Always!
May 5, 2020
“Compassion is Not Illegal!”
“During these challenging times, I challenge you, to challenge yourself, to demonstrate compassion, towards everyone else.”
April 3, 2020
“Words Matter”
“Words Matter! Taste the words that come out of your mouth before you attempt to feed them to someone else.”
February 13, 2020
“I Am Enough!”
Reassurance, you are enough! You are more than enough! You are enough! We are enough! “I Am Enough!”
October 19, 2019
“Accomplishing Anything!”
“You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To”
August 27, 2019
“Let It Go!”
“When you make the informed decision to let it go, you give permission for all that is good, to begin to flow.”
July 29, 2019
“Next Chapter”
“Don’t wait for the kids to leave home before you start the next chapter of your Life.”
June 27, 2019
“Fatherly Advice”
Two teenagers! I could effectively parallel park this podcast episode with those two aforementioned words, and calmly walk or run away. However, we do not depart from anything that composes the true contents of our Heart. Instead, we spectate and participate in the acclimation of our situation, yearning for the absolute best results through this navigation. The struggle is not what’s real! The struggle is not what’s real! The struggle is not what’s real!
June 5, 2019
“Nothing to Compare It To”
“Admittedly, I lost sight of what was at stake and began to bake my feelings with no palatable seasonings to ever satisfy the taste of what I had cooked up in my own mind.”
June 5, 2019
“Being Unbothered is how you now respond to what used to bother you, but, no more.”
April 11, 2019
“Never! Never allow someone to regurgitate a past that no longer defines you! The past is exactly where it belongs.”
April 7, 2019
“People will criticize you for doing the exact thing they lack the courage to do themselves.”
March 23, 2019
“Protect Your Peace”
“Stop looking around for it. Peace, comes from within.” Once upon a time, I received some ever-so wise words from my wonderful Mother. She told me, “Corey, I encourage you to find your Peace. When you find your Peace, make sure you always protect it. In doing so, do not allow anyone or anything to come between you and your Peace. Always guard it, and always protect it, my son.” Thank you Mom!
March 13, 2019
Positivity: “Life is but a breath. Exhale negativity and breathe in all things positive.”
Positivity IS the difference! Positivity IS the influence! Positivity IS the conduit! Positivity IS the bridge! Positivity IS the solution! Speak Positivity into your Life! Speak Positivity into the lives of your Loved ones! Speak Positivity to the face of negativity! Speak Positivity to every challenge! Speak Positivity to every difficulty! Speak Positivity to everything that needs the nutritional value and caloric intake of all things Positive!
March 7, 2019
“Inspiration is free and the marketing plan is me!”
“The Inspirational Life that you lead innately takes those around you higher, as they begin to reap the benefits of your ability to Inspire.”
February 19, 2019
Welcome to the Smile And Love Always! Podcast
Introduction to the Smile And Love Always! Podcast
January 12, 2019