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What's on Cortina Jackson's Mind

What's on Cortina Jackson's Mind

By Cortina Jackson
Welcome to, "What's on Cortina Jackson's Mind?" A podcast that gives amazing people a platform. I am an author, speaker, writer, and an actress, who has been given the opportunity to shine because someone gave me a chance. Now I get to pay it forward!

I am a domestic violence survivor, and suffered extreme depression and suicidal ideations. One day as I was about to give up, I looked to God for answers, and I decided to be grateful for everything in my life. Success followed!

Listen as I talk life, books, relationships, businesses, and more with some pretty terrific people. Join me!
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Interview-Dee Bowden founder of BCS Solutions

What's on Cortina Jackson's Mind

Interview-Dee Bowden founder of BCS Solutions

What's on Cortina Jackson's Mind

"God's Only Mistake" with Matthew Simmons
Meet Mr. Matthew Simmons the author of, "God's Only Mistake" Matthew is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, podcaster, and actor! His journey is thought-provoking, inspirational, and eye-opening! You will not want to miss this interview! His painful journey of depression, social anxiety, agoraphobia, not feeling good enough, church people being his worse critics, and many other feelings and emotions sent him down a path of worthlessness and suicidal thoughts and ideations; leading him to believe that he was God's Only Mistake! He could no longer face the world, until something happened in his life!  You can connect with him and pre-order the book now: See his video at Stylish Leadership  To see the podcast live on YouTube go to: Send me a message at to be a guest on the show
November 19, 2020
Shine w/Shondale Interview with Cortina Jackson
Are you suffering in domestic violence? Are you a victim of gaslighting, PTSD, manipulation, or mind-control? Then you do not want to miss this intriguing interview, as I discuss sexual abuse, domestic violence, and some of the signs to look for. I lived in domestic violence at the hands of an abusive former police officer, I suffered the ill-effects of sexual abuse. Learn how we become entrained to accept our fate until we see this as "normal" or acceptable! Follow my journey at  I have become an actress, author, motivational speaker, mentor, and podcast host, living my dreams after tragedy! I now live in freedom, and so can you!
August 26, 2020
Missionary Dwanna L Barlow-Battered Black and Blue
Missionary Barlow suffered physical abuse from her husband and wrote a book which she hopes to make a movie about entitled, Battered Black and Blue. Hear her testimony of how this came to be.
August 26, 2020
Coronavirus! What to expect if you contract it!
Myself and 4 family members contracted coronavirus! We all made a full recovery, but what was it like? What are some symptoms? What medication did we all take? Find out now! This virus is serious and very deadly! We are thankful to be alive, and two of my family members had underlying conditions! Let’s keep everyone in this world in prayer!
August 5, 2020
Season 3 is Coming!! Finding your success!
Would you like to find success? Would you like to find your passion, your purpose, or achieve your goals? This season will be all about you and how you can move from uncertainty to success! I am excited to share with you and also talk to amazing guests who will encourage and help you in your journey!! If you are saying I want this for my life right now!! Then you are invited to join me at let me mentor you!! Welcome to season 3!!
July 7, 2020
Interview-JRenea Morris
Born and raised in Indiana, this beautiful adoptive mother of 3 sons; ages 6, 7, and 10, survived verbal and emotional abuse to discover her true strength, beauty, and resilience. She met her now ex-husband in her family church. She remembered her first words to him when he told her, "God told me you would be my wife." She immediately responded, "God didn't tell me that, and I believe that the enemy is sending you to destroy me." Unfortunately, these words would ring true. She would eventually marry him, and experience emotional and verbal abuse that continued to escalate in her life. The toll that this took on her and her children was tremendous. However, her faith in God brought her back to a place of surrender, and He provided her with the grace and strength to leave her abuser. "I'm a work from home, home school mom. I graduated nursing school with an associates degree which is one of my greatest accomplishments. I love having movie nights with my boys and spending time with friends. It is my ambition to raise well rounded, God fearing men who will not be ashamed to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I also desire to be the voice to adoptive mothers that will take authority over the condemnation that has them bound and that is keeping them from living out their God ordained destiny." This story of courage and faith is truly moving!
December 5, 2019
Interview-Pearl Gibson
A woman of God, a woman of faith! Pearl Gibson  endured 17 bowel surgeries, 4 cervical spine surgeries, 3 back surgeries, and blood clots that developed, and almost claimed her life.  Doctors told her that she would die on 3 different occasions, but she is here!  The numerous trials and heartbreaking circumstances in her life, including a son wrongfully accused, and sentenced to 10-Life in prison for something he did not do! This story will captivate you, her faith will inspire you!  Pearl Gibson was born and raised in Georgia. She is married to Bishop Donald Gibson and is a mother to 2 men and 3 women, a grandmother to 23 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. She has been serving the Lord since 1977. She is the First Lady of LightHouse Outreach Ministries. God has called her to travel from Georgia to Box Elder, South Dakota in 2008, and then eventually made her way to Colorado Springs, CO.  She is pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Christian Counseling and God's will she will continue to pursue her Master's degree in Counseling. She is committed to her ministry and she continues to follow the path that God has made for her. See the YouTube video now at:
December 4, 2019
November 23, 2019
November 23, 2019
(Reading)-Chapter 1 of, "The Sounds of Silence are The Loudest"
This chapter dives right in as we meet a girl on the run from a serial killer!  Why is he doing this? How did he choose his young victim? Who is he? You will find out his motivation for his depravity.! You won't believe who he is, where he came from, and what he has done!  His past will haunt him, his future will haunt you! Children are missing, organs are missing; the eyes of God are watching him, now you get to watch him! Read, "The Sounds of silence are the Loudest" get your copy on Amazon and 
October 7, 2019
Interview-Darryl "D' Militant" Littleton
You know him from Def Comedy Jam and BET's Comic View!!! Listen as Mr. Littleton discusses in depth; his highs and his lows, the side of comedy you do not see, and stories you have not heard. His resilience and perseverance in all stages of his life make him a legend that I am very proud to know. Darryl “D’ Militant” Littleton began his professional comedy career writing sketches for “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” on CBS Radio where he created the comedy persona, “D’Militant”. Soon afterwards he became a regular at the world famous Comedy Store and landed a job as D. L. Hughley’s exclusive writer during his tenure as host of BET’s Comic View. Darryl was promoted to writer/producer and penned material for Cedric the Entertainer, Sommore and Don DC Curry. Mr. Littleton has appeared on Martin Lawrence’s 1st Amendment, Mo’Nique, Def Comedy Jam, Loco Comedy Jam, The Parent Hood, Townsend Television, Unsung Hollywood: The Jeffersons, Showtime at the Apollo, BET’s Comic View, Uptown Comedy Club, Unsung Hollywood: Wayne Brady, Byron Allen’s Comic’s Unleashed and ABC’s America’s Funniest People where he was the Grand Prize Winner. Littleton’s film credits include, Diamond Dawgs and All Lies on Me. He has written several books that gives us insight into the world of comedy from his many encounters, friendships, and experiences with outstanding comics that we know and love! His soon-to- be released, and highly anticipated book, “This Day in Comedy: The Ethnic Encyclopedia of Laughter” is one you must get your hands on!! This Day in Comedy is not just an encyclopedia, of just about every ethnic comic and performer that you have ever heard of, but it is also a celebration of comedy. It gives insight into the world of comedy that you may or may not know. This encyclopedia will offer rare, and in some cases never-before-seen photos and obscure facts, making it an indispensable comedy essential. Thank you Mr. Littleton, and thank you to the other extraordinary comedians, comediennes, and performers for bringing us smiles and laughter. The show must go on, and you have made it your duty to bring it, in spite of what you may have going on in your own lives, and for that we are grateful! Pre-Order his book now on "This Day in Comedy: The Ethnic Encyclopedia of Laughter" To be a guest on my show go to Join me on FB: @onearthasitisinhell Twitter @tinathewriter Instagram @misstina_thewriter LinkedIn @ Cortina Jackson And watch the live video on YouTube on both of my channels: "Cortina Jackson" and "What Did You Do?" Please subscribe to both!!
September 19, 2019
Interview- Stephenie Rodriguez (Founder of The WanderSafe Beacon and App)
Stephenie Rodriguez is the founder and inventor of the  WanderSafe Beacon, and smartphone App; which was was developed with the help of  retired CIA agent, Mr. Thomas Pecora. This device may save your life!  This device connects to the app on your smartphone, and allows you 3 contacts. If you are in danger you can press the button, and it will alert those 3 people that you are in danger; it will then  send them a map of where you are in real-time, and it will continue to track you!   Plus, it has other wonderful features like a piercing audible alert, and a strobe light to give you added protection! The device fits easily in your palm, and is about the size of a remote-start key. If you are in a domestically violent relationship, if you have elderly parents, children at home alone, women who may live alone, young men or women walking to school, or across college campuses; if you are traveling to familiar or unfamiliar territory, your safety could be compromised! Get yours now at and just for listening to the podcast or the YouTube video you can receive $10.00 off by using the Coupon Code Tina10.  Don't be without it!! Watch on YouTube @  Website: Facebook Author page at Instagram@misstina_thewriter    Twitter @tinathewriter LinkedIn@ Cortina Jackson YouTube Cortina Jackson  YouTube What Did You Do?
August 30, 2019
Interview-Vietnam Veteran (Ret) Lt. Col. Billy Graham
The first African-American Pilot from Arcadia, Louisiana; Mr. Graham flew two tours over Vietnam in 1967. He was a military pilot for 24 years before retiring Lieutenant Colonel! Hear this inspirational story of his missions, his dreams and aspirations, and his brilliance. What an extraordinary story!! Billy G. Graham a native of Arcadia, Louisiana, now resides in Ruston, Louisiana.  Billy is a graduate of Crawford High School, Arcadia, Louisiana.  He did his undergraduate work at Southern University, Baton Rouge, where he received the Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics.  He did advance studies at the following institutions: Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, Texas (M.E. degree in counseling); the Command and General Staff College, Fort Levenworth, Kansas (Master’s degree equivalent); and a Certificate in Theology, Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta, Georgia. His professional training and experience consists of the following: Commissioned officer, United States Army (retired Lieutenant Colonel); Military Pilot for twenty-four years; commercial pilot’s license from the Federal Aviation Administration. He was an  instructor  in  military  science  at  Bishop  College,  Dallas,  Texas;  a  mathematics instructor at Grambling State University and is a retired teacher for Lincoln Parish School System,  Ruston, Louisiana.     Billy has served two combat tours in Vietnam, two in Europe and lived 17 years over seas. The number of honors and awards received during his military experience are many, such as Bronze Star with 1 Oak Leaf Cluster (OLC); Air Medal with 22 OLC; Army Commendation Medal with 2 OLC; Meritorious Service Medal with 4 OLC; National Defence Service Medal with 1 OLC; Vietnam Service Medal with 1 Silver Star; Vietnam Air Service Medal (Honor Class) Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm; Vietnam Campaign Medal; Armed Forces Reserve Medal with 1 OLC; Oversea Service Ribbon with  3  OLC; Army Service Ribbon;  Senior  Aviation  Badge; Aviation Service Award presented by the Famed Tuskegee Airmen Association and other awards and honors. He is a member of the Ludley McCall Williams American Legion Post No. 593 - Grambling, LA, and  a  life  member  of  Kappa  Alpha  Psi  Fraternity,  which  are  reflective  of  his  contributions  to mankind. He is a devoted Christian, and a member of St. Duty C.M.E. Church in Arcadia, Louisiana where he serves as lay leader, trustee, church treasurer, Sunday school teacher and former president of the steward board.  He is the Lay Leader - Emeritus for the Monroe District. He is married to Sandra Rushing Graham.  He has two daughters, Angela and Alicia, three grandchildren, Alexis Nicole Gause, Alena Cecile Killen and Robert Graham Killen and one great grandchild, Aubrey Wallis
July 26, 2019
Interview-Don Cincone World-Renowned Artist
Mr. Don Cincone is a World-Renowned Artist whose work can be seen world-wide, including museums in Europe. His beautiful art was featured in the 1965 movie, "Art of Love," starring Dick Van Dyke, James Garner, Elke Sommer, and Angie Dickinson. Mr. Cincone has been drawing and painting since he was a child, often painting images he had never seen before. Joining the army led him on a fascinating journey to places like Germany, Paris, Zurich, Rome where he saw exquisite art including the works of Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and Ruben.  Each artist had a style that was recognizable, but Mr. Cincone developed his own style by being himself.  The colors that he uses have made him truly a brilliant and recognized artist in his own right! You do not want to miss this fascinating story and meet this phenomenal man!
July 22, 2019
Interview-Former CIA Agent Thomas Pecora (Are We Safe?)
Are we security-minded, as we move about in our daily lives? What can we do to become more discerning to hidden dangers? My phenomenal guest has expert insight into these questions and more! I introduce to you, Mr. Thomas Pecora.   Thomas (Tom) Pecora has over thirty years of experience working in the security field and twenty-four years working in the CIA. He retired from the CIA as a GS 15 Senior Security Manager working in protective operations,  counter-terrorism, and security training, most of it operating in low intensity conflict areas. He was Chief of Security in several countries where he was responsible for countrywide security programs ensuring the safety and security  Mr. Pecora  wrote "GUARDIAN - Life in the Crosshairs of the CIA's War on Terror" which is a historical memoir chronicling his 24 years in the CIA in protective operations, counter-terrorism and security working in some of the worst terrorist hotbeds in the world.  It took more than 3 years to get this book thru the CIA's Publication Review Board, and it contains stories never before shared with the public about the work of the Protective Operations Cadre and other security professionals who protect CIA personnel in the harshest locations on earth.  “GUARDIAN” is the pre-qual to the "13 Hours" movie by Michael Bay, and book about the CIA security officers in Benghazi who saved the State Department personnel. This unit was never acknowledged until after Benghazi and boasts an incredible record of keeping CIA personnel safe.   Currently Mr. Pecora is a personal safety expert and trainer, and a consultant trainer for an Active Shooter training company; as well as the Safety Officer in Residence for Jozu for Women’s WanderSafe travel safety company.  Listen as he gives insight into how to protect ourselves in domestic and international territory. Also, make sure to read his exciting book that will reveal more information than we have heard before. * To become a guest on my show please contact me at fill out the form under the "Buy Now" Tab
July 10, 2019
Interview- Quay McConic Scary Movies-Are We Desensitized?
Warning-Spoiler Alerts Listen if you dare, as I discuss scary movies with special guest, Quay McConic.  We posed the question, have we become desensitized to the horror movies and thrillers that seem to show more blood, gore, evil, and murder?  In this segment we offer our opinions, and we discuss some of our favorite scary movies. We give some fun facts and background about the movies that you may or may not be aware of, and create a welcome but creepy environment. Listen as we talk about the various sub-genres of horror movies like:  Creature Features: Pumpkin Head, Jeepers Creepers, Puppet Master, Gremlins, Trolls Occult: The Omen, Children of the Corn, Exorcist, Village of the Damned, and Rosemary’s Baby Animal Horror: Jaws, Piranha, Grizzly, Cujo Paranormal: Paranormal Activity, Poltergeist, The Conjuring, Annabelle Killers/Slashers: Child’s Play, The Strangers, The Town that Dreaded Sundown, Halloween, Friday the 13th Zombie, Werewolves, and Vampires We will discuss some interesting facts about "Friday the 13th," "Green Inferno," "Hereditary," "American Werewolf from London," "It's Alive," The Thing," and many more! If you would like to watch this interview live, be sure to find us on  Youtube and Facebook, at Cortina Jackson, and as usual be sure to get updates on my website at:
June 30, 2019
Scary Movies- Are We Desensitized?
I enjoy a good scary movie! I even write great short stories that are thrillers or teeter on the brink of horror. However, as a woman who has been raised in church should I enjoy this genre as much as I do? The next episode of the podcast will have a special guest as we discuss and critique our favorite scary movies. What’s yours? What scared you, what fascinated you, or what turned you away from this genre? Listen now as I discuss my dilemma of being raised in a God-fearing and loving home, yet enjoy writing, acting, and watching projects with evil ties to them. Has the world become desensitized to the evil that surrounds the music, movie, and literature industry. Tell me, what’s on your mind?
June 17, 2019
Interview- Melvin Lars, "Dying on My Feet," a story of resilience and inspiration
If you have ever been discouraged, the odds were stacked against you, you were diagnosed with an illness that broke your spirit. You need to hear this wonderful interview. Mr. Melvin Lars experienced this and more! A child that grew up in domestic violence, diagnosed with cancer at 8 years old, cut from NFL football teams; all while dying on his feet. The doctors told him that he had a 0% chance of living, but he did not sit down.  Although he was discouraged at times, his body took beatings on the football field, he went through divorce, and experienced sadness and anger from living in domestic violence during his wonder years; he survived and achieved many great accomplishments! Listen to this dynamic and brilliant man. Lars is the creator, executive producer, producer, writer and host of; “The Nobody Asked Me Guy Show” which can be viewed weekly, via, Facebook and You tube. This entity specifically addresses a multiplicity of topics including but not limited to; education, parenting, Life lessons, sports, surviving the impossible as well as trending and historical stories of global interest.  He is a retired High School principal; where he served as an administrator for twenty-seven (27) years. He is an academician with an educational publication titled “Dare To Be Positive.” Lars is a former free-agent with the Houston (Practice squads) Oilers, and Oakland Raiders, former Defensive line coach for the Shreveport Pelicans, as well as numerous head and assistant coaching positions from Louisiana to California. He is most proud of his instructional tenure at the infamous George Washington Preparatory High School in South Central Los Angeles; with famed, nationally renowned Principal; Dr. George J. McKenna, III of the “George (Movie) McKenna Story”, Portrayed by the renowned, prolific actor; Denzel Washington. During his tenure at Washington Preparatory; Lars served as head football coach/athletic director and administrative assistant to Dr. McKenna.   He has several poetic publications registered in the National Library of Poetry and has four published books of poetry; “Painted Images”, “Mind Muscle I&II” and “Reflections of Life”. He eagerly anticipates his two (2) upcoming; parent, friendly, self-help publications; “Mothers and Their S’Men An Introspective Look At Mothers Rearing Their Sons”, and “Sons Views of Their Mothers Through Adult Lenses” both are slated for release in May 2019.  Lars’ latest publication; “Dying On My Feet My Journey Times Two”, was inspired and ordained by God; he shares his life’s struggles and challenges from the age of eight years old through his becoming Acute promyelocytic free. This publication is receiving rave reviews and is said to be extremely inspiring and captivating.   Worked collaboratively with Hall of Famer & NFL great Jim Brown and his Amer-I-Can Violence intervention Program. Worked with the late Dick Gregory as he trekked across the country advocating for peace and the eradication of violence in depressed neighborhoods. Lars continues to strengthen and empower men by organizing and conducting and promoting, Male empowerment seminars. He is a licensed/ordained Elder/Minister in both the C.O.G.I.C. & C.M.E. Churches. He is the CEO/founder of Brighter Futures Inc; a Family Wellness, Violence Prevention/Intervention and Academic Enhancement and entertainment Company; Former interim; Executive Director of Urban League of Greater Muskegon, Former NAACP President of Muskegon County; 2007-2012, former academic consultant to the Michigan Department of Education as a Compliance Monitor for the (NCLB Highly Qualified) initiative for Highly Qualified Teachers.
May 17, 2019
(Reading)- Introduction of, "The Sounds of Silence Are The Loudest"
I had dreams and visions of Hell a while back, but instead of sharing with people what I saw, I decided to write about them in my first novel, "On Earth As It Is In Hell." The dreams were very vivid and detailed. I feared the ridicule or backlash that I would receive if I shared.  The book came about at the same time that I was experiencing Hell on Earth through domestic violence. I was almost killed in that relationship, and after escaping the tumultuous marriage, I began to have the dreams. As bad as I thought that my experience, and the experiences of others were; I heard a voice that said this is the time, and you are the candidate for evil forces to spread their plan to destroy you totally, through suicide, depression, and other feelings that I felt. Satan's plan is to do on Earth as it its in Hell. I wrote about a girl, her homosexual friend, and a pastor that experienced times when these evil forces whispered in their ears to direct their fragile thoughts. Now comes my second book; and just like before, there was another evil force that was revealed to me through a dream. This dream was directed at murder, serial killers, organ harvesting, satanic abuse, and children. Do you know who your children or teenagers are communicating with? This story is the tale of a serial killer that experienced his own abuse as a child. He was so misguided that he cracked, and could be used by evil influences to commit heinous acts against children. As before, instead of sharing what I saw, I decided to write it as a fiction thriller; but listen carefully, as there are things in which we don't understand, but it does not mean it doesn't occur.  "The Sounds of Silence Are The Loudest," available on Amazon and  
April 28, 2019
Interview- Jermaine Reaves from Incarceration to Inspiration
Hear the story of a man who was incarcerated, but refused to be locked up in his mind! He wrote a book based on letters that he wrote to the Lord while serving a 10 year federal prison sentence for selling drugs. These were trying times, but he left behind the streets that were now overrun with drugs and despair. He tells of what it was like on the streets, and what his mindset was behind bars. The book that he wrote, "From the Windows of Inspiration through the Revelation of Incarceration, Volume 1," is an inspiration; and you can feel his pain as he talks to the Lord about the things he had done, and the pain that was left behind.  God heard those words, and Jermaine has gone through quite a journey, but God never left him. He is now a Deacon at the Harvest International Worship Center in Milledgeville, GA. He is also an author, and an actor appearing in a documentary , "How to Die Young in Middle GA." You will see him in an upcoming film called, "Love, Blood, and Cotton." Jermaine is a mentor and motivational speaker, and is part of an outreach ministry called Uniting the Community and Church Outreach. They are instrumental in feeding the homeless and inspiring the younger generation. He volunteers in the Prison Ministry as well. Jermaine has made great strides in turning his life around, and is currently in college pursuing his degree in Physical Fitness, and he has made the Dean's List twice. He has really turned his life around, and has served his time, but will the world forgive him, and let him truly be free again. Find out in this extraordinary interview. His books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and also 
March 22, 2019
Interview-Best Selling Author Michelle Stimpson
Book enthusiasts, aspiring authors, authors,  everyone!! You don't want to miss this episode as I talk with best selling author, Michelle Stimpson. Michelle has written over 50 books, and she has blessed us with what is on her mind. I am so thankful that she did! Formal Biography Michelle Stimpson is an bestselling author, a speaker, and an educator who received her Bachelor of Science degree from Jarvis Christian College in 1994.  She earned a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2002.  She has had the pleasure of teaching elementary, middle, and high school as well as training adults. In addition to her work in the field of education, Michelle ministers through writing and public speaking.  Her works include the highly acclaimed Boaz Brown, Divas of Damascus Road, Falling Into Grace, and the award-winning Mama B Series.  She has published several short stories for high school students through her educational publishing company, Right Track Academic Support Services, at Michelle serves the body of Christ through ministering to women in churches, workshops, the Warrior Wives Club, or simply praying with a frazzled mother in Wal-Mart. She regularly speaks at special events and writing workshops sponsored by churches, schools, book clubs and other positive organizations. Michelle and her husband live near Dallas. They are parents to two young adults and one amazingly sweet granddaughter. Connect with her at  
March 20, 2019
Interview-Dee Bowden founder of BCS Solutions
  Founder of BCS Solutions Dee Bowden is the founder of BCS Solutions, a revenue recovery consulting firm that helps small companies make big money impacts. She’s a native of Boston, MA with over 20 years of Financial Management experience.  Dee is a graduate of the Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Success School of Business Acceleration.  Dee focuses on helping companies and government agencies recover lost revenue and increase cash flow.  Dee has successfully collected over $50 million dollars for several companies and government agencies.  Dee’s career highlights for 2018 include: a presenter at Deposit Your Dreams in Success Workshop held at Microsoft; a guest on Your Resource for Success Podcast Show on iHeart Radio; a digital facilitator at Success Women’s Conference 2018 with Robin Roberts from Good Morning America on the topic “How Secure is Your Cash Flow?” a guest on Your Voice Your Power Podcast  and Your Genius Zone both aired on Anchor.FM.  2019 Highlights Co Author with Cheryl Wood in the Book Entrepreneurial Elevation  Book Release July 2019 Guest on Impact The World Radio Show with Cheryl Wood Guest on The Voices You Haven't Heard Podcast with Cassandra Spearman Guest on WJMS Radio Sound Off Program with Jaymie Jams Dee  BowdenBCS Solutions 
March 20, 2019
Domestic Violence (Married to an abusive Police Officer)
I want to take the time to address this important topic! Domestic violence affects many lives, and the pain hurts the mind, body, and soul. I know, I lived it for 10 years. I was a former police officer, married to a narcissistic; physically, and emotionally abusive police officer. If it can affect our home, it can affect anyone's home or life.  I wanted to tell my story, and I hope that someone listening will hear something familiar, and began to think about the life that they deserve versus the one that they are experiencing. Special shout out to Team Tina! This was started by Mr. Don Estes who lost his beautiful niece to domestic violence! She was beaten until bones in both of her boyfriends hands came out of the skin, when he could no longer beat her with his hands, he stomped her with his boots until she was no longer recognizable!  Join Don as he advocates for victims to try to get the Tina Law passed in all states that will require abusers to be placed on a registry. He is doing so many other things to help victims of abuse! Teamtinabreakthesilence on all social media platforms. Now listen, as I describe how I was almost killed by my abuser!!  Join me at and I am the Co-host on Sirius XM 167, "Live Your Best Life," with Host Shay Owens and Mario Choice! 
February 10, 2019
(Reading)- Chapter 4, "On Earth As It Is In Hell" Sex-I'm not afraid anymore
Warning: Tonight's episode contains sexually explicit material! In Episode 5, I entitled it, "Sex-What are you afraid of?" I had written an erotic story that I never published for fear of what others would think of me, and I feared judgement; therefore, I never published the story.  Tonight, I read Chapter 4 of, "On Earth As it Is In Hell," and you will find that I am not afraid anymore! Listen, as I give you an eargasm! Enjoy! Read along by purchasing the book and eBook at or for better rates and faster delivery order directly from my website. I would greatly appreciate it, this helps the author!! Go to  
January 22, 2019
(Reading)- Chapter 3 Reading of, "On Earth As It Is In Hell"
Church Corruption is the kind of hurt that cuts deep enough to saturate the perpetrators hands with blood. When the Pastor is the perpetrator, the effects are often impossible to recover from.  In this chapter we are introduced to the third character, Pastor Nick Michaels. What would make the demons in Hell pay attention to this man of God?  You will see what their intentions are for people who are seeking salvation, and their evil plan for keeping this from happening. Listen now to Chapter 3 of "On Earth As it Is In Hell," available now at  See the trailers!
January 14, 2019
Sex- What are you afraid of?
SEX- a very taboo subject in my christian, Church of God In Christ (COGIC) upbringing.  When I was in the 6th grade, I wrote my first series of romantic/sexual type stories. I would make up stories for my friends, placing them in a tale of romance and ecstasy. I was admonished about ever writing this type of material again by my parents; when I was caught by my teacher, and taken before the principal. In this  interview with Mr. Ron Shaw, I discuss writing and publishing my first book, "On Earth As It Is In Hell." I also  talk about a book that I have written, but not yet published.  This book of sexuality and erotica has been hidden in the archives of my computer for fear of what people would think of me; and the memory of my mom's disappointment for writing such explicit material in elementary school. I think it is time to reveal, and introduce the story to the world, and other genres that I have not yet explored due to lack of knowledge of the subject, fear of what others may think, or nervousness about it being well-received. Fear keeps us from realizing our full potential sometimes. What are your fears when it comes to realizing the potential that lies in your heart? Listen to the interview with Mr. Ronnie Shaw in 2015, for 2019 will bring stories not yet told, but will soon unfold!!
January 5, 2019
(Reading)- Chapter 2 of, "On Earth As It Is In Hell"
It is the last Sunday in 2018!!  I am very excited to bring you Chapter 2 of my fiction thriller novel. Hell is starting to unfold in the lives of the characters, as we bring Toni to the story. What weaknesses can be used as  chess pieces by Satan's evil minions, as they lurk the Earth looking for vulnerabilities? Find out, how Toni's pain is used against him, or will he resist?  May you be blessed with prosperity, abundance, joy, and love, in the New Year!  Thank you for giving me a voice, that I just recently discovered and have come to love again!! Get your copy now at
December 31, 2018
From Suicidal to Joy Unspeakable Joy in 147 days, Using the Law of Attraction
I went from severe depression and suicidal ideations to unspeakable joy in just 147 days. What are you doing for self-care during the holiday season? As we go into 2019, people often reflect on what they went through the previous year(s). I used the law of attraction for many years without knowing it. I attracted so much negativity in my life that I struggled to live.  A Pastor that took advantage of me, that caused church hurt, domestic violence, evil bosses  and co-workers at work, lack of money to pay my bills, job loss! Wow, the list goes on! I started a thankfulness journal 147 days ago, and my whole life changed! I wrote what I was thankful for daily, and what I wanted to happen in my life. Do you know, everything that I wrote, I got it! Acting roles, Co-host of a Sirius XM Radio Show, Book sales,  Speaking opportunities; and for the first time since I was a girl, a love and forgiveness for myself.  Stay encouraged, love yourself first; and it will exude, and attract the love from people with the same energy!!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
December 23, 2018
(Reading)- Chapter 1 of, "On Earth As It Is In Hell"
In this episode, I read Chapter 1 of, "On Earth As It Is In Hell," in which we learn about Clara; a character in the story that doesn't trust or believe in God anymore due to His lack of intervention in her life.  Such a dangerous state to be in, since we heard the plans that were made in Hell previously in Episode 1- The Introduction. Hear about her Hell on Earth!! Have you ever been broke, depressed, hurt, and you prayed for reprieve but received no answers? However, you watched as others prospered, and wondered what they were doing to achieve happiness and abundance. So you began to think outside the box, even if that meant opening Pandora's Box? Clara did, and what she uncovered was more than she could handle! Just when she thought that she could depend on the church to get a prayer through, the evil that was unleashed from the very pits of Hell to further her despair, meets her there. Is the Pastor not even safe from the forces of evil? Find Out!! Get your copy of this revealing book at
December 17, 2018
(Reading)- Introduction of, "On Earth As It Is In Hell"
The Very First Episode of, "What's on Cortina Jackson's Mind?"  Listen as I read the Introduction of the Fiction Thriller Novel, "On Earth As It Is In Hell"  Warning: May Cause Triggers. Graphic Violence, Language, and Sex Hell, a word that not only describes a dark, desolate underworld of torment and torture, but also defines periods of our lives. This is the case for the three characters in this fiction thriller. An order is given in Hell for evil forces to go to the Earth; to do, on Earth as it is in Hell.  Evil forces move quickly through portals that open in various places and in the lives of various people on Earth; including churches, marriages, homes, record companies, political offices; everywhere!!! They influence decisions of the three characters, Clara, the unbeliever due to God's lack of intervention; Toni, Clara's friend, homosexual by nature, faithful friend by design;  and Nick, a pastor with blood on his hands. Each of them are already experiencing Hell on Earth, but the  ultimate plan is to claim them for Hell! What happens next may shock you! Secret Societies, Church corruption, Suicide, and Death, The Mark of the Beast, New World Order, The Illuminati, the evil forces are playing for keeps!! Life is Scarier Than Fiction. The Fate of The World Is Scarier Than This!! for the trailer!
December 9, 2018