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The Creative Kind Podcast

The Creative Kind Podcast

By Alex Leonard
The Creative Kind helps you learn from successful professionals about what it takes to run a business, grow an audience, and increase your income. With each new episode, you’ll hear marketing strategies and business tips to implement right away. We’ll learn about the highs and lows of running a creative business in order to become better entrepreneurs and build profitable distribution channels.
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Growing Your Team and Sales Funnel in Entertainment with Sam Pearce
Sam Pearce is the latest guest on the Creative Kind Podcast, a charismatic entertainer who brings a lifetime of showmanship of working as a magician into his present-day events. He's performed for some of Canada's biggest brands, like Air Miles, Shell, Sunlife, Sobeys, Manulife, Esso, and many more. Sam's unique proposition is to bring his own talents onto the stage and now through people's screens to help bring large events like Award Galas, Conferences, Holiday Parties, and Employee Training to become Real Fun! His unique proposition is that he partners with Canada's biggest brands to connect their teammates from the comfort of their couches. Sam and I dig deeper into his sales process, marketing strategies, team growth, and business plan. We discuss how he's been able to pivot from doing all live events in person to Zoom and how the transition has given him more business than ever. It's such an inspiring conversation and Sam's energy is sure to give you a smile! Let me know what you think of the episode and if you've been listening to the podcast or just come across the show, don't forget to leave a review on Apple or follow us on Spotify. Check out Sam's company, Pearce Theatrical, to book him for your event here:
March 4, 2021
Pre-production Tips with Alex Leonard: Why Make a Video?
The next upload to the Creative Kind Podcast is a first in a series of solo episodes, where I'm discussing each of the 20 important tips for creating your own engaging social media videos. The very first tip is on understanding why you want to make a video, how does it help you achieve your business goals, and how can that video tie into your digital marketing agenda. If you're curious to learn the other 19 tips, you can download the whole entire e-book for free online here! I hope you found this episode valuable! I'd love to hear if you like this idea or if you rather I stick to speaking with guests. Let me know on social media by following @alexleonardmedia Till next time, keep on creating!
February 26, 2021
From Acting in Movies to Podcasting on Purpose with Anisa Butt
Anisa Butt is a British Asian actress from London, UK. She has done work in both the UK and Mumbai, India. She studied performing arts in London and is also the host of her own podcast, @unplugwithani which has over 130 episodes!  Ani is an inspiring individual that has done some extraordinary work across continents and in several large films and TV productions. Most recently, she's begun working as a transformation coach to help others achieve their goals through adversity.  I had the absolute pleasure of chatting more with Anisa to learn about her career path, how she plans and develops her podcast, and how she compares acting in Hollywood versus acting in Bollywood. Her answers may surprise you! You can expect to learn practical advice on finding your purpose, told from her independent opinion as a leading female figure. Enjoy!  Connect with Anisa: UnplugwithAni Podcast Ani on Instagram Connect with Alex Leonard, Founder of AL Media: The Creative Kind Podcast: Alex Leonard on Instagram
February 18, 2021
Bridging the gap between music communities with cpark
’Whoiscpark’ is a multi-faceted emerging DJ & producer based in Toronto. She started from humble beginnings in the living room of her student home and eventually transitioned to playing for larger venues and events all across the GTA. Her continuous delivery of high-energy as well as deeply emotional music is meant to make your heart race and take you on a journey. The recent pandemic has allowed her to shift her focus to creating and sharing content online, experimenting with unexplored sounds and mixes, streaming DJ sets, and uplifting other artists in her community. We speak about bridging the gap between music communities right now and in previous generations. Christine and I go deeper into why community is so important now more than ever. She's been playing a lot of virtual live sets as a DJ and we also discuss what is coming up. I really enjoyed learning about who whoiscpark has been developing a consistent marketing strategy, partially because of the pandemic. Connect with whoiscpark today Share this episode with a friend who you think would find value in the interview!
February 11, 2021
Developing a Content Strategy For Your Niche with Devon Jones
Devon spent 12 years of his life developing a record label and helping talented creatives capture the essence of their brand and communicate that with the world in a meaningful way. He has developed an array of talents and translatable skills from his work in the music industry. Now Devon has a desire to continue to use his expertise in a more meaningful way which has lead him to the world of business strategy and development. He's the co-founder of Seven Tree Media, a creative agency based in Calgary, Canada. We discuss why communication is key, especially in a crowded noisy world. Devon's purpose is to bring clarity and focus to startups and developing brands looking to engage and build meaningful relationships with an audience that is right for them. We have an awesome conversation about how to become clear on creating consistent content for your niche. Devon walks us through his company's unique proposition and how you can refine your messaging and marketing to really hit a home run when it comes to building a brand. Connect with Devon at Seven Tree Media Seven Tree Media's Website Seven Tree Media's Facebook Seven Tree Media's YouTube Connect with Alex Leonard from AL Media AL Media on Facebook Alex Leonard on Instagram Alex Leonard on Youtube Alex Leonard on LinkedIn
February 4, 2021
How to Build an Authentic Audience with Krista Ripma
The next guest on The Creative Kind is Krista Ripma! Her mission is to inspire others to tell their stories and share their truth through radically honest marketing. Because Krista intimately understands the web of personal passions, online platforms, and the human networks that drive success, she is able to create and hone stunning and compelling brands and digital launches. Additionally, Krista is a great orator and comfortable on the mic. She offers a unique and refreshing approach to business and entrepreneurship.  She is the host of the Authentic Audience podcast, where she interviews guest experts on how to build a business authentically. Her podcast was recently featured in Entrepreneur’s list of “20 Podcasts That Will Help You Grow in 2020.”  Krista was also featured in the Forbes article, “7 Females Execs Explain How To Make Your Brand Exude Confidence.” Krista and I dive into so much value in this podcast, covering her favourite online tools for marketing, strategies for starting a launch of a business or new offering, and the power of networking through podcasts. I learned a lot this episode and think you will too! If you like The Creative Kind Podcast, don't forget to leave a review and share this episode with someone who you think could find valuable in the advice.
January 29, 2021
Connecting to Your Inner Capabilities in Life with Mr. Nokturn
Mr. Nokturn is an inspiring DJ turned cultural coordinator living in the Gaspé Peninsula in Gaspésie. We speak about the Quebec culture and how the community has grown outside all the major cities that are more southern on the St. Laurent River in Eastern Canada. There is a large First Nations community located in the area that Olivier works with, the man behind Mr. Nokturn. He is working with Q052, an Indigenous hip-hop artist, a talented rapper that Oliver speaks highly of. I met Olivier several years ago when living in Montreal as we were both connected with the music scene and would often see him at shows. I've had Mr. Nokturn also on my Radio Show in Montreal at Concordia's 1690 AM CJLO. We speak about life choices and finding your interests, the local communities and unique culture of the northern Quebec city, and how he and other people and bringing bigger art and music scene to the region. It's a great conversation and nice to connect with an old friend of mine. I hope you enjoy the episode! Check out more interviews with interesting entrepreneurs on The Creative Kind Podcast, as we continue to explore how to turn your passions into profit. Every Thursday, expect new episodes of the show and soon a YouTube channel with the Zoom interviews. Enjoy! Alex
January 21, 2021
Setting Goals, Overcoming Challenges, and Dreaming Big!
For episode 28, I decided to do my first solo episode of season 2 where I look back at 2020 and some of the biggest challenges and growing pains that I had, both personally and professionally. I speak about setting goals and dreaming big in the second half of the episode, discussing my own strategies for achieving your vision. The root of this episode was somewhat inspired by my post on Instagram that highlighted a lot of the topics discussed here, so I wanted to expand on those thoughts in greater detail with a bit of self reflection looking forward into 2021. I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram following @alexleonardmedia if you want to see the post in question. 
January 7, 2021
Finding Permission to Live Fully with Thomas Piper
Brooklyn NY’s, emergent powerhouse, multi-talented independent artist, Thomas Piper announces the launch of his debut LP ‘Permission to Live’ released June 5, 2020 via all digital and streaming platforms. A Futuristic Renaissance man who’s genre defiant, a multi-instrumentalist,  soulful baritone vocalist, prolific songwriter, producer, filmmaker, and visual artist.  Thomas started his independent company The People’s Republic of Sound, & YouTube channel BeatDesign to showcase his work. He welded each layer together from the lyrics, vocals,  sound, and recordings, while mixing & mastering each song, also designing the album & single’s artwork. Thomas has taught himself an array of skills from filming, animating, acting, directing, and editing all the past and future videos. I had an absolute pleasure speaking with Thomas and hope you enjoy our inspiring conversation about how to live your life!
December 30, 2020
Sharing Stories Through Speech with Sunday Ajak
Sunday Ajak is a motivational speaker and spoken word poet who brings his unique lived experience through his creative work. The transcendental nature of his words often stirs a lot of emotions and provokes feelings of interest and enlightenment. From humble beginnings writing spoken word poetry at highschool, Sunday continues to live life to the fullest and give back to others through his messages. I had the sincere pleasure of speaking with Sunday on The Creative Kind Podcast in season 2 to discuss his creative process, the power of public speaking, finding inspiration, and building self-confidence. Sunday's voice is soothing and his laughter is contagious. If you're looking for help with public speaking, whether in person or over the Internet, this is an awesome episode of the show to listen to. You can connect with Sunday and hear his speeches online by following him at @Speaker.Sunday on Instagram 
December 10, 2020
Supporting Small Businesses on Social Media with Kristen Au
Kristen Au is a social media marketing strategist and educator, passionate about helping local small business owners on creative and effective content marketing in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Before moving to Yellowknife, she had over a decade of experience as a freelance musician and model in Toronto. Kristen has found social media to be the most important aspect of marketing to maintain in high demand throughout her career. Fast forward to mid-March 2020, she was working as an advertising sales person, selling radio and digital ads on a local news website in Yellowknife. She decided to quit this corporate job when the pandemic began. Seeing local small businesses relying a lot more on social media marketing than traditional advertising, she instantly knew she had to share her experience, knowledge and skills. Since then, Kristen has started her own Social Media Marketing business to help local artists, creators, and small business owners in the NWT. Kristen's background as a model and saxophone player is a unique fit for season 2, speaking with entertainers. The work she's doing now is awesome and she's made a strong brand presence for herself! I learned a lot about developing my social media presence as a solopreneur and think others will benefit from this episode too. Enjoy!
November 26, 2020
Why a Human Touch is so Important in Mixing and Mastering with Alex Emrich
Alex Emrich is a creative mixing and mastering freelancer that has found his true calling in the Music Industry and Arts World. We discuss the benefits of having a real person review your music as well as the place of AI in the future. It's a really interesting episode that dives deep into the topic of mixing music, how Alex got started, and where he sees the sector going next. I hope you enjoy episode 4 of season 2, following creative entertainers. 
November 10, 2020
The Passionate Art of DJing with Death Lotus
Death Lotus is a super group made up of Purple Lotus and Iniquity. These two together bring a unique sound to the bass world with their original DJ sets. Purple Lotus plays trippy music with a hint of global influence to bring her style together. Iniquity is known for his dark bass-heavy sets that are a perfect way to start one's evening. Formerly known as VLI, Iniquity brings a darker flavour to his music. Death Lotus is a blend of trippy dark bass-house, combing their unqiue approach to music.  I had the pleasure of speaking with both artists to learn more about their creative process, how they're dealing with COVID-19, and some of their musical influences. Enjoy!
October 30, 2020
Lunar Rotations with Zahra Habib on 94.9FM
Zahra Habib (aka Brown Skin Lady) is an award-winning DJ, host, and community organizer who is dedicated to creating and implementing ever-expanding visions for London’s artistic landscape. She’s also the Program Director at London’s most sought-after community radio station, 94.9 FM Radio Western.  Connecting and uplifting people through music has become one of Zahra’s guiding principles. Through live and online events, and her weekly radio show Lunar Rotations, Zahra loves to create spaces for people of all walks of life to connect, be, and experience joy with others and with themselves. She has worked closely with the City of London, grassroots organizations, arts and cultural institutions, and individual local organizers to expand and elevate the musical, cultural, and creative scene in London and beyond. It was a real pleasure to have Zahra on the podcast, I hope others enjoy the episode!
October 20, 2020
Photography, Entrepreneurship, and Philosophy with Sebastian Furtado
Sebastian Furtado is a Montréal-based photographer and videographer. He shoots a bit of everything but is most passionate about wildlife, landscape, and astrophotography. If you want to reach him, he’s most active on Instagram @seb.furtado. I know Seb from studying philosophy together at Concordia University and have been super impressed with his astrophotography and the work he's done with big brands in Montreal. It was a pleasure to reconnect with him and I think other creators, especially those in the film and photo world, are really going to appreciate this episode. Enjoy!
October 8, 2020
Crowdfunding Your Business Idea on Ulule with Eleni Stefanopoulos
Ulule is the largest certified B-Corp crowdfunding company of its kind and we put the spotlight on women entrepreneurship and positive impact projects. Currently, Ulule is working on its #SpreadGood program; a 4 month COVID-19 relief program that they have created in collaboration with Bank of the West. It is a completely digital initiative that hosts over 30 field experts and 20 boss women small business owners and it’s packed with workshops and webinars to help business owners develop the knowledge and skillsets they need to overcome the effects of the pandemic. Best of all it's totally FREE to register! Enjoy my podcast with the head of the curation, Eleni Stefanopoulous as we discuss why one might consider starting a crowd funder and how to successfully manage it to grow. I certainly learned a lot about the crowd funding experience and how Ulule is helping small businesses and entrepreneurs!
September 23, 2020
Behind the Scenes of Music Production with Asante
Asante is a Canadian artist from Toronto Canada, who creates music using catchy melodies to energetic hip hop/R&B beats. He started his music journey in the summer of 2018. Asante has always aimed to tell a story through his music. He shares relatable stories that connect him to his listeners. Asante has performed all over Western University (London, ON), around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and at different venues such as the hip-hop supermarket in Toronto.    His drive and passion for music grow every day. Asante aims to one day be known as the “King of Melodies”, and WILL accomplish that goal.  2020 has been an explosive new chapter for Asante as he has leveled up the production of his music. It was a job having Asante as the next guest, enjoy the episode! 
September 3, 2020
Scaling Your Personal Creative Brand with Andre Allen
Andre Allen is a thriving multidisciplinary-creative individual. He has spent 7+ years working in the arts, technology, business and entertainment fields, displaying a wide variety of client works and portfolio materials, production methods & working ethics -- ultimately displaying his versatility within many creative objectives. His high aptitude for strategic learning, critical thinking and problem solving, has allowed him to consistently excel in various professional roles, such as: Creative & Art Director, UI/UX Strategist, Branding Consultant, as well as being a Serial-Entrepreneur and Spoken-Word Poet. It was an absolute pleasure to have him on my podcast. I hope you enjoy the episode!
August 26, 2020
From Engineering to Entrepreneurship with Martha Huk
Martha Huk is the next guest on The Creative Kind Podcast. Martha is an engineer turned entrepreneur who has created her own empire in a very short span of time. She is the founder of Hedgeford & Berkley, design and builds a firm that has an unparalleled drive to pair high caliber construction with beautiful design. Her company has erupted out of obscurity to be a game-changer in the industry within a 5-year period and continues to see explosive success. Martha started this business without having a formal business education. Her tenacity for success has been fueled by an unwavering standard for precision. She is on a mission to create the greatest company to work for and without realizing, created a firm recognized for its excellence in design and build. Her company has won various accolades such as “Best Boutique Home Renovation Company” of Ontario in 2019 and has been shortlisted for “International Design and Architecture Award”. She has been featured in "The search for Canada's Next Top Designer". Her diverse and staggering success is hard to comprehend but it’s the results of staying determined, focused, and a relentless work ethic. Interested to come on The Creative Kind Podcast as a guest this Fall? Send me, your host Alex Leonard, an email to with the subject line: The Creative Kind Guest
August 12, 2020
Exploring Artistic Expressions through Form with Andres Garzon
The next guest on The Creative Kind Podcast is Andres Garzon, an illustrator based in London, Ontario. He currently partners with local art spaces, businesses, and companies to tell their stories through fun and impactful artwork. Andres is a good friend of mine as well through the entrepeneurship community and I've had the opportunity to work with him on several projects.   As a die-hard lover of whimsical portraiture and dreamy landscapes, Andres has naturally gravitated to good old pencil, paper, and paint, as well as digital platforms that emulate that same hand-made feel and craftsmanship.  He loves bright colour palettes, striking imagery, accessible designs, friendly content, and neat original artwork. It's a great episode and I hope people enjoy it! Connect with Andres himself for any graphic design work: Reach out to me, your host Alex Leonard, if you would like to be a future guest on the Creative Kind Podcast: 
August 5, 2020
Sharing Original Content for Gems on Yuser with Tom and Eunika
Share original content for Gems. Buy and sell with Gems. Build community one gem at a time. Sounds so simple and it works! Yuser is an innovative blockchain technology that connects content creators on a yuser-friendly social media platform. I've known about Yuser since seeing Eunika pitch the technology at Tech Alliance's pitching competition. I was totally interested as a creator naturally and have been looking forward to sharing this interview. You're listening to the first double guest episode on The Creative Kind Podcast. It was a real pleasure to speak with both Tom and Eunika. Enjoy! Want to come onto The Creative Kind Podcast or know someone who would be a good fit? Make sure to email with your suggestions! 
July 30, 2020
How to Start a Co-hosted Podcast with Jabriel AlSuhaimi
For the past 3 months since quarantine started, Jabriel AlSuhaimi has wanted to learn something new, stay in contact with friends around the world, and start a podcast. Thus, The Movie Newbie was born. Jabriel and his two friends, scattered across the globe (Bahrain, London, Vancouver) now regularly catch up to chat about movies. His two friends who work in the movie industry get him to watch a movie, then they review it from the point of view of the “experts” and the “casual.” Jabriel designs his own podcast art and everything else, which is awesome to see. I've known the next guest since 2016 when visiting Lost Village Festival in the woods of Lincolnshire, England. It's a pleasure to touch base with my former friend again and connect with another podcast host who started around the same time as I did. I hope you enjoy the episode!
July 23, 2020
Creating Indigenous Music and Art with DJ PØPTRT
A DJ and indigenous artist from the Mohawk nation of Kahnawake. She fell in love with electronic music scene from attending music festivals and art events in Montreal. Her biggest influences are Daft Punk, Deee-Lite, Mr.Oizo, Claude VonStroke, 2ne1, & A Tribe Called Red. DJ PØPTRT has played at Place Des Arts, Club SAW, Blue Dog, Cinema Quebec for Nuit Blance, Oxfam Quebec March Monde, & more. DJ PØPTRT also has a radio show title ‘PØPTRT’S PLAYHOUSE’. The show runs every Thursday night from 11pm - 12 am on Kahnawake’s K103.7 FM. She brings guest DJs regularly from Montreal and other places around Canada. She has a unique artistic aesthetic which is meant to play on the vibe of nostalgia. DJ PØPTRT is heavily influenced by music and pop culture from the 90’s, which can be seen in her visuals which she creates herself. Her goal is to bring peace and love to the audience that she preforms for, and wishes to bring people together in an eclectic audiovisual experience. DJ PØPTRT plays House, Acid House, Bass, TechHouse, Techno, Nudisco, Funk, Throwbacks, & Future House.  She is venturing off into music production, and is currently working on mixing indigenous instruments with house music. She spent some time working with Musique Nomade in studio to incorporate throat signing with electronic music. It was a pleasure to have her on my show, check out this episode of The Creative Kind Podcast. 
July 8, 2020
The Social Impact of Sharing a Podcast with Avery Konda
Avery is all about business as a catalyst for change, youth in philanthropy, and building #SocialImpactEverywhere. He works as a Staffing Consultant for Randstad Canada, helping people find their dream careers, and in his spare time can be found working out, making a new health food recipe, or running his podcast, Social Impactors. He volunteers for organizations like the League of Innovators and works as a Content Contributor for the Sandbox Centre. Avery is a firm believer in building sustainable social action in the world. It was an absolute pleasure to have Avery as my guest on The Creative Kind Podcast and I left the conversation feeling motivated to change and do better with my own show. For anyone who has a podcast or is planning to start a show, this is a great episode to tune into. Have an idea of a potential guest for The Creative Kind Podcast? Let me know, send an email to
July 3, 2020
Developing an Ace Website with Matthew Schonewille Pt. 1
When I asked my former web development and design professor at Fanshawe College, Matthew Schonewille, to come on my podcast, he was totally for it. Matthew and I got along really well when I was a student and I continued after to chat with him in meetings to discuss growing my business AL Media and hear from his insights. He's a great guy, business professor, SEO strategist, photographer, and life long entrepreneur. Of many things. I think people are really going to enjoy this episode, as Matthew and I chat a lot about building a website. Whether you're new to web design or an experienced veteran, this is a great introduction into the world of SEO, Wordpress, and Improving your Web Experience.
June 26, 2020
Growing a Startup in the Pandemic with Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly is a good friend and fellow entrepreneur that I've met through the Leap Junction community. I knew I wanted to bring him onto my show, as he's quite well-spoken and is equally as driven as myself. It was a pleasure to speak with him and share more information about his latest start-up, The Atrium Project. There are many valuable volunteers looking to offer support to those who need it. However, making sure they are a good fit, and overseeing them can be challenging and time-consuming. This is why The Atrium Project exists.  Ryan and his team manage the logistics between volunteers and organizations automatically via our texting platform. This way, the Atrium platform is both easy to use and as accessible as possible. The project has been featured in local media like the London Free Press and CTV News. He's always up to something creative, so it was nice to see what he has in store. Enjoy the episode!
June 17, 2020
Digging Into Vintage Style with Cameron Geddes
My next podcast guest is Cameron Geddes, co-founder of Dugout Vintage, an online and brick-and-mortar vintage clothing store that resells cool garments and shoes. Cameron and I chat about the logistics of running a clothing store that focuses on upcycling old clothing, from having separate inventory on Etsy, in-store, and their website. The mission that Dugout Vintage is on goes beyond avoiding fast fashion. They have also been community leaders and work to support minority groups and those in financial worse situations. Enjoy!
June 10, 2020
Helping Run a Family Business with Florian Van den Hauwe
Florian Van den Hauwe is a 21-year-old student working as a salesman in my his family's bike shop in Melle near Ghent, Belgium. He is the fourth generation employee, as the bike shop has been with the family since 1921! Florian has designed his family's website and helps run the social media and marketing.   He and I were interested in some of the same courses we were taught during his exchange at Fanshawe College. It was a pleasure to have him on the show, where we chat about cycling, running a business, and how the pandemic will impact his family's business moving forward.
June 3, 2020
Finding a Purpose Post-Education with Aidan Swanepoel
I speak with Aidan Swanepoel on the next episode of The Creative Kind Podcast. We chat about the difference between starting a career as an entrepreneur versus taking a 9 to 5 job for a large company. Aidan and I shed some light on the positive and negative aspects of each path forward.  This is an interesting episode for recent graduates and entrepreneurs alike! Tune in on Wednesday late afternoon to hear the next episode.
May 27, 2020
Canadian Adventures with Lisa Kurolap
FML Adventures is a Canadian tour company that offers a wide range of tours between Halifax to Vancouver, which are tailored towards 19-35 year old backpackers. The trips are for people who want to experience the best of Canada’s forests, mountains, and lakes from coast to coast.  Lisa and Alex speak about how her trip last year went, some of her favourite hidden gems in Canada off the tourist track, and how she's pivoting during the pandemic to offer shorter trips to local wineries around Southern Ontario. Enjoy!
May 20, 2020
Learning about Cinematography with Lucas Wakman
Lucas Wakman is an established filmmaker and cinematographer based in Montreal, Quebec. He has had several popular short films featured in festivals across North America. Lucas and I discuss the merit of creating both short form and long form visual content and the camera gear we use. I personally learnt a lot in the interview and am happy to share this broadcast with a personal friend and inspiring creator that I regularly bounce ideas around with.  As always,  new interviews every Wednesday on the Creative Kind. 
May 12, 2020
How Futurpreneur Can Help Your Business
Futurpreneur Canada has been fueling the entrepreneurial passions of Canada’s young enterprise for two decades. They are one of the only national, non-profit organization that provides financing, mentoring, and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39. The internationally recognized mentoring program hand matches young entrepreneurs with a business expert from a network of more than 2,800 volunteer mentors. We offer up to $60,000 in Start-Up financing for new businesses or businesses that have been operating full-time for less than twelve months. Our financing is collateral-free and unsecured. In addition, our young entrepreneurs are hand-matched with a qualified and experienced mentor.
May 6, 2020
The Joy of Photography with Alejandra Valencia
In this episode of The Creative Kind Podcast, Alex speaks with Alejandra Valencia. She is the owner of Prisma Photography Studio, based in London, Ontario. We talk about her background growing up in Colombia learning about photography from her family. Alejandra is now running a successful photography studio in London and caters to Weddings, Engagements, Maternity, Newborns, Family Sessions, and Professional headshots. She shares important information about how anyone can quickly learn to take better photos and the importance of following a professional plan. Enjoy this special 20-minute interview from Alex Leonard on The Creative Kind Podcast! 
May 1, 2020
Building a Community with Kevin McKay
Kevin McKay is a DJ and events organizer in South Western Ontario who is the co-founder of Archer+Kow with his business partner Allison. This is a great episode that shares insights from someone very involved with creating community groups, both in-person and online. Kevin and Alex connect together as two friends who have a lot to share to help entrepreneurs right now in the age of COVID-19. From two local Londoners, they have similar interests in electronic music, live events, hiking outdoors, and environmental conservation . Enjoy!   
April 29, 2020
An Introduction to The Creative Kind with Alex Leonard
The Creative Kind is officially out! We're live, so tune in, turn up, and drop out. I'm your host Alex Leonard and I'm giving a formal introduction to the show. In this first episode, you'll hear about who the new podcast will be for, what you can expect to learn with each new episode, how to reach me if you want to join, and who helped inspire the show's creation.  [0:00 - 1:06] Show introduction [1:07 - 3:06] An Introduction to who Alex Leonard is [3:07 - 6:41] What one can expect to learn [6:42 - 9:00] What are the plans for developing the podcast [9:01 - 9:59] How to reach Alex to become a guest [10:00 - 15:41] Final thank you to those who helped inspire and bring the show to life Reach Alex Leonard to be on the show: Reach Gianni Di Cesare, the podcast cover artist: Connect on Facebook: Connect on Instagram: Connect on Soundcloud: Connect on Alex's Website:
April 15, 2020
The Creative Kind Podcast Trailer
You are listening to The Creative Kind Podcast, helping you learn from successful professionals about what it takes to run a business, grow an audience, and increase your income.  With each new episode, you’ll hear marketing strategies and business tips to implement right away.  I’ll be introducing you to the best of the best and together, we’ll learn about the highs and lows of running a creative business in order to become better entrepreneurs and build profitable distribution channels. I’m your host, Alex Leonard, owner of the creative company AL Media. My business specializes in videos, mural paintings, and illustrations.  From working as a radio DJ, journalist, illustrator, painter, and now video editor, I've worn many creative hats.  As an entrepreneur myself, I'm able to jump inside my guests' worlds with an insider’s authentic viewpoint. So Enjoy! We're going deeper into The Creative Kind Podcast.
April 11, 2020