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By Wavium
Your creator journey starts here. In this podcast, you'll learn actionable insights from creators of all sizes about how to build an audience and create content people will love.
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Getting Started with a Blog: Grace Nossaman


Discoverable Content: Newton Zheng
In this episode I'm joined by Newton Zheng, an expert on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Learn tips on what you can do to make sure your content is discovered. Connect with Newton on Linkedin or Instagram @NewtonZheng. If you are looking for help with ecommerce SEO, visit ePropel’s website at to learn more and to get your free training on the 3 steps to boost your website’s sales organically. This podcast was brought to you by Wavium - hosted by Dylan Brookes.
March 19, 2021
Mindset is Everything: Alivia D'Andrea
When it comes to content creation, starting is often the hardest part. Learn tips from Alivia D'Andrea on how to change your mindset to be more productive, and understand how to cope with the haters. D'Andrea has over 2.17 million subscribers and 166 million video views. This podcast was brought to you by Wavium - hosted by Dylan Brookes.
March 18, 2021
The "One Man Band": Bill Day
Since starting his YouTube channel - BillsChannel - in 2009, Bill Day has amassed 2.61 million subscribers and almost 1 billion video views where he currently debunks myths and mysteries. Bill travelled the world as a videographer, covering news stories and creating documentaries before he decided on a YouTube career. In this podcast we learn more about his inspirational journey as a content creator and how technology has changed the landscape of video production. This podcast was brought to you by Wavium.
February 26, 2021
From Hobby To Business: YouTuber Tim Ruscica
With close to 500,000 subscribers and over 34 million video views, find out how YouTuber Tim Ruscica managed to transition his hobby of programming into a business with his channel TechWithTim.
November 16, 2020
Getting Started with a Blog: Grace Nossaman
Explore how you can get started with a blog. Listen to blogger Grace Nossaman on how to get started along with some other productivity tips and tricks. Grace is the founder of the blog Life Chief Nation (, a blog that covers everything from productivity tips to personal finance.
October 30, 2020
Growing A YouTube Gaming Channel: Mark Cai
With over 100,000 subscribers, Mark has carved out a niche on YouTube where he focuses on mobile gaming. Find out what Mark attributes to his success as a YouTuber and learn from his biggest mistakes.
October 16, 2020