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Courtney Black's Black History Facts - #CBBHF

Courtney Black's Black History Facts - #CBBHF

By Courtney Black
Comedian Courtney Black introduces you to amazing Black inventors who made a huge difference to the world. Many of whom were never given credit since slaves weren't seen as American citizens and therefore, could not legally hold patents.

Feel free to share these Black History Facts with everyone you know! Each One, Teach One!
#BlackHistoryISAmericanHistory #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistory365 #BlackHistory
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John Lee Love - Portable Pencil Sharpener Inventor

Courtney Black's Black History Facts - #CBBHF

Henry Blair - Pioneering Farming Inventor
Henry Blair's inventions increased farming efficiency and he still never got his 40 acres & a mule!  #BlackHistoryISAmericanHistory #BlackHistoryALWAYS #BlackHistory365 #BlackHistory #BlackHistoryMonth
March 18, 2022
Thomas W. Stewart - Inventor of the Clamping Mop
Thomas W. Stewart decided that people shouldn't have to touch a dirty mop head so he added a clamp that is used to wring out the mop for us. He also made the mop head removeable so it can be washed or thrown away and replaced with a new one. Thanks Mr. Stewart! #BlackHistory365 #BlackHistory #BlackHistoryIsAmericanHistory
March 11, 2022
Sharae Moore, Founder of SHE Trucking, LLC
Celebrating #SharaeMoore founder of SHE Trucking,LLC, a #Black #female #owned #trucking #business! #CBBHF #cBlackFact #blackhistory365 #BlackHistoryISAmericanHistory #BlackHistory #women
March 02, 2022
Isaac R. Johnson, Bicycle Frame Inventor
Are you riding your bike this 3-day weekend? Let's thank #IsaacRJohnson! #CBBHF #cBlackFact #BlackHistoryMonth #blackhistory365 #BlackHistoryISAmericanHistory #FunnyChickFlow
February 21, 2022
John Lee Love - Portable Pencil Sharpener Inventor
If you #Love a good 'ole sharpened #2 pencil you owe it to #JohnLeeLove! #CBBHF #cBlackFact #Inventor #BlackHistory #BlackHistoryMonth #blackhistory365 #BlackHistoryISAmericanHistory
February 17, 2022
Judy Woodford Reed, Invented the Dough Kneader & Roller
Any bakers out there? If you use a mixing machine for your dough you owe it to Judy Woodford Reed. Judy Woodford Reed is credited as being the 1st African American female to receive a U.S. patent. Reed received Patent No. 305,474 for a "Dough Kneader and Roller" granted September 23, 1884.
February 13, 2022
Frederick Loudin, Invented the Key Chain
If you've never lost individual keys it is probably because of Fisk Jubilee Singer & inventor Frederick Loudin.
February 07, 2022
Granville T. Woods, The Black Edison!, Inventor
Granville T. Woods, known as "The Black Edison", was the first African American mechanical and electrical engineer after the Civil War. Being self-taught, he held almost 60 U.S. patents. Alexander Graham Bell & Thomas Edison actually purchased 'their' widely known inventions from Granville. Unfortunately, Granville died penniless when he should have been richly revered as the backbone of technology. He spent all of his money on court cases for his inventions. Granville developed a deep anger towards his circumstances and the people who tried to keep him down. They broke his spirit. I salute you & thank you Granville T. Woods! #BlackHistory
February 03, 2022