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CPL Fever: Canadian Premier League News & In-Depth Player Interviews - Get into the ⚽️ Journey

CPL Fever: Canadian Premier League News & In-Depth Player Interviews - Get into the ⚽️ Journey

By Andrew Murray
All things the Canadian Premier League (CPL) and Canadian Soccer. #CanPL #onesoccer

CPL Fever is here to cover the news about the Canadian Premier League and interviews with staff and players in and around the Canadian Premier League and Canadian Soccer. We cover HFX Wanderers, York9 FC, Valour FC, Pacific FC, CavalryFC , Forge FC, FC Edmonton, and Atletico Ottawa.

We specialize in discovering asking deep questions about what it takes for a soccer player to become pro.

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Soccer Stories: Get into the Journey with Elliot Simmons of Cavalry FC
Soccer Stories: Get into the Journey with Elliot Simmons of Cavalry FC. Hey everyone, it’s Jack here and today CPLFever is releasing an interview with one of the best midfielders in the CPL. One of my favourite players, Cavalry FC Regista Elliot Simmons! I first met Elliot when I was a ball retriever for the Halifax Wanderers. I often got to talk with Elliot for a little bit in the hours leading up to kickoff. Elliot was always so kind and really easy to talk to. I always enjoyed watching him, too. I thought he was a tidy player with good technique and I always was impressed by his excellent soccer IQ. Cavalry FC It's clear that Elliot has found his home with Cavalry FC and under the tutelage of head gaffer, Tommy Wheeldon Jr. We ask him a ton of questions about Cavalry ranging from what it is like to play under Tommy Wheeldon Jr., and whether he thought his gaffer was the best-dressed gaffer in the CPL. Then we also talk about Elliot’s game style, how he has become such an amazing midfielder, how he developed his soccer IQ, his passing skill, and more!
December 13, 2021
Soccer Stories: Get Into The Journey With Victory Shumbusho
Victory Shombusho is our latest player interview. Hey everyone, it’s Jack here and I’m so incredibly thrilled to finally be releasing our interview with Victory Shumbusho!  Victory gives some AWESOME tips on being a top striker. (Unfortunately this interview was delayed as the audio needed some editing - but the final product is good.) Every great player has had a different pathway on their way to becoming a professional soccer player, but I wanted to interview Victory because I think he has a story that is so inspiring. When I first read about him in a Canadian Premier League article, I was so inspired by his story that I wanted to know more about him. We discussed his time in the Congo and we also spent time talking about what life was like in Uganda. He talks about how he started playing soccer in Uganda after moving from Congo. Victory speaks about how in Uganda, you had to be good enough to get on the field and play soccer. He had a desire to improve, and he asked a really good player to teach him tricks. Victory would do chores for the guy and in return, this player would teach Victory tricks and moves that he would practice. This really helped him develop his skills in a competitive environment. Victory is someone who was persistent and he never gave up on his dream – Now he is starting to see the fruits of his labour by being a dominant striker at the U-Sports level and on the brink of playing in the CPL. I know if I was a coach of any CPL team, I would want him: fast, strong, and with a killer shot, Victory sounds like the whole package to me. When Victory talked about being a striker, he was so descriptive that it really gave us a window into the “thinking” of a striker and he gave so many good tips for young players trying to excel in that position. 💪 Tip: For young strikers trying to learn from someone who plays your position, make sure you listen to this interview. Overall, interviewing Victory is a definite must-listen. Follow his story and discover how he fell in love with soccer, came to Canada, his mindset and belief in sports psychology, his time with the Vancouver Whitecaps, what it was like being drafted by Pacific FC and Pa-Modou Kah, his time in U sports, and more... Read more on the blog:
September 25, 2021
Soccer Stories: Get Into The Journey With Ollie Bassett
Welcome to another episode of “Soccer Stories: Get Into The Journey.” This week’s guest is Northern Ireland midfielder, Ollie Bassett. I personally was so excited when Ollie accepted our offer to interview him. Ollie, a newcomer to Pacific FC this year, has done fantastically under Pa-Modou Kah. Before I had even seen Ollie play in the CPL I was excited for him because I had a hunch that he was going to be a real quality player for the Tridents. I have really enjoyed seeing him on the pitch for Pacific FC and in fact, I wrote an article about him after speaking to him in the press room. In the interview, I had an absolute blast. We started off this interview by talking about his time in the Aston Villa Academy and how that shaped him as a player. It was incredible to get all of the details and to get on the inside of what a top club would be like. I especially liked hearing about how everything was done with a ball, for example, fitness was done with a ball and it was to get you as many touches on the ball as possible as a youngster. We also spend a big portion of time chatting about futsal. Ollie explains how futsal also helped mold him into the soccer player that he is today. Other topics we cover are his time in Yeoviltown, New Zealand, and playing for Northern Ireland. During the course of the interview, you notice that Ollie is determined, committed to his sport and his attitude is something that young players should pay attention to because his attitude is top-notch, and in the professional game that is how you overcome the many roadblocks you will face. So have fun and listen to this interview with one of my favourite players to watch in the CPL.
August 31, 2021
Fans of the League (The 12th Man): Meet Superfan Denton Froese The Pirate of the East Coast (New Segment!)
Welcome to another episode of, Fans Of The League with the Halifax Pirate himself, Denton Froese! We did our first fans of the league episode a while back with Missy Searl. Daddy and I really enjoyed doing that and we are happy to be releasing another interview with another Wanderer’s superfan.  Denton has been an avid supporter of the Halifax Wanderers and a bright spot whenever I got to see him at the grounds.  When I was a ballboy at the Wanderers Grounds I would always see him in the stands cheering extra loudly in his absolutely awesome outfit! In this interview, I was so excited to get his story. We talked about his love of the Halifax Wanderers, his fanzine "The HFX Cookbook,"  how his outfit came about, and of course, how excited he was to get back in the stands at the Wanderers grounds! I have to say one of my favourite parts about the interview was hearing about how his pirate outfit came about. So if you want to know how an opera coat became a pirate coat and why Denton describes the experience as being the first on the dance floor, then be sure to have a listen! So get ready and enjoy this interview with Halifax Wanderer’s superfan, the Pirate of the Wanderers Grounds, also known as Denton Froese! Check out the blog post here. Follow Denton on Twitter #halifaxwanderers #hfxwanderersfc #canadianpremierleague
August 20, 2021
Soccer Stories: Iain Hume Interview Part 2
In part 2 of our interview with Canadian striker and legend, Iain Hume, we talk about his time playing the the English Championship with Leicester and the Tranmere Rovers. We also cover his dramatic head injury which left him with a large scar. And we talk about his retirement from soccer as a player and how difficult that can be. And Iain shares his next steps with his coaching. Enjoy Part 2 of our interview with Iain Hume. Click here to read the blog post and timestamps.
August 04, 2021
Soccer Stories: Get into the Journey with Canadian Soccer Legend Iain Hume | From Leicester to CANMNT to the Indian Super League
I'm ecstatic because the interview we are releasing is Part 1 with Canadian soccer icon, Iain Hume! Getting the opportunity to chat with Iain, a Canadian striker with an unbelievable career, playing not only for his country but clubs like: * Leicester City * Barnsley * Kerala Blasters FC * Atletico de Kolkata ...has been a highlight for me here with CPLFever! During this 2-hour interview (which is being released in 2 parts) we had the privilege to go in-depth into Iain's experiences! Iain has incredible knowledge and perspective on the game and this is a definite must-listen-to interview. We covered so many interesting topics including how he became such a prolific striker and the hunger, desire, and tenacity you need to become one. Iain then highlights the different types of strikers which was a very eye-opening conversation. In this full hour, we also covered him playing the Indian Super League and the current Canadian Men's National Team. He shares some interesting insights about what it's like to play for your country.    Plus, we also get into some more topics like the media, being on the OneSoccer panel, and many more insights in Part 2, so stay tuned for that over the next couple of days! Follow Iain Hume on Twitter and Instagram Check out more about his unique coaching program here.
July 25, 2021
Fans of the League (The 12th Man): Meet Superfan Missy Searl (New Segment!)
We started a new segment called "Fans of the League" where we talk to some of the fans around the Canadian Premier League #CanPL The fans are the twelfth man, the fans are the ones that make any league special, and I think that the CPL fans have been great to the league and the teams. We wanted to share the stories of all of these amazing superfans and how they fell in love with their teams.  So when I thought about the quintessential fan, I knew who I had to interview. Our first fan could be none other than the fan who is known as Mama Searl! The Mama of the Halifax Wanderers, Missy Searl! I have been friends with Missy for a while now. We first met when I was a ballboy for the Halifax Wanderers and usually I was the ballboy in front of her section. I always had such a fun time being a ballboy, and I always thought that all the fans were great but I particularly always remembered Missy and her family by the amount of passion they exuded for the Wanderers on game days! Later on we became friends on Instagram, we talked frequently to each other there and we bonded outside of the Wanderers and the CPL with her love of the Spanish National team, and her cooking, boy can she cook! We go into both of those topics in this interview.  Missy is such a great person and part of this segment is getting to know the fans.  Along with her love for the Wanderers, Missy is making a huge difference in the community where she has her own business, “L Searl Virtual Consulting Services” where she helps and advises small business owners. To learn more about this, be sure to reach out to her on Instagram or Twitter. Check out out blog post for more info.
July 20, 2021
Soccer Stories: Get Into The Journey with William Akio of Valour FC. William Akio becomes a professional soccer player + YouTuber Growth Tips
We actually interviewed William just under a year ago when he was still playing at the University Of Texas Rio Grande Valley and when his YouTube channel only had a few thousand subscribers.  Since that time William has done great things like being called up to the South Sudan national team, his YouTube channel now has over 20k subs, he is now playing pro in the Canadian Premier League for Valour FC, and he has gotten his first-ever pro goal. Andrew and I dive into all of that news with William. William has grown so much since we last talked. During our first interview, he was full of advice and he knew so much for his age but now he knows even more that he has another year of high-level soccer under his belt. Plus, William now has a taste of what playing for a professional soccer team is like in that he has recently signed with CPL team, Valour FC. Willy has always been a fantastic striker with a knack for getting balls in the back of the net.  He is fast, strong, and a deadly finisher!  He is someone who will be able to score in lots of ways for Valour FC. Just giving you guys a heads up but if you haven't seen William play yet, he is an amazing striker who any team in the Canadian Premier League would want on their side! We talk to William about his YouTube channel which has seen some excellent growth - and about how he deals with creator burnout, how to grow subscribers fast, who inspired him to start a YouTube Channel, and how he developed into a successful monetized YouTuber. This is a critical section for anybody who has a YouTube Channel. If you have a YouTube Channel, I'd recommend you download this free browser addon to help grow your channel. In this interview, William talks about some of the goals that he hopes to achieve by the end of the season. One of his goals was to get 10 goals in the Canadian Premier League in his first season, and so far in just 2 appearances and just under 45 minutes on the field, Willy has already scored his first pro goal!  If you want to know what team William is most excited to play against, how William balances his YouTube and soccer life, and more, then enjoy this interview with Valour FC striker William Akio!
July 16, 2021
Soccer Stories: Get Into The Journey with Stephen Hart HC of HFX Wanderers and Former HC of the Trinidad & Tobago and Canadian National Teams
Welcome to another episode of "Soccer Stories: Get Into The Journey". This week's guest is Halifax Wanderers and 2020 CPL Coach Of The Year, the illustrious, Stephen Hart! I love him as a coach. I think he is a phenomenal tactician, and right before the interview, I couldn't believe that we were about to interview the Halifax Wanderers Head Coach but also the former head coach of not one, but two National teams - Canada 🇨🇦  and Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹! It's certainly not every day that you get to speak to someone who is so well versed in football, and yet we got to chat with Stephen for a good hour covering many different topics. We started off talking about his background growing up in a rural area of Trinidad & Tobago where watching soccer and cricket were literally "events" that people experienced. There were no replays while watching live, and he talked about how watching a lot of live games at his local field brought a romance to the game, and how that helped him tactically. Stephen's father, we found out, actually thought he was a better cricket player than a footballer! We also spend a brief time talking about the cuisine of Trinidad And Tobago. We really enjoyed talking about food and culture and lucky for us, Stephen shares one of his favourite recipe sites for Caribbean food. We then delved into his playing career and how he got his start in coaching.  Interestingly, with not much equipment, he started training kids to kick the ball through the legs of chairs and to pick the ball up on the other side. He mentioned one thing that was very revealing and it was that he sees himself as a "player developer" and you can see the importance of that throughout the interview.  He has a passion for helping players reach that next level in their careers. During the course of the interview, Stephen Hart gave us amazing advice for young players; the importance of enthusiasm and his belief that how you carry yourself, respecting the dressing room, and staying humble is critically important as a footballer and to the team morale. He also explains that nothing is more important than the team. The one thing he won't allow in his dressing room is a bad attitude and a player that won’t conform to the team. Talent does not trump attitude at any level of soccer. We also had an interesting exchange on how he handled challenging players, which he has had to deal with in his career as a coach. The conversation covered much ground, and things that came up during the interview were his thoughts on about ball winners, passers, dribblers, strikers and their different roles. We got to chat about the Wanderers, the new squad, the Italian concept of "Grinta," which was vital during their run at the Island Games, and how Coach Hart likes a vertical game and playing forward to eliminate lines. Near the end of the interview, we dive into more tactics and we talk about the death of the pure number 10, why that is, the re-invention of the number 10, and some players that are doing well with the re-invention! And so much more. YT Version Blog Post
May 20, 2021
Soccer Stories: Get Into The Journey with Pierre Lamothe. From Montreal to Halifax in the CPL
Today, we are excited to share with you this episode of "Soccer Stories, Get Into The Journey" where we interview Halifax Wanderers brand new signing, midfielder Pierre Lamothe. Pierre is a player that can make a big impact for the Wanderers. First off be sure to follow Pierre on his Instagram account here. Next, if you have not seen Pierre Lamothe's highlight reel, go check it out, because once you see it you will get excited for the Wanderers in the upcoming season. Something that I noticed when I watched him was how very adept he was at taking the ball out of the air and playing forward or calming down the play. The big plus is that his passing, work ethic, and footwork are excellent and he is incredibly FAST! The Interview During the interview with Pierre Lamothe, we talk about his time with the Montreal Impact Academy, learning about Grinta, mindset tips, how to take care of your body, and the biggest takeaways from being in that learning environment. We also expand on his playing style and what he tries to accomplish in games. Pierre also played for the Montreal Carabins with Omar Kriem and Aboucar Sissoko and they all know each other well. They won a title together, so we dive into that experience. Of course, we can’t forget to chat about how he’s settling in here in Halifax, about meeting the rest of the squad, what the training has been like, and general stuff about the upcoming season. Pierre has got a great personality; he's a lot of fun with a good sense of humour (you see it within the first few minutes of our interview) while also being very insightful with a calm confident aura. He is definitely one to watch. We then finish off the interview with some fun rapid-fire questions to get to know Pierre’s personality better! Watch the Pierre Lamothe interview on YouTube.
May 15, 2021
Soccer Stories: Joel Waterman The First Player To Get Signed from the CPL to the MLS - Get Into The Journey
Warning! This interview is highly recommended for any kids who aspire to go pro.  The first time I saw Joel Waterman playing soccer was when he was playing for Cavalry FC under head coach Tommy Wheeldon Jr.  Joel was so good in the inaugural season of the CPL that Club De Foot Montreal signed him and became the first team to sign a player from the CPL, and Joel became the first-ever player that started out in the CPL to go to the MLS. Since that defining moment, Joel Waterman has received multiple call ups to the Canadian senior Men's National Team. The Joel Waterman Interview We had a great conversation. Joel left a huge impression on me. If you have watched our previous interviews, you know how much I believe that having the "right" mindset can get you through anything. Listening to Joel I was impressed by his attitude, mindset, and discipline. In fact, there is one thing he  said will stay with me, and I think this is part of the secret to his incredible ascent is: Joel Waterman"The most supernatural thing we can do is be consistent." During our interview, our goal is to get into the soccer journey of our guests. We want to know how they fell in love with soccer, how they realized that soccer was the path they wanted to take, what drove them to pursue their football goal with passion, and what set them apart from the rest. We loved getting into Joel's journey, from the love of soccer shared by his whole family, Saturday morning games, and how his Dad was instrumental in developing his skills, getting him to understand the importance of "getting good at the basics." We also talked about the defining moments in his career, starting with the CPL to his move to the MLS and coaching with Thierry Henry. We delve into the changes he made to his game when he went from a CDM to a CB, what its like to be a ball-carrying center back (CB), his playing style and who he likes to watch and emulate. We also covered his Ambassadorship with Kidsport and other passion projects that are important to him. To wrap up the interview, we asked Joel some fun Rapid Fire Questions to get to know him better! Watching the interview, you can see that each answer was given with much thought and reflection. This is an incredibly in-depth interview and I want to thank Joel for getting into his journey and inspiring me and others to pursue our dreams.
May 07, 2021
Soccer Stories: Into The Journey with Mateo Restrepo. Converted from CB to FB + On Becoming a Doctor and Professional Soccer Player
In the interview, we had a lot of questions for Mateo.  We talked to him about his game style, the importance of his position (some surprises there!), mindset, diet, his time in Germany, his time with Santa Barbra, the Island Games, studying to be a doctor, and more! Mateo also talks extensively and in great depth about how he ended up playing in Germany, this experience in the Under 19 Bundesliga, and the pressure of playing there. Mateo Restrepo is a fantastic player with a fantastic mindset so get ready to enjoy this interview with the Halifax Wanderer’s fullback because we get into the journey. Below is the full interview and if you watch it on YouTube, the interview timestamp is on our Mateo Restrepo blog post.
May 01, 2021
Soccer Stories: Peter Schaale and the HFX Wanderers Prepare for Season 3
For me (and many people) Peter has become the iconic Halifax Wanderer.  A fan favourite, always giving back to the fans and community, he's a great guy and we're honoured that he came back on the show to give us a recap on what he's been doing recently and what we can expect this coming season. The Interview In this interview we catch up, find out what he's been doing in the offseason like spending some time on the West coast, we get into pre-season training, Peter’s connection with the fans, and his coaching experience with local club Halifax County. We also cover some of his other projects and marketing company - Did you see Halifax Wanderers Beer "The Grounds"  during the Island Games?  - yup that was him behind the marketing campaign!  You can check out more about Peter's involvement in the marketing campaign behind the limited edition Wanderer's been here. Football Tips From Peter Schaale One of my favourite parts of the conversation were what he looks for in terms of development from the kids he coaches, and the tips Peter gives young players specifically on heading, and when to check your shoulder as a defender.  He gets into some very specific details like his own personal "triggers" and more. Really insightful! Final Thoughts There were a lot of great moments and Peter is always great to chat to. We also touch on the inaugural season, being named to the Team of the Decade for the CBU Capers, and then we look ahead to the hopefully soon-to-be-announced season. We talk about what back to training has been like in the 5v5 intrasquad tournaments - football tennis competitions that are more competitive than the Wanderers games and what it’s like to be coached by Mesut Mert. #canpl #hfxwanderers #peterschaale #football #canadasoccer
April 27, 2021
Soccer Stories: Game Awareness & How To Play Quicker In Soccer | Training with Robots and Vision Goggles.
Our first interview of 2021 is here! For our first interview, booked an interview with Game Awareness. Game Awareness is the company founded by two brothers, Sijad and Farshad Yaqubi who are trainers out of Ontario, Canada, who have a very innovative and different approach to training the next generation of soccer players coming out of Canada. What I find absolutely amazing about Game Awareness and you can check out their training here on their website and many more videos on their Instagram account is their unique approach to training. Their philosophy is that most so much emphasis is placed on learning the technique but not enough on the “awareness” aspect of the game which is the “key.” Think quicker, play quicker. Trainees They have trained many youth players from many different clubs all across Ontario including many players from the TFC Academy. Several of their trainees have gone on to play at very high levels and just recently, one in particular, has gone to play with the Feyenoord Academy in Holland. Again, like I mentioned they train many up and coming players and also train professional players, including Emilio Estevez who went on from York United to Ado Den Haag, and several players from York United: Lowell Wright, Ijah Halley, Max Ferrari, and the CPL Champions from Forge FC: Chris Nanco, Mo Babouli, Montreal Impact: Kamal Miller, Vancouver Whitecaps: Ryan Raposo, and more! When they train players they focus mainly on one specific part of the game – AWARENESS. Awareness has become even more important in the way soccer has evolved during recent years. If you can think a little faster than your opponent it could result in not losing the ball, a goal, and a lovely play but if you cannot think on your feet or you think even just a second slower than your opponent it could result in losing the ball, one of your defenders having to make a professional tackle that could end up seeing the player get a red or yellow card, and it could also end up being a goal on your net. This is why Game Awareness are so effective and unique in their training and why so many players keep going back for sessions. They teach you how to be more aware and that is why so many players see such an improvement in their game from just one session. In the interview, we go in-depth about their progressive training methods, the different types of equipment they use like the vision goggles, the lights, and their robot! They also give us their thoughts on the Canadian National Team, the Canadian Premier League, Virtual Reality training, and some great advice about penalty taking. So let's get into the journey! Enjoy the interview, it's a must listen for anyone wanting to play quicker, think quicker, improve their awareness and overall soccer IQ. And if you're anywhere near Ontario, be sure to check out their training.
February 09, 2021
Soccer Stories: Skylar Thomas Canadian Centerback & Entrepreneur
New Episode Drop! We're excited to release our interview with professional soccer player and KickDeck founder, Skylar Thomas. First off, Skylar is a great guy; fun, relaxed, and extremely friendly. He's also engaged, thoughtful and his story is one I have wanted to share since I started our interviews on CPLFever. In fact, I have been wanting to interview Skylar now for a very long time. He first caught my attention when he played for CPL team, Valour FC and then more recently as the founder behind the amazing product – KickDeck a valuable tool for young footballers looking to take their training and game to the next level. For those of you who are unfamiliar with KickDeck, KickDeck is your personal trainer in a deck of cards. By using the deck (shuffle, deal, and train through 4 different categories) you can build your own custom workouts that will unlock your full potential. Learn more about KickDeck here: During this interview that lasted about an hour, we chat to Skylar about: His upbringing and how he developed his love for soccer His current season with the Pittsburgh Riverhounds How he developed his entrepreneurial spirit and how he ended up founding KickDeck How he balances being a professional athlete and entrepreneur running a highly successful business. What his day looks like as a professional footballer Mindset and how it's helped him in everyday life Advice for young athletes who aspire to go pro And of course, the always fun rapid-fire questions where we get to know our guests on a more personal level! Skylar Thomas has an incredibly fascinating story and one that we are so excited to share with you today. Some of my favourite moments of the interview have to do with his mindset and how he developed a great attitude that has served him well not only in professional soccer but also as an entrepreneur. When you hear him speak about his passion and commitment to helping youth athletes first through his own coaching program, UVU Soccer Training, and now through KickDeck (by providing solutions to fundamental problems like the lack of direction when training alone that plague young athletes) it's inspiring. So go ahead and watch the interview below. Check out the blog post for complete timestamps.
November 30, 2020
Tommy Wheeldon Jr Interview: From Player to Coach of Cavalry FC | Excellent Advice For Young Canadian Soccer Players Wanting To Play Pro
Interview with Tommy Wheeldon Jr The last couple of weeks have been really busy, and so I'm so happy to finally be able to release this interview with Tommy Wheeldon Jr. To be honest, I still cannot believe that my Dad and I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Tommy Wheeldon Jr. – and have watched it over and over again! The first time I ever spoke with Tommy was during an early-round Island Games press conference where Cavalry FC played against FC Edmonton. We were able to set up an interview with Tommy Wheeldon Jr via email after connecting on with him on Twitter. During the press conference, I asked Tommy what he had thought of Elliot Simmons' performance that game. When answering my question, Tommy gave me such a detailed answer – he talked more about Elliot and their decision to bring him to the football club, his passing, and probing. I then asked a follow-up question, and he then expanded on Elliot’s role in the club as their “regista” – their quarterback. Something that I really loved about his answer was that he really took the time to explain the “why” behind his decisions. So we jumped when we got the chance to have a one-on-one with Tommy Wheeldon Jr. During the interview, Tommy was thoughtful, jovial and shared a lot of golden nuggets. His explanations, made me see things in different ways, and some of the things I had to really “think” about. I had so many questions for Tommy, and because his answers were so interesting and it made me think about MORE QUESTIONS, I could have kept talking to him for hours. One of the things that I love about Tommy is that when he talks about football you can hear the passion and his love of the game so much. In this interview, he explains that his love of soccer came later in his life than most kids. That really surprised me because of the passion and love he has for the game, but it was interesting to see his development; first as a young boy spending time in the football dressing room with his father, to his own playing career, his apprenticeship at 16 and earning his first coaching license at the early age of 17, to the present day and what are his hopes and dreams are for the future. We covered many things during the hour (see the timestamp below for the details) and some of the highlights of the interview were talking Everton and EPL football with Tommy, his recruitment strategy, and what he looks for in his players (intangible skills and the personality test) and his advice for footballers who are on trial. I personally really enjoyed him dissecting the parts of the game down as well as asking him for his thoughts on what made Spain's Golden Generation so good (the reason I fell in love with football) and getting to know him on a more personal level – one of my favourite parts is asking him some fun RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS which you definitely have to check out! As a young kid with aspirations to play professional soccer, I loved talking football with Tommy because I wanted to know more about his perspective on football – seriously, just the way he talks about it, you can't help but be drawn in and all you want to do is listen. So sit down, grab a snack (I recommend some popcorn – my favourite) and enjoy this interview with Cavalry FC Head Coach and General Manager, Tommy Wheeldon Jr.
November 16, 2020
Soccer Stories: Jan-Michael Williams - The Most Capped Trinidad & Tobago Player
Today, I’m very excited to be releasing what we at CPLFever think could be one of our best (and most fun interviews yet) with none other than goalkeeping coach, Jan-Michael Williams. Now, something that I just love about Jan is how friendly he is. Jan is really easy going, a joy to be around and talk with. On top of being a super nice guy, his career has been filled with incredible moments many of which we touched on and loved hearing about. During the interview you get to see on display, just how great a fellow Jan is. We loved covering the various points in his career including, all the caps he has had for his country of Trinidad and Tobago.  We also touched on his philosophies on the beautiful game and life in general – mainly how he tries to live the Japanese concept of “Kaizen.” As he says, our interview may have been the most in-depth interview he's ever done and yes, some of our questions seem to come out of left field (especially my rapid-fire questions) BUT that's what we like, getting to know the players in and outside of soccer! This interview was such a pleasure to be a part of and I want to thank Jan again for coming on and speaking with us.  To know more about Jan, you can follow him here on:  Instagram: Facebook: Now sit back and have a watch/listen to the interview available both on YouTube and our podcast. Check out more about our Jan-Michael Williams interview on the blog.
October 23, 2020
Riobol Interview: Unique Training Tool For Improving Your Touch In Soccer + A Whole Lotta Other Soccer Stuff including Landon Donovan
We had the opportunity to sit down with the co-founders of RIOBOL, Matthew Folsom and Elliot Fauske and talk about everything RIOBOL. RIOBOL is a Brazilian technical training ball that is a size 2 ball but as heavy as a size 5 soccer ball. Since I started working with the Riobol and testing it out, I'm super impressed at how it's helped with my touch and how I'm seeing improvements in just a short period of time.  As a soccer player, you want to be able to create.  Creativity on the ball is one of your best assets and in order to have the freedom to CREATE, players need the confidence and the ability to control the ball.  The mission for RIOBOL is to develop that instinctive ball control and this is what we talk to with the co-owners of RIOBOL in this hour and a half long interview. In this interview, you'll discover how RIOBOL was created, the science behind RIOBOL, we talk about US soccer, world soccer as well as how to best use your RIOBOL to improve touch, precision, control and more... PLUS we also delve into the founders stories' and how they fell in love with the beautiful game. Matthew Folsom also talks about his experience rooming with Landon Donovan.  It's a great interview where we go deep into bettering yourself as a soccer player. Click here for our blog post about the Riobol (and a Riobol promo code!)
October 02, 2020
Soccer Stories: Ezequiel Carrasco Interview: Our First Keeper Interview
Today, I am incredibly pleased to release this interview with York 9 keeper, of Chilean descent, Ezequiel Carrasco and I have to say that this may be one of my most favourite interviews yet! The 17 year old goalkeeper (that's right, 17) was recently signed by York 9 and made his debut in the Island Games Tournament against the Halifax Wanderers. Ezequiel is one of the friendliest, most down to earth and humble people I have ever met. As we chatted with him, you are immediately impressed by him; he is mature, disciplined for his age and because of this, you can see why he has achieved so much in such a short period of time. His attitude is stellar and he has so much gratitude for the people who have helped him get to where he is today. Interestingly enough, Ezequiel is our first goalkeeper interview and we learned so much from him. Being a midfielder, it was so interesting to sit down with him and get his “eye in the sky” point of view as keepers see the game so differently than any other player on the field. One of the most fascinating parts of the interview are the specialized drills and equipment that keepers are put through to hone their reflexes and reaction time. If you are a keeper or have a young, up and coming keeper, this is definitely an interview not to be missed. So sit back and catch the interview with one of the youngest, talented signings in the CPL. Expect great things from Ezequiel. We can't wait to see more of him next season. Get the full timestamps on our blog post about Ezequiel Carrasco. #york9fc #canadianpremierleague #canpl #onesoccer #canadiansoccer #canadasoccer Follow CPLFever on Twitter Follow CPLFever on IG Subscribe to our Podcast Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
September 27, 2020
Soccer Stories: Ijah Halley Interview: The Fastest Player In The Canadian Premier League?
Ijah Halley had his professional debut for York 9 FC during #TheIslandGames and he was impressive. The youngster has a ton of pace and is one of those players not afraid to try and beat a defender on the dribble. We got the chance to interview the young York9 prospect about his future in the Canadian Premier League, his time with TFC2 and his best attributes as a footballer. Jack and I were impressed with Ijah as he seems really level headed and has an awesome mindset. Ijah recently appeared on the @OneSoccer show as a guest pundit talking about Round 2 of the Island Games. Check out the interview (and timestamps) with Ijah here: Also check out our interview with York 9 Director Angus McNab. And York 9 CB/CDM Matthew Arnone: #york9fc #theislandgames #canadianpremierleague Follow CPLFever on Twitter Follow CPLFever on IG Subscribe to our Podcast Subscribe to our YouTube Channel
September 13, 2020
Pre-Match Press Conference with Stephen Hart & Tommy Wheeldon Jr. - TheIslandGames
In preparation for the match between Cavalry FC and HFX Wanderers on Saturday, Sept 12, 2020, listen to the soundbites from Tommy Wheeldon Jr and Stephen Hart. This is the pre-match press conference #onesoccer #CanPL #CanadianPremierLeague #TheIslandGames Be sure to subscribe and check out our site:
September 12, 2020
HFX Wanderers Vs York 9 FC: Special Pre-Match Edition with Nathan from Green Lions TV
We recap the tournament so far with Nathan from Green Lions TV. Nathan was our first guest on our podcast, and he's back to break down the York 9 FC journey so far in this tournament and to set up the critical match between York 9 and HFX Wanderers coming up tomorrow! This could be the most pivotal match of the entire tournament based on how the league table is looking right now. Be sure to subscribe to Nathan's channel, and give us a subscribe on our channel where we cover the Canadian Premier League action. #CanPL #onesoccer #TheIslandGames
August 29, 2020
Match Preview: HFX Wanderers Vs Cavalry FC
The HFX Wanderers are taking on Cavalry FC on Sunday evening. And to get you caught up on everything you need to know about this crucial match in #TheIslandGames, Andrew and I have you covered. We'll go into the pre-match press conference we attended with Tommy Wheeldon Jr, talk about the Cavs and the Wanderers previous matches in this tournmament. We will discuss the key players on each team, and I'll share my projected starting lineup for the big game. We end off with some final thoughts on the match. Who do you think will take the win?
August 23, 2020
TheIslandGames: HFX Wanderers Vs Pacific FC Recap
A recap of the HFX Wanderers and Pacific FC opening game in #TheIslandGames. Jack and Andrew talk about the opener for the coast teams and the top 3 players on each team who impressed us.  We also talk about the controversial calls. #CanPL #onesoccer #hfxwanderers #pacificfc
August 16, 2020
News Update: Preparation for #TheIslandGames CPL Tournament & "Dark Horse" Picks + the CPLFantasy contest
With the tournament officially kicking off tomorrow with a rematch between Forge FC and Cavalry FC, we wanted to get you caught up on all the news and transfer around the Canadian Premier League. We catch up on all the new signings that have happened to solidify the teams as they march into PEI ready to battle. We end the episode with our "dark horse" pick for the tournament and a reminder to try your soccer luck with the free CPL Fantasy team pick over at Want to record a soundbite or question for our podcast during #TheIslandGames? Head over to and make your voice heard!
August 13, 2020
HFX Wanderers FC Preview: #TheIslandGames
How will the HFX Wanderers do in #TheIslandGames on Prince Edward Island? Your favourite HFX Wanderers hosts, Andrew and Jack break down the HFX Wanderers 2020 squad and give predictions on who will win #TheIslandGames CPL Tournament. Got any questions heading into the tournament? Send us a message via your browser on our Anchor page so we can answer you on our next pod!
August 11, 2020
Soccer Stories: Ben Fisk | Spain, Ireland, to Pacific FC Captain and First-Ever Signing for Atletico Ottawa
Ben has such a great story and not only has his football career been fantastic (and one that I hope to emulate) but his football career has taken him to some beautiful places in the world where he's been able to live, experience, and soak in the culture. As an Irish citizen myself, I was very interested in his time playing in Ireland with the Candy Stripes. And as a fan of Spanish football, I loved hearing about his time in Spain, and playing with teammate Luis Alberto who now plays in Seria A. Not only does his current team, Atletico Ottawa has a strong Spanish connection with the parent club, Atletico Madrid and Mista, the coach but I was really impressed at how Ben became fluent in Spanish to help his career (some of you know I have been learning Spanish for the last year for the very same reason!) During the conversation, we covered many things… We covered his upbringing, his career abroad, his Nova Scotian connection, and even his dog Vigo (he's so cute!) but I think one of my biggest takeaways from talking with Ben is this: He is extremely positive. He has an incredible attitude and a very strong belief that he can succeed. He has the mindset of a winner, a competitor, and a top athlete. He also said that he worked hard and always game back to the game that he loved, there are no shortcuts. One thing he said early in the interview is that his parents taught him, “Don't worry about the problem, just worry about the solution…” – This is something I have been taught since I was really young and I loved hearing that Ben believes and lives the same thing. This is an interview not to be missed. Ben is giving and insightful with his answers and his story is one of dedication and resilience. He is somebody who young players should watch and learn from, I know I will! Check out the timestamped video on the blog post:
August 09, 2020
Soccer Stories: Ibra Sanoh From West Guinea to the Record Goalscorer at Holland College
Ibra Sanoh is one of this year's new signings for the HFX Wanderers and he was an absolute phenom of a striker last year at Holland College in PEI.   Ibra came to Canada from West Guinea (a French-speaking part of Africa) as his father specifically wanted to send him to an English-speaking area of Canada to study.   Once in PEI he had to adapt to a more physical style of soccer in Canada.  And yet, when it comes to stats, he dominated his league, like his record of 101 goals scored in 70 games! Ibra has a solid head on his shoulders and some great advice to give for young soccer players who want to follow in his footsteps. One of the interesting things that came up in the interview was his decision to take some time off the soccer pitch and specifically bulk up. He knew he needed to get stronger to take his game to the next level, and he worked extra-hard to achieve the results. After spending about an hour chatting, you can easily see that Ibra is one of the nicest and most genuine people who gave very thoughtful answers to our numerous questions!   All in all, this interview is worth a solid listen for all fans of soccer, and especially for HFX Wanderers Fans. Timestamps available on the blog post:
August 05, 2020
Down The Pub Podcast: Roundtable Discussion Part 4 of 4 (Bonus Segment)
Down The Pub Podcast: Roundtable Discussion Part 4 of 4 (Bonus Segment) In this segment, we get comfortable with Anthony and Carlos before we really get into the conversation with the Down The Pub Podcast boys.
August 05, 2020
Soccer Stories: Ajay Khabra - A New Beginning In Ottawa
We had the chance to interview Athletico Ottawa box-to-box midfielder Ajay Khabra, who was a solid staple for FC Edmonton in the inaugural season of the Canadian Premier League. We talk to him about how he developed his game, what makes a great box-to-box midfielder, and when we started playing soccer. Ajay is a fantastic guy and a great soccer player - and there's definitely some gold nuggets you'll learn when you listen to his answers. Check out the blog post for the timestamped question list, and a graphic on some of his stats from Season #1: Click here to visit our blog.
July 31, 2020
Soccer Stories: YouTuber & Striker William Akio on his Journey from Refugee to Going Pro
Last week we had the opportunity to interview Canadian D1 athlete, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) striker, William Akio. Most likely, you are already familiar with the name William Akio as not only he making quite the name for himself as a soccer player but also as a YouTuber sharing his soccer journey towards going pro. We had a great conversation with William. This is an excellent interview, not only to discover the persistence and dedication needed to be a top elite athlete, but to learn how to navigate the journey through college soccer. William Akio is one of the fastest D1 strikers, and Jack has been doing some of his speed workouts which you should check out on William's YouTube channel In the interview, we go through his coming to Canada at a young age from a refugee camp after leaving Kenya, his love for soccer and what he learned from watching African soccer legend, Didier Drogba. William has an incredible work-ethic and he answers how he is working hard to get to where he is (playing with D1 soccer university UTRGV) – and tells us about his plans to play soccer as a professional. Check out more and the full timestamps on CPLFever.
July 27, 2020
Down The Pub Podcast: Roundtable Discussion Part 3 of 4
Part 3 – Rapid Fire Questions Part 3 – In this part, find out why Anthony says that this show is more of a “psychology” show than a football one!
July 26, 2020
Down The Pub Podcast: Roundtable Discussion Part 2 of 4
To give you a little background, back in early May, I had the amazing opportunity to be interviewed on the “Down The Pub” podcast because of my experiences as a ball boy for the HFX Wanderers. You can check out that episode here. Being able to sit during that hour with Anthony Abbott, Chris Searl and Carlos Benites was such an honour for me, and was such an amazing experience but by far, the best thing that I got from that interview is that I became friends with the great fellas from “Down The Pub!” So with that said, we are finally releasing the roundtable discussion with these 3 soccer gurus and we broke it up into 4 parts!! This is Part 2 of 4 Part 2 – How “Down The Pub Podcast” became “Down The Pub Podcast”, what the pint of choice is for the Down The Pub fellas, Carlos' “Diez Football” store and Anthony's “Down The Pub” online store, favorite 3 footballers of all time, the CPL keepers, what Wanderers new signing are they most excited about, what footballers were the scariest looking coming out of quarantine, and who asks the weirdest questions…(Yes, I'm aware that's a weird question!)
July 24, 2020
Down The Pub Podcast: Roundtable Discussion Part 1 of 4
To give you a little background, back in early May, I had the amazing opportunity to be interviewed on the “Down The Pub” podcast because of my experiences as a ball boy for the HFX Wanderers. You can check out that episode here. Being able to sit during that hour with Anthony Abbott, Chris Searl and Carlos Benites was such an honour for me, and was such an amazing experience but by far, the best thing that I got from that interview is that I became friends with the great fellas from “Down The Pub!” So with that said, we are finally releasing the roundtable discussion with these 3 soccer gurus and we broken it up into 4 parts!! Part 1 – Down The Pub Soccer Banter and More… Part 1 – We talk about how each of the guys fell in love with soccer, their favourite pitches to play on in Nova Scotia, MLS and other sports organizations from baseball to basketball during times of Covid, the CPL and when it will start, and the crazy Twitter bots that Andrew will hire! Check out the videos at
July 23, 2020
Soccer Stories: Omar Kreim - The Moroccan Magician From Montreal
We have the pleasure of interviewing the very thoughtful Omar Kreim from Montreal about his career and his success playing as an attacking midfielder with the Montreal Carabins and now with the HFX Wanderers in Halifax.  Omar gives some great tips for young players and explains the importance playing street soccer with older kids in his hometown of Montreal.  We also get him to spill on his top Moroccan footballer and the Moroccan food everybody simply has to try! Omar has some great tips on mindset and how he gets himself in a positive frame of mind, and the best strength of his own game. Check out the blog post for a list of topics covered with Omar Kreim as well as some highlight clips of this dynamic young player hungry to make a name for himself this year in the Canadian Premier League.
July 14, 2020
Soccer Stories: Joao Morelli the New Number 10 for the HFX Wanderers
Here’s the deal, ever since the Wanderers signed Joao Morelli, I’ve been so excited to see him play. When they first made the announcement, I did what I’m sure every other person did - I checked out his highlight reels.  After watching them, I couldn’t believe that he was coming to play for us, I was so happy. So last week when we had the chance to sit down with him and talk about his soccer journey (his career in Brazil, England and Estonia before coming to Halifax) I thought this was just awesome! Interestingly enough, Joao Morelli is also one of the first people I’ve interviewed who plays the same position as me, a CAM (when I’m not an inverted winger) and I couldn’t wait to talk to him more about being a number 10!  Joao has some great advice for other number 10's. We also talked about how he thrives under pressure, what we can expect from him this year with the Wanderers and I think there is a lot to learn from his story about commitment, sacrifice, and what it takes to play professionally. So grab a seat and have a listen to this interview. Warning, we laugh a lot.
July 10, 2020
Soccer Stories: Peter Schaale Interview (HFX Wanderers | Canadian Premier League)
HFXWanderers star and fan-favorite Peter Schaale talks about his soccer career.  Peter Schaale talks about is move from Striker to CB, being a leader and what he likes most about #halifax, and what he misses the most about Germany.  He also talks about his great run with the Cape Breton Capers and roommate Corey Bent.  Peter explains how he developed into a leader and how his work ethic helped overcome obstacles in his career. Must-listen for fans of the @HFXWanderersFC and #canpl
June 19, 2020
Soccer Stories: Matthew Arnone Interview (York 9FC/Canadian Premier League Soccer)
Matthew Arnone talks about his time in Italy in Seria D with being Vegan, how he went from Striker to CB, his time at @HFXWanderersFC and @York9FC and more.   We first met Matthew when he was playing with the HFX Wanderers and we've been impressed with his skill and talent ever since. During the interview, we talked to Matthew about his upbringing, his time at TFC, playing in Italy and Vaughn, and his journey to the Wanderers. We also covered his switch to veganism, his new club York 9, and his Foundation "Jason's Wish" in honour of his brother.  As you listen to Matthew and his story, you are really struck by his kindness, mindfulness, not only to his dedication to the sport of soccer but also to live the best and happiest life he can. So get ready, get comfortable, and have a listen to this in-depth interview with Matthew Arnone! You can follow Matthew and his soccer journey with York9 here: Full timestamps on our website.
June 14, 2020
Soccer Stories: The Duran Lee Interview
Interview with former HFX Wanderers FC player Duran Lee. First off, Duran is such a nice guy.  He also tells some amazing stories.  Be sure to check out this episode where we go into whether he is a CB or a LB.  We also get into some deep talk on formations.   As you listen to this interview, that not only does Duran have an incredible story (you’ll want to listen closely to his time at Chelsea, the TFC Academy and in Portugal) but that he is also an incredibly nice, down to earth and all-around good guy! Always smiling, he’s incredibly genuine, thoughtful, and giving of his time. He talks about his work with his coach at Vaughn Azzurri in Ontario, and his move to the CPL mid-season with Stephen Hart and the HFX Wanderers.  He also talks about his relationship with Edmonton FC coach Jeff Paulus.  It was a great time and I’m thankful that we had the time to learn more about his remarkable journey to the Canadian Premier League. Check out the YouTube version here.
June 05, 2020
CPL News: May 29th 2020
Important news of the week in the CPL. Athletico Ottawa drops a sick new home kit. CPL is looking at a one-site solution to completing the 2020 season. HFX Wanderers and Stephen Hart announce they are going back to training with a Star Wars-inspired social media post.
May 31, 2020
Soccer Stories: Interview With Alex De Carolis, HFX Wanderers Left Back
Today, I am so excited to share this interview because Andrew (my Dad) and I got to sit down with HFX Wanderer's Full Back, Alex De Carolis. As a ball retriever for the Wanderers, I had the privilege of watching Alex play for most of their home games, and I am thrilled that he sat down with us and told us his own soccer journey, from Sarnia to Buffalo, to Sweden to the Canadian Premier League.  In this hour+ long interview, Alex gives us some incredible insight; it shows why people believe he is the ultimate professional on and off the field.   Be sure to check out this interview. If you want to know more about the fellows that make up the amazing HFX Wanderers, be sure to start here with Alex.  We could not have been more honoured to talk with him, and be sure to watch to hear his incredible story!  If you want the latest on Alex, see below for what we talked about. See full listing on our blog:
May 27, 2020
Soccer Stories: CPLFever Interviews York9 FC's Angus McNab
Interview with Angus McNab of York9 FC. We talk soccer analytics, the move of Emilio Estevez to ADO Den Haag in the Netherlands top flight, York 9's new acquisitions and more. A must-listen for fans of York 9 FC, and fans of soccer analytics in general.  Perfect for anybody wanting to get a sense of York 9 FC and their mentality going into #TheIslandGams in PEI. Check out the blog post of the Gus McNab episode here. Follow Angus McNab on Twitter
May 13, 2020
Soccer Stories: York9 FC Preview: Interview with Nathan from Green Lions TV
For all the York9 FC Fans out there, we have an exclusive interview with Nathan from Green Lions TV.  Nathan runs the Green Lions fan group YouTube Channel in support of York 9 FC.  In the interview, Nathan goes into the fans and the upcoming season for York9FC in the Canadian Premier League 2020 Season, his meeting with Pogba, and how he came to love soccer, York 9, and TFC. We also talk about the engagement of both clubs, and what each club did right! With a few hypothetical questions from me Jack Murray of course!  Note: This episode was recorded in April 2020 but is being published later.
April 19, 2020