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Crepeau Mourges

Crepeau Mourges

By Brian J. Crepeau
Crepeau Mourges, a veteran-owned law firm, provides legal solutions to resolve your tax and business needs.

In this podcast we will cover these topics:
- State Tax Audits
- Employment Litigation
- Property Tax Assessments
- Tax Collections
- Internal Investigations
- Tax Litigation
- IRS Tax Audits
- Tax Audits
- Criminal Tax
- Tax Collections
- FINRA Arbitration
- Business Law
and more..

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Tax Collection Alternatives
In this podcast, Crepeau Mourges goes over "Tax Collection Alternatives". Oftentimes, the tax notices and collections are so overwhelming that a taxpayer does not know where to begin to solve the problems. If you are dealing with a situation like this, Crepeau Mourges can quickly identify the issues, work to cease collection activity and get you on the path to success. For more information please visit us today:
April 20, 2022
Hiring An Attorney For An IRS Audit - Crepeau Mourges
In this podcast, Crepeau Mourges goes over Hiring an attorney for an IRS Audit. Crepeau Mourges routinely represents individuals and businesses in field audits and will work to achieve the best result possible in light of the gravity of the situation.
April 01, 2022
IRS Consequences For Non-Filers
In this podcast, Crepeau Mourges goes over "IRS Consequences for non-filers." Over time and with advances in technology, the Internal Revenue Service has become increasingly adept at selecting potentially erroneous returns with specifically identified problems. For more information Call our IRS tax audit lawyer in Hanover, MD today!
March 08, 2022
Offshore Assets and Tax Law - Creapeau Morgues
In this podcast, Creapeau Morgues goes over Offshore Assets and Tax Law. At the Law Offices of Creapeau Morgues, we can guide you through the tax law process. Not only do we understand what you are up against, but we also know what steps are necessary to bring your situation to the most favorable outcome. For more information, please visit us today:
February 18, 2022
Cryptocurrency and Tax Law - Creapeau Morgues
In this Podcast Creapeau Morgues goes over cryptocurrency and tax law. Creapeau Morgues focuses on legal matters involving complex tax and business issues facing individuals, estates, and businesses.  For more information please go to:
February 15, 2022