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The Cosmic Laundry Podcast

The Cosmic Laundry Podcast

By Gisele Plamondon
Welcome to The Cosmic Laundry Podcast.

In 2027 we are moving into a global cycle of self-empowerment and connection. This podcast was created to help create the bridge between the old and the new and to allow you to feel more empowered in your journey home. Each conversation on this podcast is created with the intention that you will take what works for you and leave what doesn't. In this new way of being you are your greatest guide.

Much love,
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Embracing your feminine radiance and sensuality with Nora Wendel

The Cosmic Laundry Podcast

8/8 Lions Gate + The Energetics of August
In this episode Gisele sits down to talk about the energetic forecast for August. In this episode she discusses the significance of Lions Gate, the NN + Mars + Uranus Conjunction, and the magic of Leo Season.  Join us inside OPENSPACE, our astro-hd membership, to get your horoscope for the month.
August 02, 2022
30 things I’ve learned in 30 years, a Saturn Return Episode / part 1
Hi loves! In this episode I share some of the things I’ve learned throughout my 30 years of living. Life has been a rollercoaster through this past year but u wouldn’t change it for anything. This episode is long so grab some tea and dig in 🪐🪐🪐🪐
June 29, 2022
What is a Vision Holder and Why Do You Need One?
Hi loves!  Welcome back to another week on the podcast. This week we're talking about Vision Holders: what they are, how to find them, and why they're important on your path. Grab a coffee, sit down, and let's get into it.  This week we launched OPENSPACE our new Astrology + Human Design Membership. Sign Up Here 
April 25, 2022
3rd Line Magic: The Wisdom of the 3rd Line in Human Design
In this episode I share my experience as a 3rd line and how important I believe 3rd Line Profiles are for our evolution as a collective. The 3rd Line in Human Design is an energy of exploration and courage, it has the willingness to point out what isn't working, and will tire itself out looking for new solutions to old problems. Being a 3rd Line can feel difficult but it is an incredible gift. Let's talk about it.  Much Love,  G
April 08, 2022
U + UR AURA / Understanding Your Aura with Faren Silverman
Hi everyone! Welcome back to another episode of the Cosmic Laundry Podcast! I'm your host, Gisele Plamondon, and in this episode we will be touching on the Aura and what different Aura colors mean. If you'd like to purchase your own Aura reading you can find Faren at SPIRIT ON TAP. Love you! IG: @thecosmiclaundry Tik Tok: @thecosmiclaundry
April 01, 2022
2022 Forecast: Libra through Pisces
Hi babes! Lets finish off the horoscopes for the year and chat about what the last 6 signs can expect this year :)  Sessions, Goodies, and More Libra: 2:43 Scorpio: 16:00-ish (sorry babes, I lost the timestamp) Capricorn: 41:23 Aquarius: 54:13  Pisces: 1:05 
January 28, 2022
2022 Forecast: Aries through Virgo
Hi everyone! In this episode we dive into the yearly horoscope for the first six signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo) of the zodiac. The next episode will cover the forecast for the last six signs (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces). Reminder: please listen for your rising sign as that will be the most accurate ;) Aries (3:37) Taurus (15:52) Gemini (25:20) Cancer (31:58) Leo (39:00) Virgo (46:23) Readings, Sol Guides, and Goodies Stay tuned for the rest of the signs later this week :)
January 11, 2022
2022: The Lovers + Activation of the Heart
Hi loves! Happy friggin New Years.  I hope you're having an amazing week and are ready for tomorrow's energy portal.  2022 is such a beautiful year and I'm so excited to begin this new journey with you all.  In this episode I touch on the astrology and numerology of 2022 and what that means for us all as a collective.  Stay tuned for next episode (launching next Friday) where I'll do a breakdown for each of the signs.  My personal astro notes for 2022 Readings, Sol Guides, + Goodies 
December 31, 2021
The Golden Shadow / Your Creative + Divine Potential
In this episode I share about the Golden Shadow: 1) What is it? 2) Why is it part of the Shadow? 3) How do we discover our Golden Shadow? 4) How do we begin to embrace our highest potential? Join us at Energy Garden Purchase a Sol Guide: Your Magic Blueprint  Book astro-counselling with Gisele 
December 03, 2021
ASTROPOP Series: Talking about Pete and Kim ft. Molly
In this episode Molly and I talk all about Pete and Kim and the astrology of their relationship.  This was recorded November 17th. We got some things right and we got some things wrong but it's fun either way.  In this episode:  What is Attraction? Do we think Pete has a Capricorn or Sagittarius Moon? Is this a publicity stunt? Saturn Connections in the Synastry Chart Mars conjunct Mars in the Synastry Chart  The 12th House in Synastry  Why this relationship is important for Kim's Soul Growth The 7th House and Attraction The Sun-Uranus connection The limits of compatibility astrology Chiron in Taurus What is a Saturn Return? Ok thats all babes! Links: Order a Sol Guide Follow me on Instagram
November 19, 2021
Why is Pete Davidson so hot? Magnetism, Authenticity, and Scorpio Energy.
Hi loves!  In this episode I share a breakdown of why Pete Davidson is so magnetic and is making such a powerful name for himself in Hollywood. We talk magnetism, seduction, scorpio energy, and the power of being yourself.  Here's a link to the interview I referenced To purchase your Sol Guide To book astro-counselling
November 05, 2021
Human Design Manifestation Secrets (How I Manifested by Dream Condo)
Hi everyone! In this episode I break down four things that helped me to manifest my condo and share a bit about my journey with manifestation, human design, and deconditioning.  If you want to learn more about your design order a Sol Guide or sign up at The Cosmic Laundry Academy
October 29, 2021
Fearful Avoidant Attachment with Jessica Da Silva
Hi everyone,  In this episode Jessica and I chat about the Fearful Avoidant Attachment Style.  If you recognize yourself in this episode and would like to work with Jessica 1:1 you can book in with her at: Join my Astrology and Human Design Membership: 
August 20, 2021
New Paradigm Business
In this episode I chat all about my thoughts on the New Paradigm of Money and Business.  If you want to learn more about The New Paradigm i've created a course to support you in your learning that you can find here.  Much Love, G 
July 02, 2021
The Astrology of Free Britney
In this episode I break down Britney Spears natal chart and current transits in relationship to her current fight to release herself from her conservatorship.  Here is the link for the article by Maya Luna that Gisele referenced. PRiSM: A Supported Membership  Book an Astro-Counselling Session with Gisele If you have questions for part two email them to Love you!
June 28, 2021
The Gate of Aloneness + The Fear of Being Seen
Hi loves.  In this episode I talk about Gate 40, the Gate of Aloneness/Deliverance, and how important it is to own your power and come into a sense of wholeness if you carry this gate. I talk about my own experience with this gate and why it can be so hard to show up and be seen. This is a powerful listen for anybody struggling to set boundaries and to show up as they are.  At the end of the episode I share my ideas for creating an online membership space - if you would like to contribute your desires for this space you can email me at  All courses mentioned in the episode can be found at Much love and Happy Sunday!
June 13, 2021
Eclipse Update: Aligning with Truth
In this live class Gisele talks about the current eclipse cycle and why finding Truth and Self-Connection is so crucial as we move into the New Paradigm.  If you want to learn more about your astrology and human design order a Sol Guide HERE. The New Paradigm Workshop is HERE. Join the Private Facebook Group
June 07, 2021
Self Intimacy is The Foundation of Love
In this episode I talk about self-intimacy. What is it? How do you cultivate it? And why is it so damn important? I believe that self-intimacy is the key to all relationships because being intimate with yourself sets the tone for your connections with others. When you have a deep and powerful connection with your own heart you can connect more powerfully with others.   If you'd like to book an astro-counselling session with me you can do that by following this link.
May 18, 2021
Building your Inner Temple
In this episode I talk about the Inner Temple and how you can tend to and nourish your energy. I discuss anxious attachment, codependency, and the art of putting yourself first.  Purchase your Sol Session or Guide 
April 01, 2021
Are you a Morning Star or Evening Star Venus?
In this episode I share on the differences between people who are born under a Morning Star Venus versus those who are born under an Evening Star Venus. As a general theme, Morning Star Venus people are quick to love and new experiences because they are learning the art of love. Evening Star Venus are more deliberate in their process and are learning how to let love in. Enjoy xx  Book a Sol Session  The 12 Soul Archetypes Masterclass Earth + Venus Tango Around The Sun 
March 29, 2021
The Energy of 2021, a conversation with Brookelyn from Roots Rising
Hi loves! In this episode Brookelyn and I chat about the energy of 2021 as well as saturn returns, the polarity of the signs, and more.  2021 Workshop: Sol Guide:
February 05, 2021
Kristen Antunes | Sex and the Sacred Slut
Sex and the Sacred Slut Find Kristen at: @kristenantunes and 19:00: Motherhood, Parenting Myths 20:41: Juliet Allan, The Authentic Sex Podcast 22:00: What is a Sacred Slut? 26:00: Guilt, Shame, and Masturbation 28:30: Self pleasure and crystal wands 30:00: The power of feminine sexuality 33:00: Kristen gives me a quick breakdown on Tantra 37:00: Is there such a thing as bad sex? 40:00: The downside of Takeaway Sex 42:20: The arcline, sex and the energetic imprint 44:00: Generational attitudes to Sex - Gen Z versus Millenialls 49:00: Talking about Sex + Sexuality with your friends 51:00: breath and Sex 55:00: porn, making space for men’s sexuality and sensuality 1:00:00: how to get started 1:02:00: John Wineland, men’s work 1:07:00: owning your sexual desires 1:09:00: Kristens birth chart 1:10:00: Mars in Taurus 1:1200: Cancer sun conjunct Jupiter 1:14:00: Gemini Moon 1:18:00: Aries Rising 1:22:00: Uranus conjunct midheaven 1:26:50: Chiron in Cancer
January 25, 2021
The 5th Line and Projection in Human Design
Hi guys! I'm back! In this episode I'm sharing my personal experience with the 5th Line as a 3/5 in Human Design.  To find out if you have a 5th Line in your Profile you can input your birth information at  If you are a 2/5, 3/5, 5/1, or a 5/2 this episode will apply to you. 
January 22, 2021
Self-Honouring, Cultural Identity, and Supporting Indigenous Youth with Michael Linklater
Find Michael: IG: @michael_linklater Boys with Braids: In this episode Gisele talks with Basketball Player and Indigenous Activist Michael Linklater. Michael shares about Indigenous Culture, including some of the history of what Indigenous people in Canada have experienced. He shares about his experiences as an Indigenous man and why he's passionate about helping youth. We also talk about Michaels birth chart, specifically his Cancer North Node, Sagittarius Mars, and Libra Stellium. This episode is full of wisdom and is a powerful listen for anyone, especially those who are on a journey of self honouring, ancestral healing, and supporting Indigenous people in Canada and beyond.   Love you guys so much,  Thank you for listening.  If you share and leave a review please tag me on instagram or take a picture and email it to so I can share it with Michael and send you a gift of gratitude. 
July 31, 2020
An update on the podcast + pivoting in life as a Manifesting Generator.
In this episode I share why The Cosmic Laundry is shifting and changing and why it will continue to change through the years.
July 30, 2020
Grief, Reparenting, and Navigating the Cycles of Life with Clancy Sullivan
Find Clancy: @clanceroni  In this episode my OG yoga teacher Clancy comes on the pod to talk about her journey into motherhood, navigating grief, and flowing with the cycles of life. Clancy is a 4/6 Projector in Human Design and she has a Sagittarius Rising, Taurus Moon, and Capricorn Sun.  Some topics covered in this episode: Personal responsibility Sagittarius Rising + Taurus Moon + Capricorn Sun Creating change while being yourself White spirituality Mercury in Sagittarius Mercury in Aquarius Should Clancy start a podcast? We talk about reality TV and second hand embarrassment Taurus Moon and the mind-body connection Aquarius Moon and emotional detachment Hyper resilience + Moon Saturn aspects Parenting and Reparenting Grief and life transitions Codependency and enabling Being where you are The 11th house; becoming our best selves The JP Sears Video we mention:
July 21, 2020
Imposter Syndrome, Healing through Self Care, and Navigating Business as a Black Woman with Tolu Adepoju
Find Tolu: IG: @toluadepoju, @connectedcoffeechats, @theselfcarecorner_ Youtube: The Connected Coffee Chats podcast: Black Astrologers, Mystics, Meditation Teachers, Coaches, etc to follow 5:00: We talk about Nigeria and whether Tolu will be going back to visit family 8:30: We talk about belonging and what it was like for Tolu to immigrate to Canada as a teenager 16:00: Cultural differences between Australia and Canada 19:00: Tolu talks about her experience in white spaces and navigating being Black around her white friends 24:00: Tolu talks about her experience with Imposter Syndrome and not wanting to take up space as a Black woman 26:00: What can entrepreneurs do to make spaces safer for BIPOC women? 31:00: Why diversifying your feed is so important 41:00: How Tolu has been taking care of herself and prioritizing self care during June and Black Lives Matter 48:00: Curating your self care toolbox and prioritizing your well-being
July 09, 2020
What’s your Pluto Generation?
In this episode I talk about the generational differences from an astrology perspective. To check your pluto sign go to your birth chart and see what sign Pluto (the P glyph) falls into in your chart.
June 27, 2020
Awaken to the Wisdom of Your Body with Adrianne Vangool
Find Adrianne: IG: @vangoolwellness YOUTUBE: Vangool Wellness 6:30: Goddess Asteroids, the Goddess Feronia in Adrianne’s chart 11:00 — reclaiming our bodies as women 16:00 — Adrianne’s work and how she helps her clients 20:00 — the nervous system cleanse, trauma, the body 26:00: how Adrianne found yoga + mindfulness 33:00: Adrianne’s astrology and finding a work life balance - Taurus NN in the 10th house, 4th house stellium 43:00: gender roles in children, women’s empowerment and listening to the wisdom of your body 47:10: Boss Bitch Challenge 48:00: the Age of Aquarius - nonconforming, being free spirited, freedom of expression 49:00: the weird space between the old age and the new age of women’s empowerment 50:00: exploring our femininity and womanhood at home and in business 53:00: integrating the masculine and the feminine 58:00: how COVID is shifting our businesses 1:07:00: healing shame and moving into love
June 26, 2020
Body Politics, The Harm of Diet Culture, and Unpacking the Saturn Return with Mary Ingram
Find Mary: IG: @maryingram6 Twitter: @maryinblue6 7:00: Saturn Return, Mental Health, and The Pandemic 14:00: Body Positivity + Healing from Toxic Diet Culture 27:00: The language of Body Politics 31:00: Being an ally for your fat friends and family 32:00: Mary recommends Health at Every Size 37:00: Body Politics: check your companies policies, life insurance policy, etc. 39:00: How the spiritual community contributes to disordered eating and body image issues 45:00: We make fun of conspiracy theories 53:00: Finding rules and boundaries in modern spirituality 59:00: Taking care of your mental health during a pandemic 1:01:00: Being a woman in a male-dominated field A few Resources on Body Politics - find many many more on Mary's Instagram highlights: Love you xx
June 20, 2020
Self Love and Ancestral Healing with Decolonization Activist Jessica Amascual
Find Jessica: @tita.jess Donate to: In this episode I invited Jessica to come and share about racism, decolonizing spiritual practices, self dignity, and coming together. This is an introduction into anti-racist work and is just the beginning of the types of conversations we will begin to have more of on the Cosmic Laundry Podcast.  6:00: Decolonization and Ancestral Healing, Jessica's 6 week course 12:00: Reclaiming and Decolonizing ourselves s white ppl 16:00: What's different about the way Jessica approaches decolonization 22:00: Self Care + Self Love as a healer 26:00: How are Liberation and Joy connected? 37:00: Jessica's experience of moving from multicultural Southern California to Bend, Oregon which is 90% white  40:00: Integrating all aspects of self  50:00: Decolonizing Astrology: the woman I was referencing was Stella Caban (@thedecolonizingalchemist) 53:00: White women and the danger of love and light  in Spiritual Spaces
June 02, 2020
Curating a Nourishing Skin Care Ritual with Vicki from Novo Esthetics
In this mini episode Vicki Aitken from Novo Esthetics in Saskatoon shares her tips for creating a skin care routine that is nourishing, simple, and won't break the bank. We talk about hot topics like chemical exfoliants, oils versus moisturizers, the effect of parabens on hormonal health, and how diet plays a role in the health of our skin.  You can find Vicki at for all your skincare wishes my babes.
May 23, 2020
Caring For Your Heart Through Your Connection To Your Body with Vicki Aitken
Find Vicki: IG: @novoestheticsstudio 5:20: The Novo Business chart, kitchen witch vibes, what Novo Esthetics does differently 12:30: How Vicki started her own business and why success often comes from necessity 25:00: Self Care, Reiki, and Reflexology 38:00: Mental health, The Mindbody Connection, and Taking Care of Our Bodies 48:00: Parenting, Oracle for Kids, and Parenting a Manifestor Child 58:00: Combating shame and guilt in the self care community 1:10:00: Managing mental health as an esthetician 1:15:00: How Vicki creates a safe space for her clients
May 18, 2020
girltalk with chantal
In this episode Chantal and I talk about being highly sensitive, our psychological family inheritance, and dating sensitive men. 
April 13, 2020
Embracing your feminine radiance and sensuality with Nora Wendel
Find Nora: IG: @norawendel Feminine Radiance meditation:
April 06, 2020
What do Jeff Bezos and COVID-19 have in common? A lowdown on the Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction.
2:00: The Jupiter Pluto Conjunction 6:00: How this impacts you personally  9:00: Capricorn Energy + the government 13:00: Jupiter and Pluto and their archetypes 17:00: The history of the Jupiter Pluto conjunction + it's connection to Pandemics 24:00: Famous people who carry Jupiter Pluto energy  - Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Walt Disney, Kris Jenner, Meg Whitman 33:00: How to use the energy of this transit  40:00: Affirmations for this transit 
April 02, 2020
Women's hormonal health and finding harmony between body, mind, and spirit during a global pandemic with Dr. Kate Johnson
Find Kate:  IG: @peaceloveyogaonc THE COSMIC PSYCHOLOGY PROGRAM 8:00: How the healthcare system in Canada is navigating COVID-19 14:00: Radiation Oncology + being an Energy Jedi 20:00: Supporting the immune system during COVID-19 29:00: Michael Pollan - Food Rules: An Eaters Manual 31:00: Are fads like sugar-free, ketosis, and intermittent fasting actually good for you? 38:00: Should women be intermittent fasting? 41:00: Women's hormones, the infradian rhythm, and why women aren't used in medical studies 54:00: How to support your hormonal health as a woman  1:00:00: Integrative Medicine and changing attitudes in Western Medicine  1:05:00: Kate's journey into medicine and how she knew she wanted to be a healer  1:08:00: Virgo energy and the 9th house - health and healing through wisdom from ancient wisdom  1:09:00: Kate's journey from human doing into human being and what she learned from her hip injury  1:11:00: Mercury Retrograde in the birth chart - blending the right and left brain  1:13:00: The Astrology Rabbithole + Medical Astrology  1:16:00: 2020 - the wholesome relationships year and how this relates to the pandemic  1:17:00: Stillness and new ways of being during this time = shadow work and healing 
March 29, 2020
Sensitivity, psychic gifts, and the spiritual lens of COVID-19 with Sarah Sand
Find Sarah: Book a session: shift Instagram: @sarahsand_i_am + @shiftintuit Highly Sensitive Person Quiz: High Sensation Seeking Quiz: 5:00: Introduction to the episode 5:30: What Sarah's role, and the role of her company Shift Intuit, is during this time  8:00: Sarah's Social Work Thesis: A combo of intuition + indigenous thought  10:00: The layers of spiritual work 11:00: My experience working with Sarah 13:30: Sarah's Birthchart  - earth sign intuition - fourth house stellium  - sagittarius moon -neptune + sun + mercury conjunction 18:00: What should we call psychic / intuitive / spiritual gifts? 20:00: The shadow side of opening intuitive gifts 25:00: Being a clear channel for energy and holding space for different experiences 28:00: Virgo energy and Mercury as the Messenger of the Three Worlds 31:00: Why everyone wants to be psychic in 2020 + how to open up spiritually 38:00: Working with the mind-body connection in your spiritual growth 42:00: COVID-19 and accepting responsibility as a collective for what we've done  48:00: How to manage during this stressful time  52:00: Are all kids intuitively connected? 58:00: The Highly Sensitive Person and the Warrior and how we all have our place in society  1:08:00: Sarah's intuition leading up to 2020 + the astrology of this year 1:12:00: How to identify if you're a highly sensitive person and how to take care of yourself HSP quiz:
March 22, 2020
What's your love blueprint? with Crystal Irom
Find Crystal IG: @crystalirom Cosmic Psychology Enrolling new students now  More info here: 7:30: How Crystal created her Love Blueprint Quiz Do the quiz here: 8:30: The Romantic and the Giver 10:30: The Realist 12:00: The Sensualist 12:30: The Love Blueprints of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha from Sex and the City 14:50: Does your Love Blueprint change? 15:00: The highroad and the low road of the 4 Love Blueprints 20:00: Masculine energy and Feminine energy and integrating the two 24:00: Dealing with backlash and hate-mail in business 26:00: Handling rejection in love and business 28:00: Integrating shadow in relationship + minimizing the emotional charge of negative feedback 34:00: Crystals first experience getting her birth chart read and how she dealt with a psychic telling her she wouldn’t meet her husband until her late 30’s 40:00: Chiron conjunct the Descendant 44:00 Sun and Mercury in the 5thhouse 44:30: North Node in Aries 49:00: Jupiter in Aries / Manifestor energy 52:00: The Cosmic Psychology Course 56:00: Lauren and Cameron on Love is Blind 57:00: Lauren and her Sagittarius Venus 59:00: What to do when a man is certain and you’re unsure 1:03:00: Barnette and Amber 1:05:00: Barnette’s switch from his Mars to his Venus 1:09:00: Why GG is dramatic and creates chaos in relationship
March 11, 2020
Dani + Nate | Conscious Relationship, Astrology for Couples, and Holding your Partner Big
Find Danica: Find Nathan: In this episode Gisele sits down with relationship dream team Danica Slattery and Nathan Thoen to chat about their relationship and how they maintain such a strong connection even when Danica is busy running Thrive Juice Co and Nate is on the road with his band, Bombargo. They're a busy duo but somehow their relationship seems to get stronger by the month (from my perspective, anyways).We chat masculine + feminine dynamics, their synastry chart, and even tap into the importance of men having solid male friendships. You're gonna love this one, I'm sure of it. 
December 08, 2019
Chantal dabbles in Tarot
Chantal just came home for a visit and we did an impromptu tarot sesh and decided to record it 👽 Chantal doesn’t know anything about Tarot but she gives it her best shot 😂
November 16, 2019
Alexcia Bonis | navigating family relationships, setting boundaries, and practicing self love
Find Alexcia: @soulstudioyqr 3:00: Lex + her 6 step process 6:00: Mindset shifts, moving through self sabotage, daily ritual 8:30: Knowing your zone of genius 11:00: Alt Summit, Asking for support 15:50: Why you should invest in yourself 18:30: The layers of healing and self work 24:00: We chat about instagram, influencers, the ego of titles 27:00: Alexcias Chart 31:00: Attachment Styles 42:00: Family, boundaries, navigating familial relationships as an adult 50:00: Transitioning back into siblinghood after parentification 53:00: Owning your transition into the spiritual path / having a different belief system than your family 55:55: Practicing discernment with social media / what you share, who you follow 58:50: Aries Moon, Moon conjunct Mars 1:02:00: Taurus Sun 1:04:00: Mercury in Taurus 1:08:00: Manifesting Generator, 6/2 profile 1:12:00: consciousness, white privilege, canadian history
October 31, 2019
Breaking Free from Basic Bitch Spirituality with Sabrina Riccio
Find Sabrina Riccio IG:  @sabrinariccio / @sovereignsocietypodcast BREAKING FREE  4:05: Breaking Free: A 6 week liberation / deprogramming dogma, embracing our Truth 5:06: Pluto on the IC - breaking free from past trauma 6:32: Sabrina’s background / the catholic faith, immigration, subconscious programming, experiencing death 11:33: Healing the nervous system + changing the story 18:40: Sabrina’s human design / Channel of Surrender, Channel of Inspiration 22:00: 5D versus 3D / the false light trap 26:00: Trauma Work / “I don’t do basic bitch spirituality.” 28:00: Sabrina chats about her Social Media Sabbatical 30:00: Depression + embracing the human experience 32:00: Religious Programming + Dogma -- Join Sabrina’s course here. 41:30: The importance of finding a support system for healing 45:00: Creating a better world for future generations 50:00 Who Sabrina is following: Freedom Franklin, Emily Harris, Krista Reierson 57:00: 2020 + the ten bodies and how they correlate to numerology 1:00:00: the shakening before the awakening 1:03:00: More about the Breaking Free program 1:09:00: Sabrina’s story of getting struck by lightning / her spiritual awakening 1:14:00: Sabrina’s personal practices for grounding / oracle, dancing, communication
October 21, 2019
Chrissy Kuny | The Magic of Pilates, Friendship, and Aligning with Your Most Authentic Self
Meet Chrissy Kuny IG: @chrissykuny 2:50: Lets talk about Joe. 9:15: Chrissy’s journey into Pilates. 13:50: Aging, womanhood, grace 17:45: Chrissy’s birthchart, gemini energy 18:27: Scorpio Rising, T-square 29:00: 6 year old Chrissy got a palm reading 30:00: Chrissy talks about what she was like as a kid 35:00: Learning from failure + mistakes 36:00: Chrissy talks about moving back in with her parents 40:00: What is the gift in this experience? 47:00 Intro to human design 59:00: Control versus flow 1:03:00: Making friends as an adult 1:06:00: How Chrissy met Julianne Hough 1:09:00: Going with the flow when things don’t go as planned 1:18:00: We dive back into Chrissys astrology
October 04, 2019
The Wisdom of Archetype with Krista Reierson of Chalice Grove
Find Krista: IG: @chalicegrove 4:00: Who is Krista Reierson? Her story, her background, how she and Chalice Grove came to be. 16:00: the feminine and using creative energy in business 20:00: Yogi Bhajan, womens teachings, kundalini yoga 27:00: Feminine Energy and magnetism 29:00: the 10 bodies + human incarnation 29:00: sacred contracts and lifes lessons 36:00: The victim, the inner child, the prostitute, the saboteur 43:00: The search for Truth 48:00: Archetypes in the Zodiac 1:13:00: We dive into Krista’s grand trine Healing with archetypes: Alchemy Meditation: B R U S H S T R O K E S - spoken word
September 26, 2019
Megan Hammond | building a biz, being a kickass mom, and creating community through connection
Find Megan @elizabethlynjewelry 6:00: How Megan got into business 10:00: What would business look like without instagram? 11:00: Building community as a business owner 11:40: Being an early adopter 16:00: Connection as your ‘Why’ 17:27: Sharing truthfully on instagram 20:00: Building relationship, community over competition 23:00: Megans upbringing 24:00: The prairie kid work ethic 28:00: making expectation work for you 30:00: working from home 32:00: How Megan names her pieces 36:00: We chat the prairie boho collection 37:00: energetics + business 38:00: Aquarius Moon Kids 42:00: Mars in Aries 43:00: Venus in Aries 45:00: Venus in Taurus 47:45: Self care for your sign 50:00: How to care for your jewelry 54:00: Anxiety, feeling separate, building confidence 55:00: Capricorn SN, Cancer NN and the reverse 57:00: We chat Megans Saturn Return 1:03:00: Supporting your lil babe 1:06:00: Advice for new business owners 1:10:00: Owning your vulnerability
September 20, 2019
NLP + Hypnosis with Amanda Carson
Find Amanda: IG: @shiftwpg 2:00: Intro to Amanda + her work 7:20:  Sarah Sand 12:00: What is Neurolinguistic Programming? 17: How to shift your thought patterns. 20:00: The subconscious mind + self compassion 26:15: The Cosmic Embodiment Experience 29:00: Sitting with difficult emotions 34:50: Self hypnosis 50:00: Amanda’s ideal client 53:00: Why Aries NN should do NLP
September 07, 2019
In this episode Chantal and I chat about the Pleidians, Lumeria, Spirit Guides, Mermaids, + more.  We're champagne drunk and it's a shitshow TBH. 
August 30, 2019
Human Design with Jaclyn Michelle of Interior Creature
Find Jaclyn: IG: interiorcreature 3:25: What is human design 10:45: How is your profile determined? 11:02: The human design profile / Line 1 Investigator 12:20: The human design profile / Line 2 Hermit 15:15: The human design profile / Line 4 Opportunist 19:00: The human design profile / Line 3 Martyr 21:44: The human design profile / Line 5 Heretic 24:50: The human design profile / Line 6 Role Model 33:17: The energy types 39:34: Global cycles + incarnation cross 40:56: The right angle cross of the sleeping phoenix 47:48: Gate 20 48:45: Closed Self Center 49:06: Open Self Center 52:24: Conscious Gates vs Unconscious Gates 56:16: Gate 36 / right angle cross of the garden of eden 59:15: Open vs Defined Solar Plexus 1:09:00: Jaclyn’s ideal client 1:12:55: Should we break up?! 1:14:30: Can Human Design predict the future? 1:17:31: Using your authority + getting out of your head 1:18:40: Open Head Centre 1:20:00: Getting in touch with your Sacral Centre 1:24:30: The Spleen / Defined + Open 1:35:50: The Primary Health System / Diet + Human Design
August 22, 2019
Cosmic update ⚡️Virgo season + Gisele answers your questions
Gisele answers: what is the difference between Vedic + western astrology, when is the best time to get an astrology reading, what is Chiron, how to care for your Leo moon, navigating long distance relationships, understanding your attachment style, and astro comparability. PLUS this weeks cosmic update
August 18, 2019
Danica Slattery | Feminine Energy, Cultivating Mindfulness, and breathing through your Saturn return.
Find Danica: @danicaslattery 4:22: How to netflix as a Vata  7:14: the 3 doshas / kapha, pitta, vata 14:12: Misconceptions of meditation + mindfulness 16:00: meditation as a tool during tough times  17:33: Pisces North Node  18:25: How Dani got through her Saturn Return 30:00: Leaning on her strengths  33:00: athletics + flow state 35:00: self sabotage and her early twenties 39:00: How Danica started Thrive and how the business helped her heal her relationship with food  45:00: How Danica healed her digestive issues through a plant based diet 47:00: Jivamukti, Asana 52:30:Kundalini + Dani’s morning ritual  1:03:00: Girl crushes  1:12:00: How Danica + Nate have made their relationship work long term  1:24:00: leaning into your feminine 
August 16, 2019
Molly Schikosky | Connection, Entrepreneurship, and Empowering Women.
Find Molly: IG: @theconnectioncorner + @mollyschikoskyphotography SHOWNOTES/ 6:30: treating your sidejob as your mainbae  10:00: the truth about entrepeneurship  16:00: Integrity in business  18:30: The Connection Corner 22:50: Triggering your followers as a biz owner 24:43: The Sagittarius Gift 32:00: Cultivating Community  34:00: Sagittarius in the 4th house  38:05: What is the North Node? 45:00: Leo Rising  48:55: What is a Solar Return chart? 52:11: Uplifting others using your power + your gifts 52:40: Open Ajna Centre  54:18: Chiron in the 1st house 1:00:00: Dealing with self consciousness  1:07:00: Healthy Instagram boundaries  1:12:00: The World War transit - Saturn + Pluto Conjunct January 2020 1:16:40: Saturn Conjunct the Descendant 1:26:30: Saturn Return  1:20:20: Moon in Aquarius  1:35:30: Growing up in smalltown SK  1:49:60: Learning to love your body + dealing with negative mean thoughts 1:54:00: Feeling all of your feelings  1:56:00: Embracing anger as a woman  2:05:00: Expressing your FULL self in relationship  2:09:00: How to show up in relationship in a way that serves your partner  Molly's List of people to follow on IG: @girlvanayoga @oursisterhood @theconnectioncorner @girlsnightinclub @builtbygirls @bodyposipanda @selfcaresessions @onegirlband @mybodywpg @notestomyfuturedaughter @morganharpernichols @nowthisher @meetblume 
August 08, 2019
BONUS: my perspective on the Lions Gate
Hi babes! Happy Sunday ☀️ in this episode I chat about the Lions Gate Portal + LEO SZN
August 04, 2019
In this episode Gisele and her sister Chantal get wine drunk and talk about astrology, relationships, and what it’s like to be a double Scorpio 😉 SHOWNOTES //
August 04, 2019