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This podcast contains the weekly teachings from Church on The Rock Homer. Led by pastor Aaron Weisser.
Love God, Love People, Make Disciples.
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You Deserve This
Dr. Aaron Weisser on Isaiah 53
August 19, 2019
Has God Forgotten You?
Dr. Edson Knapp on Psalm 22
August 13, 2019
The New Covenant Experience
Skip Bowersox on Jeremiah 31
August 6, 2019
Defining Conviction
Skip Bowersox on Daniel 3
July 28, 2019
Power & Politics
Aaron Weisser on Daniel 5-6 at our outdoor service.
July 21, 2019
Waking Up
Skip Bowersox on Daniel 2
July 15, 2019
Living Godly in an Ungodly World
Bill Wilkinson on Daniel 1
July 8, 2019
Countering Contempt
Skip Bowersox on Malachi
July 1, 2019
Climbing In Your Windows
Dr. Aaron Weisser on the book of Joel.
June 23, 2019
Rebuild God's Meeting Place
Skip Bowersox on Haggai 1
June 20, 2019
Made For Love
Dr. Edson Knapp on Hosea
June 10, 2019
Jonah's Death Wish
Skip Bowersox on Jonah 4
June 2, 2019
Put on a Happy Face
Aaron Weisser on Nehemiah 12-13
May 27, 2019
The Strength to Overcome
Skip Bowersox on Nehemiah 8. Here is what Skip said before Sunday,  "Church on the Rockers, When I think about my own funeral, I imagine it would go something like this: I'd like to be cremated and have my ashes kept in one of my five-gallon buckets. As attendees walk through the door, everyone gets a Bowersox Tile t-shirt. My wife has already told me that she will likely not attend.  I believe this is because she will be too overcome with grief, though I suspect the real reason is this will be her first opportunity to clear the kitchen counter of all my paperwork and whatnot. After the service, we'll all meet at the homestead where Alan and Linda will provide burgers, and Pam and Dwayne will provide Cocoa Pebbles. We'll gather around the campfire as Robert Tonner leads us in a sing-along of Paul Overstreet’s greatest hits. The only piece I don't have figured out is who will speak. I would like Aaron Weisser to share, but he will likely be too choked up (you know how he gets). Scott Fraley could share some funny stories about selling encyclopedias. That really has nothing to do with me, but it’s always fun to hear. We could just do an open mic as long as you guys promise not to let my brother-in-law, Josiah Fisher, have a turn. Unfortunately, our best option for speaker at my funeral would be the dead guy in the bucket. I know exactly what passage I would share. I know exactly what message I would give. If I were preaching at my own funeral, I would turn to the passage that has most clearly defined the gospel in my own experience.  Ironically enough, this very gospel passage is found in the Old Testament. Since I can't preach it at my own funeral, I decided to beat the rush and preach on Nehemiah 8 this Sunday. No need to bring flowers. Skip"
May 19, 2019
Give Up NOW!
Aaron Weisser shares with us from Nehemiah 4-6. 
May 14, 2019
If Only
Edson Knapp
May 7, 2019
Sad Seconds
Aaron Weisser
April 30, 2019
The Defining Conversation
Skip Bowersox
April 21, 2019
Worthy of Praise
Skip Bowersox
April 16, 2019
Blood & Water
Dr. Aaron Weisser
April 8, 2019
Can We All Get Along?
Bill Wilkinson on Reconciliation. Here is what he said before Sunday: “I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we...can we all get along?” Many of you may remember those words of Rodney King during the Los Angeles riots of 1992.  This lasted six days, resulted in 63 deaths, over 2300 injured, and required the US Army and Marine Corps to restore order. The people were rioting because of the acquittal of the police officers that had severely beaten Rodney King. America saw that beating on video tape. What’s amazing is that in the midst of the rioting here was Rodney, the man who had been beaten, on national TV pleading for people to get along, to essentially forgive what had been done to him.  Let’s take a look at God's view of “getting along” this week as we open His word. His word may shed some light on how we can better “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39, Gal 5:14).  See you on Sunday, and let’s see if we can all get along on the car ride to church. Bill Wilkinson
March 31, 2019
Good Job Job
Job |3| Randy Weisser "Job and Genesis tie for being my favorite book of the Bible. In terms of the number of notes scribbled in the margins of my Bible, Job comes out ahead (using that metric). Job is such a unique book among all the other Bible books. We don’t know who Job is, we don’t know where he comes from, and we don’t even know who wrote the story. It begins with this powerful, explosive left hook to the jaw out of nowhere which sends Job, and us, reeling. Then we go along for the agonizing, wrenching journey as Job spends 40 chapters trying to figure out what just happened. We then discover that, all along that journey, there are gems to be discovered that help us understand who God is and how much he values His relationship with us. Join us this Sunday for the last in this three part series from the Book of Job. Randy Weisser"
March 24, 2019
Then I Thought
Job |2| Then I Thought - Aaron Weisser Key Verse: Job 29:18-20 "Have you ever chosen to do something really difficult for someone else and then, while doing that difficult thing, consoled yourself by thinking about how much they were going to owe you? Then later you find yourself angry when you realize the person doesn’t fully appreciate the degree of his or her indebtedness? So, you try to find ways to draw attention to your sacrifice so you can fully enjoy the benefits of their obligation to you? Yeah, me neither. I would never be so immature…. This Sunday we will continue in the study of Job. We are going to look at the fundamental error and point of confusion in Job’s thinking. It has to do with Job being a great guy and God not fully comprehending how much blessing Job deserved as a result. I want you to think about this question leading up to Sunday: "When you are good, what does your goodness purchase for you?" Looking forward to our time together, Aaron"
March 17, 2019
Your Answers Are No Longer Helpful
Job week 1 of 3 with Luke Epperson. Key Verse: Job 13:15-16 Here is what Luke shared with us before Sunday: "Pain hurts. It makes us wince, cringe, cuss, cry, hide, and want to avoid those situations at any cost. But pain can often be managed, and pain is often temporary. Suffering, however, shakes us at a far deeper level. It slams us beyond the limits of who we are and what we love. Pain hurts us. Suffering changes us. And there, in the middle of our personal pain, grief, and chaos, God reigns with justice and goodness. And that brings up all sorts of questions that defy the answers we have loved so dearly. This Sunday we will begin looking through the book of Job, the story of unthinkable, personal horror for the man recognized by God as the most righteous man alive. Job lives his suffering in front of us, asking questions you’re not supposed to ask, saying the things you’re not supposed to say, and moving through the limits of his identity in a way that led, finally, to peace. As we explore Job over the coming three weeks, we will look at the Philosophy of Suffering, the Theology of Suffering, and this week, the Humanity of Suffering. See you soon, Luke Epperson" Takeaways:  Suffering deconstructs us.  God reconstructs Job with a broader understanding of God and self.
March 10, 2019
Not My Problem
Aaron Weisser
March 3, 2019
Where is God?
Skip Bowersox
February 24, 2019
Fight For Your Right to Party
Skip Bowersox
February 17, 2019
The Little Sister
Aaron Weisser
February 10, 2019
Newly Shorn Ewes
Aaron Weisser
February 3, 2019
His Banner Over Me
Skip Bowersox
January 27, 2019
Street Corner
Aaron Weisser
January 20, 2019
Wisdom and Her Evil Twin
Skip Bowersox
January 13, 2019
It's About Time
Skip Bowersox
January 6, 2019
Addressing Futility
Aaron Weisser.  Thanks The Bible Project for their video!
December 30, 2018
God Came Down
Skip Bowersox
December 23, 2018
I've Been Searching
Skip Bowersox
December 16, 2018
I'm Wearing Out
Aaron Weisser
December 9, 2018
Shh Don't Tell
Aaron Weisser
November 25, 2018
This is The Way, Walk in it
Skip Bowersox
November 4, 2018
Live Long and Prosper
Skip Bowersox
October 21, 2018
A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven
Skip Bowersox
October 14, 2018
10th Anniversary Celebration Service
Celebrate 10 years of loving God, loving people, and making disciples here in Homer, Alaska!
October 7, 2018
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