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Cosplay Bytes

Cosplay Bytes

By Lightning Palace
All on cosplay news, convention coverage, nerdy bits and bytes. Guests every episode!

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What's New with Zach Fischer
Note that whenever Zach Fischer comes on my show, we bounce all over the place. Even to topics that don't necessarily pertain to the basis of cosplay. I got to catch up with Zach and get a look on how the past year has been for him as an artist/content creator. Other area of interests include his feelings on burnout during the start of the pandemic, his changes to his Twitch content in addition to a multitude of other things. Contract work with Blizzard, the various changes that the gaming industry needs to address at the corporate level when it comes to crunch, creators on OnlyFans/Patreon, why no one likes Warlords of Draenor and HOW IN THE WORLD DOES THIS MAN NOT HAVE A SWITCH?! Jokes aside, Zach brings such a unique intellect to the show and I'm glad he has just as much fun as I do. We even go into detail about his first ever time judging a cosplay contest online alongside what conventions will be like now as we come out of the COVID Era. You also get a small look into my personal life so sorry not sorry? XD Be sure to follow Zach on Twitter and check out his work too! If you'd like to support the show, check out my Patreon! Follow me on Twitch!
June 14, 2021
What's New with Krissy Victory
In this new episode, I got to catch up with Krissy and see how the pandemic has affected her as it has pretty much every other cosplayer in the community. She talks about her return to creating cosplays, upcoming cons she's excited to attend and so much more! Plus, you can get some insight into Krissy's latest foray into pole work and how much fun she's been having. This includes future incorporations into Krissy's OnlyFans content in addition to huge life changes happening. We go in detail about burnout culture and how we both have been able to stay tough with the lack of content being created. Krissy had a blast going on tangents and rambling on so I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did
May 25, 2021
Online Anonymity with Holly Wolf
I was very excited to chat with Holly Wolf again on my show since previously she was phenomenal to talk to and have a conversation with her. This time, I talk to her about how she's dealt with online anonymous hate throughout her various social media channels. From YouTube, Twitter and even Twitch, she notices how that while she's certainly grown tougher skin, mean comments can still take a toll on her. With COVID still in effect, she goes into detail on how more online she's been along with the work she's been outputting. The strategies she's implemented to keep herself busy while also taking time off of social media. It really is fascinating to hear how passionate and driven Holly is regarding content creation. She's always been an inspiration to me ^_^ Check out Holly's work over on her Website! If you'd like to support the show, check out my Patreon! Follow me on Twitch!
April 8, 2021
State of Cosplay II
You wouldn't believe the urge I've had to record a new episode for you guys. It's short but I wanted to give an update both in my content creating life in addition to how the state of the cosplay community is. Truthfully not much has changed though there is a light at the end of this lockdown tunnel. With vaccines being rolled out, it's a possibility that conventions will return at some point next year! I go into detail also about my foray into Let's Plays on my YouTube channel PLUS my ongoing stream adventures! If you'd like to support the show, check out my Patreon! Follow me on Twitch!
April 4, 2021
Newcomers to Conventions and Cosplay
For this episode, I'm joined by my downstairs neighbor Munkey as I picked his brain a bit and described what it's like traveling to conventions and dressing up for various weekends. Having never been to a con, Munkey is certainly interested in breaking that barrier and seeing what makes conventions so much fun. I chat about my trips to cons like PAX East and NYCC briefly alongside his origins being into pop culture. Funny enough, it all started with Ninja Turtles for him! We also do a mini game of sorts in guessing the powers and affinity of Marvel characters we've never heard of :D.  For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow me on Twitch!
February 1, 2021
Midge Scully
Welcome to the Season 4 debut of CosplayBytes! Today I'm joined by my wonderful friend Midge Scully as we go through her cosplay origin story so to speak, what it's been like dealing with the sudden disappearance of conventions due to COVID. You'll also get a look at some tidbits about Midge such as her favorite parts about cosplay, her dream outfit plus her start into doing OnlyFans. I also catch you guys up with what's been going on in my own life with my jump into streaming on Twitch. Midge also has her hands in that too so she talks about her time streaming!  For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow me on Twitch! Keep up with Midge Scully on Instagram!
January 26, 2021
Kim McAndrew + InPlainSight
I had the privilege of chatting with Kim of InPlainSight who just recently published a book all geared towards new cosplayers looking into starting their own cosplay journey. We chat about her beginnings with watching Star Wars when she was younger, cosplaying with her son at various cons as well as her thoughts on the current zeitgeist of superhero films. Plus we get an idea with her cosplay progress as she starts learning how to sew given the current lockdown situation. Lots more are included such as nerding out over superhero movies, comfy cosplays, etc. For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Please go visit Kim's blog InPlainSight down below :)
December 7, 2020
What's New With: Mink the Satyr
COVID and Quarantine have effectively halted the convention season for many attendees and content creators. Many of the latter type have either changed or haven't when it comes to creating outfits and staying active creatively. Mink the Satyr is one such gal so we talk about what she's been up to! Doing some on location shoots as well as shoots in her backyard! Plus, we go on about Pokemon, Animal Crossing, enamel pins and how lucky we both got in attending PAX East as our last con before things shut down. Hopefully in the future I can have more past guests on to see what they've been up to! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Mink the Satyr on Patreon!
November 30, 2020
Kia Sangria
Thank you for your patience in my brief unexpected hiatus! I'm hoping to be back with posting episodes in full force, starting with a wonderful conversation I had with Kia Sangria. After she reached out to being on my show I was ecstatic to have her on since that's never happened before. Learn more about her cosplay beginnings, love of anime alongside her blogging ventures and sponsorships! We also talk about her experience being a Black cosplayer in the community. This was such a fun chat and I hope you all enjoy
November 20, 2020
NYCC's Metaverse
This past weekend, NYCC had it's full blown outing virtually with this second run of what's called the Metaverse. Similar to a previous episode, this consisted of multiple panels being streamed through YouTube in addition to a beautifully crafted website that mimicked the convention look and feel. Of course as much as it did, the feeling of being at the Javits Center was absent and was something I missed throughout this weekend. Come hear my thoughts on the various panels I did watch in addition to what it was like browsing through the Metaverse's website. There's also teases of future episodes and my hopeful plans for the show as 2020 comes to a close! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!
October 12, 2020
Maru + Full Time Content Creation
In this exciting and lengthy episode, I got to talk with Maru about a variety of things on top of learning her history with cosplay. Having just recently made the jump to being a full time content creator, she goes a bit into detailing her various streams of income and what her day is mostly like. Plus like always, we go on various tangents mostly about World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV and just Final Fantasy in general. Maru definitely has some gripes with certain games I'll tell you that much XD. She also talks about some of her recent cosplays and what it was like making them. This is one you guys don't want to miss! Be sure to follow Maru's work at the links below! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!
September 30, 2020
PAX Online 2020
For this special 50th episode of CosplayBytes, I talk about my experience in viewing PAX Online from the comfort of my home thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Combining West and Aus, PAX had a variety of panels streaming across Twitch and I checked a few of them out when I was able to. In addition, I had the opportunity to interview several indie game developers regarding their upcoming games which were showcased at the convention! I also catch everyone up on the console generation shift that's going on plus my current and planned games which are on my backlog! This is a very important milestone for me and I can't thank you guys enough for all the support and advice given over the years I've produced this show. Special thank you to all my guests who have joined me in each episode leading up to this one. Here's to many more
September 20, 2020
Content Creators + Quarantine
With the continued pandemic raging through the cosplay community, I wanted to take a look at how content creators have been handling themselves during this crazy time. My waifu for laifu Jaycee Cosplay joins me again with her perspective on this situation. Jess gives us a look as to how she's been able to produce content and do photoshoots during the last few months, along with her thoughts on online conventions and how things may change going forward. Not to mention the struggles she's had with booking hotels for Katsucon next year as well as her future cosplay plans afterwards. It seems like she's wanting to stick to casual modeling for a bit (which by the way, SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS in those recent pics)
September 8, 2020
Online Conventions
With the current state of the world through COVID, conventions have been cancelled/postponed throughout 2020. However, cons have been doing their best to adapt and initiate online offerings so that the spirit of conventions don't go away for this year. I discuss the most recent offerings with ReedPop's Metaverse as well as DC FanDome. Here I go into detail with the panels both events featured as well as the overall presentation of them. I talk about my favorite panels that were from each event, along with the vendor offerings on the Metaverse. Plus, I go into a discussion regarding Yaya Han's newest World of Cosplay book she released earlier this month, mentioning details and chapters from the book. With my ending remarks about hopeful future episodes, I hope you all enjoy this look at this temporary new norm for the cosplay and convention culture! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!
August 23, 2020
Laika: Sex Work, Music + Being Nerdy
I had the absolute pleasure to chat with Laika in this long episode all about her career as a content creator. From being a sex worker to utilizing it in helping her music career! She gives her opinion on the shift towards OnlyFans with multiple cosplayers flocking over to it and comparing the platform to Patreon. Not only that, Laika gushes over her gaming history with a love for Halo, Mass Effect and her current gaming state. Mostly it's Animal Crossing plus her being surprised about the new Paper Mario game! Plus she hints at a strong desire to get back into cosplay alongside sharing some convention stories. This was so much fun and I hope you all enjoy! Check out Laika's content on her Instagram below! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!
July 27, 2020
Cons in a Post-COVID World
CosplayBytes has returned from hiatus! Sorry for the delay, I wanted to take time to discuss how potentially conventions will change their operations once the pandemic has ended. Virtual con alternatives? Panels being done online? This and more are told in this episode. You also get an update sort of things for the immediate future of the show
July 12, 2020
Cosplaying on a Budget
Mink joins me in a discussion about cosplaying on a budget alongside cosplaying for cheap. If you're just starting out as a cosplayer, this is a fantastic opportunity to learn how many cosplayers go about gathering materials for their outfits. Learn tips in regards to saving money alongside alternative methods to creating things that would otherwise be a little more on the expensive side! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Mink the Satyr on Patreon!
May 25, 2020
Kadu=Out + Content Creation
Happy May! While we're all stuck in quarantine, I was more than eager to record new episodes for you guys! Today, I'm joined by cosplayer and photographer Kadu=Out who I managed to work with last year at NYCC! Get to know Kadu even more as we talk about his history with cosplay and photography. We also discuss content creation and touch on the topic of burnout. Being a content creation of any kind means burnout comes in various forms. It's a solid chance that you have even dealt with it at some point too. We go into tips and tricks for dealing with it PLUS Kadu goes into detail about his future cosplays, his workflow and how he got involved with the Esports scene + League of Legends! I hope you all enjoy this fun conversation. For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Kadu=Out with the links below!
May 17, 2020
Why We Cosplay: Pokemon
In this installment of Why We Cosplay, I got to talk with Mink the Satyr about the one franchise that won't stop growing, Pokemon! From cosplaying as the Gym Leaders, Professors and other NPC's, to the massive amount of Pokemon itself! The concept of gijinkas really runs wild when it comes to cosplayers selecting which creature to create an outfit on. We talk about the Pokemon cosplays we've done ourselves as well as a look into what makes Mink choose both the Pokemon and overall design concept! As always, we go off topic PLUS talk about Animal Crossing since that's all the rage these days :). For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Mink the Satyr on Patreon!
April 19, 2020
Krissy Victory + OnlyFans
In a brand new episode, I'm joined by cosplayer and lewd model Krissy Victory for a lengthy discussion about OnlyFans and its rise as a platform for cosplayers and models alike! Learn about the pros and cons, cosplayers utilizing both this and Patreon as their source of income, and what the future holds for both websites! I also ask Krissy about her history with cosplay along with her general thoughts of being a POC in the community! Check out all of Krissy Victory's work and websites at the link below! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!
April 13, 2020
Content Creation in the Digital Age
In this episode, I do my best in presenting the topic of Content Creation in cosplay and just in general for the digital age we live in today! Originally a panel idea for a 1-day digital con, this was something I wanted to present as I have a huge amount of experience being a content creator myself. I talk about the variety of platforms you can use to promote your work, fighting algorithms and just finding your own voice in what you create. I discuss various communities that exist for cosplayers, streamers and more! Hope you all enjoy this episode! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!
April 5, 2020
Cosplay + Coronavirus
I wanted to quickly get an episode/update of sorts regarding how the Coronavirus has been affecting the cosplay and convention industry. This was a little difficult to do solo so I hope you guys don't mind! Due to the length of the episode I decided to implement the ".5" notation. This will only be used on episodes that don't hit the usual length that I hope to have for each one. I hope you all are safe and healthy, please remember to support your creators in this very awkward time during the convention season! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!
March 15, 2020
PAX East 2020 Pt. 3
For my last PAX East episode, I got to chat with my wonderful friends Chris and Shaylin! I spent most of my Thursday with them at the con! We talked about Animal Crossing, the craziness of the lines, Riot's past history with PAX East and how cosplay was overall. They both mention their previous cosplay adventures at ColossalCon, all the shopping, and so much more! I really hope you all enjoyed my PAX East coverage, definitely something I'd love to do again
March 14, 2020
PAX East 2020 Pt. 2
Continuing my PAX East coverage, I'm joined by my wonderful friend Dillon aka Bunwitch/Princess Gigglesnort! We got to hang out multiple times and it was an incredible time. Check out the stuff she did with working for Atomic Hype, promoting the Acer afterparty alongside her thoughts on FF7 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3. Dillon is very much into KH which is always awesome to have as far as common interests go. While she was sick partly during the con, she always made sure I was having a wonderful time and helped out with gathering content and pics for you guys
March 8, 2020
PAX East 2020 Pt. 1
My coverage of PAX East starts now with an excitingly long episode with my wonderful friend Mink the Satyr. Join us as we go through each of the days and how it was for us. From trying out a variety of games, the booths that had the most presence plus all the shopping we did. Mink also dives into her cosplays and the panels she hosted (which were multiple!). Other cons are mentioned, the impact of the coronavirus in the convention scene and other podcasting related topics! This is crazy long so strap yourselves in! This won't be the only PAX East video by the way ^_^ For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Mink the Satyr on Patreon!
March 7, 2020
Katsucon 2020
I wasn't able to attend Katsucon this year however I did have a chance to talk about it with my OG cosplay waifu. Join me and Jaycee Cosplay for a look at one of the biggest cons of the start of 2020 in terms of cosplay. Learn about the outfits Jess brought, the cosplays/fandoms she saw and her history with cosplay. She also gives her own view as to how cosplays and conventions have changed over the last 10 years. Plus tidbits at some of the odd/crazy stuff that went down at Katsu! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Jaycee Cosplay at these links!
March 7, 2020
PAX East 2020: Sutefaniiroozu Interview
My interview with Sutefaniiroozu at PAX East 2020!
March 3, 2020
PAX East 2020: Morrigan Lynx Interview
My Morrigan Lynx Interview from PAX East 2020!
March 3, 2020
Why We Cosplay: Final Fantasy
In a new Episode idea, I take a look at a certain storied franchise and see why it's so popular to cosplay from. For this inaugural episode, I'm joined by Leyonhart Cosplay as we both geek out over Final Fantasy in general. Learn about her past work regarding FF Cosplays in addition to a small look at her never ending cosplans with revamps and new characters left and right! Plus we talk a little bit about Kingdom Hearts, Leyonhart's history with gaming and so much more! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Leyonhart Cosplay on Instagram!
February 15, 2020
Creation Con
For this episode, I'm joined by Jonathan who's the head of a newly created organization called Goggles and Gadgets. Mainly to talk about a convention that he's trying to start up known as Creation Con. The convention itself is a one day event held in New York and is being touted as something that hasn't been done before. Geared towards cosplayers, come learn about this upcoming event and what it's like starting up a convention from the ground up! You can check out Goggles and Gadgets page here! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!
February 9, 2020
State of Cosplay 1
Season 3 is here and to kick it off, I'm going solo! Thanks to a friend's suggestion, I'll be doing these episodes where I take a look at the cosplay community and where it's heading. Mainly in terms of trends and controversies taken part. Only with giant gaps between episodes though. You also get a look at what I have planned for 2020 plus my announcement of attending PAX East
January 26, 2020
Convention Safety with Cosplay + RI Comic Con 2019
In what's possibly the final episode of 2019, I'm joined by Mink the Satyr as we discuss a much needed topic regarding safety at conventions. Especially for those that are in cosplays, revealing or not! We go over tips and strategies attendees can use in order to make their well being feel at ease. Plus utilizing elements like convention security to help yourself out in difficult situations. We also talk about RI Comic Con which happened in November PLUS go on one of our many famous tangents. This time, it's Pokemon Sword/Shield!  For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Mink the Satyr on Patreon!
December 9, 2019
BlizzCon 2019 + Convention Controversies
Here's a brand new episode for you all to enjoy! Sorry it's been such a long time since the last one. I'm joined with my wonderful friend Sutefaniiroozu as we discuss her time at BlizzCon earlier this month. The fan favorite con for Blizzard games faced some heavy backlash and controversy leading up to the con so we also have a lengthy discussion about that. Mainly touching on how the company handled it and how other conventions should handle troubling issues in the future. I also bring up another convention that faced scrutiny earlier this year as well. Plus, Stephanie goes into detail on how it was creating her cosplay for BlizzCon AND briefly talks about her recent trip as a guest in Saudi Arabia! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Sutefaniiroozu on Patreon!
November 26, 2019
New York Comic Con 2019
And so my biggest convention of the year has come and went! Join me and Mink the Satyr as we talk about our time at New York Comic Con! We may not have been able to run into each other, but we sure had a wonderful time! Cosplay mishaps on my end, buying swag in the vendor hall, and Mink's panel + contest adventures! We also go on a voice actor tangent with KH3 and other news that get us all giddy to talk about! Mink bringing in Aloy and her Toothless debut was nothing sort of amazing. Also added in cosplay techniques used to make Mink's wings for Toothless
October 13, 2019
Karnagecos + Cosplay in Australia
Let's go down under in this episode as I have with me my wonderful friend Karla of Karnagecos. We talk about what cosplay is like in Australia in addition to comparisons between conventions there and the US! Soon that takes us down the rabbit hole of which cosplayer is crazy tall, Warcraft memories, Pokemon and so much more. Oh and we both fangirl over certain cosplayers so YAY FANGIRLING!  For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Check out Karnagecos' Patreon!
October 2, 2019
Zach Fischer Illustration
For this lengthy episode, I have with me the wonderful Zach Fischer as my guest! Known in the cosplay world for his insane character re-designs, he's also been a huge local supporter for cosplayers and how social media has been treating them over the last few years or so. We also get slightly political (sorry XD), go into Game of Thrones talk, Disney establishing dominance, and a whole lot more! Strap yourselves in for a long one, this was super fun to record! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Zach Fischer on Twitter!
September 29, 2019
Cosplay in America
In this episode, I'm joined by Ejen who is the author of Volumes 1 + 2 of his book Cosplay in America! We talk about his start in going to conventions, what it was like creating the books and how he plans to go about volume 3. Plus, he also details his favorite type of cosplay in addition to recommending cons that people should travel to if they have that convention itch/fever :D.  For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! You can follow Ejen and his work here!
September 22, 2019
DragonCon 2019
Leah Stevo is back for more as we talk about her time at DragonCon 2019! Widely seen as a giant party convention, Leah goes into detail about what else the convention offers. Plus see why it's so special to her! Of course there's also tidbits into how she made her cosplays from the con too! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! View Leah Stevo's work at the following sites!
September 14, 2019
Cosplay + Disability
For this episode, I've got Allie and Evie of the cosplay duo, Hope and Feathers Cosplay! With both of them being impacted by disabilities, they talk about how it's been for them being in the cosplay world. Also included in this episode are convention tales and how making outfits are when incorporating materials onto such supports like canes, wheelchairs and more! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!   Follow Hope and Feathers Cosplay on Instagram!
August 12, 2019
I'm joined by the ever wonderful hosts of fellow cosplay podcast, CosPod! Learn about Valerie and Amber's cosplay origins in addition to how the podcast came to be. Plus, learn what it's like for them as a show to be a guest at conventions! They also share some rad techniques they used in some of their latest cosplays :) For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!   Check out CosPod at the following links!
July 20, 2019
POC + Cosplay
For this very special episode, I'm joined by Phalafel Cosplays as we go into a deep dive about being a POC/Minority in the cosplay world. Including all the pros and cons, with tidbits on how amazing the community has been plus what needs to be improved. We also go on about E3 which happened last month! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!   Follow Phalafel Cosplays on Instagram!
July 7, 2019
BluLightningCos + Cosplay
First solo episode hype! Listen to my history with the cosplay community and how I got involved including the foundations of my blog! Really not much else to say XD. Meeting Jessica Nigri along with so many other cosplayers you may be familiar with too! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!  
June 15, 2019
ColossalCon 2019
What better way to kick off June than with some swimsuit fun times! I'm joined by my friend Azumii Cosplay as we talk about her time at Colossalcon this year. Based at a water park, it's essentially a giant haven for swimsuit versions of any character you can possibly think of! We also go into detail on some of her past cosplays PLUS go on a Blizzard rant! :D For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!   Follow Azumii on Patreon!
June 8, 2019
Intraventus + Changes in the Cosplay Community
The kawaii pink queen herself, Intraventus is my guest on this new episode! We talk about her views on what it's like seeing the cosplay community and hobby as a whole grow the last 10 years she's been creating cosplay. I also get a look as to how Patreon is going for her in addition to inside looks on a few of her cosplays she's made recently! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!   Follow Intraventus on Patreon!
May 9, 2019
Bloodthirsty Beauty, Cosplay on the West Coast + Patreon
I'm joined in this episode with my wonderful friend Bloodthirsty Beauty as we talk about her start in getting into cosplay, her creative nature and so much more! We talk about how the cosplay community is alongside the west coast where she's based. You get a real sense into how much she wants to grow and love her little cosplay circle in addition to seeing how she juggles Patreon with school and a full time job! Also lots of motivational words that Joanne has to share which is really touching and sweet :) For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!   Follow Bloodthirsty Beauty on Patreon!
May 8, 2019
PAX East 2019 (Part 2), Panels + Twitch
In this installment, I'm joined by Mink the Satyr as we take another look at PAX East from her perspective! Mainly with the added twist of discussing what goes into running and submitting panels to conventions. Learn the main topics that Mink tries to stick with but also with new ideas she's trying for future conventions! Plus, Mink goes into detail about her Twitch streams and how they've been going for her so far :D For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!   Follow Mink the Satyr on Patreon!
May 8, 2019
Emerald City Comic Con 2019
My waifu Leah Stevo joins me on an exciting trip through her time as a Pro at Emerald City Comic Con! From loving little kids dressed up, to the types of vendors, she had an absolute blast. Critical Role, Fallout 4, Diablo and more are mentioned! Plus, find out what makes certain characters an instant draw for Leah to cosplay as. For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!   Follow Leah Stevo on Instagram!
April 27, 2019
C2E2 and Social Media + Cosplay
I'm joined by my wonderful bestie and marketing whiz OhMySophii! We go over her recent travels to C2E2 in the Midwest as it was her first time there! Then we dive into the crazy algorithms that social media is throwing at us. Specifically with how it has impacted the cosplay community. Sophii gives some tips in terms of best times to post and how interaction is key! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!   Follow OhMySophii on Patreon!
April 26, 2019
Bishoujo Mom, Fetish Cosplay + SakuraCon!
In this episode, I got to chat with my favorite gal and cosplayer Juliette Michele otherwise known as Bishoujo Mom! We get going about fetish cosplay, what made her dive into doing all the famous fictional moms as cosplays in addition to touching upon Fire Emblem for a brief bit! Details about some of Bishoujo Mom's latest cons like SakuraCon in Seattle are also mentioned plus a look inside the convention scene in Texas! This is one episode you don't wanna miss
April 25, 2019
PAX East 2019 + POC in Cosplay
I hope you all are ready for another exciting episode of CosplayBytes! I've got with me the gorgeous Akakioga as we both talk about our time at PAX East 2019 which happened in March. From things we saw, to the partying Akakioga did that night, everything is covered! Plus we also dive into the issues cosplayers of color face in the community! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!   Follow Akakioga on Patreon!
April 6, 2019
Holly Wolf, Playboy to Cosplay + Harassment
Everyone's favorite family-friendly cosplayer Holly Wolf sits down with me for an amazing chat about her life, getting to where she is now, and the odd stigma/harassment that she and many other cosplayers have been facing in the past few months! Also we both get amped for Pokemon Sword and Shield! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!   Follow Mink the Satyr on Patreon!
March 7, 2019
Katsucon 2019
I got the amazing Sutefaniiroozu with me as we talked about Katsucon this year and how it was for her! Including insight on her cosplays worn like Toothless :D. We also go into detail about standout groups that were there, wearing cosplays more than once, and more! :) For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!   Follow Sutefaniiroozuon Patreon!
February 26, 2019
David Ngo + Cosplay Photography
I'm joined by photographer David Ngo as we talk about his journey from becoming the well known name he is today! How he works on editing his finished shots in addition to how he actually shoots photos at conventions! Small talk about Katsucon is mentioned too! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!   Follow David Ngo on Patreon!
February 24, 2019
Mink the Satyr + Cosplay Changes for 2019!
I'm joined by Mink the Satyr as we continue to go on tangents as we discuss Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, and things we wish to have changed in the cosplay world for 2019. Topics like gatekeeping and con crunch/burnout! :D For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!   Follow Mink the Satyr on Patreon!
February 1, 2019
Rage Custom Creations + Being a Veteran in Cosplay
Happy 2019 everybody! For the first episode of the new year, I sat down with my friend Carlos of Rage Custom Creations! We talked about what it's like from his perspective being a cosplayer of 20+ years looking at new cosplayers as well as the scene exploding in popularity! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Rage Custom Creations on Instagram!
January 6, 2019
Marie Grey + Twitch Streaming
For the Season Finale of CosplayBytes, I chat with my longtime friend Marie Grey as we discuss the similarities between cosplay and streaming. Mainly in terms of communities and content creation! Thank you all very much for being with me from the start as this podcast has grown and evolve within its first year-ish! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Marie Grey on Twitter!
December 9, 2018
Rhode Island Comic Con 2018
I've got a special double dose of trouble with Mink the Satyr and League of Larcy for today's Episode. Join us as we talk about the girls' time at RI Comic Con in November AND MAYBE FOLLOW THE FORMAT
November 21, 2018
New York Comic Con 2018
In this Episode, I'm joined with Ani-Mia as we talk about our time at New York Comic Con earlier this month! We also discuss her current cosplay plans, and the various charity works she does in relation to her cosplay career. For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Ani-Mia on Instagram!
October 22, 2018
Lara Lunardi, Gaming Industry and Cosplay
This month, I celebrate my blog's 5-year anniversary! My wonderful friend Lara Lunardi joins me as we discuss her time coming to the US and studying game design, cosplay benefiting her life with opportunities and other fun tidbits! Plus stuff about her show Geekin It! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon!  Learn more about Lara Lunardi here!
August 2, 2018
For this late July episode, I've got my wonderful friend Azura Cosplay as we dive into talks about Patreon and how it's affected the cosplay community. Opinions, thoughts on how a Patreon should be run/structured, and some talk about past cons and cosplays Azura has done :D For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Azura Cosplay on Patreon!
July 31, 2018
YetiCon 2018
In this new Episode, I talk to my wonderful friend Sarah about her time last weekend at YetiCon in Canada! A favorite of hers that truthfully sounds like a vacation spot, check out how that con is like along with the cosplay scene in Canada. YetiCon to her is known as the ColossalCon of Canada so it fits given that con just happened! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Villanarei on Patreon!
June 20, 2018
MomoCon 2018
Join me and my guest Canary Cosplay as we talk about her time vending at MomoCon last weekend! Final Fantasy talk, geeking over cosplayers we adore, figures and much more! For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Canary Cosplay on Instagram!
June 7, 2018
PAX East 2018
In this Episode, Mink the Satyr and I talk about her times at PAX East along with reminiscing about past shows. Many tangents, technical difficulties and a new format debut here! Panel discussion as well as the state of the con and how the gaming industry appeared there. For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Mink the Satyr on Patreon!
June 7, 2018
Katsucon 2018
The Debut Episode of Cosplay Bytes! A podcast all about cosplay with other bits of nerdy goodies in-between! Join me and my friend Mink the Satyr as we talk about attending Katsucon this past February, what makes Pokemon so inviting for cosplay designs, photoshoots and other high moments of the con. For more Cosplay News, check out my blog and Patreon! Follow Mink the Satyr on Patreon!
June 7, 2018