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By Holy Fool (Random Badassery)
I keep telling myself: Learn to live inside of the questions. Learn to listen to other people's answers. In this show, I take those questions and ask them to most extraordinary people that I can find. Whether it's creativity, productivity, mental health, self-improvement—who knows what else. This isn't a talk show, it's an investigation into the mystery that we‘re all swimming in.

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12 Episodes
The By-products of a Fool
May 16, 201833:54
How Do We Find the Time (Part 1)?
May 3, 201819:40
How Do We Know When We Are Done?
Mar 29, 201819:22
Coming Soon
Mar 28, 201800:50
A Quick Update
Mar 1, 201803:28
The Green Square
Feb 14, 201810:41
My Creative Detours
Jan 30, 201812:23
State of the Podcast 2018
Jan 24, 201816:50
Making Things Tangible
Dec 16, 201726:46
Confrontation of Fear
Nov 6, 201718:58
Hacking Creativity
Sep 27, 201717:25
Looking Back to Move Forward
Aug 28, 201737:17
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