01: Going Beyond UI Design Systems

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By Alicja Colon
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02: Imposter Syndrome and the Cool Kids
ROUNDTABLE  name / twitter / site Stephanie Irigoyen/ @stephirigoyen /http://irigoyendesign.com Rick Messer / @rickmesser / http://rickmesser.com Chris Martin / @cmstudios / http://www.chrismartinstudios.com Rye Castillo / @ryenotbread / http://ryemason.com Jo-Elle Husband / @@headofhouseco / http://headofhouse.co How to manage imposter syndrome and the sinking feeling what everyone else is doing way cooler work than you What is Imposter Syndrome? Jo elle - feeling like a fraud, you didn’t do your due dilgence to earn your place at the table Stephanie - people are going to discover that you do’t know what you’re don’t Rick - in the landscape of design playing roles in companies that it hasn’t before - not sure we don’t belong here. We haven’t gotten to play in these sandboxes  Alicja - people look at me and think I got it all together, but I don’t  Any first hand experience? Stephanie - when she left her full time job - freelance in the meantime and no one was hiring. So it reinforced and then wondered  Rye - similar story. Remotely to office. Took such a long time, thought it was a reflection of her work Chris - feeling just yesterday. No one is calling, or returning the calls How have you fought IS? Steph - keeps in mind that we are all a work in progress Jo Elle - i don’t think we can’t ever get over it. If it’s a skill you can get better. Or a feeling  step back and get another’s perspective Rick - good for you to give yourself credit that we make. How do you celebrate a little thing? Chris - no. so locked into the production cycle but sees the damage Steph - she sees it can hurt and help, cause she’s not as “successful” on paper as before Alicja and Steph -  How’d you guys deal with the cool kids Rye - what do I want that visibility? Do i have to be as good as them, and the world needs to affirm that? Rick - the sheer volume that we’re dealing with is new thing now. It’s not a normal thing - this strong influence of what people are doing. We get fire hosed with it and feel like we need to amp our sharing --- we don’t see all of the strong. It’s a burden that we have to  --- comparison Jo Elle - you can disengage. It’s okay to take a break Chris - the difference between our work and our audience - the things we do and the people that are watching.  The difference between work and audience Rye - who actually uses it, vs who I want show (dribbble) Jo Elle - collaboration group, had to share low  Design community Alicja - create a community that makes your heroes into peers Steph - shares why she started community  Chris - short term community when he talks to someone on the podcast Disengage  Jo Elle - when work gets too much she just has too Rick - gets fatigued with it but scared to get off too much cause lose a touch of design pulse - don’t like the feeling of late night social scroll Rye - i don’t like how it makes me feel; wants to find a  Alicja via Deep focus book - “Deep focus brings deep satisfaction”
February 28, 2019
01: Going Beyond UI Design Systems
ROUNDTABLE Maxim Leyzerovich: @round / Capital One Alejandra Quintero: @alequintero / alejandraquintero.com Colin Wilson: @_thecolinwilson / Tide University Laundry Darold Pinnock: @dpcreates / daroldpinnock.com Salil Malkan: @salilmalkan / Zeus NOTES Going Beyond UI Design Systems What is a UI Design System? Salil - is a set of UI components that you can reuse across screens and devices to make a product that wholistic and designed thoughtfully. There’s not bespoke Max - a lot of the goal is to quickly put together - not just concepting, ideation - but actual production.  They could whiteboard and send over to engineer and could quickly get together Colin - they are getting in a place to get where th elements are packaged other in a site UI Design System = or not UI kit DS isn’t as useful for the design team, but more for the engineer (code) Salil - overarching goal is crank things out really fast  So there’s trade-offs: limitations of brand vocabulary Colin - DS allows you to move faster, to learn and pivot Ui kit - is just the working sketch or figma file. It’s one half of full system Going Beyond UI Design Systems // what does this mean? Alejandra - what’s behind? The brand? The reason why you’re doing Colin - this hits the topics that Tide univ is going through right now What’s the mission, goal?  How can it flex and scale?**  Darold - question: in the course I’m taking: stuff like that would be done before being the actual system Colin -  having an understanding of a mission/vision and how it relates to sprint goals - we have to the know how when using it, is it 100% appropriate to make a decision to keep or break it Colin: How do you go about the why? Why do I need to use an UI kit? Max: the why - saved time, original source of truth, needs to be flexible not 100% prescription Alejandra: UI systems do designers and engineers get people on the same page Salil - when there’s an existing product, app - even when people see those inconsistencies - it’s really hard to get people to systemize things How do you guys stay inline with brand while expanding the UI? Colin: so collaboratively with brand and engineer - iteratively and together, quickly Each team brings their insight  Names user for a person, to help hone it Collaborative: open space, defined steps, bring in people as the steps occur, the reviews are at the end of sprint/week and engineers are there. Open conversation Darold: Idea of building a persona - the time and effort helps with streamlining it from brand to engineer  Salil: my assumption has been that DS support brand cause they bring consistency. But you don’t use DS to bring out and grow brand. How does ui system grow the brand? Max: DS is the primary channel of expressing a brand Colin: people aren’t build for systems but systems are built for people Brand is well-told story: DS is the extension How do you
January 24, 2019
Episode 1
#CreativeAmChats (click to sign up!) is a monthly hour long Google Hangout with 5-7 people you don’t even know (or maybe you do, or you heard of… you know, let’s not split hairs) talking about a monthly topic/question. Alicja will schedule, assemble, and lead the discussion. Participates will change monthly, and will have to agree to a code of conduct. 
January 24, 2019
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