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CREWcial Conversations

By CREWcial Conversations
Looking for that sweet spot between cutting up and staying “woke”? Get witty, unconventional takes from four friends, almost straight out the group chat. With topics ranging from sex and relationships to pop culture, business and social issues, Join the crew: Nia, Dionne, Kay and Joy for your weekly fix of the rowdy and refined.

Along with hot topics and a dope vibe, CREWcial Conversations also breaks down important issues that mainstream media often ignores.
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The Legacy of Kevin Samuels- S2, Episode 16
Listen in as the ladies discuss the untimely death of Kevin Samuels & a sidebar discussion about Ari Fletcher's parenting choices. #kevinsamuels #modernwomen #arifletcher
May 12, 2022
Faking Orgasms- Season 2, Episode 15
By now you've seen the interview with DJ Envy & his wife Gia. Everyone has something to say about her faking orgasms & we did too. Tune in as we discuss faking orgasms & a few wants of women. #djenvy #giacasey #fakingorgasm #sextalk #relationship
April 28, 2022
Till Death Do Us Part: The Christian "Toby" Obumseli Discussion- Season 2, Episode 14
The ladies take their group chat to IG Live discussing the death of Christian Obumseli. Self-defense or a homicide? Do we still support a man who at a period of his life held no regard for black women? The conversation shifts to talk about Cam Newton's differentiation of a "bad bitch" and women. #christianobumseli #camnewton # badbitch
April 14, 2022
The Buck Stops Here: Breaking Generational Curses- Season 2, Episode 13
Tune in as the ladies discuss generational curses the culture needs to break away from. Leave a comment with any you've broken, or feel should be added to the list. In this week's Food for Thought (F4T), Kay discusses the benefits of remote work for employees and employers and the possible reasons why some employers want to end remote work after 2 years of success.
March 31, 2022
Let's Get In Formation: Women Supporting Women Feat. Kyndra- Season 2, Episode 12
Tune in as the Crew discuss sisterhood & all things in between with ATL Comedian, Kyndra Crump. In this week's Food for Thought (F4T), Kay discusses the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the war for public opinion, especially with people of color given Ukraine's neo-nazi presence and Russia's history of exploiting racial tensions.
March 17, 2022
The Dos & Don'ts of Getting Over a Breakup- S2, Episode 11
Listen in as the ladies discuss the dos & don'ts following a breakup. In this week's Food for Thought ( F4T), Kay discusses the potential reasons why young men and boys have been statistically falling behind in many areas to include education, employment, health.
March 03, 2022
Take It To Da House: Real Estate Tips for Homebuyers-Feat. Joy A.-Season 2, Episode 10
This week the ladies provide tips for home ownership with licensed DMV Realtor, Joy A. Johnson. Listen is as they discuss: - Choosing a realtor (8:20) - The current housing market (16:33) - Why rent? (21:51) - Loan programs (25:00) - New build vs. Resale Homes (35:16) - Loan vs. Deed (49:33) - Advise for buyers & sellers (1:03:20) Guest Information: Joy A. Johnson IG: @Joy.A.Johnson Website: In this week’s Food for Thought, Kay discusses the lack of diversity in judgeships in the Federal court system throughout American history amidst the upcoming nomination of the first black woman Supreme Court Justice.
February 17, 2022
Leave It In 2021: Men's Bad Habits & Trends- Season 2, Episode 9
Last episode, we heard @matchmyeffort list of bad habits & trends women should leave in 2021. Now it's our turn to return the favor & list things we feel men should leave in last year. The list goes a little something like this: 1. Give #KevinSamuels his thoughts back (1:10) 2. The phrase #modernwomen (1:50) 3. Be upfront about your expectations when dating (3:30) 4. Stop faking like you are high value (4:36) 5. This is not a competition (6:20) 6. Patchy & painted beards are a no go (7:51) 7. #LegDayMatters (10:58) 8. Skinny Jean Feens (12:45) 9. Why so bitter? (16:31) 10. STOP DEGRADING BLACK WOMEN!! (18:10) In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses how mass incarceration is a big business enriching U.S. companies. (22:09)
February 03, 2022
Leave It In 2021: Women's Bad Beauty Habits & Trends Feat. David- Season 2, Episode 8
On this episode, the ladies brought their friend David @matchmyeffort, to discuss 10 things he feels women should leave in 2021. Listen in as they discuss: 1. Eyelashes 2. Unkept Wigs & Weaves 3. Excessive Makeup 4. Nails 5. Rainbow Colored Hair 6. Tattoos above the neckline 7. Oldly Shaped Eyebrows 8. Unhealthy Fitness Habits 9. Excessive Body/Face Enhancement 10. Entitled Mindsets In this week's Food for Thought,  Kay discusses how states have criminalized common teenaged behavior where seemingly minor violations push kids, especially black and brown kids, into the school to prison pipeline.  Criminalizing adolescent behavior burdens not only kids but their families as well.
January 20, 2022
How A Man's Relationship With His Mom Impacts His Relationships- Season 2, Episode 7
Tune in as the ladies provide a woman's perspective of the infamous "momma's boys". In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses the importance of voting in local elections, why controlling the House of Representatives in 2022 is critically important, and the underhanded right-wing strategy to steal the presidency in 2024.
January 06, 2022
Red Flags: Things to Avoid in Relationships, Friendships & the Workplace- Season 2, Episode 6
This week The ladies discuss friendship (1:13), relationship (14:21), & workplace red flags (52:34). Listen in as the ladies discuss their reasons for ignoring the previously mentioned flags (1:05:13). In this week's Food for Thought,  Kay gives a brief overview of the causes of inflation to include the pandemic and oil executive greed.(1:10:54)
December 23, 2021
Put A Ring On It: Giving Married Benefits While Dating- Season 2, Episode 5
What's the delineation of boyfriend vs husband benefits? Listen in as the ladies give there perspective on: - defining husband benefits (2:00) - recognizing false representation (16:41) - why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? (33:01) - who wants to grow old alone? (36:06) - marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage right? (39:01) - what's the benefits of getting married? (43:45) In this week's Food for Thought,  Kay runs down the data and statistics that show how most mass shooting perpetrators also have a history of domestic violence. (57:07)
December 09, 2021
Modern Women: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly feat. Frody- Season 2, Episode 4
Join the ladies & guest, Frody of Outta Box Podcast as they discuss modern women: the good, the bad, and the ugly. - defining the modern woman (4:21) - modern women don't need a man for?...(8:56) - traditional vs. modern (16:25) - wanted vs. being needed (39:41) - Effects of parents (47:06) - we need a resolution (59:32) - toxic person or just toxic behavior? (1:07:08) - Men, raise your standards (1:13:54) In this week's Food for Thought,  Kay provides the data and statistics that show how most mass shooting perpetrators also have a history of domestic violence and how we can reduce mass murders by viewing and treating domestic abusers as threats to the community as well as their partners (1:19:27).
November 25, 2021
Why Do Women Let Nice Guys Finish Last? - Season 2, Episode 3
Do nice guys really finish last? We discuss in this week's episode. Join us as we go over why women may overlook the nice guy: - Swagless (1:31) - Not assertive (5:44) - Fail to lead (8:26) - Not known to be protectors(10:18) - Good ole Russell Wilson (15:04) Of course we give our own preferences (16:48). - Choosing pre-selected men (20:54) - Redefining "womanizer (21:29) - Call/text limits (29:49) - Keep us on our toes (33:39) What's so good about bad boys (36:31)? As we mature so does our preferences (38:43). Can discuss the love for bad boys without bringing up Ciara & Jada (41:52). We end the conversation with advice for the "nice guy" (44:38). In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses how race is a factor in how much investment is made to improve the living conditions and resources of communities and explores theories as to why these investments aren't made in black communities regardless of income level (51:57).  
November 11, 2021
What Wins the Race on Aging Gracefully: Lifestyle vs Gender feat. Beny Blaq- Season 2, Episode 2
They say men age like fine wine and women age like spoiled milk. Join in on this discussion as we break down the role gender & lifestyle play in the aging process. - Men are allowed to age (6:03) - Do men age more gracefully? (9:57) - Beard gang for the win (no relevance but so CREWcial) (15:09) - Why women age faster...(17:39) - but live longer (22:24) - Tips to aging gracefully (29:37) - Redefining "old" (46:01) - What's the Crew's preference..older or younger? (54:56) - The Crew's fitness motivation (59:33) - Better health= better sex life (1:05:09) In this week's Food for Thought (F4T), Kay provides the data and discusses the decline in black marriages and the family structure over the past 60 years and the explores several theories as to why (1:06:47).
October 28, 2021
It's Our Podversary: A Year of Crewcial Conversations Feat. Beny Blaq- Episode 1
This episode is so CREWcial. Join the ladies as they celebrate their year podversary! Hear the highs & lows, episode recaps & how they turned their pandemic zoom calls to a platform providing relatable content & good entertainment!! Thanks to everyone for rockin' with us! The best is yet to come.
October 14, 2021
#RELATIONSHIPGOALS v.s. Goals for Relationships- Episode 31
This episode The CREW talk the difference between setting relationship goals & hashtagging #relationshipgoals! Listen in as the ladies discuss: - their childhood relationship goals (3:41) - the effects of trying to emulate couples (11:11) - Joy gives insight on her views of U.S relationships (15:30) - are #relationshipgoals problematic? (17:40) - current date couple goals (21:50) - goals set for your relationship (36:20) - nothing wrong with a little sex ed training 😉 (39:52) -are you able to be friends after a relationship ends? (47:20) -DON'T SETTLE (57:52) In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses the growing  opiod addiction crisis in the black and brown community, the root causes of addiction, and how pharmaceutical companies are solely responsible for the opioid epidemic (1:00:15).
September 30, 2021
Relationship Status: The Effects of Social Media- Episode 30
This episode had the ladies somewhat divided on their views of the effects of social media. Listen is as they discuss Social media's influence on relationships (3:31) Scroll addiction (10:34) Say no if you're insecure (13:04) Faux "relationship goals" (15:29) Be present in the moment (20:25) Excessive partner posts (22:31) Would you unfollow for love? (27:19) Snooping (32:21) SM love letters (36:15) Side chick superpower (38:06) When is it ok to post your new boo? (40:20) Don't post your personal biz (44:41) To follow or not to follow an ex (46:02) Joint SM accounts??(52:50) In this week's Food for Thought (F4T), Kay talks about how the Internet is rewiring our brains as it promotes multitasking and cursory reading which affects our ability to focus and think linearly (55:31).
September 16, 2021
Spending Bands for Likes and Fans: Consumerism & Materialism- Episode 29
Money talks but sometimes it talks its way right out of our hands. Listen in as the ladies discuss two terms that seem to go hand in hand, consumerism & materialism. (4:30) What makes a person materialistic? (18:09) Fake it til you make it (23:35) Black buying power/support minority businesses (29:09) Haves & the have nots (32:01) Prioritize your needs & your wants (35:46) The power of marketing (45:34) Are women the cause of men's frivolous purchases? (47:16) Let me upgrade you (50:38) Looking good on a budget (54:09) Designer talk In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses why knowing history matters and uses the American occupation of Afghanistan as a prime example giving a historical account of the Soviet invasion, the emergence of the Taliban,  and America's foreign policy in Afghanistan. (59:27) "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it" - George Santayana
September 02, 2021
Keep That Same Energy: Life's Sexual Double Standards feat. Torae- Episode 28
The Crew invited a +1 to take a deeper dive into this week's CREWcial Conversation on gender/sexual double standards that plague our society. Joining us for this episode is the one & only Torae "The Tor Guide" to share his perspective & to shed light on a few societal standards we need to rectify. Listen is as we discuss: (1:40) Multiple baby mothers vs fathers (8:42) Men get Sexual Abused,Assaulted, & Harrassed too (26:12) Dear Judge, Women Ain't Always Right (35:06) Domestic Disputes (42:10) Polygamy & Polyamory (53:12) Cheating Forgiveness (1:04:08) "He's Emotional"...& that's ok (1:06:57) Gender Neutral Toys, Attire, Pronouns (1:12:15) BBW (1:21:30) Boss Women (1:28:22) Gender Wars (1:32:44) In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses how the pandemic caused learning loss and widened the education achievement gap for children after over a year of virtual learning and a history of underfunded schools in vulnerable communities.
August 19, 2021
He's a Classic Man: Women's Preferences in Men's Style- Episode 27
Join the Crew's discussion on male fashion trends. The ladies are in rare form as they debate on: Power Suits vs Easter Suits (4:55) Male hairstyles (6:02) Jean cut (10:00) Shoe game (16:54) Murses/Male bags (17:50) Bargain shoppers (19:33) Male fashionistas (24:37) Collegiate looks (30:41) Body hair or nawh? (32:51) Short men pressures (33:53) How to address a bad fit (37:02) Furs (42:45) #Beardgang (44:20) Piercings (48:22) In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses unemployment, work conditions, and why we have a current labor shortage (50:33).
August 05, 2021
Let's Unlock Girl Code- Episode 26
Tune in as The Crew unlocks girl code. Hear the different perspectives on the following codes: (1:42) If I ever dated him, he's off limits. (6:10) Friend informants (7:54) Keep that shit anonymous (11:20) Support the relationship regardless of your thoughts (12:19) Friends shouldn't have to compete with your man (13:12) Secrets have no expiration date (14:48) Keep it 💯 (17:02) Sibling boundaries (19:26) Loose lips sink ships (26:49)If I don't like her...we don't like her (30:51)Platonic friendships with your ex (38:41) Violations (39:57) Is girl code extinct? In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses the Supreme Court's assault on our voting rights and our democracy with their recent rulings to uphold voter restriction laws in Arizona and paving the way for the rich to buy elections in secret (45:06).
July 22, 2021
Dear Bitter Man, Why You So Mad?- Episode 25
Listen in to this Crewcial Conversation regarding the epidemic of bitter men. The ladies give tell tell signs of a bitter man (0:55). Who is to blame & the ring leader (10:02)? Men, our equality is not your oppression (13:12). Is there a cure for bitteritis (20:06)? If we are discussing bitter, we must discuss Kevin Samuels (23:02). What are the long-term affects of bitter men for our community (26:04)? Can you be bitter & an alpha male (27:07)? In this week's Food for Thought, Kay defines Critical Race Theory and describes the controversy around it (32:50).
July 08, 2021
"That's Just the Homie": Cross-Sex Friendships While in a Relationship- Episode 24
This week The Crew talk whether or not cross-sex relationships are realistic without crossing boundaries. Does attractiveness matter (3:13)? Is it more challenging for men to have friends of the opposite sex (7:09)? Let's not be hypocrits & have double standards (9:05). Your friends are my friends (14:55)! Sleepover anyone (23:23)? Would you end your friendship at your partners request (29:04)? Can you be friends with someone you've been intimate with (32:54)? NO NEW FRIENDS (38:54)! Friends that want to be more than friends (40:27). In this week's Food for Thought,  Kay discusses the debate on reparations for American slavery and gives examples of other instances where America paid reparations for other atrocities (44:53).
June 24, 2021
Double Standards- Is It a Dating Preference or is it Discrimination?- Episode 23
That's your "type" or your unconscious bias? The Crew shares a few of there preferences and discuss ✔women's love for dark skinned men (7:42) ✔weight requirements (11:50) ✔preference double standards (13:28) ✔height requirements (18:43) ✔opposites attract (26:43) ✔pretty brown eyes (33:30) ✔light skinned stereotypes (42:10) ✔unrealistic expectations (44:44) In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses the history of black hair discrimination, how hair discrimination is a form of racial discrimination,  and the Crown Act which would protect afros and protective styles in the workplace and public schools (54:52).
June 10, 2021
The Importance of Fathers feat. Author Mario Reyes- Episode 22
This week's episode is so important as society seems to have lost sight of the importance of our men & their role as fathers. Get to know our guest, Mario Reyes aka Papi Picasso who is known for being a dope poet and an author based out of the ATL (2:09). In our discussion we touched on the following topics: - Accountability (4:27) - Minority men vs. "The System" (13:49) - Male trauma & lack of support agencies (17:34) - Shift in our culture (20:09) - When if ever a father should be kept from his child (22:28) - Coparenting (25:27) - Lessons a father is better equipped to teach (31:50) - Advice for single moms with sons (41:03) - Parent vs friend..over compensating(45:14) and so much more!! In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses how our broken foster care system fails children and families and may even cause more trauma (1:19:29). You can find our guest on IG @iampapipicasso. If are interested in purchasing his book, visit
May 27, 2021
Ladies, Take Some Accountability: Bitterness, Child Support Abuse, & Toxic Behaviors- Episode 21
There's nothing like good friends that will call you on your BS...this episode, we are those friends. This episode, The Crew discusses many areas of improvement for us ladies: Bitter Baby Mommas/Child Support Misuse (1:24) Independent Women wanting to be kept (13:58) Why he gotta pay for the next man's mistakes? (15:30) Unrealistic a 6 looking for a 10 (16:43) Black women are our own worst enemy (22:06) Do those veneers come in a smaller size? (26:12) You are in a situationship..not a relationship (27:49) Quality plastic surgery (30:38) Dismissal of the nice guy (33:17) You need therapy (35:55) In this week's Food for Thought,  Kay discusses discrimination and inequities in America's jury selection process and how it leads to more erroneous convictions of black and brown people (38:38).
May 13, 2021
Life Lessons in Love, Finances, Friendships & Business- Episode 20
This week The Crew takes a trip down memory lane! The ladies share a few life lessons they've learned along the way regarding love (0:49), friendships (14:58), business/career (25:38), finances (36:00), and overall self awareness (55:27). In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses the reality of our declining infrastructure, why investing in it will improve our safety and economy, and the barriers to getting it done. (1:05:24)
April 29, 2021
Interracial Relationships Part 2: White Men Who Love Melanin feat. TJ- Episode 19
This episode The Crew gives us Part II of the interracial relationship discussion. The ladies get the perspective from the opposite side of the spectrum as the welcome a friend of the podcast, TJ is known in the midwest as the baller who has proven white men can jump. TJ fills us in on his love for melanin (3:08). He shares the judgment he's received from black men, & within his own race(18:36). Black social can't turn a blind eye(34:45). Candice Owen's and Stacy they get a pass(36:25)? Bonnetts and breaker(38:36)? You can tell alot by a the pair of Js(46:17). Culture food war(56:37). Lastly we get to the bottom of why he prefers a black queen(59:41). In this week's Food for Thought,  Kay discusses the long history of discrimination against Black farmers and how Biden can position himself to give Black farmers the justice they deserve(1:23:10).
April 15, 2021
This Love is Toxic: No Good Lovers, Family & Friends- Episode 18
We think it's safe to say that we've all experienced a toxic person and/or relationship at some point in our lives. The Crew heads down memory lane and discusses their personal experience with toxic relationships (1:30). Does conflict automatically make a relationship toxic (13:17)? We discussed the longest damn argument made into a movie; Maria & Malcolm (21:22). What characteristics make a person/relationship toxic (30:52)? Why the hell do we stay (32:47)? Derrick Jaxn & the infamous hat bonnet...(37:49). What do you do with toxic family members (47:00)? You have to set boundaries or let it go (49:53). In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses the impact and impractical aspects of banning abortion as conservative states make moves to ban it and overturn Roe v. Wade. (57:42)
April 01, 2021
Is it OK to Let Your Looks Go After Marriage? Episode 17
Following the viral video of the Missouri pastor who tells the women in his congregation to watch their weight and appearance and aspire to be trophy wives like Melania Trump, the Crew, with guest co-host, Quintin, discuss the merits of his message and other pressing questions like: [  ]  Is it one-sided and a double standard for women? (2:53) [  ]  Should men have to keep it together as well? (7:22) How important is delivery and communication when giving your partner feedback? (11:14) [  ] Ultimately, do we appreciate effort more than results?(15:09) [  ] Is the health factor often neglected in these discussions? (15:45) [  ] The Bonnet Effect: Is there such a thing as being too comfortable around your partner? (19:06) [  ] Is it OK for a person to recommend plastic surgery? (30:34) [  ] Does sex drive decrease after marriage? (34:36) In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses voter suppression, the House's effort to stop it, and how the filibuster can ruin it all. (49:11)
March 18, 2021
Can You Separate the Art from the Artist? Feat Mike from from 112- Episode 16
RnB is known for dropping members but we flipped it an added a 5th member to The Crew for this week's discussion.  Michael Keith, 1/2 of 112, joined the convo in deciding if you should separate the artist from their artistry (1:54).  As any conversation with brown folk, we dabbled into several different topics: ✔the importance of therapy (20:36) ✔effects of Me Too on the entertainment industry (23:30) ✔new RnB music & its lack of a metaphorical delivery (29:00) ✔the back story of the chart topping hit single, Peaches & Cream (30:16) ✔having realistic parental control (36:14) ✔does the lighter (whiter) the complexion lessen the ridicule? (43:51) You can't have one of the most soulful voices on your podcast without a song right?!  Michael showed off his opera skills and blessed us again by singing his verse on Player (1:00:00).  A friendly reminder to Atlanta that COVID exists...stay yall ass home (1:04:00). In this week's Food for Thought, Kay breaksdown some of Qanon theories and tactics. (1:08:00)
March 04, 2021
High Value Man or 5 Below?
Kevin Samuels' name has entered many group chats and The Crew's chats are no different.  This week's episode, we analyze Kevin's qualifications of being a "High Value Man".  Kay goes over his 6 traits (1:37).  Joy introduces another list of qualities (10:16).  Are women to blame for these "high value" standards (17:45)?  Soo you make money but you're corny...does this make you a High Value Cornball (20:33)?  Why do women love an asshole (28:26)?  In normal fashion, we have a sidebar convo this time to determine if you can separate the artist from their artistry (31:06). In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses the true economic impact of the pandemic, particularly for women and minorities. (36:20)
February 18, 2021
Stop Cappin': Men Weaves, Dyes, & Lies
This episode will have you dying...actually..please don't! The Crew opens this episode trying to figure out who convinced men that Bigen dye has the same appearance as hair🤔 (2:28). Hair paint isn't the only trickery discussed. The male hair it a weave or nah (7:30)? Are these men getting gym memberships or asking IG model for surgeon recommendations (12:52)? Women are we the cause for men feeling they need these enhancements (18:32)? Are we hypocrites for having an opinion about it (25:10)? Do you always have a fitted on... (32:22)? In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses the racial disparities in the US healthcare system. (38:04)
February 04, 2021
Alternative Relationships p. II: Is Three a Crowd? Feat Glo
Nia, Dionne, Kay, and Joy continue their discussion on alternative relationships with someone who can speak from experience.  The Crew welcomes the owner of Maat Moisture, Glo.  Glo explains why she chose to be in a three-way relationship (2:00) and the benefits that come with the lifestyle (2:19).  It's very apparent that communication is key. Anytime you live outside of what's considered the norm, judgment is around the corner.  Glo discusses society as well as her family not being able to fully accept her lifestyle (12:38).  What does that conversation look like with children to help them understand (17:12)?  What qualities do you look for when looking for an additional partner (26:19)? Glo wasn't going to leave without asking The Crew if they've ever thought about adding a third party (33:47).  Her clairvoyant abilities sometimes gets in the way of the relationship (35:20).  Nia continues her poll and asks Glo's opinion of R Kelly's alternative lifestyle (40:32).  In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses the provisions of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.  She explains why it's necessary for the Biden Administration and Congress to move forward with real police reform especially in light of the events occuring at the U.S. Capitol. (52:30)
January 21, 2021
Chivalry & Romance: Yay or Nay? Feat. Quintin- Ep. 12
This week, one of our loyal viewers, Quintin, joins The Crew to get their perspective on chivalry and romance and he gets four VERY different takes (2:50). The debate continues with discussion about whether men like romance (13:05), what actions make the list (20:49) and love languages (37:49). (57:25) In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses the connection between the environment and COVID-19 and why we are susceptible to more pandemics in the future.
November 19, 2020
Modern Day Feminism: Have We Gone Too Far?- Ep. 11
In this week's episode, The Crew explores Feminism and debates the 4 waves and 3 different types (1:38), whether women should be in the NFL and NBA (13:14), issues with the Me Too movement (17:13) and selective Feminism (41:38). In this week's Food for Thought, Kay dissects the profile and psychology behind the 2020 Trump voter. (48:52)
November 12, 2020
Gender Roles in Relationships: Who's the Boss feat. Manny- Ep. 10
How have gender roles shifted in modern day relationships? This week, Manny joins The Crew to debate exactly when and why the shift occurred (1:40), how women are groomed to be wives (5:37), when to establish roles in a relationship (17:28), plus weak men and savage women (24:08). In this week’s Food for Thought, Kay discusses the criminalization of mental illness and possible solutions (39:38).,Nobody%20benefits%2C%20everybody%20pays.,is%20tragic%20and%20it's%20wrong.
November 05, 2020
Slave Labor in the Weave Industry: The Moral Cost of Beauty- Ep. 9
One of our followers shared an article with us to get our thoughts so we made it an episode! This week, the ladies discuss the forced slave labor involved in the $2.5B weave industry, as revealed in a recent CNN investigation. The Crew debates whether society is willing to sacrifice "beauty" in protest for humane treatment (2:35), why weave has gotten so popular (13:28), proposed social action plans (33:27), as well as weave and insecurity (40:15). In this week's Food for Thought, Kay talks about the possible implications if Obamacare is ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court on November 10th, because it could impact more people than you think. (51:00)
October 29, 2020
Interracial Relationships: What's the Motive feat. Jomo Wilson- Ep. 8
In this week’s episode, the ladies share their thoughts on interracial dating (:55) then invite Jomo Wilson to share his perspective on interracial dating as he celebrates one year of marriage to a white woman (7:40), the difference between black and white women (11:00), two types of white women who date black men (18:00), how different races approach sex in relationships (22:24), what black women bring to relationships (30:17), having preference without denigrating the other race (39:50), and handling judgment for dating outside your race (45:30) In this week's Food for Thought, Kay dives deeper into the underhanded, yet effective, voter suppression tactic......voter deterrence (53:53).
October 22, 2020
Normalizing Mental Health feat. Therapist Aliya Adenuga- Ep. 7
In Episode 7, The Crew helps normalize the conversation around mental health and sits down with licensed professional counselor , Aliya Adenuga. We dive deep into creative therapy interventions (2:01), how trauma manifests in the body (4:57), supporting loved ones seeking help (8:07), stigmas and biases in minority communities (13:15), nature vs. nurture (17:36), finding relatable therapists (28:26), taking the first step to schedule a therapy appointment (31:34), suicide (38:15), and debate whether therapy is the new "cool" (46:26) In this week's Food for Thought (57:05),  Kay breaks down the Electoral College and its origins, flaws, and how to make it more fair and representative. Aliya's contact info: FB: The Epiphany Room LLC IG: @the_epiphany_room
October 15, 2020
Divorce, Breakups, & Moving On feat. Author Rese Seevers- Ep. 6
The Crew sits down with Sherese Seevers, author of the hilariously candid blog-turned-book titled, “I now Pronounce You Divorced”, that gives a raw and witty look at love, marriage, divorce and life afterward. Between sips and laughs, the ladies discuss: being blindsided when he wants to call it quits (4:34), compatibility (6:10), rate love, attraction and compatibility (8:19), dating in 2020 and the women who chase men (18:00), the five love languages (19:50), shame in losing the title (24:45), levels to cheating (28:51), moving on while co-parenting (34:51), red flags (44:46) and the problem with potential (53:56). (57:05) In this week's Food for Thought, Kay discusses a couple of very plausible election scenarios like "What happens if Trump refuses to accept or contests an Electoral loss?",  " What if Trump loses, but refuses to leave the White House?" and "What can we do to avoid all of this?". The answers are not very reassuring, but being aware will make a difference.
October 08, 2020
Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation? - Ep. 5
It’s been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but does this hold true when it comes to imitating different cultures? In episode 5, The Crew explores culture appropriation vs. appreciation and tries to lay down some ground rules for distinguishing between the two…but doesn’t agree on where exactly the line should be drawn or whether minorities can even be guilty of appropriation at all. Where do you draw the line? Kay then follows up on Episode 1’s Food for Thought (F4T) and discusses the now dire situation with the future of the Supreme Court following RBG’s passing. The Democrats’ only options are pretty radical, but do they have the guts to do whatever it takes to protect Obamacare, women, LBGTQ, immigrant and voting rights? Let’s hope so. F4T Resources:
October 01, 2020
Alternative Relationships: Its Complicated - Ep. 4
Relationship statuses have progressed from being considered "complicated" to now being described as an infamous "entanglement" thanks to a red table convo. In this episode, the crew talks openly about open relationships. You'd be amazed at how open-minded the ladies are....there's alternatives for a reason right? In this week's Food for Thought. Kay discusses the impact of climate change on communities of color and how we can do our part in its resolution.
September 24, 2020
Pretty Hurts feat. Go Hard Boyz founder, Shea - Ep. 3
This episode, the crew discusses the ever changing ideas on what constitutes beauty. It's only right to bring some testosterone to the convo to provide a male perspective.  Our guest host, Shea Evans, CEO of "It's Bigger than Bikes" joins the crew with a real unadulterated view on what he considers as "witch craft".     You may have seen Beyonce's video for "Pretty Hurts" and saw a snapshot of the massive amount of pressure placed on women to be thick, but not too big...slim, but not too skinny...embrace your melanin, but don't get too dark.  There's a price you pay when you succumb to the opinions of others..ya know..ant shaped bodies, eating disorders, bleached ghostly complected skin and most importantly insecurities.  Is it worth it? Lastly, Kay shares some seldom reported info on the Administration's hidden agenda to compromise the accuracy of the 2020 census.  She informs us why this should cause concern and reminds us all to do our damn census...yes YOU! For more information on our Food for Thought click below.
September 17, 2020
Breaking Stereotypes - Ep. 2
Join "The Crew" for Episode 2 as they break down Muslim, “Strong Black Man” and "Angry Black Woman" stereotypes. The ladies discuss new music and reminisce on good 90s RnB. Doing it for "The Gram" takes on a whole new meaning with the latest social media shenanigans. Does love make you forgive and forget? Take notes as Kay educates us on the use of police body camera footage with facial recognition technology in this episode's "Food for Thought". Let us know what's on your mind and what you would like to hear discussed in the comments. Don't forget to subscribe and vibe out with your favorite crew! Food for Thought Resources:
September 10, 2020
Cancel Culture - Ep. 1
The Crew; Nia, Dionne, Kay and Joy share their drink of the day as they unwind to discuss heavy, but necessary topics.  The ladies highlighted the loss of a king, our King, Chadwick Boseman.  They also discussed the protests in Kenosha & Portland, the Georgia sex trafficking bust, the affects of recent border closures as well as the pros & cons of Cancel Culture.  Kay ends the convo with a little "Food for Thought" regarding our Democratic vote or not to vote...that shouldn't be the question.
September 05, 2020
Looking for that sweet spot between cutting up and staying “woke”? Get witty, unconventional takes from four friends, almost straight out the group chat. With topics ranging from sex and relationships to pop culture, business and social issues, Join the crew: Nia, Dionne, Kay and Joy for your weekly fix of the rowdy and refined. Along with hot topics and a dope vibe, CREWcial Conversations also breaks down important issues that mainstream media often ignores, occasionally  features special guests and shines a light on up and coming artists, as well as minority-owned businesses, all to further build awareness in our community. Subscribe to CREWcial Conversations wherever you find podcasts and get your weekly fix of the rowdy and refined with new episodes available every Thursday.
August 19, 2020