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The Creative Genius Podcast

The Creative Genius Podcast

By Nicolette Wilson-Clarke
The Creative Genius podcast is presented by award-winning radio presenter Nicolette Wilson-Clarke.

It's the local DAB radio show that supports the creative in learning who they are so that they can courageously tap into their genius and get through the day.

Each show's aim is to unpick the mental chaos of the creative mind and encourage a new way of being where everyday challenges are met head on, emotions kept in check and feelings of anxiety recognised, acknowledged and addressed.

Listen in each week plus join creative guests and experts on the show.
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Dance, Creativity and Service - Lucy McCrudden

The Creative Genius Podcast

Dance, Creativity and Service - Lucy McCrudden

The Creative Genius Podcast

Can You Express How You Feel, Dear Creative?
This week, Nicolette continues her exploration into the 6 main emotion categories and why knowing them can assist you with expessing how you feel and meaning what you say.
September 25, 2020
It's Time To Say What You Mean, Dear Creative
In this week's episode, Nicolette explains the six main categories of emotions. She offers you an emotion's vocabulary based on these six categories that will undoubtedly assist you in delving deeper into the core of what's really going on with you 'in the moment'. This powerful digging will drive you closer towards gracefully saying exactly what you want and need from others plus offer you clarity within your personal and professional c. A must listen, so click now to press !
September 16, 2020
Sleep, Creativity And You
In this episode, Nicolette supports you with understanding the benefits of good sleep hygiene to support your creativity. Learn about what foods to eat before bedtime to aid a quality night's sleep and how to ensure that your bedroom is fit for purpose. 
August 12, 2020
Personal Power For Free Flowing Creativity
In this week's show, Nicolette shares 8 ways to elevate your personal power and break the cycle of victim for every time you give your power away.
August 5, 2020
Suicide - Self-Caring the Creative
This week's show is about suicide. The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 1 million people die each year from suicide. On the show, Nicolette discusses how to help yourself, getting help from others and the myths associated with suicide. Pleaae share with those it can support.
July 29, 2020
Creativity on Purpose - Or Not?
This week, Nicolette explores how to rekindle purpose that's faded for the creative from the recent lockdown pandemic. 
July 22, 2020
How Kind Are You To Your Creativity?
This week, Nicolette explores the ways you can incorporate being self-kind to you thus enhancing your creativity in the process. A must listen if much of your inner dialogue is negative.
July 15, 2020
You Feeling Anxious Yet, Dear Creative?
In the first show back since the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicolette helps you get to grips with the claws of anxiety with tools and accessible tips for 'in the moment' attacks. Why not visit to read the blog to accompany this show.
July 8, 2020
Creativity is Alive And Well and Living in Jazz - Cecilia Stalin
This week, Nicolette chatted with Swedish born soul jazz singer Cecilia Stalin about her new album I. Am. We explored where her passion for singing began and got excited about the new season of The Fika Session - a live music and discussion event for creative professionals based in London and returning April 2020. Listen to I. Am. on and whet your appetite with two of the tracks from the album here in this podcast. For more information visit / IG: ceciliastalin / IG: thefikasession Music Line-Up: Track 1:  Chance Vocals/Writers: Cecilia Stalin and Joe Armon-Jones, Bass: Tom Mason, Drums: Laurie Lowe, Piano/Rhodes: Alex Bennett and Rhodes: Michel Limma Track 2: Sun God  Vocals/Writer: Cecilia Stalin, Bass: Tom Mason, Drums: Laurie Lowe, Piano/Rhodes: Alex Bennett and Rhodes: Michel Limma
March 18, 2020
Watch Out Creatives! It's Behind You....
This week, Nicolette shares tools and tips about managing your anxiety episodes especially the ones that creep up behind you and hijacks your endeavours.
March 11, 2020
Why Knowing This Could Save a Fellow Creative's Life
This week, Nicolette offers you the warning signs relating to speech and behaviour in someone living on the edge where they feel there's only one way out.
February 26, 2020
When Dreaming Big Is The Creative Thing To Do - Simon Crowe
On this week's show, Nicolette explores the concept of dreaming big as a creative with Master Coach, Simon Crowe. Discover his 3 Steps to Dreaming Big and learn why living this way could be the difference between a life that you tolerate and the life you could create ... on your terms. Simon has created a FREE 3-step online course on "Dreaming and Thinking BIG.  Over the course of 3 days, he breaks the process down into three basic steps. You will receive TIPS and EXERCISES to cultivate and develop this powerful habit for creating your creative life and business. If you enjoy the show then I would definitely encourage you to sign up. The link is
February 19, 2020
Creatives Need Grit Too!!
Welcome to a brand new season of The Creative Genius Show. In this week's podcast, Nicolette reminds you of the need for steadfast grit as you navigate your creative journeys in life. Learn the five characteristics of grit and a couple of tools to build it daily for powerful, unapologetic creative living. 
February 12, 2020
A Massive Thank You To My Creative Listeners!
Thanks to all guests, for having me for nearly five years now and you, the listener for supporting the show in 2019. I truly appreciate you!!! Nicolette x
December 18, 2019
What You Might Be Missing During Creativity?
Have you been finding it hard to concentrate whilst creating lately?  Or perhaps you've recently made poor decisions. These are classic symptoms of stress and in this week's show, Nicolette explores the causes of stress and sheds light on how you can recognise your own stress overload as a creative.
December 11, 2019
What Makes Creative Rebekah Walker's Purpose So Unique?
This week on the show, Nicolette chatted with Rebekah Walker, Founder of Models in Motion, UK and Empower the Creative Woman. We chatted about her creative approach to purpose and it was such an inspiring show. A must listen! Check out Rebekah's websites: And connect @empowerthecreativewoman, @modelsinmotion and @rebekahlouisewalker on IG.
December 4, 2019
Creatives, Do You Lead With Your Head Or Your Heart? - Paul Harrild
What do you do when you're all caught up in your head and need some release? Could you strengthen your heart? This week, Nicolette bashed around ideas with returning guest Paul Harrild, Personal Trainer about ways to incorporate movement/exercise into your daily creative life for emotional release.
November 27, 2019
When Does a Creative Need To Follow Their Gut? - Francesca Liparoti
This week on the show, Nicolette chatted with the show's new resident Nutritional Therapist, Francesca Liparoti about gut health. Learn about the five Rs that can distance you further away from negative gut health and find out what foods really serve you.  IG: @flnutritionuk
November 20, 2019
Turning Creativity Into A Magazine... - Esther Austin
This week, Nicolette found out about the birth of international magazine - Turning Point and how Founder and Editor, Esther Austin creatively landed an interview with Freddie McGregor in her very first edition.
November 13, 2019
Mixing Compassion with Creativity...
This week on the Creative Genius Show, Nicolette offers you tools, tips and an accessible practice for incorporating compassion into your everyday creative life.
November 6, 2019
Dance, Creativity and Service - Lucy McCrudden
This week Nicolette chatted with Lucy McCrudden - Creator of Dance Mama, a platform and community profiling significant parents in dance and the arts about the challenges of being a parent and a professional dancer within the dance industry. Listen to find which dance company has broken the mold by offering childcare whilst on tour or what game-changer did Lucy make happen that impacted dance parents when they attended a particular event? Listen to the podcast to find out.
October 30, 2019
How Creativity Can be Used To Cultivate Your Passion - Paul Harrild
This week, Nicolette chatted with Paul Harrild, Personal Trainer and Food Expert about how he creatively taught himself the ins and outs of nutritious foods to support his clients. Listen NOW!
October 23, 2019
What Happens When Visceral Grit Propels Your Creativity? - Tarik Frimpong
This week, Nicolette chats with actor, dancer, musician Tarik Frimpong as he shares about his learnings from playing the role Angus in Mary Poppins Returns alongside Meryl Streep, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt. It was an absolute pleasure to share space with such a grounded, emotionally balance soul.
October 16, 2019
Feeling Disconnected From Your Creativity?
In this episode, Nicolette shares tools and tips to help the creative reconnect with their senses and discover a nourishing way to turn their attention inwards to boost creativity.
October 15, 2019
When Life Learnings Fuel Creativity - Uran Apak
On this week's show, Nicolette chats with Uran Apak, an Interdisciplinary Artist and Voice Coach. Together they explore Uran's life learnings from his vocal improvisations, where it all began and he offers a vocal treat to close the show.
October 2, 2019
When Creativity Is The Glue That Binds You - Alex Hinson
On this week's show, Nicolette chatted with Alex Hinson from Bric a Brac Theatre Company about the catalyst for co-creating a theatre company with multiple creative minds who all want to offer theatre that tells stories in unexpected ways. Definitely an insightful show for those creatives working with others and navigating through connection, communication and boundaries along the way.
September 25, 2019
When The Desire To Create Is So Strong.... - Dane Ram
This week Nicolette chatted with Dane Ram - dancer, choreographer, agent, Creative Director and presently Co-Owner/Creator of ONYX Dance Studio in East London. Listen to his journey from dabbling in hip hip in hometown Ottawa, Canada to setting up a dance company in Zurich. What were his challenges along the way?  Why did he never give up on his vision to create a safe, welcoming and accepting studio for dancers against all the odds?  What's he offering you as words of wisdom on your creative journey? Listen to the podcast now and share.
September 18, 2019
Emotional Resilience Lacking on Your Creative Journey?
This week, Nicolette sheds some light on the importance of resilience especially emotional resilience on your creative journey. Discover how you can generate resilience for yourself rather than become a victim to feelings of hopelessness and low self belief.
September 17, 2019
Can Creativity Survive Without Personal Boundaries?
On this week's episode, Nicolette asks you to consider what personal boundaries you have in place to create healthy relationships and for a fulfilled creative life. If you often feel insignificant, emotional discomfort, anxious or resentful it could be signs that those around you are pushing your boundaries or maybe you're pushing your own in order to please others. Maybe you haven't consciously created your boundaries but you feel these emotions and states anyway. If that's you, then it's time to start listening to your body and creating possibilities of power, significance, happiness and love with both yourself and others. Listen now to find out how and share with others to #sharethelove The number one podcast supporting the emotional and mental intelligence of the creative
August 28, 2019
Does Creativity Exist Without Confidence?
On this week's show, Nicolette offered valuable tools and tips about mastering your self confidence. A must listen!! thecreativegenius Advanced apologies for the distorted sound.
August 20, 2019
Embroidery, Mental Health and Creativity - Milou Stella
This week on The Curious Creative Show, Nicolette explored the healing effects of embroidery with fellow creative Milou Stella, creator of Moody Bright Designs. A must listen to show if you enjoy trying unconventional ways to soothe your mind and support your emotional and mental well-being. Find out more about Moody Bright Designs at Connect on social media:  Fb/moodybrightdesigns IG/moodybrightdesigns Tw/moodybrightD
August 12, 2019
When Creativity Is Stronger Than Depression, Anxiety and OCD - Adam Hughes
This week on The Curious Creative, Nicolette chatted with Adam Hughes - actor and Drama Teacher about living with depression, anxiety and OCD as a creative. Listen to Adam's podcasts on Soundcloud: Speakout - Speak with Pride Dissecting the Magic
August 5, 2019
Empowerment Minus Fear Equals Optimum Creation - Stuart Paviour
This week on The Curious Creative, Nicolette chewed the cud with NeuChemologist Stuart Paviour about quick and accessible tools to take the creative from threat/fear to empowerment. Whether it's because you're pitching an innovative idea to a funder, sharing new music to a producer, on the treadmill of auditions or simply receiving emails that are a bit prickly these tools will bring you back to the present moment and put everything into positive perspective. Listen now and get in the know! Stuart is presently offering a free consultation to experience the power of his NeuChem work. Contact him at Listen to other The Curious Creative podcasts at
July 29, 2019
How's the Past Impacting Your Creative Present?
This week on The Curious Creative, Nicolette offered accessible tools and tips to assess how the past might be impacting your creative present. Also she shares about Schemas, what they are and their impact on you today. Listen and get in the know!
July 22, 2019
Are You Creatively Enough? - Amy Coutts
On this week's The Curious Creative show, Nicolette chats with Amy Coutts, Founder of Acting with Courage about how Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) dramatically shifted her negative relationship with auditions to a positive place of "I am good enough!" Listen in to discover how RTT could support you in understanding why you crumble when confronted with rejection and why this reactionary behaviour doesn't have to be the only way.  You can contact Amy at / IG: @hypnowithac / FB: @hypnowithac / Tw: @hgypnowithac. Subscribe to Amy's YouTube channel Acting with Courage where you can watch her new series Why This? Please share....
July 17, 2019
The Future of Creativity: AI - Salema Veliu
This week on The Curious Creative, Salema Veliu returns with insights into AI (Artificial Intelligence). She talks about maintaining your digital mental health and why we must manage our dopamine levels - the reward/motivation neurotransmitters* in order to productively tap into your creative genius.  *chemicals released by nerve cells to send messages to other nerve cells  Some Symptoms of Digital Overuse: . dry eyes?  . losing focus more than you used to? In a nutshell, it's time to positively manage your digital health in order to graciously manage your mental health as a creative today and in the future. Listen to learn how to co-exist with AI and the future technologies.
June 20, 2019
Love, Connection and Creativity - Serena Sabala
Love and Connection - the fourth human need. In this episode, Nicolette chatted with Serena Sabala, Film Producer, Entrepreneur, Certified Nutrition Consultant, Yoga Teacher and co-founder of Wholeshift Wellness, a wellness coaching company based in London. Serena has co-produced and co-directed an enlightening short documentary about how she and her family coped with her father's bipolar disorder. Opening up the dialogue for more people to talk about this insidious mental illness, Serena will be creating 5 more films that give families everywhere an opportunity to share and talk about the impact of mental illness on their family. If you would like to support Serena's vision by investing or participating then please visit where you can reach out to her, watch the film and offer support via crowdfunding or/and film participation. Thank you Serena for your contribution towards those impacted by mental illness.
June 7, 2019
Love and Connection
In this week's episode, Nicolette explores the importance of love and connection. They are the fourth human need and we'll do ANYTHING, often unconsciously to ensure we get it.... even if it puts us in harm's way. Find out how you can build love and connection into your life without sacrificing the very essence of who you are.
May 31, 2019
How Does Artificial Intelligence Impact the Way Creatives Function? - Salema Veliu
In this episode, Nicolette chats with Futurologist, Author and Digital Mental Health Consultant Salema Veliu about the impact that technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having on the way we function as creatives.
May 24, 2019
Let's Explore Significance
In this episode, Nicolette discusses the third human need: Significance. Is being unique, feeling important and worthy high on your need's list? If so, what happens when you don't get or feel them? What behaviours show themselves? Listen now and discover how not honouring your significance need can lead to self sabotaging behaviours.
May 17, 2019
Let's Explore Uncertainty
In this episode, Nicolette unpicks the second of the Six Human Needs: uncertainty. Understanding the importance of these needs can offer clarity about what motivates you as a creative and why you make certain decisions that either support or disrupt your creative dreams.
May 10, 2019
Welcome To The First Curious Creative Show - Let's Explore Certainty
In November 2018, the last episode of Mind Your Business with Nicolette Wilson-Clarke on Wandsworth Radio was broadcast and in April 2019, The Curious Creative with Nicolette Wilson-Clarke on Riverside Radio (formerly Wandsworth Radio) was born. The Curious Creative show is presented by award-winning presenter Nicolette Wilson-Clarke and is THE local online radio show that supports the creative in learning WHO they are so that they can authentically focus on WHAT they do.  It's aim is to unpick the chaos of the human mind and offer the listener accessible tools and solutions for emotional management. Ultimately, the listener will be able distance themselves from behaviours that self sabotage and step into a creative life that feels fulfilled and has meaning. In this first episode, Nicolette starts to explore the Six Human Needs created by Tony Robbins and inspired by Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Understanding the importance of these needs can offer clarity about what motivates you as a creative and why you make certain decisions that either support or disrupt your creative dreams. Episode 1 unpicks the first human need: Certainty.
April 12, 2019
Mind Your Business - Personal Power: Part 4 Final Show
This week on Mind Your Business, Nicolette closed the month of October plus the show's season with sources of personal power like Image Power and Network Power. Image Power is how you present yourself to influence others and Network Power is who you know, who knows you and how that can have a big effect on how influential you are.  How do you grow these powers if they're presently in short supply?  Listen to find out more.
November 2, 2018
Sam Willoughby - Creator of Live Well, London: 1-3 March 2019 Talks Personal Power: Part 3
Nicolette chats with events creator Sam Willoughby about how she stepped into her personal power creating Live Well London, an amazing new health and well-being annual festival starting 1-3 March 2019.
November 1, 2018
Personal Power: Part 2
Nicolette continues to explore personal power.  Once you understand that you have personal power, how do you keep it?  Listen to find out more.
October 31, 2018
Personal Power: Part 1
Nicolette starts the month off with a brand new theme: Personal Power.  What is it and how can we powerfully step into it everyday?
October 30, 2018
The Power of Saying No with Guest Andra Campau, Personal Development Coach and Psychologist: Part 4
Nicolette chats with Andra Campau, Personal Development Coach and Psychologist about strengthening your ability to say no without jeopardising your relationships.
October 26, 2018
The Power of Saying No with Guest Vicki Igbokwe, Creative Director, Choreographer and Founder of Uchenna Dance: Part 3
Nicolette chats with Creative Director, Choreographer and Founder of Uchenna Dance Vicki Igbokwe about her experience of the power of saying no... or not.
October 25, 2018
The Power of Saying No with Guest Dannie-Lu Carr, Personal Impact, Communications and Creativity Specialist: Part 2
Nicolette chats with Dannie-Lu Carr who shares her knowledge as a Personal Impact, Communications and Creativity Specialist about the power of saying no.
October 24, 2018
The Power of Saying No - Part 1
Have you said 'Yes' to something when you really wanted to say 'No'?  Nicolette opens the month of July with The Power of Saying No.  She explores why we might say 'Yes' instead of 'No' and how we can stay true to ourselves in times of challenging decisions.  Please note: the following 3 episodes precede Nicolette's shift from serving women entrepreneurs to serving creative entrepreneurs within the Mind Your Business Series. For continuity purposes only, Nicolette has included these episodes.
October 23, 2018
Self Sabotage - Move Past It! Part 4
Nicolette finishes the month with more understandings and tips for moving past self sabotaging behaviours.
October 13, 2018
Self Sabotage with Andrew Grossett, Personal Development Coach and Author: Part 3
Nicolette chats with Andrew Grossett about self sabotage and his experience of it personally and with clients as a Personal Development Coach and Author. Andrew Gossett: IG @andew_grossett / Tw @Hench1980 / Fb Andew Grossett
October 12, 2018
Self Sabotage with Guest Penny Riviera, Singer/Songwriter: Part 2
Nicolette chats with singer/songwriter Penny Riviera about her experience of self sabotage whilst on her creative journey. Penny Riviera:
October 10, 2018
Self Sabotage - Why Do We Do It? Part 1
Nicolette starts a brand new month with an understanding of self sabotage and why we do it.
October 10, 2018
Resilience with Guest Maxine Anthony, Professional Dancer, Choreographer and Creative Entrepreneur: Part 2
Nicolette chats with professional dancer, choreographer and creative entrepreneur Maxine Anthony about her experience of how she maintains her resilience.
September 21, 2018
Resilience with Guest Dannie-Lu Carr, Personal Impact, Communications and Creativity Specialist: Part 1
Dannie-Lu Carr, Personal Impact, Communications and Creativity Specialist joins Nicolette again to share her expertise as they explore the subject of resilience for creative success.
September 20, 2018
Self Esteem with Guest Dannie-Lu Carr - Personal Impact, Communications and Creativity Specialist: Part 2
Dannie-Lu Carr - Personal Impact, Communications and Creativity Specialist joins Nicolette to share expertise on her self esteem. 
September 19, 2018
Self Esteem Part 1
Nicolette opens the month of September with a new theme: Self Esteem and Resilience.
September 18, 2018