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The CREmarketing Call

The CREmarketing Call

By Sarah Malcolm, Linda Day Harrison and Josh Lyons
The CREmarketing call brings together the commercial real estate marketing community to learn, share and network. Hosted by Sarah Malcolm, Linda Day Harrison and Josh Lyons. Join us live every last Tuesday of each month at 2pm EST or subscribe to our podcast!
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CREMarketing - The ROI of Social Media featuring Carrie Bobb
Thank you so much to Carrie Bobb of HelloJenny for making a remarkable appearance and contribution to our March call about The ROI of Social Media. The takeaways included tracking your activity and balancing your social media posts so you have revenue-generating content and non-revenue generating content. This is a #CREMarketing call you will not want to miss. The February CREmarketing LIVE Podcast was moderated by Sarah Malcolm, and co-founder Linda Day Harrison. Joshua Lyons was out of town this month and was missed! We had an incredible group of attendees and their questions really added an important contribution to our podcast. Thank you all for the Q&A. Join us live on future episodes of #CREMarketing Call. We meet the last Tuesday of each month at 2:00 pm EST.
March 07, 2022
CREMarketing Podcast - Everything About Google My Business Page
A fabulous kick-off to the new year of marketing in 2022! The January CREmarketing LIVE Podcast was moderated by Sarah Malcolm, and co-founders, Joshua Lyons and Linda Day Harrison. Jam-packed with tidbits and reminders about the importance of your Google My Business page. As Joshua says, when people do a search you want to be there in the local search pack. So it is vital you have a way for people to find you. Listen up to this podcast and be sure to help yourself to a FREE Google My Business listing today! Commercial real estate professionals are very geographically driven so it is super important to claim your physical location, plus your expertise when people search!
January 29, 2022
CREMarketing - Open Mic 2021 CRE Marketing Review
The November CREmarketing LIVE Podcast was moderated by Sarah Malcolm, and co-founders, Joshua Lyons and Linda Day Harrison. Sarah did a great job leading our call and getting everybody engaged! We discussed all of the highlights of 2021 and a few predictions and tips for 2022.
December 03, 2021
The Courageous Ones - Pushing Boundaries in Marketing
Sarah Malcolm at Quiet Valor, hosted this amazing episode along with Katie Sershon, JLL, and Jeremy Bergstein, The Science Project. We know you will enjoy this lively and insightful conversation with some of the best in today's marketing industry.
October 28, 2021
The Courageous Ones Pushing Boundaries in Marketing - #CREMarketing
Listen to this very special CREMarketing two-part series! “The Courageous Ones” Pushing Boundaries in Marketing Part 1 Podcast on Sept 28th at 2pm ET. Sarah Malcolm at Quiet Valor, hosted this amazing episode and we are thrilled to have had Erin Paas, Marketing Director, Investor Services and Brokerage at JLL and Rashawn Jackson, Marketing Director, North America at essensys join us!
October 06, 2021
#CREMarketing - 7 Tips for Getting More Website Leads
The August CREmarketing LIVE Podcast was moderated by Joshua Lyons, along with co-founders, Sarah Malcolm and Linda Day Harrison. Joshua Lyons put together an amazing and informative presentation about How to Get More Leads on your website. Joshua walked us through the 7 tips and explained how each tip worked as an effective way to improve your lead generation process. Huge thanks to Joshua Lyons for putting it together! We thank Joshua for his always generous way of helping others with his marketing knowledge and expertise. As part of our recap, here is the link to our podcast and our chat log. Thanks to those who enjoyed chatting during the presentation. We love to see everyone engaged! Please note, we also provide the links on our Meetup page for each past event in the comments of each event, on our Meetup page. We truly appreciate all of your support in joining our calls each month and telling your friends about us!
September 20, 2021
#CREMarketing Call - How to Get More Leads Through Effective Storytelling
The June CREmarketing LIVE Podcast was moderated by Sarah Malcolm, along with co-founders, Joshua Lyons and Linda Day Harrison. Joshua Lyons put together an amazing and informative presentation about How to Get More Leads Through Effective Storytelling. Joshua walked us through the steps and explained how each step worked as an entire story. It is very thought-provoking and should be considered as a foundation in your marketing efforts. Huge thanks to Joshua Lyons for putting it together! We thank Joshua for his always generous way of helping others with his marketing knowledge and expertise.
July 06, 2021
CREMarketing The Ultimate CRE Influencer Mash-up
When we say this is a mash-up we truly mean it. From the OG's to the newbies of social, listen to some of the more prolific commercial real estate social media mavens around. The panel includes Ken Ashley, Natalie Wainwright, Casey Flannery, Conrad Madsen, Barbi Reuter, and Allen Buchanan. Moderator is always amazing, Sarah Malcolm along with cohosts Joshua Lyons and Linda Day Harrison. This is an intimate conversation about what it takes to be a CRE Influencer from some of the best. It is also a chance to hear from Ken Ashley himself on what you can expect from the CREi Summit planned to bring the community together in real life in Lake Tahoe, Oct 7 -8. If you use social media and if you are in commercial real estate, give this podcast a listen. It will not disappoint! For those already registered for the CREi Summit, see you soon. For those who have not yet registered, do it NOW. The early bird pricing ends this week (May 28 at midnight). We want to meet as many of you as possible. Sign up here.
May 27, 2021
CREMarketing - What to Know about Publishing a Book
This month's CREmarketing LIVE Podcast was hosted by Joshua Lyons with the leading authors in commercial real estate today! Joshua was joined by Rod Santomassimo, author of several commercial real estate books and the most recent, Knowing Isn't Doing, Melissa Swader, author of One Yellow Brick, and Sarah Malcolm, co-author of Me, Myself and My Brand. Listen to learn the fundamentals of writing a book, BEFORE you embark on your journey. These authors have a variety of experiences and so many different methods used. It is a great way to understand that writing a book is not as easy as it appears to be.
April 28, 2021
Why Your Reputation is Everything in Commercial Real Estate (Clutch)
This month our hosts were DJ Fajana and Miller Douglas of Clutch. DJ is the Business Development Manager at Clutch and has been with Clutch for 4 years. DJ helps to onboard commercial real estate firms on Clutch. Linkedin: Miller Douglas is the Senior Growth Operations Analyst and Miller has been with Clutch 2.6 years. Miller helps in the bizdev/partnership development efforts at Clutch. This month's call we delved into the topic of online testimonials and how important those can be to the bottom line of a company. The commercial real estate industry, along with other professional service industries, lag in embracing the power online reviews and testimonials can make to acquiring new business. DJ and Miller guided us on a talk about how to optimize your use of testimonials and reviews to help you close more deals. Clutch has recently partnered with theBrokerList as one of the largest commercial real estate broker communities online today. The goal of theBrokerList is to help its members maximize both platforms to exploit every possible review to enhance their bottom line. Download the workbook here.
March 30, 2021
Why Representation Matters In Marketing
What a fabulous call we had on the topic of "Why Representation Matters in Marketing". We discussed why it must start at the top, what happens if you don’t have a diverse perspective in your creative process, how can CRE change its perception and much more. Rashawn Jackson did an incredible job of leading this intimate discussion with Tiffany R. Griffin and Osayamen (Asemota) Bartholomew. Sarah Malcolm had planned this most important call of 2021 and one that we all needed to participate in. She knocked it out of the park! Highlights: How do you represent everybody in marketing. What is tokenization? How can you help make a difference? Authenticity is key. It always starts with leadership. Join us for our next #CREMarketing live recorded Podcast, March 30 2021 2 pm EST! Register here.
February 23, 2021
#CREMarketing Call - What is Clubhouse and Should I Join?
This month our hosts were Kyle Inserra and Eddie Gonzalez, both powerhouse social media icons in commercial real estate. Moderated by Sarah Malcolm, the topic was all about the Clubhouse App. This app is taking the commercial real estate industry by storm. Everybody is jumping in to use it and the mere thought of getting in has people in a panic mode! So what is it and should you care? Well, this podcast aims to answer all of your burning questions! The jury is out, but for podcasters and folks like #CREChat, it is an absolute natural transition! Join this call and hear from the very early adopters, Kyle Inserra and Eddie Gonzalez as they lead this lively call in front of our always impressive audience. Questions we answered: What is the Clubhouse App? How do you use it? How long have you been using the platform? What makes this platform different from the others? Who do you follow?
February 22, 2021
CREmarketing Cheap or Free Tools
Hosted by Joshua Lyons and Thomas Bible. As the founder of an affordable commercial real estate platform, RealtyZapp, and practitioner in the marketing realm, Thomas identifies powerful and frugal online tools for mapping, video editing and graphics. According to Thomas, these are tools that every #CRE professional should be aware of.
January 07, 2021
CREmarketing Website Strategies
Hosted by Joshua Lyons, Ben Avelonne and Hailey Neu. These pros talk about the must-have components to make a great website. From the hosting service to the features of what makes your online presence work. The panel is led by Joshua Lyons of  Joshua Lyons Marketing and Joshua knows a thing or two about websites as he is a leader himself in website SEO and design.
January 07, 2021
Unlock the Power of Your #CRE Contacts with Email Marketing
Hosted by Joshua Lyons. Eric Taylor leads us through the thought process of directing our messages to the right customers and how to develop best practices with our email lists. Eric is an email whisperer and his title is Email Marketing Evangelist for BlueTent. You will pick up some great tips and pointers to help you improve the management of your email lists and maximizing the effectiveness of your email messaging process.
January 07, 2021
CRE on TikTok- Business or Guilty Pleasure?
TikTok is taking over the world of short-form mobile content. If you have spent any time on the platform you know it’s a never-ending rabbit hole of entertainment. But recently we have seen #commercial #realestate, early adopters, jumping on the TikTok train. Is there a place for business on this platform or is it a place to find out just how #savage you really are? Join our host Sarah Malcolm and some true CRE influencers,  Eddie Gonzalez, Blake Haggett, Kyle Inserra, and Bucky Beeman as we chat with these legit #socialmedia experts on how they are using this platform and making a name for themselves on TikTok. And of course, asking the BIG question. Business or guilty pleasure?
December 24, 2020
2020 Foresight: What We Learned in 2020 What's Coming in 2021?
Join Sarah as she moderates a truly star-studded panel of commercial real estate marketing professionals, including James Milner, Debra Hazel, and Diana Perry. The final #CREMarketing call of 2020 focuses on how this year, like no other, changed our marketing approach and what we can learn going into 2021. You won't want to miss this one! 
December 24, 2020