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Creating in the Cracks

Creating in the Cracks

By Alessandra Doyle
A Writer. An Illustrator. Mothers who create art and children. Sharing anecdotes, advice and support in the crazy world of artistry and motherhood. Welcome to Creating in the Cracks!
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CiC Episode 7: Daily Battles (finding pants for children), history and heritage & writing with sensitivity.
In this episode, Sarah and Lessy lay it out about daily battles with little people and discuss the importance of historical events and cultural heritage. Sarah talks about her research for her novels and Lessy delves into the complexities of being simultaneously sensitive and creative when it comes to writing from different cultural perspectives.  Michael McIntyre Their Finest (WW2 film) Better reading podcast We would love to hear from you, contact details below! Sarah Fiddelaers Alessandra Doyle And find us on facebook! 
September 13, 2019
CiC Episode 6: Word Culling, Collectibles and Copyright plus happy dancing for Sarah’s success
This episode, Sarah and Lessy discuss the love hate relationship with supermarket collectibles, manuscript editing and what Sarah learned at the Romance Writers Festival. Highlights also include living vicariously through other people’s travels and how Sarah went with her pitch dates at the Festival. Sarah Fiddalaers: @sarahfiddelaers on Instagram and Facebook. Alessandra Doyle: @ag_doyle on Instagram and Facebook. Resources: Hemingway editor Romance Writers of Australia Australian Society of Authors Polina Bright Instagram Spalding Education The Curious Case of the Missing Mammoth
August 26, 2019
CiC Ep 5: Hiatus Ends, Love Letters and Manuscript Progress
In this episode, Sarah and Lessy give you the low down on why they've been so MIA. We're talking babies, baptisms and love letters inspired by Pride and Prejudice. On the creative front, Sarah has made some serious progress with her manuscript and Lessy has continued to dip in and out of creating and community.  Sarah Fiddelaers: instagram @sarahfiddelaers Alessandra (Lessy) Doyle Instagram @ag_doyle And we're both on facebook! Resources mentioned Janet Lansbury Little Pink Dog Books Jen Storer’s duck pond Scribbles academy Romance writers of Australia A Year of Tales
August 16, 2019
CiC Ep 4: BIG NEWS! Plus Banjo Paterson & rolling with life
Our contact details: Instagram @sarahfiddelaers Facebook @Sarah Fiddelaers (writer) Twitter @sjfiddelaers Instagram @ag_doyle Facebook @Alessandra G Doyle Twitter @agmdoyle Saintx studio Rosemary Mastnak, Dancing with Grandma mastnak/9781760126186 Kiss Kiss!/Margaret-Wild/9780689862793 Jennifer Fulwiler, one beautiful Dream
August 16, 2018
CIC Ep 3: Christmas in July, Research & Doing What You Know Instagram @sarahfiddelaers Facebook @Sarah Fiddelaers (writer) Twitter @sjfiddelaers Instagram @ag_doyle Facebook @Alessandra G Doyle Twitter @agmdoyle Action/expression sequences websites: Online Life Drawing Prompts: Nina Rycroft illustrator, online courses Les Parisiennes History in our time podcast: Picasso’s Guernica Nina Stajner illustrator Natasher Lester
August 10, 2018
CIC Ep 2: Weetbix Crumbs & Wool, Synopses & Authenticity
Our contact details: Instagram @sarahfiddelaers Facebook @Sarah Fiddelaers (writer) Twitter @sjfiddelaers Instagram @ag_doyle Facebook @Alessandra G Doyle Twitter @agmdoyle Sarah Davies illustrator Nanowrimo John le Carre, The Night Manager 8&q=the+night+manager Kate de Camillo, La La La Rudy Nudi Emma Quay Romance Writers of Australia Pitch like a Professional with-anita-joy/ Intro music by John Paul Doyle
July 31, 2018
CIC Ep 1: Expensive chocolate, cheap cider & where we began
Our contact details: Instagram @sarahfiddelaers Facebook @Sarah Fiddelaers (writer) Twitter @sjfiddelaers Instagram @ag_doyle Facebook @Alessandra G Doyle Twitter @agmdoyle Useful links and info from Episode 1: NSW Writers’ Centre Queensland Writers’ Centre Hachette Manuscript Development Award Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Jen Storer Duckpond Sarah’s new historical fiction author obsession Ella Carey Lessy’s latest read that she can’t stop talking about One Beautiful Dream, Jennifer Fulwiler Sarah’s research read Lessy's new pens: Copic Multiliner pens Intro music by John Paul Doyle
July 26, 2018