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The 3 C's with the Cross River Gorilla Project

The 3 C's with the Cross River Gorilla Project

By Ceire Mcardle

A series of podcasts covering conservation, community and Cameroon with the Cross River Gorilla Project charity.

I would really appreciate if you could fill out this survery after listening to the series as I would greatly appreciate feedback for my disseration.
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Cameroon - Crisis, Rangers & how to help!
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January 30, 2021
Tropical Rainforest Communities - How technology can help
In this episode we look at why tropical rainforests are so important and why you should care about them. We are joined by Yahya Alam, a final year computer science student who gives a deeper insight into how techncology can aide conservation. 
January 24, 2021
Conservation - The effect on Communities
Featuring special guest Dr Oisin Macnamara a founding commitee member of the Cross River Gorilla Project. He shares his opinions on Conservation and the effects that this may have on communities by highlighting what the charity is doing to help. Apologies for any audio discrepencies, due to current circumstances the recording took place via Zoom. 
January 20, 2021
Introduction - A look into the Cross River Gorilla Project
Featuring special guest John Daniels the founder and chairman of the Cross River Gorilla Project. 
January 19, 2021