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Crafty Hands Club Magazine

By carriece
Crafty Hands Club Magazine is a podcast for everyday crafters who enjoy connecting, creating, and sharing with other crafters. Interviews and honest conversations about industry news, trends, craft lifestyle and business are presented weekly.

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What's the difference between a jewelrymaking group and a jewelrymaking club?

Crafty Hands Club Magazine

Why Building An Inclusive Culture is Important
Bernadette Smith is founder and CEO of Equality Institute and award-winning author of four books. Her fourth book is Inclusive 360: Proven Solutions for an Equitable Organization. Bernadette has presented to enthusiastic audiences of CEOs, associations, entrepreneurs, leadership teams, sales professionals, account executives, marketing executives, human resource managers and more. Her expertise in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) has been sought after by the New York Times, Forbes, the Washington Post, and Fast Company, among many others, and she’s appeared on the Today Show, the BBC, National Public Radio, and CNN. Bernadette has been named one of Chicago’s Notable LGBTQ Executives by Crain’s Chicago Business. In this episode you'll learn: Ways to be inclusive The truth about building an inclusive culture Challenges with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Practices How to better serve others by asking the right questions Getting others to buy into your DEI vision Connect with Bernadette: LinkedIn
October 07, 2022
How Handmade Sellers Can Use Etsy to Build A Brand and Have a Successful Store
Are you a new Etsy Seller or thinking about starting a Etsy Shop? In this episode you'll learn: Leverage product photos to attract potential customers Use SEO to receive higher search rankings Build a brand on Etsy and Social Media Recent changes on Etsy platform  BIO: Taylor is a former teacher & co-owner of Studio Sisters, along with her sister Katie, which is a lifestyle brand for creative entrepreneurs that produces vinyl stickers. Her Etsy shop is ranked in the top 0.1% of all Etsy shops globally. Knowing that the business of making and selling handmade can be an incredible challenge, Studio Sisters also teach other small business owners how to get more sales and grow their businesses online, step-by-step, through their podcast and online courses. Website: Instagram: @shopstudiosisters  Podcast: The Studio Sisters Podcast
April 14, 2022
Judi Townsend: Find your niche, own It, and make it profitable
Judi Townsend, known as the "mannequin queen" is founder and CEO of Mannequin Madness. While seeking a mosaic mannequin for a home garden project, she had no luck. Instead, she discovered a Bay-area business, selling and renting mannequins was going out of business. As a result, she purchased 40 mannequins and started a side gig. Mannequin Madness sell new and used mannequins, dress forms and mannequin parts. Also teach zoom classes for Dress Form Christmas trees. Mannequin Madness is a multi-million dollar brand that's been featured in various publications and on television networks. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: In this interview, Judi spoke about grants for black owned businesses. Please see access to link information below: SF Bay Area Black Owned Businesses - Grants for Black Owned Businesses -
November 19, 2021
Nkese Lewis: How She's Using Her Voice through Crochet Designs
Seattle native, Nkese Lewis has been creative since a child. She made handmade gifts for family and friends. Even though she learned various crafts, she returned to crocheting. She's known for using granny square techniques along with vibrant colors in her crochet designs. Nkese is also a guest blogger, and pattern tester. In today's episode, she provide tips for beginner's to the world of crocheting, business advice, and how she's using social media to spread messages about current social issues. Connect with Nkese on Instagram: 
September 23, 2021
How Setting Healthy Boundaries in Your Business Helps Profitability
As a business owner, you will find yourself faced with opportunities and demands. Sometimes, you will feel obligated to be available to everyone and everything. In today's podcast episode, you will learn why it's better to slow down, be selective, and still have a profitable business. Crafty Hands Club Magazine is an online platform for crafters from all walks of life. We feature stories of lifestyle crafters, crafters who want to turn their hobby into a business, and craft business owners. For more information, please visit 
August 26, 2021
How to Build Trust With Your Audience
No matter how many followers on social media or email subscribers you have, if they don't trust you, you aren't going to accomplish your sales goal. Are you more interested in growing your followers/subscribers instead of reaching out to your existing audience? Listen to today's episode, to learn the importance of establishing trust with your audience and ways to start building that trust. Crafty Hands Club help crafters connect with other crafters, make their crafts a lifestyle, and help crafters turn their hobby into a profitable side business, by helping them know and understand business numbers.  Website: Social Media Handles: FB/IG: @craftyhandsclubmag
August 12, 2021
Lessons Learned from Having No Sales
Sales might be the lifeblood of a business, but it takes work.  You can't force it. You can't half-way go after sales. You have to spend time in knowing your audience, what they need or want, and how your product or service can help them. Crafty Hands Club Magazine help crafters turn their craft hobby into a profitable side business, by helping them know and understand business numbers. For more information about CHC Magazine: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram: @craftyhandsclubmag
August 05, 2021
A Craft Business Acquisition that Lead to Global Attention with Lynn Coe
Lynn has been crafting since she was child.  Her love of knitting brought her to where she is now as owner of Knit 1, a yarn store in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood.  She has started to embrace new crafts like crochet and needle punching. Knit 1 Chicago Online: Website: Facebook: Instagram: More Information About Chicago Yarn Crawl: July 31st - August 8th:
July 29, 2021
Tell Tale Signs You're Vending at The Wrong Craft Show
Being a craft show vendor takes a lot of planning and it costs way more than the table or booth fee. However, when you are vending at an event that isn't profitable, your mood and confidence is affected. To avoid wasting money on craft shows, this episode will give you detailed examples and signs that you should avoid.
July 22, 2021
Kathy Cano-Murillo: From Starving Artist to Becoming A National Craft Brand
Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica, is former syndicated newspaper columnist and now a full-time creativepreneur which has led to multiple product lines, and collaborations with national brands. She has authored several craft books and novels, recently, Forever Frida: A Celebration of the Life, Art, Loves, Words, and Style of Frida Kahlo. Kathy has a new book releasing in December, and has new products lines debuting this year for HSN, Bisque Imports, Madison Park Greetings, and Riley Blake Fabrics. She has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Buzzfeed+ more. To learn more about Kathy, please visit
July 15, 2021
Balancing Motherhood and Business
Let's be honest, being a new mom while trying to run a business is no joke. I am a mom of a six month old, and before he was born, there were a lot of pivots made (read article here: The one lesson that being a new mom has taught me is to make the most use of the time I have.  Business and children are both demanding, requiring lots of time and attention. In spite of its challenges, both can be done. This week's episode give new moms a few tips on how to run a business while being tending to their child needs.  After listening to today's episode, please email your thoughts to
July 08, 2021
The Crafty DIY Guy: How he Monetized his YouTube Channel in Eight Months???
Jamie Miles aka The Crafty DIY Guy is a guy who loves to craft and create!  From Dollar Tree overhauls to cooking to Thrift Store Flips and Dupes - he kinda loves it all.  After purchasing his first home in 2018, DIY projects became important (for budget reasons) and he discovered his love to create then.  Jamie is also a Television & Film Actor and has had co-starring and guest star roles on shows like The Resident (FOX), Watchmen (HBO), Halt & Catch Fire (AMC), The Inspectors (CBS) and more!  His commercial work includes brands like Doritos, AT&T, Verizon, Trust Automotive and more. In this podcast episode, Jamie talks about how he grew his channel to 32.2K followers, gained attention from crafters from different parts of the world, and also his weekly video projects.  Check out TheCraftyDIYGuy! @TheCraftyDIYGuy - Instagram @TheCraftyDIYGuy - Twitter @TheCraftyDIYGuy - TikToc
June 30, 2021
Don't Get Caught Up With Popularity: Do the Right Thing in Business
Doing what's right might take longer to get results. It might not be popular. However, when you do the right thing in business, it pays off. When the spotlight, money, status, and everything else is gone, all you have is your name. Listen to episode for tips on building relationships with fellow crafters/entrepreneurs, proper etiquette in craft groups, respecting the work of others, and paying for products and services. To learn more about Crafty Hands Club Magazine go to:
June 24, 2021
Building Self-Esteem in Kids through Greeting Cards: Interview with Latisha Armstrong
Perfectly Hued Expressions is an illustration-based boutique that features children’s greeting cards and stationery. Created to fill the void of stationery and greeting cards available for & inspired by children of color, we’ve created high-quality, fun and stylish  products that mirror the beautiful hues of our little ones. We celebrate the uniqueness of our Cu-HUE-ties by showcasing the Be-HUE-tiful tones and personal styles of little girls and boys of color. At Perfectly Hued, we are committed to celebrating and embracing  the beautiful hues and skin tones of children from all nationalities. Podcast interview with Latisha Armstrong, part owner of Perfectly Hued shares her creative and business journey. Also, from this episode she shares: Barriers in the Greeting Card Industry Balancing between a full-time job, running a small business, and parenting How Perfectly Hued connect with kids in the digital age Legally protecting your work as a startup business Follow them on social or check out their website: Website: Facebook: Instagram:
June 14, 2021
Denise J. Hart: Trusting Your Gut and Starting a New Business in an Economic Downturn
"Helping Homeowners Making Home Custom on a Budget." Denise Joy Hart is a multi-passionate designer, veteran speaker, entrepreneur and educator. In her former role as sales coordinator for Motivating the Masses with Lisa Nichols, via remote/virtual learning Denise taught and trained hundreds of entrepreneurs to improve their sales and to speak powerfully from any platform. Denise is also a sought after designer and the host of the Thrifty Fly DIY show on Youtube. Through her creatively curated designs she helps homeowners make their home custom on a budget in one weekend or less. Trust me, it's not just a makeover, it transforms your life!  Listen to episode to learn what to avoid in business, how to thrive during economic downtime, and trusting your gut.  W.  FB. IG. YT. 
June 03, 2021
Taking Shortcuts in Business is Dangerous.....Here's how to avoid them
Starting an online business is fun, exciting, and gives a feeling of accomplishment. But what happens when legal issues aren't taken into consideration during the startup process? Today's episode gives you insight into potential dangers that might occur if you chose to take shortcuts in your business. Shortcuts include: no business insurance, no product disclaimers, and more. After listening to this episode, not only will you know how to avoid such things, but you will also think about protecting your business the legal way. Disclaimer: this episode does not give legal advice. Episode content only talks about potential dangers if legality isn't taken into consideration. To learn more about Crafty Hands Club Magazine, go to 
May 20, 2021
Making Craft Products with Opportunities in Mind you did that? Ooh, can you show me how to make that? Where did you get your supplies from? You get the drift. Are you a crafter known for beautiful work and whenever you post a picture or video, you are bombarded with "how-to" questions? This episode is storytelling of three crafty women who took different approaches whenever they were asked similar questions. You will learn: How to diversify your current product offerings? How to handle "show-me" and "where can I" questions? Realize the difference between helping and handing out? Setting boundaries when it comes to your creativity. Crafty Hands Club Magazine:
May 14, 2021
Becoming A Business Success: Narrow Your Focus and Grow Your Niche with Tammy Rae
Tammy Rae. , Owner of A Touch Of Glass is a lampwork glass artist from the Midwest area. Wearable art and memorial pieces are her specialty. 15 years ago, she was a bead-making student who later started a jewelry business. She has participated in various shows across the United States. Her designs have been featured in international books, magazines, and embroidery kits. Tammy has also been a guest on national syndicated television shows. She shares her creative journey, along with wisdom about doing business in general.   
May 06, 2021
Stop Giving Discounts in Your Business: Give Value Instead
The rookie mistake that many online business owners make is giving way too many discounts. Are you falling into that "flash sale" or "everything must go" downward spiral? In today's episode, you'll learn how discounts can cause your business more harm than help.  Key episode elements: Business positioning What to offer customers in place of discounts How to handle "can I have a discount" questions? Why value is important in your business?
April 20, 2021
What to Consider before Starting an Online Craft Business
The craft space has been on an upward slope over the last decade. Demand for handmade products have increased as well. Even celebrities are sharing projects on social media. Starting an online craft business has many advantages and can lead to many opportunities. The last thing you want to do is start a business on a bad start.  Listen to episode to learn what you should think about before going into business. 
April 15, 2021
Storytelling: Why it's important in the craft community
Your voice deserves to be heard. No matter how attractive your craft products are, your customers want to feel a human connection. In other words, customers are buying into you, your values, your message. In this episode, you'll learn: Why your voice matters? The power of storytelling. How your story can connect with and help other crafters? Ways to tell your story. Where to share your story?
April 07, 2021
Tatyerra Mikell: Building an Online Community and Standing Behind Your Brand Message
Tatyerra Mikell, is a Chicago raised, NY/NJ transplant. She has over ten years of experience in the social sector. She's currently owner of both Pretty Creative Hustle and Gratitude 4 Black Girls. In this episode, Ms. Mikell shares how you can build an engaging online community, with even just a few members. In addition, she shares the vision and mission behind both organizations and how listeners can stay authentic to their brand message.  
April 01, 2021
Can a Craft Business be Profitable: Sales vs Profits
Are you an existing craft business owner or someone who's aspiring to be one?  Here's what you need to know: A craft business can be profitable in spite of the "starving artist" myth.  Running a craft business don't mean products and services should be sold at a clearance.  In this episode you'll learn: The basic business numbers you need to know Why knowing your business numbers matters The difference between sales and profits How to make the numbers in your business work for you even when you have a net loss
March 28, 2021
Tax Reporting Requirements for Craft Businesses and Hobbyists
Craft businesses and hobbyists have tax reporting requirements. In this episode, you'll find out what's considered a hobby according to Internal Revenue Service (IRS), taxable income requirements, expense deductions, forms to file, and 1099-K for crafters who sell goods on third party sites (Amazon, Etsy).
March 28, 2021
Rebeca Mojica: How she built a successful chainmaille supply company and made waves in a male-dominated industry?
Rebeca Mojica is an award-winning jewelry artist, instructor and best-selling author. As the founder of Blue Buddha Boutique, a prominent chainmaille supplies company since 2003, Rebeca is known for creating colorful and intricate designs that have inspired artisans all over the world. Most recently, she partnered with toy manufacturer Neat-Oh! international to create the award-winning Linkt Craft Kits, the first line of chainmaille jewelry kits for children ages 8 and up. Chainmaille jewelry first caught her interest while she was in Germany at a fair. Seeing the expensive price tag of an item she wanted, she decided to buy pliers and jumprings from Ebay to attempt the same design. She quickly learned that size and ring types matter. Later on, Rebeca took a chainmaille class and shortly afterwards, was asked to be an instructor. After demand for supplies from her students, Rebeca started Blue Buddha Boutique and became known throughout the jewelry making industry.  Listen to podcast episode to her more about her craft journey, along with business tips and advice for aspiring creative entrepreneurs.  Connect with Rebeca: Rebeca Mojica Website: B3 Facebook: Rebeca Mojica Jewelry Facebook: Rebeca Mojica Jewelry Instagram: B3 Instagram:
May 07, 2020
Why there's scarcity in an oversaturated market like jewelry making?
The jewelry making space has rapidly increased within the last decade. Even though the space is oversaturated with jewelry makers, there is still opportunities to explore. Listen to episode to learn why the market has scarcity.
April 09, 2020
Custom Handmade Jewelry Doesn't Mean Customers Should Take Advantage
These days, self-identification is preferred when it comes to fashion and accessories. Standing out, being different, and using voice through wearable art continues to be on the rise. Jewelry is no different. Jewelry should be a personal statement, speaking volumes about the individual.  What happens when customers either go overboard with customization or figure out ways to get custom pieces at the lowest cost possible? If designers don't have a clear policy and product descriptions, customers will take advantage. Learn the difference between customized jewelry and clearance jewelry. Also, how customization can cause lack of creativity on the makers part.
April 03, 2020
Common Sense Jewelry Making Tips Beginner's Need to Know
Being pulled in every direction leads to chaos. If you are new to jewelry making, this is the episode for you. Listen and learn how not to fall victim to whirlwinds of jewelrymaking ideas, designs, and so forth. Stay focused and gradually grow.
April 03, 2020
What's the difference between a jewelrymaking group and a jewelrymaking club?
Oftentimes the two terms are confusing, especially for new hobbyists. One shares a common interest while the other builds a community. Listen and find out.
February 13, 2020
Customers Beware of Handmade Community Scams
Due to the ease of buying and selling online, it has become easier for sellers to scam customers out of earned income. Within the last decade, there has been an increase of jewelry makers but not all sellers have a moral compass. Listen to find out the type of scams happening in the DIY community and what steps you can take to avoid falling victim to their scam. 
February 06, 2020
Hobbies on A Budget
This episode is a response to a twitter post that took place a few weeks ago, where the person stated how the current generation is out of touch with hobbies and why having one matters. If you've listened to season 1, A Hobby vs A Habit episode, I stated benefits of hobbies. In today's episode, I will address the misconception that hobbies take a huge amount of time and money. Listen and learn what hobbies you can start with little to no money. Website: Email: Link to Habit vs Hobby Episode:
January 30, 2020
Lorenzo Emmett Sanders: How recovering from surgery led him to making and selling wire jewelry?
The Man Behind The Wire: Interview with Lorenzo Emmett Sanders, owner of Wyrefull Mr. Sanders served as a corporate professional for years. During the later 2000's Lorenzo was on dialysis, waiting on a kidney transplant. As he was healing from surgery, he tried jewelry making and discovered his love for creating wire jewelry. He shares his jewelry making journey, including transparent thoughts about the diy industry.  Lorenzo can be found on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.  Website: 
January 23, 2020
Storage Ideas for Craft Supplies
Over time we tend to accumulate things and if you're not careful, it leads to clutter. Listen to this episode to get ideas and suggestions to organize your craft space.
December 12, 2019
Holiday Craft Ideas for Parents with Children Ages 6 & Up
As we're in the thick of the holiday season, there's plenty of activities happening. Listen to this episode and get some creative ideas on activities to do with the kiddies during Winter break!
December 05, 2019
Holiday Themed Ideas for Jewelry Making!
It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! Now that the holiday season is here, get in a cheerful mood and make yourself some jewelry. You'll learn ideas and holiday themes on this episode.
December 05, 2019
Craft Ideas for Families During Thanksgiving
As you celebrate with family and friends, you might as well do some crafts. This episodes gives you several project ideas that are fun, simple, and inexpensive.
November 21, 2019
Improving Cognitive Skills in Children through Arts and Crafts Projects
Whenever schools are faced with budget cuts, art and music classes are either significantly reduced or eliminated. In this episode you'll learn the benefits of arts and crafts and how it can help a child's learning ability.
November 14, 2019
The Truth About Jewelry Repair Kits
Have you ever broke your go-to jewelry and tried everything to save it? Listen to find out why repair kits are important and what you should look for in a kit before purchasing one.
November 07, 2019
Halloween Jewelry Ideas
Listen to this episode to learn new, easy, fun, and exciting ways to make Halloween jewelry to add flavor to your costume.
October 31, 2019
How to Use Jewelry Items in Fall Decor (Indoor and Outdoor)
Looking forward to decorating for the new season? How about try new ideas or remix existing decor that's meh! In this episode, you'll learn how adding jewelry will make your decor stand out!
October 24, 2019
Nonprofit Fundraising: New and Creative Ways to Raise Money
It's the fourth quarter and #GivingTuesday is a month away. Are you a nonprofit seeking fun and exciting ways to raise capital? Listen to this episode to gain creative ideas and how to implement them.
October 17, 2019
What Makes A Quality Craft Instructor
One of the most overlooked factors in choosing a diy class is the quality/value of the instructor. Listen to learn why the quality of a craft instructor is important and how it impacts your learning experience overall. 
October 10, 2019
How to Successfully Plan A Weekend Craft Project
Planning to spend the weekend on a DIY project during the fall and winter season? Listen to this episode for factors to consider in order to accomplish your creative project(s). 
October 03, 2019
Sweetest Day DIY Gift Ideas for Him!
Thinking about doing something special for him on Sweetest Day? Looking for a gift relatable to him? Learn about handmade jewelry ideas for bae in this episode.
September 27, 2019
Fall into Jewelry Making: Materials to add to your technique.
Are you ready for the fall season? Looking forward to working on a diy project or changing things up a bit? This episode gives plenty of ideas and suggestions to try in making fall jewelry.
September 19, 2019
Jewelry Making Ideas for Sports Moms, Wives, and Fanatics!
Are you a sports fanatic? Married or dating someone who's a sports lover? Are you a sports mom? Listen to this episode and learn creative ways to make jewelry while sharing a common interest with like-minded individuals.
September 06, 2019
Remembering A Loved One Through DIY Jewelry
Holidays are difficult for those who are grieving the loss of loved ones. Have you loss a loved one and wish there was a way to remember them? In this episode, you will learn how jewelry making will help you remember a loved one.  
May 23, 2019
The Honest Truth About Being A Craft Show Vendor
Been asked to be a show vendor but not sure if it it's a good fit? Listen and learn what it is really like to be a vendor at a craft show and how to make vending opportunities work for you. 
May 16, 2019
Jewelry Making Do's and Don'ts
Are you new to jewelry making? Are you feeling overwhelmed when you walk into a store or browse online? Listen to this episode to learn what mistakes to avoid as a newbie to the jewelry making world. 
May 06, 2019
How Jewelry Making Bring Back Memories of Playing Dress Up..
What was your fondest memory you had a a child with your Mom or any female who was like a Mother to you? This is a throwback episode where the owner of Crafty Hands Club shares memorable bonding time with her mom during early childhood. You can listen and get ideas on how to create your own dress up memories as well. 
May 06, 2019
How to Shop for Jewelry Supplies
One of the biggest mistakes in early jewelry making is buying excessive supplies. Instead of being lead by markdowns and pretty things,  learn how to shop for supplies and what to consider before making a purchase. 
May 06, 2019
Life Lessons to Learn from Making Jewelry!
Who knew that life lessons can be learned from jewelry making! Find out how you can use these lessons and apply them to different aspects of life. 
April 20, 2019
Using Craft Projects to Help Millennials Cope With Stress
Are you a millennial who's tired of an entire generation being viewed in a negative light? Do you know a millennial personally and wish you can understand them better? Did you know that millennials and baby boomers have the highest level of stress according to American Psychological Association. Listen to this episode and learn why millennials are stressed and how arts and crafts can help relieve stress.
April 20, 2019
Advantages and Disadvantages of Making Jewelry vs Buying Mass Produced Jewelry
Do you love fashion accessories but have no interest in making? Are you a diy enthusiast who wish others felt the same way as you? In this episode, you will learn the difference between making something verses being a consumer along with the pros and cons of each.
April 07, 2019
Bonus Episode: The Importance of Self-Care
Everyone has been put on earth to fulfill a specific purpose in life. It's okay to say 'no' to things or people who are in the way of greatness. In this episode, you will also learn the importance of self-care and ways to incorporate self-care activities into daily living.
April 06, 2019
A Hobby vs A Habit
The words hobby and habit are often used interchangeably but there is a key difference. Not only will you learn the difference between the two in this episode but you'll also learn the benefits of a hobby.
March 24, 2019
Reclaiming Your Sanity through DIY Crafts
Welcome to the pilot episode of Crafty Hands Club podcast! Learn how 30-minute craft projects on a regular basis will help reclaim sanity along with suggestions on how you can leverage your time to incorporate craft projects into your schedule. Website: Facebook: Crafty Hands Club Instagram: @craftyhandsclub
March 06, 2019