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Jam with Jaffaman Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions Podcasts

Jam with Jaffaman Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions Podcasts

By Jaffaman Eddie
Want easier ways to write copy for your business... get more new and repeat customers and increase your income? Perhaps you want to hear from others in business and their stories, how they started, what they've learnt so far and how they overcame some of the hurdles and celebrate their wins? In the Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions podcasts you”ll hear some of the latest and greatest Copywriting, content writing, marketing and mindset strategies for small businesses owners from us and other small business owners and entrepreneurs. Tune in now, you”ll be happy you did🔥🖊💰
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Tips To Make Your Content Writing And Blogs Sing To Create Authority, Trust And Confidence.

Jam with Jaffaman Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions Podcasts

Founder Of Naturally Goat Orianna Edmonds Jams With Jaffaman Of Creative Copywriting.
In this Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions Jam with Jaffaman podcast, I’m speaking with Founder and CEO of Naturally Goat, Orianna Edmonds.  Orianna’s entrepreneurial spirit started back as a 15-year-old when she made her first cake of organic goat soap for her mother with a skin condition. This is a great podcast for anyone thinking of starting a business or is already in business whether you sell natural skincare  products or service with some fantastic tips and advice you can listen to and apply to your life and business. Thanks for listening, Jaffaman Eddie & the crew.
January 13, 2021
3 Differences Between Writing Blogs And Articles.
Do you know the difference between article writing and blog writing?  In this Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions podcast, I talk about 3 of the major differences that anyone who needs or writes blogs or articles needs to know. Tune in now and don’t forget to subscribe, give us that thumbs up and share.  Oh and if have any questions about the differences between writing blogs and articles, drop us an email.  I’m only too happy to answer.  Later word lovers!
December 15, 2020
Copywriting Tips For Your LinkedIn Profile To Attract, Engage & Connect.
In this Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions podcast, I share some of my favourite copywriting tips to improve your LinkedIn profile.  Why and where to include keywords. Why having a LinkedIn great to connect with your system in place is important. Different types of LinkedIn summaries you can use and more.  It’s a great listen for anyone who wants to rank higher on LinkedIn, attract the right people's attention and showcase why you’re different from your competitors.  “Like a lot of business owners, my LinkedIn profile didn’t really do much. After Eddie wrote it and optimized it I’ve had a big improvement in rankings, connects and have even got leads straight off my LinkedIn profile. If Linkedin profile copywriting isn’t your thing give Jaffaman at creative copywriting a call. He’s affordable, personal and knows his stuff.” Richard George, CEO, Property Exchange Networx
May 28, 2020
9 Marketing & Copywriting Moves Your Business Can Action During COVID-19.
In this Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions podcasts, you'll discover 9 marketing & copywriting moves you can make to keep you and your business moving forward during COVID-19.  There’s also more about the FREE brainstorming sessions we’ve been holding at Creative Copywriting and more.  Don’t forget to follow, like or share this podcast with whomever you think may benefit from it.  Love Jaffaman Eddie & the team, Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions, Gold Coast, Australia
April 03, 2020
Unleashing Public Relations In Your Small Business With Annette Densham.
In this Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions podcast, we’re picking the brains of Publicity Genie Annette Densham of  This podcast includes nuggets of gold such as how to get PR for your business. Why most businesses fail to get FREE PR, copywriting and a whole lot more.  A must-listen if you want to know more about using Public Relations to your advantage for your small business. Thanks, Jaffaman Eddie & the crew
February 28, 2020
Real Estate Copywriting Tips To Improve Your Property Descriptions & Leads.
In this Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions podcast, you’ll discover 5 of my best Copywriting tips to writing real estate property descriptions that attract the people you want and stand your ads out from the crowd.  From tagging photos in your real estate property descriptions to increase search engine results to a couple of unconventional real estate ad concepts I’ve used for other real estate clients, if you’re in real estate and want to have real estate listings that work, these real estate Copywriting tips are for you.  Also don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast for the latest and greatest copywriting and content writing, interviews and how-to information for your business and marketing.  You can also read these real estate copywriting tips on our website at until next time, Jaffaman Eddie & the crew 🔥🖊💰💯
February 01, 2020
Tips To Eliminate Cash Flow Nightmares In Your Copywriting, Content Writing Or Small Business.
Want to manage your copywriting or small businesses cash flow better?  In this Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions podcast small business money man Kerry King of shares his tips on how small businesses can eliminate or reduce some of the cash flow nightmares many of us face at one time or another.  It’s a great listen for any small business owner interested in managing their cash flow better.  Enjoy and don’t forget to follow us for all your copywriting, content writing, marketing and small business success tips. Also for the latest and greatest in marketing your freelance content writing or copywriting business and other small business we’d love it if you’d join the creative Copywriting podcast tribe so follow us today.  With thanks Jaffaman Eddie and the team 🔥🖊💰💯
October 23, 2019
The Value Of Training And Keeping Your Skills Up To Date In An Ever Changing World.
Hi. I’m Jaffa man the Commander In Chief of Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions.  In today’s copywriting podcast legendary CEO and team Training extraordinaire Rosy King of shares her 27 years experience and insights with us on the value of team training for small-medium corporates and why keeping your team's skills up to date in an ever-changing world is critical.  It’s a great listen so tune in and enjoy. Stay tuned for more. Jaffaman Eddie & the crew.
September 16, 2019
How Men Can Be Better Fathers, Husbands And Protectors.
Hi. I’m Jaffaman Eddie Commander In Chief of Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions.  In this podcast, I’m speaking with Accountability, mindset and business sales engineer Wassim Dabboussi. In this Copywriting podcast, we chat about some of the problems men face as fathers, husbands, what we can do to overcome these problems and more.  Tune in now and enjoy the show. Jaffaman out 🔥🖊💰
September 16, 2019
Tips To Consider Before Listing Your Business For Sale With Peter Gwynne And Jaffaman Eddie.
In this Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions podcast, we’re talking with Peter Gwynne of Hallmark Business Sales on the Gold Coast.  We’re talking about the pros and cons of using a business broker, how much lead time you need to give yourself and when to contact a business broker and a whole lot more.  Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe and share so you don’t miss a beat stay cool Jaffaman Eddie Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions 🔥🖊💰💯
August 05, 2019
5 Tips To Building A Five Figure Copywriting or Content Writing Business.
Want some do’s & don’t about how to set a pricing model for your copywriting or content writing business?  Maybe you’d like some of the tips and strategies I used and developed to build Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions into a business which turns over five figures week in week out, has been in business since 2003 and has become known as Australia’s most recognized copywriting and content writing service?.  It’s all here in this copywriting podcast so sit back listen in and take action to build your copywriting business.  Reach out to with any questions too or get on over to our website at for more.  Jaffaman out! Do different, get different! 🔥🖊💰💯
March 06, 2019
What To Charge For Your Copywriting & Content Writing Services?
Today’s copywriting podcast was inspired by a question I received from a fellow copywriting and content writing service on LinkedIn who says: “Hi Eddie – I will say right now that the thing I am most struggling with is how to charge a realistic rate for my copywriting work. I fear I am not charging appropriately for my time, but don’t know what to change – I’m wondering if there is a magic formula for working this out? Anyway – I hope you enjoy your well-deserved break and I will get back In touch next week. Many thanks for replying to me.”  It’s something all-new freelance and experienced content writing and copywriters struggle with at one time or another so hopefully this podcast will help steer you in the right direction.   Enjoy and if you have any questions about What to charge for your copywriting & content writing services you think I can help you with or want to read the full blog get on over to  With thanks, Jaffaman Eddie & the crew at Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions, Gold Coast. 🔥🖊💰💯
February 21, 2019
Tips To Make Your Content Writing And Blogs Sing To Create Authority, Trust And Confidence.
In this content and blog writing creative Copywriting podcast, I share how you can make your content writing sing.  You'll also get some great practical tips to improve your content writing and we’ll do a quick set on why content writing and copywriting are similar to songwriting.  Enjoy plugin join the mosh pit and any questions, just reach out.  Stay cool and happy and enjoy this content writing podcast.  Do different, get different.  Jaffaman Eddie, Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions 🔥🖊💰💯
January 17, 2019
11 Tips To Building A Copywriting & Content Business.
In this podcast, I share 11 Tips To Starting & Building A Successful Copywriting & Content Writing Business.  Perfect for freelance copywriters, people thinking of starting a copywriting & content writing business and those who already have some runs on the board.  Enjoy, reach out to with any questions.  Jaffaman Eddie, Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions out! 🔥🖊💰💯
April 30, 2018
Tips To Fuel Your Day, Week And Month In Business, Life And Copywriting.
Building a successful copywriting and content business or any business for that matter isn't easy!  At times, you have to dig deep and no-one has the passion or dream you have.  In this podcast, discover three things you can do to fuel your day, week and month no matter what business you are in.  Jaffaman Eddie & the crew 🔥🖊💰🇦🇺
March 29, 2018
3 Reasons People Are Not Buying From Your Copywriting, Content Writing Or Other Business.
In this Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions podcast, you’ll discover 3 basic reasons why people may not be buying from your copywriting, content writing or other business.  These are hard lessons I’ve learnt over 16 years of starting and growing Creative Copywriting so I am sure there are a few nuggets of gold in this small business copywriting podcast for you.  Don’t forget to follow our podcast either for yuh e latest and greatest in Copywriting and content business building tips, discussions with other business owners and more.  Sharing makes the world go round.  Cheers Jaffa man Eddie, Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions, Gold Coast 🔥🎸💰💯
March 23, 2018
101 FM Radio Interview With Mike Bennett & Jaffaman.
In this Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions podcast Mike Bennett of 101 FM interviews me where we talk all things copywriting l, social media, content writing, small business marketing and more!  Don’t forget to follow this podcast either. You’ll get the latest and greatest interviews, tips and more about content writing, Copywriting, how to market your small business better for me and some of the fab guests we have.  Until next time with gratitude, Jaffaman and the team, Creative Copywriting& Content Solutions 🔥🖊💰💯🎤
March 19, 2018
Tips To Convert Copywriting And Other Business Quotes Into Clients Without Competing On Price.
In this Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions podcast, you'll discover proven ways to convert more of your copywriting quotes into paying customers without competing on price. Whether you’re a freelance copywriting or content writing business, or have some other business.  If you send quotes out to clients and want proven tips on how to turn more of your quotes into paying customer’s you’ll find these copywriting tips.  Don’t forget to follow the creative Copywriting podcast either. You'll get access time the latest and greatest copywriting, content writing, interviews and small business owner discussions.  I’m all about sharing, & helping people succeed. It’s part of why what makes the world go round and we can all learn from each other  Thanks, Jaffaman Eddie 🔥🖊💰🎸💯
March 13, 2018