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Creators in Saigon

Creators in Saigon

By Dana Drahos
Creators in Saigon is a show based in the rapidly modernizing city of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, Co-hosted by Dana Drahos, Tue Si Nguyen, and Nicolas Thanh.

Together, they have weekly intimate conversations with creative entrepreneurs on all topics of the human experience, such as fear, creativity, sexuality, relationships, health, mental wellness, spirituality, and so much more. Join us as we open up and vulnerably share our experiences in order to figure out this thing called life.

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A Passionate Discussion With Thuyen Vo On The Importance Of Choice In Education, Self-awareness and Mental Health
✨ In This Episode, we are interviewing Thuyen Vo, a passionate entrepreneur, founder of Easy English and Easy Vietnamese. She is also a co-host on the Best Ever Food Review Show on Youtube with some of her episodes gaining more than 2 million views! 🎉 She shares with us her passionate journey in education and her hopes of providing quality choices and support for the younger generations. 👏  It was with great pleasure to be able to pick her brain on interesting topics like family expectations, mental health, and self-awareness in Vietnam and we hope to meet her physically soon! In this episode: 🎙️ Juggling early independence and family expectations 🎙️ Her journey founding Easy English and Easy Vietnamese & her vision on education in Vietnam 🎙️ How she handles her recent fame and the pressure of content creation 🎙️ How self-awareness keeps her balance and the importance of mental health Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! Connect with Thuyen Vo: Instagram: Easy English Vietnam: Easy Vietnamese Follow Creators in Saigon: Facebook: Instagram: Connect and Work with the Hosts: Dana: Tue Si: Nicolas:
July 29, 2021
How to Navigate Fear, Anxiety, Instability and Loneliness as a Creator with Author and Podcaster Darren Joe
As creators and entrepreneurs, we do what we do because we desire freedom, and variety, and control over our own lives. But as wonderful as having these things can be, they come at a cost. Entrepreneurship is lonely, and unstable at times. And if you're not careful, it will really take a toll on your physical and mental health, which is just not sustainable in the long run. But, there are ways to safeguard yourself against these common pitfalls of entrepreneurship.  Our guest today, Darren Joe, has recently achieved a life-long dream to write a book. Darren's book is the culmination of his personal lessons learned over his own 10-year entrepreneurial journey about mental health and well-being as a solopreneur, that you can put into action immediately.  In this episode we dig into a few golden nuggets of wisdom from his book and share a lot of personal stories from our own entrepreneurial journeys.  Darren Joe was born and raised in Southern California, and studied Public Policy and International Affairs at Princeton University. He's been living and working in several different countries in Southeast Asia for the past 10 years.  His business and podcast "Touch MBA" helps MBA applicants match with and get into the world's top business schools. He has just published his first book, The Fail-Safe Solopreneur: 6 Essential Practices to Manage Your Well-Being, Working For Yourself, which was ranked #1 on Amazon for Work-Related Health Books. He's also the host of his podcast ASE, which is about entrepreneurial well-being. In his free time he enjoys Afro-Cuban Dancing & Salsa. Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! Get in Touch with Darren Buy the Book: ASE Podcast: Touch MBA Podcast: Blog & Newsletter: Follow Creators in Saigon: Facebook: Instagram: Connect and Work with the Hosts: Dana: Tue Si: Nicolas:
July 21, 2021
Dear Our Community Podcast Host Tuyen Vo Shares How To Inspire & Connect Through Philanthropy
✨ In This Episode, We have the pleasure to speak to Tuyen Vo, the incredible host, and creator of the "Dear Our Community" Podcast! 🎉 She shares with us her journey of resilience that led her to pursue her passion for connecting people through philanthropy and her desire to inspire the younger Vietnamese generation into creating positive changes & social impact. 👏  The team is already fan of her first Podcast Dear Our Community and cannot wait to listen to the new one that she is creating at the moment for an English-speaking audience!  Count on us to offer all the support we can, Tuyen! In this episode: 🎙️ Her difficult upbringing and how her resilience made her thrive for better education. 🎙️ Her work and deep knowledge of philanthropy in Vietnam. 🎙️ Her aspirations for creating social impact in the younger Vietnamese generation 🎙️ The mission behind Dear Our Community Podcast 🎙️ What are her plans in the near future including the creation of a new Podcast Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! Check Dear Our Community Podcast & Get in Touch with Tuyen (Kelly) Vo: Facebook: Website: Personal Facebook: Follow Creators in Saigon: Facebook: Instagram: Connect and Work with the Hosts: Dana: Tue Si: Nicolas:
July 16, 2021
Optimize Your Health and Mental Wellbeing by Healing the Gut ft. Plant-Based Nutritionist and PT Giuliano Cricenti
Giuliano Cricenti is a 25 year old plant-based nutritionist and personal trainer with a Bachelor's degree in Biomedicine. He's currently working with clients for weight loss and for healing particular ailments. He is partnered with Planta, a meal-based restaurant in Thao Dien, to provide high protein vegan meal plans. Giuliano was born in Australia but has been living in Saigon since he was 14 years old. We discuss all things gut health, nutrition, and debunk common myths and worries around vegan diet and lifestyle.  Connect with Giuliano: Support the podcast by buying us a coffee! Follow Creators in Saigon: Facebook: Instagram: Apply to be a guest or sponsor: (placeholder for future) We can help you launch your podcast!: (placeholder for future) Connect and Work with the Hosts: Dana: Tue Si: Nicolas:
July 11, 2021
Team Episode 2 - Updates, Reflections & The Value In Podcasting
✨ This Episode is quite special as it is a long-due catch-up episode with the whole team! 🎉 BUT First, We want to thanks The Hive Saigon for sponsoring us with their amazing co-working space for our team recording (...and more recordings to come)! We are beyond grateful! 🙏🏼 😆 We had not done an episode together in so long and the excitement got us quite carried away as we caught up on so many different topics!  So saddle up and get ready for some fun updates, a few laughs, and multitudes of shout-outs! 📖 In this episode: 🎙️ The team reflections on our past guests & the value we are getting out of podcasting 🎙️ Nicolas' experience with doing his "Lifebook" 🎙️ The team reflections on mental health, handling criticism & our hopes for the podcasts 🎙️ Dana's life update on her amazing work in Women's Health & Cycle Syncing 🎙️ The team discusses Plant-based Diet in Vietnam If you love this podcast, consider giving a small donation to support the financial costs of production: Mentionned in this episode: Design your own Lifebook Earthling Ed: Our Ultimate Tool: Get in touch with The Hive Saigon: Facebook: Get in touch with Tue-Si: Website: Get in touch with Dana Drahos: Website: Get in touch with Nicolas Thanh: Website:
June 10, 2021
Welcome to the Creators in Saigon Podcast
Welcome! You're listening to the Creators in Saigon Podcast, a podcast based in the rapidly modernizing city of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam. This podcast was created in 2019 by Dana Drahos, an American expat, and plant-based certified Holistic Nutritionist and Women's Health Coach. She helps people who menstruate to experience PMS-free periods and live in harmony with their hormonal cycle...good bye mood swings, fatigue, brain fog, and painful cramps! Hear her full story here. Get in touch with Dana: Website: Instagram: She started this podcast because of her passion for Vietnam and her curiosity to learn the stories of the interesting expats and locals who live here. This podcast is special because we're not afraid to go into deep and uncomfortable topics like childhood trauma, drug addiction, social issues, loneliness, sex, failures in business, relationships, cultural identity, and personal development. With every episode, you'll walk away with new insights, wisdom, and the feeling that you're not alone. Follow the Podcast! Facebook: Instagram: Donate to Creators in Saigon to support with production costs: This podcast is co-hosted by Tue-Si Nguyen, a Personal Development Coach and Business Consultant with experience managing several companies in the tourism industry all over the world. He now helps people implement systems into their lives and businesses to accelerate their growth and emotional intelligence. By implementing these systems and habits into his own life, Tue Si was able to overcome a two year drug addiction. Hear his full story here. Get in touch with Tue Si: Website: Facebook: Our other co-host is Nicolas Thanh is an Entrepreneur Coach from France & Vietnam living in Saigon since 2012. He is helping overwhelmed and stressed entrepreneurs to optimize, automate and delegate their business so they can have more free time for themselves, for their relatives and for different projects. Hear his full story here. Get in touch with Nicolas: Website: Facebook:
June 10, 2021
From the Art of Dancing to the Art of Slowing Down with Latin Dancer and Third Culture Kid Marc Nguyen
Marc Nguyen is half Vietnamese, half Mexican, born in California, and spent his teenage years in Italy. Throughout his younger years he felt a sense of incompleteness due to the Vietnamese side of his culture being somewhat of a mystery. He felt compelled to learn to speak the language and get answers to the questions he had, and so came to Vietnam as an NGO volunteer in 2013.  Marc is also a professional Latin dancer and choreographer and is passionate about bringing Salsa and Bachata to anyone willing to learn in Saigon. He is currently training a team for the Saigon Latin Cup--a night of dance competition, social dancing, and delicious Latin American and Caribbean food! In this episode, we discuss how he finds a sense of belonging in the midst of multiple cultures colliding, his Latin dance journey, and how he thought a broken collarbone would be the end of everything, but was actually the start of something new and better. If you love this podcast, consider giving a small donation to support the financial costs of production:  Connect with Marc Nguyen: Tickets to the Saigon Latin Cup: Facebook: Instagram: Also mentioned: Get in touch with Tue-Si: Website: Get in touch with Dana Drahos: Website: Get in touch with Nicolas Thanh: Website: Episode Cover Photo Credit & Shirt by Dynasty the Label (our previous guest Kimmie, check out her episode here!:
June 2, 2021
An Exploration On Modern Vietnamese Vegan Lifestyle With Giang Chu
🥗 Vegan and Plant-based lifestyles are popular in western countries where it is nowadays quite accessible, supported, and understood. But what about Vietnam?  🗣️ We are trying to answer this question in this episode with our guest Giang Chu. A young and modern Vietnamese professional that aspires to be the next voice of the Vietnam Vegan Lifestyle. 🔈 From generational misunderstanding, modernizing the already present Vietnamese Vegetarian "Chay" Culture and the deep struggle to maintain the lifestyle without proper support in a country full of delicious meat-dishes...Giang offers us a first glimpse into what could be Vietnam's Vegan life in the coming years. In this episode: 🎙️ Traveling the world and her move from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City 🎙️ How she discovered Veganism and her first attempts at adopting the lifestyle 🎙️ The Difference between Veganism in Vietnam and  the western world 🎙️ Her motivations behind wanting to become Vegans and some of her struggles Books Mentioned in this episode: How Not to Die: Vietnamese Edition: Thay Đổi Cuộc Sống Với Nhân Số Học: Khởi Sự Ăn Chay: Connect with Giang: Facebook: Get in touch with Tue-Si: Website: Get in touch with Dana Drahos: Website: Get in touch with Nicolas Thanh: Website:
May 21, 2021
Better Late Than Never: Tony Fornaro's Journey From Toxic 20-Something to Healing 40-Something
If you met Tony Fornaro in his 20's or 30's, you would have met a completely different person than the Tony of today. When Tony reflects on his 20's and 30's, he's the first to say he was honestly, a total a$$hole. He had a series of relationships and each one didn't end so well. But this is all in the time, he thought he was a pretty good, normal guy. He had a well paying job, on paper he was "adulting" but he never really felt like an adult. He was just going through the motions. Every relationship blew up in disaster, and eventually in his mid-30's, he sought the help of a therapist. He also started to travel internationally. This is when he was able to see life from a different perspective, to self-reflect, to question his behaviors and dig deeper into past trauma in order to become more self aware. Finally, he made the decision to quit life in the US and move to Vietnam at the age of 41. What happened? Tune in to find out:) Connect with Tony: Instagram: Facebook: Get in touch with Tue-Si: Website: Get in touch with Dana Drahos: Website: Get in touch with Nicolas Thanh: Website:
May 12, 2021
Robin Mouquet, Pastry Chef Extraordinaire & His Desire To Share His Passion With Vietnam
🔈 This week, the crew at Creators in Saigon did something new and special! Armed with our brand new equipment and our trusted cellphones, we decided to travel to our guest and interview him in his element! So we have a shorter episode for you that especially goes in tandem with a video on our Instagram page so be sure to check it out! 🍰 Our guest, Robin Mouquet is a pastry chef that has worked very closely with the world-renown & legendary Pierre Hermé, the "Picasso of Pastry". He has now chosen Vietnam to settle and develop his own brand and wishes for all of Vietnam to discover his pastries! He actually rented a whole house in district 10 and re-designed the whole ground floor to be his pastry kitchen & shop so do not hesitate to go and visit him there. It is hard to sit with Robin and not feel the overflowing passion he has for his craft and creations and it was quite invigorating to share a moment with him. The whole team wishes him the very best and we will come back for more eating 😋  In this episode we discuss: 🎙️ His journey from France to Vietnam 🎙️ His relationship with Pierre Hermé "The Picasso of Pastry" 🎙️ His care and patience for every customers' pastry creation 🎙️ His wishes to make all of Vietnam try his creations and what he hopes for in the near future! Get in touch with Robin: Robin.Mouquet on Facebook: on Instagram: Get in touch with Tue-Si: Website: Get in touch with Dana Drahos: Website: Get in touch with Nicolas Thanh: Website:
May 7, 2021
Will Szabo owner of Luu Bar on his entrepreneurial journey in Vietnam and learning from mistakes
It is quite hard to walk away from any discussions with Will without thinking: "What a nice, genuine guy!" Being in hospitality for half of his life working for Michelin-starred restaurants, Will is now an entrepreneur in his own right and the proud owner of Luu Bar and soon to open Bento Bistro. Will is an encyclopedia of good and candid stories written in the sweat of his past mistakes and successes. His creative entrepreneurial journey is far from being over and It was very refreshing to get his experience and point of view on the F&B industry in Vietnam and how he attempts to live a balanced lifestyle while being the owner of a bar! In this episode, we discuss: 🎙️ His F&B Journey that lead him to travel the world and working for Michelin-starred restaurants 🎙️ How he settled and fell in love with Vietnam in 10 min 🎙️ His first few businesses in Vietnam and how he learnt from his mistakes 🎙️ Opening and owning his own bar and his successes & struggles after being open for a year and half 🎙️ How he attempts to find balance in his life ⁣ Get in touch with Will: Luu Bar: Get in touch with Tue-Si: Website: Get in touch with Dana Drahos: Website: Get in touch with Nicolas Thanh: Website:
April 28, 2021
Jana Van Beek, Entrepreneur & Professional Hair Stylist on Preserving Your Energy
Jana Van Beek's favorite toy as a child was...a comb! Not the usual toy, but it makes perfect sense when you meet Jana today, who followed her passion of hair styling to become a Professional Hair Stylist, and creator of Earthy Blonde, an all-natural shampoo product to protect blonde hair from pollution and coloring. Jana started her first very successful hair salon in South Africa at just 23 years old and was styling hair for fashion week and Miss South Africa. After some unfortunate events, she had to close the business and made her way to Asia. She re-built her business in Saigon from scratch, all while juggling full time school and a teaching job, and now has over 30K followers on her Facebook business page! In this episode, we discuss: Struggles and successes Jana had when starting her first hair salon in South Africa Lessons she learned through having to close her business Why she is passionate about hair styling Why you need to learn to preserve your energy as an entrepreneur (or anyone!) and how to do so The importance of systems and structure for entrepreneurs and what tools we personally use Why and how Jana created her first hair product, Earthy Blonde, an all-natural shampoo for blondes Jana has been kind enough to offer an exclusive discount for our listeners! Head to her website or her Facebook page and use the promo code CREATORSINSAIGON to get 10% off your purchase! All proceeds from this episode will be going to Little Rose Shelter, a charity and shelter in Saigon for young girls❤️ Get in touch with Jana Van Beek: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Get in touch with Dana Drahos: Website: Get in touch with Nicolas Thanh: Website:
April 21, 2021
Quit your job, travel the world and find yourself. The journey of Lua Le, founder of Lua's Kitchen.
Lua Le, in her previous life, was a promising Vietnamese female office-worker who was recognized by her co-workers and praised by her family. But she also felt deep down that something was missing. She was bored and frustrated about her day to day. So she started to go dancing and meet some international friends in Saigon. That is how she met some digital nomads and started to question more about her career. But still, she needed to go see the world for herself. So, at 30+ year-old, after many moments of thinking and doubts, she decides to quit her job, leave her family for a moment, take her savings and travel the world on her own. This decision changed her life. And in this episode, we cover the many difficulties coming along such a big decision. Lua Le shares how her family reacted to it, her travel adventures, how « not-perfect » this adventure was and how she found herself. You will also learn about how she started her cooking class business and why it’s now rated as a top-experience on Airbnb or TripAdvisor. She explains us all the journey toward her current success, with all the ups and downs; including how she pivoted during the pandemic. At the end of the episode we have a really insightful conversation about « getting out of your comfort-zone ». We really hope you learn a lot and enjoy this episode! To connect with Lua Le, please find her on Facebook and feel free to ask her anything! Hosts: Nicola Thành & Dana Drahos This episode is brought to you by Creators in Saigon Podcast! Please, listen to this episode and share it with your friends, talk about it, and let us know your thoughts!
April 8, 2021
Mental Health, Body Image, and Childhood Bullying in Vietnam with Tôn Nữ Thiên An
Tôn Nữ Thiên An has stories that likely many Vietnamese Millennials can relate to, but very few of which have talked about out loud. We hope this episode opens up a conversation for young Vietnamese to discuss mental health, body image, and bullying. An bravely shares, for the first time, her experience being bullied as a child by both her classmates and her teacher. She felt worthless, until her Literature teacher stepped in and believed in her. It was a turning point for An to realize that all we need is someone to believe in us. This has led An to become an English teacher, passionate about creating a safe and inclusive environment for her students, in the hopes that none of them will have to go through what she did. She introduces her students to taboo topics like racism, sexism, and LGBTQ+ issues. She also opens up about her battle with body image, leading to an eating disorder and subsequent health problems, due to being mocked by her family about her weight and unrealistic beauty standards upheld in Vietnam and globally. In Vietnam, it's considered "weak" to share about your problems. We hope to change this narrative, to encourage people to openly share and express your emotions. You are NOT alone. Resources: Connect with An: Instagram: @andorable._ Connect with Nicolas Thành: French Expat Facebook Group: IzyViet: Personal website: Facebook: Connect with Dana Drahos: Facebook: Instagram: Connect with Tue Si Nguyen: Facebook:
March 31, 2021
How "being authentic" can be the key to succeed in life? - Amélie Huynh Le Maux
🔊 Today, we have the pleasure to introduce you Amélie Huynh Le Maux, a multi-project creators in Saigon who have had literally different lives: she was a Biologist PhD working for a pharmaceutical company to become an entrepreneur in Vietnam partnering with her husband... Now, she is building a new project with her friend Linda called "Copywriting For Good" and in parallele, explores different creative things. Find out more about here: SaigonHer - Women blogging community or read her cultural newsletter Wander & Wonder in HCMC ! Sometimes, in the creative process, we have too many ideas, too many opportunities of projects... Sometimes the problem is the contrary of the blank page! It was the opportunity for us to get insights from Amélie's perspective on how to look at opportunities in life from an authentic perspective. In this 28th podcast episode, she explains us more how COVID changed all her plans (and a lot of creators, freelancers, entrepreneurs plans too), how to take your time and be authentic, positive and always openminded. And of course, because we are all super curious and enthusiastic, our conversation got driven out of the topic and we talked about her relationship, her struggles to ask for money, her discovery about being multi-potential, female-entrepreneurs, cultural events in Saigon, her starting project about copywriting for good causes, ikigai, etc. Amélie has always been creative and energetic, in all the different aspect of her life. In the end, that is maybe the key to unlock opportunities and connect with people? 🎙Co-hosts: Dana & Nico ✅ Episode 28 - Creators in Saigon Podcast After listening to our episode, feel free to let us know how you liked it and how we can improve it, but reviewing us on Apple Podcast or itunes.
March 25, 2021
An introspective discussion with Thao Tran | High School for the Gifted Alumni and CEO
🎧 I am very excited to share with you this introspective and deeply interesting interview with Thao Tran, CEO of her own translation company Thao & Co 🧠 In this episode, we delved deeper into her experience as a High School For the Gifted Alumni and her time studying business abroad, and how she is now trying to change the translation market by bringing her passionate views and different approaches she gained from her previous mistakes & successes in the corporate world and her real care for her customers. 🚶🏽I walked out of this interview feeling grateful to her and how she played along and allowed herself to be vulnerable and open about the pressure she is facing, the passionate life she is building for herself, and the deep love she carries for her family and hometown Saigon. 📜 If you are in need of any translation services please visit her website and do not hesitate to contact her if you would like to help her test out her new system! Connect with Nicolas Thành: French Expat Facebook Group: IzyViet: Personal website: Facebook: Connect with Dana Drahos: Facebook: Instagram: Connect with Tue Si Nguyen: Facebook:
March 17, 2021
Team Episode 1 - We decided to answer our audience questions!
From now, once a month we will be only the three of us recording a « team episode » were we can expand on more topics and choose a different angle to our conversations. This one is our first episode as a team … And it was really fun! It was great because we had some questions about the way we manage the podcast of course and how is Vietnam for « creative people » but also some questions about self development, relationship management and more! Dana, Tue-si and Nico are sharing a vulnerable moment spent together with you, thanks to your questions. This episode is the first of its kind so if you like it, please share it with people who may be interested in our podcast! And if you have other questions, feel free to write them down the comments below. Actually we would like to know if you guys like our content and if you see anything we could improve… so feel free to comment about this as well! Thank you all for listening, stay creative! Co-hosted by Dana Drahos, Nicolas Thành and Tuê-Si Nguyen Find us on Instagram!
March 10, 2021
8 Years of Entrepreneurship in Saigon with Nicolas Thành
Before COVID hit, Nicolas Thành was enjoying the fruits of his four years of labor put into his hostel DaBlend in Saigon, Vietnam. Da Blend Hostel was ranking number one on platforms such as HostelWorld and Trip Advisor. Nico had plans to expand the business and get involved in other tourism business opportunities. As you can imagine, this all came crashing down with the closing of the Vietnam borders due to the pandemic. It was hard for Nico to accept that it was all over, and that he had to figure something else out--and fast, before he ran out of his savings. At the same time, he was grateful for the chance to actually slow down and have time back to himself. Having spent 10 days in the hospital in 2018 due to overworking, not eating, stress, and lack of sleep..Nico welcomed the opportunity to learn how to install better systems and habits.  Now, he is a full time business consultant for the company IzyViet, a paperwork service for visas, work permits, licenses, etc. for foreigners in and entering Vietnam. He is also a co-host of our podcast, Creators in Saigon! He also founded a Facebook group community for French Expats in Vietnam (link below). When there aren't government-mandated restrictions, Nico hosts meet ups for entrepreneurs to learn and network. In this episode we discuss Nico's upbringing, including being a child of divorce, and being a minority in France. We get into his journey coming to Vietnam when he was just 20 years old, starting up two businesses here in his early 20's, and the failures and lessons that came with them. We discuss his relationship with his Vietnamese wife, and how they've managed to stay a strong couple through the ups and downs. Shout Out to the Seven Million Bikes Podcast, hosted by Niall Mackay! Listen here or on any podcast app! Connect with Nicolas Thành: French Expat Facebook Group: IzyViet: Personal website: Facebook: Connect with Dana Drahos: Facebook: Instagram: Connect with Tue Si Nguyen: Facebook:
March 3, 2021
Kimmie Berhanu, Founder of Dynasty the Label, on Identity and Ethical Fashion
Since moving to Vietnam in early 2018, Kimmie discovered the joy of custom made clothing. From the challenge of finding the perfect print in a delightfully disorganized marketplace to seeking the Holy Grail of tailors, each experience pushed her to where she is now: creating and expanding a platform to share her vision of vibrant and expressive clothing. She is the Founder and Designer at Dynasty the Label, an ethical, handmade, slow fashion brand.  In this episode we talk about her Vietnamese-Ethiopian roots and what it was like growing up in a Vietnamese home while living in Australia. She shares with us the problems with the majority of the fashion industry today and how we can all be more conscious consumers. We talk about how moving to Vietnam has allowed her to finally feel at home and what her hopes and dreams for the future are. Connect with Kimmie: Dynasty the Label: Instagram: and Facebook: Youtube Show, Where the Magic Happens: Connect with Dana: Instagram: Connect with Tue Si:
February 10, 2021
Dive into the future of education in Vietnam with Trương Võ Hữu Thiên - founder of Garastem
🎙NEW EPISODE! 😍 How many of us, back in school or in high school, hated maths or found that philosophy was boring? And did you thought inside your mind: "I'm never going to need this in my life, why should I learn it". 🙃 Well, the future of education may be different, not for you but for your kids! 🥳 And this is what our guest of today is working on... His name is Trương Võ Hữu Thiên. He is the founder of @garastem. After studying in Japan, Thien was introduced to two innovative educational concepts: the gamification (using game to deal with a non-game discipline) and "STEM"(combination of: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). From that moment he realized that in order to teach kids some abstract or complicated disciplines, he could just turn it into a game. Through the game, kids would learn and remember and be able to be motivated to keep learning. So after coming back to Vietnam, he launched his start-up Garastem and created his first product. With G-robot, Thien's ambition is to gamify the teaching methods of artificial intelligence to kids in Vietnam, using STEM education. Learn more about STEM and gamification, learn more about the future of education and how our guest manages his project and keep his work-life-balance in the full episode, available on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Anchor FM. If you know someone who may be interested in this topic, please share this episode and let us know in the comment how they liked it!⁣⁣ Thank you for listening
February 4, 2021
Discover the creative life of a Wellness Coach, Yoga instructor, Pole-dancing competitor in Saigon with Nigerian-American Crystal Osuji
"Everyone wants to be the sun that lights up your life. But I'd rather be your moon, so I can shine on you during your darkest hour when your sun isn't around." - Unknown This is the quote that our latest guest Crystal Osuji left us with. Giving us the perfect way to describe her role as a wellness coach and the essential presence that she wants to be in her own life and the people she cares about. It was with great pleasure that we welcomed her on the podcast and a lot of the interview had to be cut off because of the constant laughter! She still managed to give us a glimpse into the life of a Nigerian-American living and creating her best life in Vietnam and I was very excited to be able to experience her point of view of Vietnam and Saigon. How she uses all of her experiences as a Massage Therapist, Yoga instructor, Pole-dancer competitor & Wellness Coach to do her own internal work & find her own balance in order to be of service to others is truly inspiring and commands respect. You can find her on Facebook at Instagram   where she offers coaching services that utilize yogic principles to help women find balance in their lives by discovering their power within. She has a special event you can attend on the day of this release but she will for sure have many others in the near future.
January 27, 2021
Returning to Childhood Passions to Find Happiness & Help Others with Thúy Uong, Business Owner and Swing Dancer
Thúy Uong has loved bringing people together through the power of music since she was a child (so much so that she used to practice playing piano by drawing the keys on pillows!). She grew up in a time where Vietnam was dark and quiet, but MTV music videos of the 90's brought Thuy a sense of hope for her future.  In 2018, she quit her comfortable 9-5 job to pursue her passions full time, and it has forever changed the course of her life. Tune in to learn how and why she fell in love with jazz and swing dancing, why dancing and community is good for your mental health, and all about her new grocery store business that is going to change the game (in a good way!) for small businesses in Vietnam. With an expansive career as one of the digerati since Vietnam caught the 1st wind of globalization in 2006, Thúy has been busy building online communities, monetizing contents, managing media budgets and selling programmatic media under some of the biggest names in Vietnam internet industry. Most recently, Thuy has joined in the retail tech game as a co-founder of Tạp Hóa Cam, a route-to-market set of solutions for brands and business model for merchants at traditional mom and pop stores channel. When not working, Thuy enjoys social swing dancing in her Saigon Swing Cats, the longest running Swing Dance club in Vietnam and travels to dance her way around the globe with the world wide Lindy Hop community. Sometimes Thuy organizes fun dance workshops, special jazz concerts or weekend-long dance festivals to spread joy and share her passion for this vintage art form to more happy souls and happy feet. THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS!!!! Thank you to Masqd, an eco-conscious face mask brand created by Reece Gannon and Han Nhat Hoang, a couple in Saigon. The masks are made with microfibre polyester (same material as Nike DriFit), have adaptive cooling for breathability, reusable and biodegradable packaging, and anti-fog. They currently have two designs available for customers, Comfort Fit and Fog Free (specially made for those who wear glasses). They come in colors Deep Blue, Light Blue, Jet Black and Pure White. Pricing & Offers: Single Mask: 129,000 VND per mask Bundle Offer: Buy 4 Get 1 Free Green Subscription: 99,000 VND per Month (paid in advance) includes Free Delivery & Recycling Collection Free Delivery on orders above 300,000 VND How to Order: Customers in Vietnam can order via Instagram or Facebook (@masqd_). Creators in Saigon listeners can direct message the Facebook or Instagram pages with the code GREENCREATORS to get 25% off their first order, valid until January 31st. Get in touch with Dana Drahos Instagram: @dana.drahos Facebook: Get in touch with Nicolas Thanh
January 20, 2021
Never Let Anything Stop You with Phạm Thị Thùy Liên: Travel Blogger, Marathon Runner and Voice Over Talent
Pham Thi Thuy Lien is a travel blogger, marathon runner, and voice over talent. What she DOES, is impressive, but it's even more inspiring the type of person she IS. When she doesn't know how to do something, she doesn't let it stop her, she works hard to learn how to do it. For example, she has taught herself English, taught herself how to successfully make money from her travel blog, and never took formal lessons for voice over work. She sees what she wants, and goes for it, practicing and staying consistent until she reaches her goal. Lien was previously a broadcaster at 97.5 MHz FM of Dong Nai Radio and Television Station. Currently she is a travel writer for a number of newspapers: Thanh Nien, Tien Phong, Sai Gon Tiep Thi, Dan Tri. Plus, she's doing a full-time job in marketing! We hope you will gain inspiration from this episode to go for your dreams even if you don't YET have the knowledge, skills, or money. What you DO have is your willingness to put in the work, your "why", and if you're having trouble setting up the habits and systems for success, reach out to Tue Si or Nico! Connect with Lien Travel blog: Facebook: Connect with Tue Si Nguyen Connect with Nicolas Thanh
January 14, 2021
2020 Reflections and 2021 Projections
Dana, Tue Si and Nico reflect on their 2020's, including their proudest moments, lowest moments, key lessons learned, and then share their hopes, dreams and goals for 2021. Happy New Year!! Resources Mentioned: Annual review template we used: Google doc version or Notion version We will keep you posted about Tue Si and Nico's Annual Review workshop! Connect with Dana Connect with Tue Si Connect with Nico
December 30, 2020
A Transformational Story of Overcoming Addiction and Self Forgiveness with Tue Si Nguyen
"I looked at myself and I was like, okay, I'm living in this beautiful apartment downtown, I have a very high paying job, I have a very beautiful fiance, and yet I'm doing drugs every single day to sustain my mental stability." For Tue Si, born and raised in France with Vietnamese heritage, moving to Vietnam was a life or death decision. He knew that he had to get out of the environment where his meth addiction started and was sustained. He knew he had to start fresh. With over a year of sobriety, Tue Si has learned a lot about the childhood trauma that planted the seeds for a multitude of addictions later in life, how to heal from the trauma and cope in a healthy way, and how to help others get their lives on track through what he calls a "life operating system." Learn about Tue Si's past, his story of overcoming addiction in Saigon, what he means by "life operating system", and more. Connect with Dana Connect with Tue Si Connect with Nico
December 16, 2020
Life After Digital Nomadness | How Guillaume Rondan from found fulfillment in Content Creation
"A year after knowing (my girlfriend), we did a yearly review: to see what was good this year and what was not good? And I ended up writing on a piece of paper that I don't want to do what I'm doing anymore." Tune in to find out more about Guillaume Rondan's transition from digital nomadness to content creation fueled by his desire to help people Move to Asia. He shares his experiences, struggles & point of views on the importance of knowing yourself, finding fullfillment through the creative process, the importance of a good support system and what's next after "making it" as a digital nomad. Connect with  Guillaume: Check out his growing content collection: Connect with Dana Connect with Tue Si Connect with Nico
December 9, 2020
How Dana Drahos Manages Burnout and Stress through Women's Nutrition and Hormonal Health
BONUS episode!! The day has finally come when it is time to interview the creator of this podcast, Dana Drahos!! Nico and Tue SI dig in to how Dana ended up in Vietnam, her meandering very non-linear entrepreneurial path from teaching, to podcast producing, to life coaching, and now moving more towards health coaching. We talk about how learning to become vulnerable and ask for help has helped her overcome perfectionism and fear of failure, and most importantly, her experience with burn out over the years and how she's learned to manage it. She is extremely passionate about educating women about the unique ways our hormones work and how we don't actually have to suffer with PMS symptoms like fatigue, pain, bloating, acne, etc. Instead, we can learn to work WITH our bodies rather than against them, through proper nutrition and cyclical living. Dana is delivering a talk called Go with the Flow: How to be in Sync with your Menstrual Cycle for Optimal Energy on December 5th, 2020, from 10-11:30am at Spiced Co Working Space. It is a totally free event with complimentary tea, and you can book your spot here:  Connect with Dana Connect with Tue Si Connect with Nico
November 25, 2020
Finding Yourself Through Creative Writing with Tran Bao, Founder of WordLust
Tran is a proud Saigonese with experiences in performing poetry and leading writing workshops in the US. She is a firm believer in the power of creative writing, poetry in particular, as an accessible tool to build meaningful connection with oneself and the world. She started Wordlust in March 2020 to roll that belief into action - a space where people can explore their truest thoughts and feelings through contemplative and creative practices. Outside of Wordlust, she juggles between being an English teacher, a full-time learner and a forgetful friend. We discuss Tran's struggle to reconcile two cultures and languages, and how poetry and creative writing has helped her to express herself. We learn more about her creative writing workshop WordLust, how and why she started it, and her vision for the future.  Connect with Tran Facebook: Attend a WordLust workshop: Connect with Dana Connect with Tue Si  Connect with Nico
November 18, 2020
New Beginnings: Catch-Up Episode with Lam and Dana
Well hello! Lam and I are back. We took a (long) hiatus. We were both feeling low energy and burnt out with everything going on, plus our recording studio was closed of course:(SO we decided, just the two of us to have a catch-up episode where we discuss what went on in our lives the past two months, because both of us have had MAJOR shifts and realizations about our lives and our purpose.Listen in to hear:How Lam picked up on her pattern of dating emotionally unavailable men to finally break out of itAll the red flags and lessons she’s learned from past toxic relationshipsWhat Lam is launching a YouTube channel about and why her target audience is high school students, especially rich kidsThe big shifts and realizations Dana had and what new path she’s onThe limiting beliefs Dana had to rewrite in order to pursue her true passion and purposeThe systems Lam uses to make any decision in life when she’s having trouble choosing“You’re never gonna think your way to your purpose and passion.” -Dana“I don’t go for good, or almost good, I go for the best.” -LamResources mentioned:Essentialism by Greg McKeownYou are A Badass at Making Money by Jen SinceroThe Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson  
May 21, 2020
Experiences of a Vietkieu in Saigon with Sophie Nguyen, French-Vietnamese
On today’s episode, we sat down to talk with YouTuber Sophie Nguyen (@thetamshow), about her experiences growing up Vietnamese in France, and ultimately moving to Vietnam, despite her parents' discomfort with this decision.   We started off with Sophie’s parents’ background and the difficulties she faced as a third-culture kid. Sophie describes her first trip to Vietnam and how it changed her mindset and made her want to come back more permanently! We talk about what connotations the term "Vietkieu" has and what it's been like for Sophie coming back to the homeland (the good and the bad).   Sophie shares more about her Youtube channel, The Tam Show, and the mission behind it-to help you go for their dreams and realize you are the "master of your life." HELL YEAH.   Sophie is a French lady with Vietnamese parents. She was born and grew up in France in the suburbs of Paris. During her studies, she had an internship in Hanoi, her true first time in Vietnam. She found her roots and had such a good experience, she knew that she wouldn’t work in France and that she was meant to work abroad. Her open-mindedness and love for traveling brought her to book a one-way ticket after her finishing studies to come back to Vietnam more than 2 years ago, but this time in Saigon, where there are more job opportunities. Since that day, it has been a long journey for Sophie who had a lot of ups and downs in her professional life and came to some deep realizations. She is now hosting her own YouTube talk show called The Tam Show.   Resources Music by: Lewis Wright    Cover art by: Priyanka Mehta  Produced by: Dana Drahos  Follow us on Instagram! @creatorsinsaigon  Subscribe to Sophie YouTube channel, TAM SHOW!  Follow Sophie on Instagram! @thetamshow and @sophlimitless Like Sophie’s page on Facebook, Hello Tam Show!  Watch the Vietnam Corona song on YouTube!
March 18, 2020
Building Teams Using Strengths and Personality Tests: Part 2 with Alex Stevenson, Founder of "Ninja Teacher"
The second part of this two-part series (watch the first episode here!), we talk to Alex Stevenson (@ninja_teacher), YouTuber and entrepreneur, about personality tests and how to use them in your life and business effectively. Alex talks a bit about the psychology behind personality and how to avoid biased results while taking the tests. Alex gives a brief overview of the personality tests and what they show, and then we have a bit of fun discussing each of their own results from all these tests! We also talk about how we can effectively interpret the results rather than based on our past biases or what society deemed our personalities. We’d love to hear about your results from the personality tests, so share them on our social media pages so we can see!Alex Stevenson is an educator, entrepreneur and content creator from South Africa. He has lived in Asia for the last 6 years, with the past 4 being in Vietnam, teaching English in countries such as South Korea and Vietnam. He has a YouTube channel with nearly 500 videos and 5 million views with daily life and informational videos about teaching English abroad. He currently runs Ninja Teacher Academy, an English teacher training school in Vietnam that trains, supports and helps find jobs for over 100 individuals per year who want to start teaching English abroad.Quotes:“If you’re honest with yourself and look objectively, then you’ll get a result that’s accurate to who you are.”“Maybe you'll learn that over time, and get a better sense of where you are not, but just knowing that people vary in introversion and extroversion, or agreeableness and disagreeableness, just knowing that helps you realize that people are different and you can support each other if you are different.”Resources:Music by: Lewis WrightCover art by: Priyanka MehtaProduced by: Dana DrahosFollow us on Instagram! @creatorsinsaigonCheck out Alex on his YouTube channel, "Ninja Teacher"Ninja Teacher Website: Alex on Instagram! @ninja_teacherPersonality TestsHuman design/bodygraphMyers-BriggsZodiacLife path numbersEnneagramThe Big Five
March 11, 2020
Are You an English Teacher or an Entrepreneur? Part 1 with Alex Stevenson from "Ninja Teacher"
In this two-part series, we had the opportunity to talk to Alex Stevenson (@ninja_teacher), a YouTuber and entrepreneur, about his experiences and how to identify your strengths and business direction based on your personality. We start off by talking about how Alex got started with his business by transitioning from teaching English to starting a teacher training school in Vietnam. He also talks about his experience hiring others based on personality, the best way to approach this, and how he’s learned to prioritize his time. Dana and Alex both talk about some of the struggles they initially faced when hiring others to help out and the ways they’re working on using their extra hands to benefit both themselves and their business. We end with Dana asking Alex what sorts of personality tests he’s used to help determine the best fits for his business, and that’s where we’ll continue next week!Alex Stevenson is an educator, entrepreneur and content creator from South Africa. He has lived in Asia for the last 6 years, with the past 4 being in Vietnam, teaching English in countries such as South Korea and Vietnam. He has a YouTube channel with nearly 500 videos and 5 million views with daily life and informational videos about teaching English abroad. He currently runs Ninja Teacher Academy, an English teacher training school in Vietnam that trains, supports and helps find jobs for over 100 individuals per year who want to start teaching English abroad.Quotes:Alex talking about marketing: “It’s just about finding the people that do want what you have, and then conveying to them how it can help them, as well as presenting new opportunities that are exciting and interesting.”Resources:Music by: Lewis WrightCover art by: Priyanka MehtaProduced by: Dana DrahosFollow us on Instagram! @creatorsinsaigonCheck out Alex's YouTube Channel: "Ninja Teacher"Ninja Teacher Website: Alex on Instagram! @ninja_teacherE-Myth Revisited - great business book about creating a company that runs without youWork the System by Sam Carpenter
March 4, 2020
How Perfectionism is Killing Your Creativity with Tarek, Creator of "Going From Zero to Hero"
In this episode, we talk with Tarek about perfection and how it works against ourselves mentally and professionally. We kick off talking about Tarek’s passions for trying new things and how it led to the start of his channel. He, Lam, and Dana each mention how aiming for perfection actually held them and those they know back from their goals and how they worked to overcome those feelings. Finally, we talk about our top tips for addressing your fears for putting yourself out there without aiming for perfectionism so that you can gain the confidence to do whatever you put your mind to! Tarek, who just turned 30, is a multi-passionate and a learning junkie. He tried more than 20 sports (and won a few medals on the way), studied 5 languages, and loves to challenge himself going out of his comfort zone by learning various new skills, such as playing ukulélé, running a half marathon, backflipping, and being an MC at a wedding! Seeing his friends startled and curious about his abilities, he started to share his progression and mindset on his YouTube channel "Go From Zero To Hero." Music by: Lewis WrightCover art by: Priyanka MehtaProduced by: Dana Drahos Follow us on Instagram! @creatorsinsaigonLearn more about Marie Forleo’s book “Everything is Figureoutable”Check out Tarek’s YouTube Channel “Zero to Hero” Follow Tarek on Instagram! @goingfromzerotohero
February 26, 2020
Sex and Beauty Standards in Vietnam
TRIGGER WARNING AND EXPLICIT CONTENT.WARNING: Do not listen to this episode with children. Do not listen if you are triggered by discussions of rape or sexual abuse. We discuss explicit topics around sex and sexual activity. This episode is intended for educational purposes and is done in a tasteful and serious manner. It is not intended to offend anyone.ALSO: You will hear "beeps" in the beginning. This is beeping out our guests name because she prefers to remain anonymous for now:)In this episode we've got three girls talkin about SEX BABYYYY. We talk about the disconnect between the perception and the reality of the sexuality of Vietnamese women. We discuss the differences of sex education in Vietnamese vs. other Western cultures and what impacts it has had, particularly for women. Dana talks about why she hasn't had sex in...a really long time. Lam talks about her recent sexual awakening and our special anonymous guest shares her sexual journey, stressing the importance of loving yourself and female empowerment. Our guest also gives us a REAL sex education on masturbation, orgasms, porn, and the non-verbal signs to look out for when you're on a date with a guy to know if he actually respects you.Our anonymous guest was born and raised in Hanoi. She's a tiny woman striving to make love the universal language. She writes about stuff we are often scared to talk about like pain and guilt. She also coaches women who struggle to find the love within them, hoping that we can all lead a more positive and fulfilling life.Music by: Lewis WrightCover art by: Priyanka MehtaProduced by: Dana DrahosFollow us on Instagram! @creatorsinsaigonThank you Bliss Saigon and The Next Somewhere for featuring our podcast on your website!
February 19, 2020
Deep Transformation and Healing with Expert Therapist Rachel Jones
TRIGGER WARNING: Light discussion of rape and sexual abuse in the context of healing traumatic experiences. Do you ever start panicking or feeling anxiety and have absolutely no idea why? Or maybe you keep getting caught in the cycle of unsuccessful and unfulfilling relationships? In this episode we learn how one man couldn't understand why every time he went to the gym, he'd have a panic attack. After two sessions with our guest Rachel, he found the specific event where it all started, healed that wound, and enjoys life anxiety/stress free. We also hear about a woman who couldn't fully connect in romantic relationships, uncovered a repressed trauma with Rachel and healed after two sessions, and is now happily in a relationship. Rachel Jones works predominantly with two therapeutic healing modalities called Transpersonal Regression Therapy (TRT) and Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy (ICH). In this episode, you will learn about two of the most cutting edge and effective  healing modalities available today. That's because, unlike other types of therapies that are treating the symptoms, TRT and ICH go directly to the source, to heal the root cause, so you are permanently liberated from suffering. What takes years in talk therapy can take only two or three sessions with Rachel! We also get a deep understanding of what a session with Rachel looks like and why she considers it is a form of art, with concrete case study examples to help you visualize. We discuss how NOT healing means you can be passing your trauma down to future generations. Relative to that, we discuss traumas that have been passed down the generations in Vietnamese families due to the war, and how it is presenting in the young adults of Vietnam today. Lam shares with us this situation in her own life, how she healed, and how she helps her clients heal. Rachel is available for one-on-one therapy sessions and can be contacted directly by phone or email at: or WhatsApp/Zalo/Viber: +84 126 217 1530 Rachel is also now running immersed workshops. Please Note: With only 8-10 participants these workshops book quickly. She currently provides four types of workshops available in March and April 2020: Using group energy fields to boost manifesting your goals and desires! Identifying and healing the unseen family legacy: How undigested ancestral & generational trauma is carried by the current family. Organ Regeneration and Deep Tissue Memory: Healing at the DNA level with the physical body. Body & Balance: Identifying and healing both the inner & outer scars/experiences which impact how beautiful we look and feel. If you and a group of friends, family, or colleagues are interested in these incredible workshops you may also contact Rachel directly!
February 12, 2020
Pivotal Moments that Shape Us with John Dewhirst
Our next guest is John Dewhirst, an English teacher in Saigon. We talk about the two creative projects John's got going on, including an English language sticker book designed to teach kids English through sticker collection and speculation, and a brand new YouTube channel called VNYO (Vietnam Yo!)  which is dedicated to giving Vietnamese people a platform to show their amazing personalities, and also to give more information to the world about Vietnamese peoples' lives and attitudes.Our host Dana was featured on the channel by the way, trying some Vietnamese fruits!Our main focus was talking about the pivotal moments in our lives that shaped us- the ones where when we look back from today to the past, and think about those moments we can point to and say, THAT's when everything changed. ALL of us had these moments as a result of someone else expressing their creativity, which gave us permission to do the same.  Therefore we encourage everyone to keep creating because you're not just doing it for yourself, you're doing it for the people who will be inspired by your work and do the same.Shout out to listener @heytaylajade thank you so much for all of your support of the podcast! Music by: Lewis WrightCover art by: Priyanka MehtaProduced by: Dana DrahosFollow us on Instagram! @creatorsinsaigonThank you Bliss Saigon and The Next Somewhere for featuring our podcast on your website!
February 5, 2020
Living with Intention with Millette Stambaugh
As promised, this is a BONUS episode for season 1 to give you a glimpse into the new format and to introduce our new co-host!!I had sooo much fun recording this with my soul sista Millette of @thenextsomewhere (seriously, we found so many parallels in our lives and personalities it’s freaky!!) and my bestie and now co-host @lam_tarot_into_clarity.Millette lived in Saigon 2.5 years ago and now lives back in the States with her husband (props to her hubs who spent their first Thanksgiving without her!). I was introduced to Millette by another @creatorsinsaigon alumni guest, Frances, of @so_theadventurebegins (thank you for introducing me to this GEM Frances!!)When Millette introduced herself, she said that she was back in Vietnam for a “creative immersion”. Vietnam was a place where her creativity really blossomed and where she feels the most at home (away from home).Her purpose in coming here really struck me. Some people go on vacation and don’t really put much thought into the purpose. Many of us go through LIFE this way- lost, living day by day not really knowing why they do what they do. Millette had a totally different approach and I was really inspired by it and think you will be too!Take a listen, share on your social media and let us know what you think! It really means so much when I hear from you guys:)To follow and support Millette:Website: www.thenextsomewhere.comInstagram:
December 18, 2019
Making Documentaries in Saigon with Irregular Film
In the FINAL episode for season 1 of Creators in Saigon, I sit down with Will Snyder, Sean Lambe, and Mateu Perpinya, the filmmakers behind "Irregular Film".Irregular Film is an independent film production company focused on making documentaries highlighting the intersection between eastern and western cultures in Vietnam. The company was started by Will Synder and Sean Lambe, who met while teaching English at ILA, and they have since been joined by their talented film editor Matt.Their first film, Faces You Forget: Nights Out in Saigon (Bui Vien Documentary) was released in 2016 and has since garnered over 43K views on Youtube and over 250K views on Facebook. Vietnamese locals and Westerners alike love the film for it's ability to uncover the stories of the Vietnamese people on this famous backpacker street, amidst all of the lights and beers and EDM music.Three years later, the boys are taking it a huge step further by creating their first length feature film documentary. This one is called Saigon Metalhood, and it uncovers the underground metal rock scene in Saigon. If you are not a metal rock fan, not to worry. This film is not about metal rock as a music genre, but it's about the fascinating history of metal rock in Vietnam and about the Vietnamese people who are part of this culture today.In this interview we discuss how they got started making films with zero budget, simple equipment and minimal experience, we talk about the behind-the-scenes making of both their films, and what advice they have for aspiring filmmakers.  To follow Irregular Film and find their documentaries visit: on Instagram: @irregularfilmvnFollow us on Facebook and Instagram: @creatorsinsaigonMusic by Lewis Wright and Cover art by Priyanka Mehta
November 25, 2019
TEASER: Making Documentaries in Saigon with Irregular Film
Full episode releases on 11/25! In the FINAL episode of the first season of Creators in Saigon, I sit down with Will Snyder, Sean Lambe, and Mateu Perpinya, the filmmakers behind the independent documentary film production company named Irregular Film.Irregular Film focuses on telling stories highlighting the intersection of Vietnamese culture and Western culture. They released their first documentary "Faces You Forget: Nights Out in Saigon (Bui Vien Documentary)" in 2016, and since then it has reached over 43K views on Youtube and over 250K views on Facebook.They are now taking it a step further by creating their first feature-length documentary called Saigon Metalhood, which tells the history of metal rock in Vietnam as well as interviews with the Vietnamese musicians leading the metal rock scene in Saigon.Saigon Metalhood is not released yet but to stay updated, follow Irregular Film on Facebook: out their first documentary, Faces You Forget:
November 18, 2019
Natural Skin Care and Confidence with Viktoriya Gorodetska
GO WITH FULL CONFIDENCE, BE YOURSELF, AND ROAR.This is the mantra of the Lionheart Skincare brand, created by our next guest, Viktoriya Gorodetska. In this interview we find out how a girl from the Ukraine, whose only experience with skincare was watching her grandmother make her own facial masks, started a natural skin care brand in Bali and is now selling products all over the world. In our conversation we get real about the emotional rollercoaster that is starting a business. This interview is PACKED with personal growth and mindset tips/resources for creators and entrepreneurs. You’ll also found out how YOU as a listener of Creators in Saigon can get 10% off your Lionheart Skincare purchase!!During this interview I was shocked to discover the ways I’ve been doing skin care all wrong. Viktoriya shares with us the ideal skin care routine especially for this Ho Chi Minh City climate.Not only do we talk skin care, but also about how she’s networked her way to putting her business together in Ho Chi Minh City from scratch. This girl has so much to be proud of- in less than a year she created the packaging, social media, website for the brand, got the product into the #1 Luxury Spa in HCMC on TripAdvisor, and so much more. Viktoriya was also recently featured in Bliss Saigon magazine and has had a booth at events in HCMC such as the Fexpats 5 Year Anniversary community fundraiser.We also talk about how she gets through her lowest moments that we all have when on an entrepreneurial journey, how she creates balance in her life, her advice on how not to get overwhelmed with all the ideas and things to do for your business, and how to discover what you love to do.RESOURCES MENTIONED:Atomic Habits by James ClearWater Magic: Healing Bath Recipes for the Body, Spirit, and Soul by Mary MurynNaval Podcast: to be an Overnight Success: Maria HatzistefanisImpact Theory Youtube: Shetty Podcast: Secret by Rhonda ByrneTo learn more and to connect with Viktoriya (she’d love to grab coffee with you!)Website: https://www.lionheart-skincare.comInstagram: @lionheart_skincareTo get a Lionheart Skincare Facial at the #1 Luxury Spa in HCMC on TripAdvisor: http://www.prive-nails.comListeners of this podcast can put in the code “CreatorsInSaigon” (must be written this way) at check out on the website for 10% off their purchase!!ORDM @lionheart_skincare directly to meet with Viktoriya and try a sample or arrange a discounted purchase.
November 11, 2019
TEASER: Natural Skin Care and Confidence with Viktoriya Gorodetska
GO WITH FULL CONFIDENCE, BE YOURSELF, AND ROAR. This is the teaser of the full episode, which goes live Monday, November 11th. We'll talk with Viktoriya Gorodetska, creator of Lionheart Skincare. This interview is PACKED with personal growth and mindset tips/resources for creators and entrepreneurs, as well as natural skin care tips! You’ll also find out how YOU as a listener of Creators in Saigon can get 10% off your Lionheart Skincare purchase!! Connect with Viktoriya Instagram: @lionheart_skincare Website: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram: @creatorsinsaigon Music by Lewis Wright and Cover art by Priyanka Mehta
November 4, 2019
Lam Tue on Speaking Your Truth
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING YOUR OWN HAPPINESS."The 'I don't know' mind is where you can start to receive wisdom." -Lam TueIf you’ve been feeling lately like you’ve totally hit a wall, and you’re wondering when things will get better, it’s no coincidence that you have found this podcast episode.Our guest Lam Tue, a Saigon local, works with clients in Vietnam and all around the world who are ready to take the responsibility to heal their childhood wounds and grow into the highest version of themselves.There’s a reason why you feel frustrated and stuck. Why none of your relationships work out. Why you don’t feel confident at work. Why you thought moving abroad would solve all your problems and it didn’t. Lam is here to help you see and live in your truth, which means being who you really are, not who you think you should or shouldn’t be. Ignoring your negative feelings, keeping busy all the time, chasing highs, and blaming others for your problems are all what keep you from uncovering your authentic creative self. We all want to create an amazing life for ourselves and that has to start internally, not externally, which is a lesson I’ve personally had to learn over and over again. But where do we start? You’ll learn this and more in episode number 3 of the Creators in Saigon podcast.As always, share this episode with a friend who you think can benefit from hearing this message and please share on your social media. Don't forget to tag @lam_tarot_into_clarity and @creatorsinsaigon.To connect with Lam and book a one-on-one session with her:Email: tarotintoclarity@gmail.comMessage her on Facebook: of Lam:Video of Lam speaking at a women's event in Saigon:
October 28, 2019
TEASER: Lam Tue on Speaking Your Truth
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING YOUR OWN HAPPINESS. This is a teaser for the full episode with Lam Tue which will air on Monday, October 28th. When I first met my dear friend Lam she told me she was a Tarot card reader which sparked some skepticism in me. But really she uses Tarot as a tool to understand her clients' subconscious, much like a psychiatrist using the ink blot test. Lam gets to the root of her clients' problems, helps them see the truth and guides them through the healing journey, giving them the power to take back control of their life and create their own happiness. In the full episode we chat about what exactly Lam does, what it means to speak your truth, why it's important to listen and feel ALL of your emotions (not just the positive ones), why we get anxious thinking about the future, what does self love look like, what it means to heal and become whole and why it's so important for everyone to do so. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook: @creatorsinsaigon Music by Lewis Wright and Cover Art by Priyanka Mehta
October 21, 2019
Frances Fraser-Reid on Being Inventive in a World of "Same Same"
DO SOMETHING YOU’VE NEVER SEEN DONE BEFORE. I chat with Frances Fraser-Reid, creator of the Vietnam travel and lifestyle blog, So The Adventure Begins. With nearly 5k Instagram followers (@so_theadventurebegins) Frances entertains and educates people daily on motorbike safety, street food, teaching English, day to day life and so much more. She really stands out in the crowd of travel Instagrammers- when they swerve left she swerves right, always doing something new and unexpected, truly expressing her creativity. If you've been wanting to try something new but are afraid because you're not *good* at it yet, this episode is for you!!
October 14, 2019
TEASER: Frances Fraser-Reid on Being Inventive in a World of "Same Same"
DO SOMETHING YOU'VE NEVER SEEN DONE BEFORE. If you follow a lot of travel Instagram accounts, you start to see almost the exact same photo in the exact same spots over and over. Maybe the edits are different, but the travel accounts of Instagram have felt really unoriginal lately. This is a teaser of my interview with Frances Fraser-Reid, Scottish travel blogger behind the So the Adventure Begins blog and Instagram account (@so_theadventurebegins), all about travel and lifestyle in Vietnam. I have always loved following Frances' account because of her creativity with it. You can tell how much thought and love she really puts into her posts and stories. I'm so excited to share her story with you! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram: @creatorsinsaigon Music produced by Lewis Wright and podcast cover art created by Priyanka Mehta, both based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The podcast is produced and hosted by Dana Drahos.
October 7, 2019
Bethany Taylor on Being Present
CREATE A LIFE YOU WANT TO BE PRESENT FOR. Have you ever been offered what would typically be considered by society as an “amazing” opportunity, an offer that you SHOULD be happy about, but instead everything inside you was screaming no?
September 30, 2019
TEASER: Bethany Taylor on Being Present
CREATE A LIFE YOU WANT TO BE PRESENT FOR. Have you ever been offered what would typically be considered by society as an “amazing” opportunity, an offer that you SHOULD be happy about, but instead everything inside you was screaming no? This is a teaser of the first ever Creators in Saigon podcast full episode. The full episode is scheduled for September 30th, 2019. We sit down with Bethany Taylor, originally from the UK but has been living in Saigon for three years. She started out teaching at an international school and now runs her own online business because she learned how to be present and listen to her heart. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram: @creatorsinsaigon Music produced by Lewis Wright and podcast cover art created by Priyanka Mehta, both based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The podcast is produced and hosted by Dana Drahos.
September 23, 2019