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By David Papa
Deepening relationships, building businesses, living with Soul, loving our lives. This show is about combining science and spirituality into practical tools for creating love and abundance. You'll hear stories, interviews, tips and weird stuff that's sometimes woowooAF.
007 - How to Move Through Any Emotion and Increase Vibration
Emotional processing has changed my life, "saved" the lives of people I work with, and I hope it changes yours too. Move through any emotion far quicker than you thought. Adjust your vibration at a source level to completely increase your manifesting ability. Clear the baggage inside of you that is blocking your natural feelings of love and joy. This is absolutely core to my teachings and one of the most important practices any human can know. Huzzah!
June 11, 2018
006 - Forget Results, Go for Expressions
Thanks to a great book, messages from my higher self, and a reading of Natal Chart, I had a major revelation about how Highly Evolved Beings behave. They don't care about results, they are just looking for expression. This has had a huge impact on my life and I share about it here. I hope you try this.
May 17, 2018
005 - Hilary Booker's 3 Tips to Discover Your Destiny
"Our bodies are just clothes." Hilary shares her identity struggle transitioning into a coach. Authentic role models. How we co-create with our environment. Why our spirits inhabit our bodies. How balance really works, and the tension of trying to create from our deeper selves. Hilary’s 3 biggest tips for finding your destiny. Boom.
May 10, 2018
004 - The Present Moment and Future Tension
David records a new realization about the Present Moment and finding peace from the beach. He talks about emotional integration and then tension comes up in his body, and he processes it live. Enjoy the wave sounds. More at
May 10, 2018
003 - What is the Most Efficient Way to Be Happy?
I love questions like this, what is the most direct route to something we want? I talk about the main block to happiness in our lives and what to do about it. This is the same block that keeps our life stuck in certain patterns we can't seem to break away from. Let's break out. #happiness #emotions #creativity #sadness #anger #peace #spirituality #personaldevelopment
April 6, 2018
002 - Love as a Strategy in Life and Work
Love is a choice that can radically alter what we experience and what comes to us in life. It's biology, and it's physics. Everything that appears in our experience is based on our energetic relationship with it. Find this, work with this, reality changes.
April 6, 2018
001 - The Point of Life is Love, so What Do We Do with That?
Love is the point of life, but it's not about getting it or even giving it. There is something else more important and more useful. Let's get practical with Love.
April 6, 2018
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