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Corrupting the Youth: Liturgy as a Way of Life

Corrupting the Youth: Liturgy as a Way of Life

By Corrupting the Youth: Liturgy
A few Episcopalians rambling about theological and philosophical topics that have to do with Liturgy and Sacramentalism, Christian Neoplatonism, and Catholic Ecclesiology. Matt, Ian, Jason, and David record brief snapshots of what they’re reading and thinking about around a kitchen table with a little bit of structure and a lot of tangents. If you like to recklessly plumb the depths of theology and philosophy, this podcast might be a fun listen for you. Peace.
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#3 Philosophy as a Way of Life

Corrupting the Youth: Liturgy as a Way of Life

#4 Returning to Reality
We discuss Christian Neoplatonism via Paul Tyson's book _Returning to Reality_
August 31, 2018
#1 Transubstantiation According to Pickstock
The guys discuss Transubstantiation, language, signification, etc. Reading: _After Writing_ by Catherine Pickstock
March 03, 2018
#3 Philosophy as a Way of Life
We talk about Pierre Hadot's understanding of Philosophy as a way of life
February 16, 2018
#2 Myth Become Fact
We discuss C. S. Lewis' essay "Myth Become Fact"
February 03, 2018