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Creative Journeys

Creative Journeys

By Victoria Hines
Creative Journeys illuminates the unique (and yet universal) obstacles creatives face on their career journeys.

Through weekly interviews with artists and creators just like you, host Victoria Hines deep dives into why navigating creative careers can be so difficult. You’ll walk away with helpful action items to take into your own creative career as well as a community to remind you that you are not alone.

Victoria Hines is a Creative Career Coach, actor, and producer based in Chicago, IL. Join the Creative Journeys Community on Facebook and follow on Instagram @thevictoriahines.
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Appreciating the Moment with Adam Honoré

Creative Journeys

Appreciating the Moment with Adam Honoré

Creative Journeys

Go Before You're Ready with Katherine Tanner Silverman
Katherine Tanner Silverman is a director, arts educator, and the founder of Mentalhaus, a devised theater company located in Chicago (currently performing virtually) with a focus on mental health. Together we discuss her biggest takeaways from starting a new company, how her previous experience has impacted her new definition of an ensemble, how she keeps her motivation up, and her bravery in willing to admit the 3 words: "I don't know."  Connect with us: Free 30 min Creative Career Consultation: Book Here! Join the Creative Journeys Community: Connect with Victoria Hines on Instagram @thevictoriahines Connect and Follow Mentalhaus at their website, on Instagram, or through Facebook.
October 21, 2020
Art and Healing with Carolyn Edge
Carolyn Edge, founder of EdgeCraft, discusses her path from post-college burn out, to traveling the world, to launching her on-edge paper quilling business from her home in Austin, TX. Through her personal experience and time spent working with youth programs, Carolyn's developed a mission to embrace whatever life sends our way and integrate the experience through art. Connect with us: Join the Creative Journeys Community: Connect with Victoria Hines on Instagram @thevictoriahines or Facebook Connect with Carolyn Edge by following her Instagram and Facebook or visiting her website and online shop:
October 14, 2020
Creating a Vision & Trusting the Process with Victoria Hines
In my first solo-episode, I'm going to share with a you a glance at my journey from energetic childhood to hustling (and struggling) actor to realizing my calling as a creative career coach. I'm going to get vulnerable and share with you how some MAJOR traumatic moments in my life have led me to recognize the importance of creating a vision, trusting the process, standing up for you value, and asking for help when we feel lost. Connect with me: Need clarity in your creative career? Schedule a FREE 30 min Clarity Call with me. Solo-Journeys: Creative Journeys Community: Connect with Victoria Hines on Instagram @thevictoriahines
October 7, 2020
Determining your Value with Lydia Hiller
Lydia Hiller is an actor, writer, director, and stage combatant who is no stranger to the ups and down of pursuing a creative career in the theater. Together we discuss where her love for the theater originated (at the Stratford Festival in Canada), her time spent working for Universal Studios in Japan, and where she is at now in the middle of Covid with theaters foreseeably closed. We also dive into the rampant feeling of scarcity in the arts which directly leads to how we define our own value and how she is shifting her perspective of a creative career to start taking ownership and build her own opportunities. Connect with us: Solo-Journeys: Creative Journeys Community: Connect with Victoria Hines on Instagram @thevictoriahines Connect with Lydia Hiller on Instagram @lydia_hiller Check out Lydia's music on YouTube
September 30, 2020
Find Joy in the Work with Mary Regalado
Mary Regalado, actor and host of the Shakespeers podcast, is on the pod today where we talk about letting go of control, holding onto gratitude, and the joy in being able to practice without the pressure to perform. Mary also shares why she believes making Shakespeare accessible is important. Together we answer an audience member's question around maintaining focus and organization in your creative practice. Connect with us: Solo-Journeys: Creative Journeys Community: Connect with Victoria Hines on Instagram @thevictoriahines Connect with Mary Regalado on Instagram @reggie_gelato Listen to Shakespeers Podcast: Check out Mary's other Work:
September 23, 2020
Finding Balance in a World without Live Performance with Alan Murphy
Alan Murphy, actor, musician, and writer, digs into the heart of what 2020 has been like without the opportunity for live performance. From balancing mental and emotional health, to activism, to figuring out how to market a new song in a virtual world, this episode truly speaks to the times. As a latinx actor from Texas, Alan also discusses how representation on stage has changed (or not changed) through the last decade. Last but not least, we answer an audience member's question about how to prioritize and focus when you have a lot of interests pulling you in different directions. Connect with us:  Learn more about Solo-Journeys at Join the Creative Journeys Community  Connect with Victoria Hines on Instagram @thevictoriahines Connect with Alan Murphy on Instagram @thealanmurphy Listen to Alan's music on Bandcamp or YouTube Reach out to Alan on Facebook
September 16, 2020
Seeking Out Opportunities with Mindy Fay Parks
Mindy Fay Parks, an actor, producer, and co-founder of Windy City International Film Festival, is my guest this week where we talk the lack of control that comes with being an actor, the detriments of people-pleasing, and saying "yes" to the opportunities that scare you. Mindy shows that opportunities abound in this world if you're willing to put yourself out there and build relationships. Despite an almost 5 year hiatus in acting from booking Chicago PD in 2015 to her newest guest-star role on HBO's Lovecraft Country, Mindy has continued to build a full life for herself in the film industry by also co-founding Windy City Film Festival in Chicago and working as a Director's Assistant on HBO's Watchmen.  Connect with us: Learn more about Solo-Journeys and 1:1 Hero Coaching at Join the Creative Journeys Community  Connect with Victoria Hines on Instagram @thevictoriahines Check out Mindy on Lovecraft Country Episode 5, premiering on HBO Sunday, September 13 See what Mindy is up to by following her on Instagram
September 9, 2020
Appreciating the Moment with Adam Honoré
My guest this week is Adam Honoré, a resident of Harlem New York and an insanely talented lighting designer who worked on his first off-Broadway production at 22.  Together we discuss his time interviewing for colleges and accidentally finding himself in the warm-up room with actors to designing his all-time favorite production, “Ain’t No Mo’” by Jordan E. Cooper at The Public Theater. This episode spans the complexities of humanity and what it is like to be alive right now, from Covid-19 to the Black Lives Matter movement to living in a culture where our identity is tied to our jobs. Adam poignantly reminds us that in order to enjoy yourself you have to stop chasing the next best thing and that there's almost always an opportunity somewhere. Connect with us:  Join the Creative Journeys Community  Connect with Victoria Hines on Instagram @thevictoriahines Learn more about the podcast and 1:1 Creative Career Coaching with Victoria Hines at Learn more about Adam Honoré's work at Follow Adam Honoré on Instagram @itsadamhonore
September 7, 2020
Carving a Career Outside the Box with Connor Konz
We don’t always end up doing what we had envisioned for ourselves growing up. Sometimes the career journey is about staying curious and open to new suggestions. Connor Konz is an actor, improviser, a cosplay wizard, and makeup designer. Starting out as a child actor, he now hosts some of the most fun, interactive drag events in Chicago. Connor explains how he landed his role as a cosplay host and where his inspiration comes from. We also discuss ways to show up for your creative work when you have a day job to support yourself for now. Episode Timeline: · [0:04] Intro · [2:24] Connor shares his acting journey that started as a child actor on Mary Lou’s Flip Flop Shop. · [4:47] We discuss the competitive nature of UIL One Act Play Festival in Texas state high schools. · [10:07] Learning to choose the right fit for your career and not necessarily what you thought you wanted. · [16:14]Connor shares with us how his transition from college to Chicago was also tied to his coming out experience. · [20:06] How Connor  landed his first cosplay hosting gig that turned into Geekhaus Chicago. · [32:01] Debunking the myth that things on stage should be seamless. · [35:41] He describes what inspires him artistically, in and out of the theater. · [42:49] How to show up for your creative work and manage the time to do what you need to do. · [46:50] Connor answers the rapid-fire questions. Connect with us: · Sign up for the FREE 5 Day Challenge A Journey Just for You - ·  Join the Creative Journeys Community · Connect with Victoria Hines on Instagram · Connect with Connor Konz on Instagram · Subscribe to Connor Konz' YouTube Channel · See Connor on D20 every Sunday at 6 pm CT @ · Join Connor on Geekhaus Chicago last Friday of every month
August 26, 2020
Trusting the Process with Kelsey Didion
Kelsey Didion, an actor, an SE yoga teacher, musician, and theater maker, talks about what it is like to trust the process. Together we deep dive into her creative and spiritual work, our desire to seek external validation, and learning how to hold yourself accountable. Kelsey also explains the benefits of somatic experience therapy and how her artistic background and yoga overlaps with it. Episode Timeline: · [0:05] Intro · [2:06] Kelsey narrates how her experience with her dad growing up modeled who she is today. · [5:13] How she is a curious person who is naturally interested in multiple things. · [10:43] Kelsey talks about her music and how it’s been unfolding. · [16:43] How creativity and spirituality require faith and trust · [21:27] Kelsey explains the root of her love for singing and playing with complex compositions… her mom! · [25:20] Learning to trust that your work as an artist is going to stand and is worthy. · [28:02] Having a specific audience in mind when creating. · [31:02] The somatic experience (SE) therapy… what it is, its benefits, and how it overlaps with yoga and Kelsey’s acting training. · [36:40] How to map your ideas and work backward structuring out the steps needed to get there. · [39:42] Kelsey answers the rapid-fire questions. Connect with us: · Connect with Kelsey Didion on Instagram · Join the Creative Journeys Community · Connect with Victoria Hines on Instagram · Join A Journey Just for You FREE 5 Day Challenge: How to clarify your niche in your creative career to find success and stand out
August 19, 2020
Aiming for Most Improved with Zoe Kriegler-Wenk
How often do you show up for your creative work? Zoe Kriegler-Wenk, a writer, theatrical artist, and multi-media creator,  believes that creatives are empathetic, passionate, and inspiring. Together we discuss the root of seeking attention, the bravery needed to pursue an artistic path, letting go of inhibitions and negative feedback, setting aside ego to overcome rejection, and finding the time to pursue your dreams no matter what. Zoe shares her artistic journey from childhood, her undergrad education, her experience auditioning and entering a graduate program that entailed going to study abroad in Berlin, and graduating this spring in the midst of Covid-19. Episode Timeline: · [0:05] Intro · [1:37] Zoe shares her creative childhood and why creatives crave attention from other people. · [4:30] How Zoe actualizes an idea into writing or performance piece and her experience as an undergrad at Smith College. · [6:49] How sports and artistry are both collaborative. · [9:35] The importance of pursuing your dreams even if you’re not necessarily good in one thing. · [15:46] When academics and future careers are not necessarily linked in the same way. The importance of getting mentors and or peers as guides. · [23:24] Zoe explains why she went into a graduate program straight after getting her undergrad degree. · [36:27] The vulnerability of putting your work out there and getting rejection and how not to take it as a personal failure. · [43:36] Learning how to find time to show up for your creative works by taking small attainable steps and not viewing it as selfish. · [48:45] Zoe answers the rapid-fire questions. Get in Touch with Zoe on: · Find Zoe on her Website · Email Zoe Get in Touch with Victoria on: · Join the Creative Journeys Community · Connect with Victoria Hines on Instagram
August 12, 2020
August 10, 2020
August 10, 2020