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Welcome to Creepy Vibes Only, your podcast for all things creepy! Join your host Steph every Monday as she tells the latest creepy story that has caught her attention.
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S2 EP14 Beware of the Love Potions
Happy Creepy Monday, little leprechauns! Did you know that Creepy Vibes Only was featured in a magazine?? No? Well, you know now! Women Who Podcast released their anniversary issue earlier this month, and CVO is featured! Go see the link below to get your own copy of this digital magazine, and read more about CVO and its host. In this episode, Steph  opens up a window into her personal life to talk about Mental Health, her personal struggles, and to say thank you to you for giving her a light in some of her dark times. She then follows up with a truly spooky segment of Creepy Reads and finishes off with the story of Baba Anujka, the pharmacist you do not want.  Have a spooky story to share? Email Steph at to have it featured on the podcast.  Want to get your own copy of the Women Who Podcast's Anniversary Issue? Use this link to purchase your own  Want to help CVO grow? Leave a review or rating wherever you find the podcast, share on social media & talk about the podcast to others. 
April 26, 2022
S2 EP13 - You're In My Spot...
Happy Creepy Monday, lovely gremlins! Join Steph this week as she recounts the story of Busby's Stoop Chair aka The Chair of Death. Word of advice, don't sit in someone's spot; we see you, Sheldon Cooper.  Want your personal experience to be featured in Creepy Reads? Send your story to or DM us @cvopodcast or @creepyvibesonly  It is so amazing that so many of you enjoy the show! Please keep sharing, reviewing and rating the show so that more people can join our lovely community of Creepy Vibers
April 18, 2022
S2 EP 12 - The Ghost in Room 202
Happy Creepy Monday! Let's start the week right with a haunted hotel to add to your summer road trip! The luxurious Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Where there is something for all, both alive and dead.  Have a story Steph should read in her segment of Creepy Reads? Email it in at or send it through social media @cvopodcast.  This podcast would be nothing without you, the listener. Keep sharing it to your friends or family who would enjoy, share on social media or even leave a review wherever you go to listen to Creepy Vibes Only. Scare you next week! Byyyyeeeee
April 11, 2022
S2 EP 11 A Mother's Love
Hello little chicken nuggets! Episode 11 is finally here! Steph's ADD has made its mark on today's episode so we have to make 2 corrections: FadinFloral is the Reddit username for today's Creepy Reads story & the incident oftoday's story took place on March 27, 2015. The correct information is in Steph's notes, but her brain decided to be creative.  Additionally, we say goodbye to Emma aka Erasmus. She has decided to officially step away from the podcast. Trusting Steph with the legacy of Creepy Vibes Only. Erasmus will be missed, but will surely haunt us in the future. TW: Car Accident & Fatality Today's episode covers an unfortunate car accident that caused a fatality. If this is not the episode for you, that is completely understandable! There will be a brand new episode for you coming this Monday. Reddit Story Link: 
April 09, 2022
S2 EP10 - Word of Advice, Do Not Outbid an Elderly Lady When Buying a House
Happy Creepy Monday! Steph is back with another spooky ooky segment of Creepy Reads. Then, she covers the Baldoon Mystery to give you tips on what not to do the next time you are negotiating over a house.  Creepy Reads: Lived through a haunting and want to tell the tale? Send your story at Your encouragements means the world to us! Leave us a review or rate our podcast. You can also tell a friend and share our social media so others can discover the joy that is Creepy Vibes Only Promo time: What do you get when you marry history with unexplained phenomenon? Strange History podcast is what you get. Go visit Alyssa and Brad for a great time at Strange History!
March 27, 2022
S2 EP9 - Let Me Paint You a Picture
Happy Creepy Monday! This week, Steph starts off with another great segment of Creepy Reads. Then, she out on her fire fighter hat on with her story of cursed artwork.  Creepy Reads! Have a story that should be shared in our newest segment? DM us on social media @cvopodcast or @creepyvibesonlypodcast or email us at Want to know what else you can do to support Creepy Vibes Only? Like and share our social media, send us a review or rate our podcast, download our episodes or just come say hi!  Promo Time! Make sure to check out our friends Brad and Alyssa at Strange History to hear about all the strange stories that makes us, us.
March 14, 2022
S2 EP8 - Shall We Haunt the Theatre, Darling?
Happy Creepy Monday! Let's visit Vogue Theatre from Vancouver, BC! Where the performances are so good, you need to come back when you've crosser over into the afterlife!  Introducing Creepy Reads! Each week, we will read one listener submission to keep the spooks going. Have a scary story to share, send it to to be featured in the new segment Creepy Reads. Promo time! Check out our friends, Alyssa and Brad, at Strange History to discover all the strange and weird stories embedded into our history. 
March 07, 2022
S2 EP7 - It's a Bird, It's a Plane ... It's Steph's Version
Happy Creepy Monday, lovely humans! We have some changes to announce. Emma will be taking a break from the podcast, as she has a lot on her plate, and needs time to focus on herself. Meaning, you are stuck with Steph muahahahahaha! Steph will be holding down the fort, and delivering one creepy story each week. In honour of Emma, Steph decided to cover the Falcon Lake UFO incident where bizarre and creepy meet.  Do you love everything related to history, and also obsess over the weird, creepy facts that lurk in the shadow? Well, if you said yes to both, we highly recommend you check out our friends Brad and Alyssa at Strange History. Brad and Alyssa cover the strange stories embedded in our history that makes us, us. Have a creepy story you want featured on the podcast? Send it to The podcast is growing! It is now on Podchaser, Goodpods and iHeart Radio. Keep showing Creepy Vibes Only some love by reviewing, rating, downloading and sharing!  See you next week! Byyeee!
February 28, 2022
S2 EP 6 - Icky Facts, a Pinch of Murder and a Dash of Hauntings
Bonjour Creepy Vibers!! Are you ready for a chaotic episode filled with tarantulas, icky facts, spooky places, musical debuts and re-enactments of the French Revolution? Neither were we, but here we are! This week, Emma tries her hand at delivering creepy facts and she sure did. Disclaimer: a snack break is highly recommended after her stories, because, why not? Steph keeps Emma's Choose Your Own Adventure game going with Corpsewood Manor. A story with a pinch of murder and a dash of haunting.  Do you love everything related to history, and also obsess over the weird, creepy facts that lurk in the shadows? Well, if you said yes to both, we highly recommend you check out our friends Brad and Alyssa at Strange History. Brad and Alyssa cover the strange stories embedded in our history that makes us, us.  Have a creepy story you want featured on the podcast? Send us an email at  We have the best listeners in the universe! Thank you for the 1000 plays! We want to keep going and growing so please like, subscribe, rate, or leave a review wherever you listen!
February 21, 2022
S2 EP5 - An East Coast Getaway and Emma’s New Friends
Hey Besties! This week, Steph takes us on a getaway to the maritimes to visit a haunted pub that has lived many, many lives. Next up, Emma runs through some more groups you probably shouldn’t hang out with… probably. Got a scoop for your girls? Shoot us a note at
February 14, 2022
S2 EP 4 - 101 Reasons Why Loup-Garous Are Introverts
Happy Creepy Monday!!! This week, Emma is back at it with her part 2 on cults. This time around she goes through some of the most notorious cults. In case you needed more examples on why cults are not so great. For round 2 of Emma's Choose Your Own Adventure, Steph dives into the French Canadian folklore of the loup-garou. By the way, if you hadn't noticed by now, Steph is super French.  Have a creepy story you want us to feature? Email us at  We love and appreciate your encouragement! Please keep reviewing, rating, downloading and sharing our podcast. Our listeners are the loveliest loup-garous in the whole universe. Podcast Promo: Want a podcast where it will feel like you are hanging out with friends? Give Essentially on the Rocks a try for whiskey, good times and good laughter. 
February 07, 2022
S2 EP 3 - A Mexican Island Getaway, and How to Make Friends and Influence People
Hello Hello Creepy Vibers!! Need ideas for your next travel destination post-pandemic? Steph found the island of your dreams! In this episode, Steph reviews Isla de las Muñecas aka Island of the dolls. It's great! Beautiful scenery, loads of haunted dolls, perfect vacation spot. Need some tips on how to make friends and influence people? Emma has the info for you! In the first part of her mini-series on cults, Emma goes through the warning signs to identify a cult and identify a person who is apart of a cult. Now that you have your weekly dose of creepy vibes, byeeeeeee! Have a creepy story you want us to feature? Email us at  We love your encouragement! Please keep rating, reviewing, downloading and sharing our podcast. Our listeners are the best!!  Check out our amazingly talented friends Essentially on the Rocks. It honestly feels like you're hanging out with friends. They're funny, witty, and talented.
February 06, 2022
S2 EP 2 - Alask-me About Surviving Zombies
HEY CREEPY VIBERS! WE HAVE A NEW LOGO! Thanks @backyarddesignsgoods !!! Check out our amazingly talented pals Essentially on the Rocks. It honestly feels like you’re hanging out with friends. They’re funny, witty, and talented. This week, Emma runs through her top-notch strategy for surviving a zombie apocalypse (unsurprisingly, it involves piggy backing off other people’s resources). Also unsurprisingly, we don’t think Steph would survive… Next, Steph tortures Emma with her least surprising (out of this world) topic as she explores the Alaskan Triangle.
January 24, 2022
S2 EP 1 - A Big Footed Boyeee and Hylian Horrors
Hayyy Besties! Time for Season 2!!! This week it’s time for the cryptid with the biggest shoe size, and a roster of the creepiest crawlies from Hyrule. Grab your binoculars and an ocarina (just in case you need to go back in time) and get ready to vibe!
January 17, 2022
EP 18 - A Danger in the Dominican and Emma’s Spooky Video Game Roundup
Hey Creepy Vibers! This week, Emma let’s Steph choose one of her favourite creepy video games to play (and be scared by). Emma gives Steph the skinny on each. Guess which one she chooses! After, Steph warns Emma about the Ciguapa, a dangerous monster of the Dominican. Make sure to avoid them during your next visit down south… Got a story for us? Let your besties know at
January 10, 2022
2021 Holiday Heebie Jeebies!
We're back, back, back at it, folks! After a series of ho-ho-holdups over the holidays, your besties are frighted and delighted to release the 2021 Holiday Heebie Jeebies! Grab your leftover festive snackeroos and get ready to vibe! xoxo Steph and Emma aka Steve and Erasmus
January 03, 2022
EP17 - Haunted House Hunters
It’s Haunted Night in Canada! … or wherever you happen to be. This week, Steph kicks things off with the haunted Craigdarroch Castle. Truly the perfect venue for a wedding (but you may end up with some unexpected ghostie guests). Next, Emma takes things international and breaks down some haunted locations for your next trip abroad!
December 13, 2021
EP16 - Our Pal Rob and Some Scottish Beasties
HULLO THERE YE WEE BAIRNS! This week, Emma combs the highlands, lowlands, and badlands to break down some of Scotland’s most famous monsters. Afterwards, Steph trepidatiously regales Emma with the story of Robert the Doll (who doesn’t like it if he’s disrespected—we all know how Emma is about these things… yikes)! Got a spooky story to share? Hit up your gal pals at 💀👻🎃
December 07, 2021
Keyboard Campfire 3: Chaos-fire Burnin on the Dancefloor
GRAB YOUR FLANNEL AND SOME HOT COCO BECAUSE IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN! You guessed it - keyboard campfire! This time the campfire is extra toasty and chaotic. Just how we like it. Got a spooky story to share? Hit up your gal pals at 💀👻🎃
November 29, 2021
EP15 - Emma’s German Buddies and Dover’s Definitely Real Demon
What up besties? Emma thinks she’s Ranker (TM) so she’s decided to do yet another list segment. This week it’s on some creepy creepers from good old Germanic Folklore. Is anyone surprised she managed to somehow stress out Steph by including cannibalism (again)? Next, Steph regales us with the mystery of the Dover Demon. Emma definitely doesn’t think it’s a hoax. Nope. Not. One. Bit. Got a spooky story to share? Hit up your gal pals at 💀👻🪦
November 22, 2021
EP14 - Spooky Salem and a Man Named Shue
Heyyyy Creepy Vibers! This week, Steph kicks things off by telling us about Zona. A fantastic gal with messages from beyond the grave. Next, Emma relays some info on one of the (many) haunted spots in Salem, Massachusetts. Grab your blanket and listen in on the horror of Proctor’s Ledge. Got a spooky story to share? Hit up your gal pals at 💀👻🪦
November 15, 2021
EP13 - We Ain't Afraid of No Ghost
Hey Creepy Crawlers! Grab a bedsheet, make some eye-holes, and rattle some chains because we’ve got a ghost “boo”galoo ready for you! First, Emma fires off different kinds of spooks and spectres. Did you know poltergeists are her fave? After, Steph relays her love of PEI’s famous flaming ghost ship. And also her deep love of sailing and different types of boats. She’s all about nautical nonsense. Really. We swear. Got a spooky story to share? Hit up your gal pals at 💀👻🎃
November 08, 2021
EP12-Slendy Part 2 and a Cursed Boogaloo
SLENDY RETURNS FOR ROUND 2! This week, Steph continues our education on Slendy-nation. She recounts the harrowing Slender Man stabbing to Emma, who notes that murder is just too much work. After recovering, Emma takes it upon herself to curse us all! Yay. It’s a rapid fire breakdown of cursed objects from around the world. Also, apparently Steph hasn’t seen Titanic, so feel free to DM Emma as new BFF applications are suddenly open! (Resume and 3 references needed). Got a spooky story to share? Hit up your gal pals at 💀👻🎃
November 01, 2021
Heavy Breathing Halloween!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN, CREEPY VIBERS! Grab some candy, put on those devil horns/a bedsheet/ a sign that says “go ceilings!” (get it?)/ etc and join us for a special episode! This week, Lewis joins us again to complain while we share a lovely variety of urban legends and creepy pastas! Emma’s reminded why you don’t ask women to remove their ribbons, and Steph learns the importance of not ignoring spider bites (we’re looking at you, Peter Parker). Got a spooky story to share? Hit up your gal pals at 💀👻🎃
October 31, 2021
EP11 - What’s in your head (in your head), Slendy? 🧟‍♀️🎶
Heyyyyy creepy crew! Feeling a little sluggish lately? A little bit… zombie-ish? Grab some brains and tuck in while Emma breaks down the historical origins of zombies and some IRL zombie-esque incidents! Afterwards it’s the first half of the man, the myth, the ultimate creepy pasta legend SLENDER MAN. This one is a BIG BOYE so Steph’s going to break down the legend of Slender Man over two parts. Got a spooky story to share? Hit up your gal pals at 💀👻🎃
October 18, 2021
EP10 - The Perfect Kids to Take on a Perfect Hike
IT’S SPOOKY SZNNNNNN! This week, Steph describes the perfect trick or treaters to show up at your home this Halloween - the Black Eyed Kids. We know what you’re thinking, and no, this isn’t Fergie’s new children’s clothing line. After, bust out your parka and boots because it’s time for the mysterious incident of the Dyatlov Pass (aka reason 87 why Emma isn’t a fan of the outdoors). Got a spooky story to share? Hit up your gal pals at 💀👻🎃
October 04, 2021
EP 09 - Estherfest and the Only Place Worse than Fyre Island
HEY CREEPY VIBERS! Do you love pickles and the east coast? If so, Steph's story this week about a girl named Esther is right up your alley! But before that, come plan your stay on sunny Roanoke Island as Emma walks you through its mundane history where nothing very bad happened... ever. Remember to like and subscribe! (lol) Send any listener stories (or just come say hi to us) at xoxo Gossip (stone) girls
September 20, 2021
EP 08 - The One with Water Babies, Cursed Cinema... and Lewis
Hey Creepy Vibers! This week, Steph reminds us to swim with a buddy as she introduces Emma to the Indigenous North American folklore, the Water Babies. Next, Lewis has a tantrum while Emma breaks down some allegedly cursed Movies (and one TV show) that are said to have caused calamity on set and death of the cast and crew. If you have stories you want featured on the show, send them to ! 
September 06, 2021
EP07 - Excuse me, Jack. Can I axe you something?
Happy Creepy Monday, Vibers! This week, boil those noodles and eat up the Eyeless Jack creepy pasta, served hot and fresh by Steph! Afterwards, Emma gets into the nitty-gritty of the still unsolved Villisca Axe Murders. Yikes. Get ready to vibe!
August 23, 2021
EP06 - The Tales of the Flying Torso and the Killing Giggles
Hey Creepy Vibers! This week, Emma teaches Steph about the shape-shifter, danger-maker Aswang from Filipino folklore. Turns out, Steph doesn't love things that eat people, who knew? Afterwards, Steph introduces us to the demon Mahaha the Tickler from traditional Inuit folklore. Don't let the laughter fool you - they're no joke! Get ready to vibe!
August 09, 2021
Keyboard Campfire 2: Spooky Steph Surprise!
Hey besties! Here's a bonus episode - on the (haunted) house! This round, Steph spins some super spooky stories and even uses one to predict Emma's afterlife. Grab a cup of hot cocoa, and come sit by the campfire!
August 04, 2021
EP05 - Sisterhood of the Screamers
Get ready to SCREAM, Vibers! This week, both Steph and Emma regale each other with tails of traditional female spirits. Steph screams into the first story with the legend of the Banshee, and her musing of family members into the afterlife. Next, Emma manages to finally get drowning prevention into the podcast with the Latin American folklore of La Llorona.  Get ready to vibe!
July 26, 2021
EP04 - Haunted Dolls and Fancy Halls
We're baaaaaaaaaaack! This week, Emma introduces Steph to her new pal, Annabelle. Steph isn't a fan. Afterwards, Steph takes us to scenic Banff, Alberta. As we tour the famous Fairmont Banff Springs, all isn't quite as mundane as the hotel staff would have you believe... Get ready to vibe, and keep it creepy!
July 12, 2021
Keyboard Campfire Volume 1: From Sleepy to Creepy
Hey Creepy Vibers! We're baaaaaaaaaack!  This week, you're in for a special treat. Grab your favourite buffalo plaid shirt, a smore, a drink, and get comfortable by the first Keyboard Campfire. Emma shares a batch of creepy stories from across Reddit for Steph to rank on a scale of "Sleepy" to "Creepy."  Related: Go home if someone throws rocks at you while you're camping. Come say hi to your new besties at @CreepyVibesOnlyPodcast
June 14, 2021
EP03 - Are you there Hat Man? It’s us, the demons.
Go grab your Luigi board, it's time to summon 2020!  This week, Steph talks about the Hat Man, climbing in your windows, driving your car, and making smoothies in your kitchen. Oh, and also attacking you. Afterwards, Emma accidentally summons a demon while breaking down demonic possessions.  Buckle up, because it's time to get creepy and vibe! cw: suicidal idealization in the context of demonic possessions  Come say hi to your new besties at @CreepyVibesOnlyPodcast
May 31, 2021
EP 02 - Round Pound and My Cannibal Romance
We're baaaaaaaaack! This week, Emma takes a bite out of an infamous clan of cannibals from bonney old Scotland, and Steph talks about the mysterious sights of Shag Harbour! Buckle up and get ready to keep it creepy, and vibe on! Come say hi to your new besties at @CreepyVibesOnlyPodcast 
May 17, 2021
EP 01 - Spooky Beginnings
Episode 1 of Creepy Vibes Only is finally here! Lock your doors, check under the bed and turn on all the lights! Steph talks about the haunting of Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario as well as her one of her creepiest paranormal experiences. Meanwhile Emma successfully convinces Steph to never go hiking with the folklore of the Wendigo. If you like the episode, please rate and subscribe to our podcast! You can find your two new best friends on social media @CreepyVibesOnlyPodcast. Thank you for listening and we look forward to vibing with you in two weeks! 
May 02, 2021
Welcome to Creepy Vibes Only Podcast. A comedy podcast where your hosts and soon-to-be bestfriends Emma and Steph talk about creepy stories. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @CreepyVibesOnlyPodcast for news on episodes release and all kinds of fun content! You can also send us an email at Episodes will be published biweekly on Mondays to make your Mondays even creepier!
February 19, 2021