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Creatives Radio by LogoInspirations

Creatives Radio by LogoInspirations

By Jonathan Rudolph
In this podcast we tap into the minds of the most influential personalities in the creative space.
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018 - Jacob Cass On Creating A Mega Popular Design Blog Called Just Creative
Jacob Cass is an award winning graphic designer living in Sydney, Australia. He is the founder of the popular graphic design blog, Just Creative. He has grown the blog into a valuable resource for designers looking to further their careers in freelance. His portfolio holds some big names such as Jerry Seinfeld's 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee', which shows his calibre of design. Jacob is now a digital nomad and has started travelling the world with his family while blogging and freelancing. We also talk about: How he got into graphic design The evolution of Just Creative Moving to New York Working with Jerry Seinfeld Becoming a digital nomad Connect with Jacob here Jacob’s Instagram Books The 4-Hour Work Week Resources Music from the Podcast Level up with Skillshare Get 2 Months Free! with 25,000 Classes! Follow us on Instagram Get 10% OFF The LogoCore Masterclass, use promocode ‘logoinspirations’ at checkout. Click here.
July 31, 2019
017 - How Perseverance Leads to Success with Henry Kaminski Jr. AKA The Brand Doctor
Henry Kaminski Jr. aka The Brand Doctor is the founder of Unique Designz. He started off in the medical field and found a passion for graphic design, eventually taking his first steps into freelancing he made a massive six figure income in the first year. Today Henry is a brand strategist who helps entrepreneurs gain growth in their business through personal branding. We also talk about: His first job before getting into graphic design Battling with the introduction of Fiverr Working with Jon Bon Jovi Helping Russell Brunson on Clickfunnels brand projects Overcoming a smear campaign against him Connect with Henry here Henry’s Instagram Books The Win Without Pitching Manifesto Resources Music from the Podcast Level up with Skillshare Get 2 Months Free! with 25,000 Classes! Follow us on Instagram Get 10% OFF The LogoCore Masterclass, use promocode ‘logoinspirations’ at checkout. Click here.
July 01, 2019
016 - Derrick Stratton on Finding His Passion For Esports And Mascot Design
Derrick Stratton aka DaseDesigns is a one man studio, Derrick is a professional when it comes to eSports and mascot logo designs. Since drawing on notebooks in elementary school, he has been building his talent to become one of the most prolific designers in this niche. Today Derrick is a full-time freelancer creating some of the best logo and brand identities pertaining to eSports and mascot. When he’s not designing you can find him making music and recording tutorials and speed-art for his YouTube channel. You can also learn how to design like Derrick by enrolling in the course we collaborated on, Check out the eSports Logo Design Course by Derrick Stratton USE PROMO CODE ‘EP16’ FOR A 10% DISCOUNT We also talk about: His first foray in eSports and mascot design How he wanted to be a hairstylist His passion for making music How to find clients and more Connect with Derrick here Derrick’s YouTube Channel Books Letting Go Resources Music from the Podcast Level up with Skillshare Get 2 Months Free! with 25,000 Classes! Follow us on Instagram Get 10% OFF The LogoCore Masterclass, use promocode ‘logoinspirations’ at checkout. Click here.
April 16, 2019
015 - How To Create A Successful YouTube Channel with Nathaniel Dodson of Tutvid
Nathaniel Dodson the founder of TUTVID was simply looking for tutorials on how to use design software. Unsuccessful, he started creating his own video tutorials. At one point he was the 23rd most subscribed channels on YouTube. Fast forward a couple of years and now he has almost hit a million subscribers. We also talk about: His fascination with food How he used to be a cake decorator His foray into video tutorials Crushing YouTube  The future of TutVid and more Connect with Nathaniel here TutVid YouTube Channel Nathaniel’s Personal Blog Quote from the Podcast “You can choose to allow your circumstances to dictate your life or you can find meaning it whatever it is you’re going through” Resources Music from the Podcast Level up with Skillshare Get 2 Months Free! with 25,000 Classes! Follow us on Instagram Get 10% OFF The LogoCore Masterclass, use promocode ‘logoinspirations’ at checkout. Click here. Books Man’s Search For Meaning
March 23, 2019
014 - Starting A Design Conference with Matt Dawson
Matt Dawson is an American brand identity designer also known as Stay Gray Ponyboy. He’s been a involved in brand identity for more than 10 years, but before Matt got into graphic design he was studying Landscape Architecture. The math and formulas in Landscape Architecture wasn’t for him, and one year before completing his degree, he quit and started pursuing graphic design. In 2016 Matt and his wife launched Crop, a creative conference bringing together designers to celebrate creativity and the design community. They’re currently in their 4th year and you can find out all about Crop at Matt is now a partner at The Ash Collective, a design studio that produces brand identity, video and web design services. We also talk about: His first freelance project which was $50, The moment he realised he could go freelance full-time, His tastes in music, The future of Crop and more. Connect with Matt here Quote from the Podcast “If you’re not putting in the effort, your output is going to be minimal” Resources Music from the Podcast Level up with Skillshare Get 2 Months Free! with 25,000 Classes! Follow us on Instagram Get 10% OFF The LogoCore Masterclass, use promocode ‘logoinspirations’ at checkout. Click here. Books Megg’s History of Graphic Design Apps Slack
February 28, 2019
013 - Laura Pol Talks About Freelance And Working With Apple
Laura Pol is a Cuban graphic designer based in LA. As a young kid, she used to draw the doors for her grandpa who was an architect, and the satisfaction of creating and bringing design to life was instilled at an early age. Introduced to Graphic Design in 2011, she was working at a print shop doing colour separation with her friend Omar, he was doing homework on a branding project, and she saw what he was doing it was love at first sight. She was so intrigued by the project, she wanted to help him design the identity and logo. The very next day she signed up to study graphic design, prior to this she studied pre-med, organic chemistry was not feeding her hunger for creativity. Today she works for Apple as the head of the Design Department at TBWA\Media Arts Lab. We talk about how TBWA\Media Arts Lab found her, working in a high end agency, how she started her freelance studio Olio, font creation, and working on a design project for Mike Tyson and much more. Connect with Laura here Quote from the Podcast “I got lucky because I was really dedicated to doing what I love” Resources Level up with Skillshare Get 2 Months Free! with 25,000 Classes! Follow us on Instagram Get 10% OFF The LogoCore Masterclass, use promocode ‘logoinspirations’ at checkout. Click here. Mentions Aqua Font Mike Tyson Project Bohemian Rhapsody Books The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself Book by Michael Alan Singer Apps VSCO Pantone App
February 13, 2019
012 - Defeating A Major Agency In A Branding Project with Lisa Jacobs
Lisa is a creative designer based in the Netherlands, when she was a kid Lisa held a creative flare and fondness for design. She kept creative with sketching, photography, and photorealistic art. As she got older she enrolled a bachelor's degree to further her understanding of graphic design. After university she worked at a startup accelerator where she helped start ups with their pitching and branding. She eventually got a job in an agency, which she still works at today and also continues her career in freelance. We talk about one of her first freelance projects which was a rebranding project that didn’t end well, improving your freelance process, charging for what your worth, and how her work chosen over the work of a major agency. Connect with Lisa here
January 30, 2019
011 - The Dynamics of Working As A Couple with Nicole and James of Betsy & Francis
Most couples would laugh at the idea of working together, let alone working together on a business. So I was intrigued by Nicole and James, a couple living in Bondi, Australia and they run a design studio called Betsy & Francis. After moving to the country and working in 9-5 jobs, they realised that it was possible to have their own business. James was freelancing on the side and decided to train Nicole in graphic design so that they could work together as a couple. Instagram and Dribbble are their main sources of client acquisition. They also cold call local businesses and mention their design services with James’ Irish charm. They have garnered enough clients that Nicole was able to quit her job and work full time on Betsy & Francis. We talk about what it’s like for a couple living in a new country, mindset and focus for the business, grit and perseverance to have anything you want, price lists, and the dynamic of working together as a couple. Connect with Nicole and James here Mentioned Links Takes Grit (TED Talk): Angela Lee Duckworth Start with Why: Simon Sinek War on Waste - Australia Amazing Illustrators 1: Anna Bond Amazing Illustrators 2: Get It Girl Collective Amazing Illustrators 3: Linda Pappa 1st Design Crush: Macamilk Books A Smile in the Mind: Beryl McAlhone Know your Onions: Drew de Soto Resources Level up with Skillshare Get 2 Months Free! with 25,000 Classes! Follow us on Instagram
January 16, 2019
010 - From Being Laid Off And Evicted to Doubling Freelance Income Every Year with Scott Fuller
Scott Fuller is a full-time freelancer and all round nice guy living and working in Atlanta Georgia, working in his Studio, Studio Temporary. At a young age Scott was influenced by industrial vehicles, his father’s workshop was near a train yard and he was exposed to the logos and branding used on those machines. He never took an art class before college and his initial major going into college was going to be mechanical engineering, but he found himself spending most of his time in the art department. The first rockstar designer that he heard speak at a conference was Chip Kid, and also after meeting Steff Geissbuhler (Designer of the NBC Logo) he realised that graphic design was the path he was going to follow. 2 years after college he found his first design job. One fateful day while he worked in an Apple Reseller shop he sold a laptop to someone who inquired about freelance and offered him the job as the director of in-house design for his company. He eventually got laid off again and was also given an eviction notice for the apartment he stayed at, this led to him taking Studio Temporary very seriously. We talk about how he started freelancing full-time for Studio Temporary, advice from famous designers that influenced him, doing what you have to do, plans for the future and how the Atlanta Hawks found him on Instagram for a design project. Connect with Scott here Mentioned Links Resources Level up with Skillshare Follow us on Instagram
January 09, 2019
009 - Legal Advice For Creative Professionals with Marcella Dominguez
In today’s episode we have the vivacious and driven Marcella Dominguez! Marcella is an entrepreneur and trademark attorney based in El Paso, Texas. She provides legal counsel to creative professionals and she is also a member of the AIGA. Marcella always wanted to do something creative and wasn’t really passionate about criminal defence, she was seeking an area in law that she would enjoy. Enter, trademark and copyright law, this was her answer to doing something creative with her legal background. Her strong interest in Trademark Law and Copyright Law is driven by her belief that protecting creativity is crucial to lasting success. We also talk about her other venture called Stowey Joey which is a great product for kids, it’s one of those things where you’re like “hey why didn’t I think of that?” It’s a play mat for kids that they can colour on. Marcella is also an Ambassador for Daymond John’s Rise and Grind, to those of you who don’t know him, he is a famous entrepreneur and also one of the Sharks on Shark Tank the US version. Many designers when starting out do not take into account the proper paperwork for a project. So Marcella, gives you the tips and actions steps to make sure you’re secure when interacting with a client and taking on a creative project. Connect with Marcella Mentioned Links Resources Level up with Skillshare Follow us on Instagram
December 24, 2018
008 - Corporate Identity and Calligraphy Master Matt Vergotis
Hello everyone and welcome to episode 8 of Creatives Radio, thank you so much for choosing to spend your time listening to these interviews, it really helps with growing this podcast and the community. In this episode I’m talking to Matt Vergotis, It’s a special interview to me because when I was getting into the world of design and discovering that I loved being creative, I’d go to Matt’s website and find inspiration and improve my taste in design. It was the way he had crafted the brand identities and presented them in such an elegant manner. Matt is a fellow Australian living in the Gold Coast, he loves surfing, creating wave drawings and recently decided that he needs to play more of his guitar. Apart from those activities, Matt is also responsible for some really professional brand identities and typography, with 20 years experience in the design field, he shows no signs of stopping.  In this episode we also talk about how Matt got into creating corporate identities, how he found clients when the GFC hit in 2008, his exploration in calligraphy styled identities, font creation and also how he gets to work with Spotify. Connect with Matt here Matt's Fonts Mentioned Links Resources Level up with Skillshare Follow us on Instagram
December 10, 2018
007 - Creating An Amazon Bestseller with Radim Malinic
Radim Malinic is a creative director and designer living and working in South West London. He runs Brand Nu® an award winning studio. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, he works across creative direction, design, illustration, typography, product design and music video direction to form a practice based around positivity, message and meaning. Before finding his calling in the creative industry, Czech born Radim was an ice hockey player, a bassist in death metal bands, an indie DJ, music journalist and student of Economics and Business management. At the break of the new millennium, Malinic moved to the United Kingdom to explore the expansive music scene, only to find even an greater interest in art and graphic design. Since then his eclectic interests have seen him working with some of the biggest brands, companies and bands in the world. Clients include Coca Cola, Google, Adobe Systems and WWF amongst many others. Aside from his studio work, Radim designs products for his brand ‘November Universe’, releases music and tours design events and universities globally with his talks and lectures designed to inspire and support self-development in the creative industry. In March 2016, Malinic released his publication, Book of Ideas. The Amazon #1 Graphic Arts bestseller has helped novices and professionals across the world to find a new way of approaching their creative work. We talk about his new book Book of Ideas Volume 2, future plans for book number 3, his passage from DJ to designer and accidentally becoming a publisher. Connect with Radim here Mentioned Links Resources Level up with Skillshare Follow us on Instagram
December 02, 2018
006 - Freelance Drought to Freelance Freedom with James Martin
Tattoos, a cap and a beard! In today’s episode I’m talking James Martin also known as Made by James on Instagram. Early in James’ life he followed his ability to draw and wanted to pursue a career as a fine artist or tattoo artist! He eventually wanted to understand graphic design and enrolled into a university graphic communications degree, but he learnt more about design in his time at a agency in a part time apprenticeship than he did in his whole time at university. Baby Giant was his foray into Freelance, he made very little money in his first two years and initially designed logos for free to get the ball rolling. Today he works on countless branding projects which even led to creating some video work for Reebok. We talk about surrounding yourself with people who are better than you, how to get your foot in the door in the design industry, concentrating on your strengths and gaining clients through Instagram. Connect with James Mentioned Links Resources Level up with Skillshare Follow us on Instagram
November 23, 2018
005 - What's It Like Designing for Brands Like Star Wars with Myles Mendoza
The force is strong at Creatives Radio, because in today’s episode I’m talking to the Jedi Designer Myles Mendoza, Myles is a creative living in San Diego, California. He is the Art Director for a design agency called HRO Design, that works with clients such as Hasbro, Hot Wheels, Nerf, Disney, Marvel and Star Wars, yeh that’s right, he does creative work for Star Wars products! Connect with Myles Mentioned Links Resources Level up with Skillshare Follow us on Instagram
November 13, 2018
004 - Helping Creators Make Money Online with Spencer Fry the Founder of Podia
Spencer Fry is a serial entrepreneur who has a passion for creating businesses, his most recent venture is called Podia (Plural for podium). This all-in-one digital platform helps creators build new streams of income by following their passions. Connect with Spencer Mentioned Links Resources Level up with Skillshare Follow us on Instagram
November 04, 2018
003 - Freelance life and hike-a-delic design with Benjamin Howes
In this episode I speak to Benjamin Howes of Howes Design Service. Benjamin is a Graphic Designer based in Columbus, Ohio. I talk to him about his journey as a full-fledged freelancer and his love for music and the outdoors. He shares a wealth of inspiration and knowledge for designers looking to building their foundation as a freelancer. Follow Benjamin Resources Level up with Skillshare
October 28, 2018
002 - It's Never Too Late to Start with Michael Fugoso
In this episode I speak to Michael Fugoso aka Fugstrator. Michael is an Illustrator based in San Diego, California, and is highly regarded for his skeuomorphic style of design.
September 22, 2018
001 - Creatives Radio by LogoInspirations
The very first episode for Creatives Radio, giving you a small introduction about this show.
September 12, 2018