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The Creating Chances Podcast

The Creating Chances Podcast

By Creating Chances
Conversations with people at the cutting edge of youth development, sport and community building.
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Joe Tau helps people find their identity
On this episode which was recorded at the end of 2021, Paul connects with Joe Tau. Joe is one of Creating Chance’s most experienced Head Facilitators and has a wealth of knowledge then it comes to supporting and helping young people. The two chat about Joes upbringing, why he has devoted his life to helping others and how he helped pioneer a Polynesian focussed program to help young people find their identity through culture.
February 11, 2022
Lockdown Check Up with Murray Kitteringham
On this episode of our Lockdown Check Up Series, Paul chats to Murray Kitteringham, Murray is the Principal of Sir Josephs Banks High School. The two chat about Murray’s journey to become a principal, how to create a positive culture through leadership and the value of community. 
September 24, 2021
Lockdown Check Up with Lilyann Kataina
On this special episode of our Lockdown Check Up Series, Ruby checks up with one of her fellow Student Trainees from Creating Chances, Lilyan Kataina. The two chat about Lily’s first experiences working for Creating Chances and what she has learnt since then, what skills Lily utilises to be adaptable to changing circumstances, and advice for anyone thinking about becoming an SBAT. 
September 17, 2021
Lockdown Check Up with Ruby Fanoosh
On this episode of our Lockdown Check Up Series, Eve connects with one of Creating Chance’s incredible Student Trainees, Ruby Fanoosh. The two chat about coping mechanisms for learning from home, how to adapt to change and what Ruby has learnt from being an SBAT with Creating Chances.
September 10, 2021
Lockdown Check Up with Sonia Pena
On this episode of our Lockdown Check Up Series, Paul chats to Sonia Pena. Sonia is an incredible teacher from one of Creating Chance’s partner schools, Hunters Hill High School. The two chat about how to find positivity during lockdown, the importance of incorporating wellbeing into teaching and how online learning will shape the future of education.
September 03, 2021
Lockdown Check up with Jacky Tran
On this episode of our Lockdown Check Up Series, Paul links up with one of Creating Chance's amazing Junior Coaches, Jacky Tran. The two chat about what staying connected looks like for a student during these times, how to set up an environment for learning and productivity, and Jacky’s experiences as an employee with Creating Chances.
August 27, 2021
Lockdown Check Up with Kylie Adams
On this episode of our Lockdown Check Up Series, Paul connects with Kylie Adams. Kylie is the principal of Holroyd High School. The two chat about Kylies inspiration to become and educator, how she is managing the challenges of being a principal from home and the strategies that can be implemented to make online learning engaging and sustainable.
August 20, 2021
Lockdown Check Up with Courtney Gordon
On this episode of our Lockdown Check Up Series, Paul chats to one of Creating Chance's amazing Student Trainee’s, Courtney Gordon. The two chat about the challenges of adapting to COVID as a student, how Courtney is managing her mental health and her experiences working with Creating Chances as an SBAT.
August 13, 2021
Lockdown Check Up with General Manager Brad McCarroll
On this episode of our Lockdown Check Up Series, Paul chats to our very own General Manager, Brad McCarroll. The two chat about how Creating Chances is adapting to the current challenges of COVID, the changing landscape of working with young people and what people can do to empower, support and address the needs of young people through these challenging times.  
August 06, 2021
Simon Rosenbaum provides the link between physical and mental health
Paul chats to Simon Rosenbaum. Simon is an Associate Professor at the School of Psychiatry at UNSW. He has a research focus on physical activity and mental illness, sport for good and global mental health. The two chat about the benefits of physical activity in improving mental health, the predictive factors of long term engagement in paschal health and different strategies for how to get young people active.
July 30, 2021
Gemma Pol creates change through storytelling
Eve chats to Gemma Pol. Gemma is a Wiradjuri, Ngemba and Paakantji writer and storyteller who is passionate about sharing First Nations knowledge through her work as the Knowledge Manager for Common Ground. The two chat about the crucial nature of sharing knowledge, listening to others, and young people's powerful actions in advocating for necessary change.
July 04, 2021
Pete Nowakowski prepares for progress
Paul chats to Pete Nowakowski. As well as being a legendary Creating Chances facilitator, Pete is an exceptionally talented football coach with years of experience coaching people of all levels of skill and ability. The two chat how Pete's passion for football has led him down a multitude of career paths, the importance of being adaptable, the art of teaching in all areas of life and the lessons he has learnt from being a key coaching member of the Australian Blind and the Australian Deaf Football teams.
May 28, 2021
Sam Wykes and Pauline Piliae pave the way
Paul chats to Sam Wykes and Pauline Piliae. Sam and Pauline are both professional rugby players who currently play for the NSW Waratahs and are ambassadors for Rugby NSW Positive Rugby Foundation. The three chat about Sam and Paulines unique journeys to professional rugby, the role that culture played for them both growing up, what lessons and values the sport rugby has taught them and the work that they are doing to help empower the younger generation.
April 27, 2021
Anyier Yuol Inspires Change
Paul chats to Anyier Yuol. Anyier is a former Football United and Creating Chances participant who is a passionate and highly skilful advocate for women’s and refugee issues. She has founded her own social enterprise and sat on various committees and councils including The UN High Committee for Refugees. The two discuss Anyier’s experiences as a Creating Chances participant and facilitator, the significance of advocating for organisational diversity and her advice for young people wanting to make an impact in their community.
March 21, 2021
Michelle Heyman strives for success
Eve chats to Michelle Heyman. Michelle is a professional football player who currently plays for Canberra United and has represented Australia in major tournaments such as the 2015 Womens World Cup and the Olympics. The two discuss Michelle’s upbringing and how her worldview and attitudes towards life have been formed, how to harness your competitive side as well as the power and responsibility of being a voice for the underrepresented.
March 09, 2021
Jenny Blow triumphs in the face of adversity
Paul chats to Jenny Blow. Jenny is a two time Paralympian who has represented Australia in the sport of goal ball. The two discuss Jenny’s journey from being born with Oculocutaneous albinism to representing Australia at the Paralympics. During this journey, Jenny has had to learn how to come to terms with her impairment, how to become resilient and how important it is to be able to be yourself.
January 17, 2021
Alex Brosque leads from the front
Paul chats to Alex Brosque. Alex is a recently retired professional footballer who is the most capped player for Sydney FC and currently holds the record for most goals scored for the club.The two discuss how football became a passion from a very young age for Alex, his path that he has taken to reach the top and the work Alex is currently doing in his post playing life, through common goal and football united, two organisations that use the power of football for social development.
November 29, 2020
Jayme Fressard sprints towards success
Eve chats to Jayme Fressard. Jayme is a professional rugby league player for the Brisbane Broncos Rugby NRLW team and a Creating Chances Facilitator. The two discuss, Jayme’s experience in the NRLW season, how Jayme has been able to bounce back from setbacks to achieve her dreams, and what she is currently doing to help young people and be the role model she wish she had.
November 03, 2020
Laura Scherian trusts the process
Paul connects with Laura Scherian. Laura is professional netball player who currently plays for the sunshine coast lightning in the Suncorp Super Netball Series and has also represented Australia. The two discuss how peserverence has been a constant aspect of Laura’s netball journey, the responsibilities that come with being a role model as a professional athlete and her work with the confident girls foundation.
October 18, 2020
Bilal Hafda writes to inspire
Eve chats to Bilal Hafda. Bilal is a High School english teacher who also works for the Story Factory in Sydney, which runs story telling and creative writing programs for marginalised young people. They discuss where Bilal’s passion for spoken and written originated, how the story factory is using writing to create positive change and the advice he would give to aspiring writers.
October 08, 2020
Sasha Hammoud opens up about mental health
Paul connects with Sasha Hammoud. Sasha is a valued member of the facilitation team at Creating Chances and works in a variety of different schools across Sydney. The two discuss how Sasha first got connected with Creating Chances, how she deals with her own mental health struggles and how she has had to use resilience in order to pursue her passion for sports.
September 28, 2020
Ehsan Popal helps grow grassroots football
Rob chats to Ehsan Popal. Ehsan is the cofounder of T3 Australia, a grassroots football coaching organisation. The two discuss having the early beginnings of T3 Australia, the process of becoming more confident in your own abilities and how to find the balance between competing in and enjoying sports.
September 20, 2020
Mark Howard speaks to the big names in sport
Paul chats to Mark “Howie” Howard. Mark is an Australian sports journalist who has commentated a range of different sports including AFL, the Big Bash League, V8 supercars, Golf and the Olympics. Howie is also the host of “The Howie Games” podcast, where he interviews the worlds biggest sports stars. The two discuss how Mark ended up with his dream job, what he has learnt from his conversations with sports biggest names and what young people can be doing to positively influence the people in their lives.
September 14, 2020
Alex Chidiac chases her dreams
Ayman chats to Alex Chidiac. Alex is a Australian professional footballer who plays for Atlético Madrid in Spain. The two discuss how Alex made her way to the top of women's football in Australia, her journey to playing in Spain and how she is learning about the power that she has to influence positive change, using her platform as a footballer.
September 13, 2020
Laura Youngson innovates to equal the playing field
Assmaah chats to Laura Youngson. Laura is an inspirational entrepreneur who is the co founder of Ida sports and Equal Playing Field. The two discuss how Lauras work is tackling gender inequities in sport, her role in organising 4 world record breaking football matches and the everyday habits that Laura has formed that help her achieve her goals.
September 01, 2020
Yasmeen Shabsough breaks records
Natasha connects with Yasmeen Shabsough. Yasmeen is a footballer who has played for the Jordanian national team and she is also the current holder of 4 world records.The two discuss how values shape how Yasmeen lives her life, Yasmeen’s journey to play for her country and the important work she does in the sport for development sector. 
August 26, 2020
Joe Tau engages youth
Mark chats to Joe Tau. Joe is the Head Facilitator mentor at Creating Chances and has a vast amount of experience in engaging young people through positive youth development programs. The two discuss discuss why it is so vital to invest into youth development, how to break down barriers when connecting with young people and the benefits of authentic and personal approach to youth engagement.
August 23, 2020
Tamara Awartani creates positive change in her community
Rob and Nat chat with Tamara Awartani. Tamara is the Director of Palestine Sports For Life a sports for development organisation that aims to use sport as a tool to enhance, strengthen and develop communities throughout Palestine. The three discuss how Palestine Sports for life was first founded, how it has grown and the impact it is making on the communities in Palestine.
August 17, 2020
Abdallah Altibi finds his passion
Paul chats with Abdallah Eltibi. Abdallah currently works for MYAN NSW and is studying social work. They talk about Abdallah’s journey to Australia as a refugee, the pathway he has taken to get where he is, the power in carving out your own path in life and what he is doing to help young people find their passion in life. 
August 09, 2020
Musie Elongo coaches the next generation
Stuart chats with Musimbwa "Musie" Elongo. Musie is a youth development football coach who is passionated about seeing young footballers succeed. They talk about Musie's early involvement with Football United, the journey he has taken to become a football coach, the unifying power of football, and how he is helping young people overcome barriers in order to achieve their dreams.  
August 02, 2020
Nicki Bardwell uses sports to change lives
Paul chats to Nicki Bardwell. Nicki is a former researcher for CSIRO who is now CEO of Fair Game Australia. They talk about the important work that Fair Game is doing in the remote and rural communities of Australia, the effectiveness of sport as a tool for social change and about how she hopes to continue to provide equal opportunities to all through Fair Game.
July 26, 2020
Alex Gorgees fights for success
Paul chats to Alex Gorgees. Alex is professional UFC fighter and former Creating Chances participant. They talk about his journey from being a troubled student to a determined athlete, how he hopes his story will inspire the current generation and his future plans for his UFC career. 
July 19, 2020
Haneen Zreika empowers women in sport
Eve chats to Haneen Zreika. Haneen is a professional Aussie Rules football player for the GWS Giants WAFL team. They talk about how Haneen discovered the game of AFL at School, what it is like being the first female Muslim professional AFL player and her role in inspiring young women to get into sport. 
July 12, 2020
Al Hassan Diallo learns lessons for life
Rob connects with Al Hassan Diallo. Al Hassan was a former Football United participant and coach. They chat about his connection to Football United and how it has taught him lessons and skills that he still uses to this day. They also discuss the importance of being able to give back to the community around you. 
July 08, 2020
Ayman Hill facilitates change
Paul chats to Creating Chances and Football United team member Ayman Hill. They talk about Ayman's role within both organisations, how he aims to be the role model he wishes he had growing up and what he has leant from his overseas experiences.
July 06, 2020
Sam Wells goes for gold
Rob speaks to two-time olympic aerial skier and former Creating Chances facilitator Sam Wells. The discuss how she became an Olympian, the process she goes through to set her goals and her current role as a motivational speaker, helping students achieve their dreams. 
July 01, 2020
Billy Dib soldiers on
Paul chats to two-time World Champion boxer Billy Dib about the importance of being able to inspire the next generation, bouncing back from setbacks and the impact that his family had on him and his career. 
June 29, 2020
Simaima Taufa leads by example
Joe and Paul chat to NRLW star and former Creating Chances participant Simaima Taufa about her early involvement in Creating Chances, the importance of family and culture as well as her pathway to reach the top of her profession. 
June 24, 2020
Skateistan teaches and equips through skating
Eve connects with Jessica Faulkner to talk about how Skateistan is using the sport of Skateboarding to empower young people across the globe
June 18, 2020
Joe Tau engages youth
Joe is the Facilitator Mentor at Creating Chances. Creating Chances is a for-purpose social enterprise delivering an evidence-based positive youth development pathway. We use sport to achieve social impact in health, education, employment and community cohesion.
April 22, 2020
Dr Anne Bunde-Birouste tracks the response to a global pandemic
Anne is the Founder and Director of Football United and sits on the Board of Creating Chances. Football United / Creating Chances is a for-purpose social enterprise delivering an evidence-based positive youth development pathway. We use sport to achieve social impact in health, education, employment and community cohesion. /
April 20, 2020
Brad McCarroll keeps swimming
Brad is the General Manager of Creating Chances who leads and delegates.  Creating Chances is a for-purpose social enterprise delivering an evidence-based positive youth development pathway. We use sport to achieve social impact in health, education, employment and community cohesion. Explore Follow @creatingchances
April 02, 2020