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HUGS - Holistic Understanding Of Global Skills

HUGS - Holistic Understanding Of Global Skills

By Coscholastic
Aims to turn students into 21st century Global Youth by imparting them Lifeskills, Values, Knowledge & Attitude. We connect students with the real world(Out of books), to speak for themselves, environment, global issues and also against the wrong. The Podcast will have :- - Storytelling Sessions - Interviews - World News - Information - Motivational Talks - Career Talks - Govt Initiatives Language:- Hindi and English. Kid friendly podcast, apt for - Students(School & College) - Teachers - Principals - Parent - Govt. - NGO The brand is Mapped to an NGO 'Co-scholastic Foundation'
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Story - 'Never Give Up'
It is a story about Never Give up attitude. It makes you learn how a soldier despite being stuck in ice for 7 days, did not give up. He remained positive. The story also teach us the quality of a team leader. It is a story about courage. 
July 12, 2021