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Criminal Perspective

Criminal Perspective

By Chris Duett
Criminal Perspective is a podcast exploring the perpetrators behind the crimes. Host, Chris Duett, has accumulated 11 years of experience interacting with notoriously violent criminals. Chris brings you firsthand experiences and insights on such offenders as well as interviews with professionals who’ve worked with or studied these criminals extensively. Criminal Perspective also offers appearances from notable figures from the world of True Crime, as well as interviews with the criminals themselves and the people who know them! This is a one of a kind podcast for the most ardent True Crime
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The Women behind Women & Crime
Hanging out with Meghan Sacks and Amy Shlosberg, Criminologists and hosts of the surging podcast Women & Crime!
January 28, 2021
Remember Tomorrow
We tell the story of Alexandria Nicole Ison, known on the streets of Portland Oregon as Tomorrow. In 1999, 17 year old Alex Ison was raped & strangled to death by serial killer Todd Alan Reed. We explore the life of Alex with some of the people who knew her best. We hear about the tremendous impact of her death and remember a beautiful & troubled person.  Thank you to this episodes sponsors: YARN
January 20, 2021
*PATREON CLASSIFIED PEEK!* Interview with Leatrice Brewer
Here's a peek at some of the exclusive content Criminal Perspective offers over at Patreon. This is an interview with Leatrice Brewer, who murdered 3 of her children in 2008 during a psychotic episode. Leatrice is being held in a forensic psychiatric center indefinitely after being found not guilty of the murders due to her mental health at the time of the killings. For more bonus content, perks, and exclusive content, check out
December 26, 2020
Survivor's Perspective- The Sean Cribbin Story
Chris chats with Sean Cribbin, who survived a near fatal sexual encounter with Canadian serial killer Bruce McArthur. Thanks to this episode's sponsor Wyld Gallery. Promo: Mind Over Murder Check out Criminal Perspective on social media and Youtube!
November 26, 2020
Robert Lee Yates (The Spokane Serial Killer) part 3: Analysis With Dr. Kris Mohandie
Chris is joined by famed forensic psychologist Dr. Kris Mohandie to break down Robert Yates.  Thank you to this episodes sponsor BetterHelp. Head over to for 10% off your first month of private, professional, convenient mental health counselling! Buy 'Evil Thoughts: Wicked Deeds' by Dr. Kris Mohandie HERE on Amazon. Promo: Murder Was The Case Add Criminal Perspective on: Twitter Youtube Facebook Instagram Subscribe to Criminal Perspective on patreon for additional perks and content!
November 11, 2020
Interview with Robert Lee Yates (The Spokane Serial Killer) part 2
Chris and Andrew (former co-host of Criminal Perspective & current host of Unforbidden Truth) talks to serial killer Robert Lee Yates about his crimes, his experience going through the legal process, death row, and more. Follow Criminal Perspective: Youtube Twitter Facebook Instagram Check out for additional and exclusive content! Thank you to Betterhelp for sponsoring today's episode! head over to for 10% off of your first month of private, professional, and convenient mental health counselling! 
November 4, 2020
Interview with Robert Lee Yates (The Spokane Serial Killer) part 1
Here is part 1 of a 2 part interview with Robert Yates. Yates discusses his life from early childhood on, and goes into detail about his thoughts, feelings, and what occurred during his 16 murder span as the Spokane Serial Killer. Check out for additional content and perks. Add Criminal perspective on: Youtube Twitter Facebook Instagram Promo: Die-alogue
October 28, 2020
Mockingbird Unheard- Craig Pennell
Chris talks with Craig Pennell, who was convicted of capital murder under the law of parties for the 1994 murder of Francis Allen Carter at the Mockingbird pawn and jewelry store in Amarillo, TX in March of 1994. Craig's co-defendant Justin Dickens who was 17 at the time of the murder was sent to death row until the supreme court ruled juveniles couldn't be sentenced to death. Justin's sentence was commuted to life without parole. While Justin and others were interviewed for the Netflix docu-series 'I Am A Killer', Craig's interview for that series was not used in the episode about the case. We now get to hear everything from Craig's perspective and find out how life played out for him since the murder of Francis Allen Carter. Check out Criminal Perspective on: Youtube Patreon Twitter Instagram Facebook
October 21, 2020
Understanding Mutilation & Dismemberment (w/ Dr. Ann Burgess, Dr. Victor Petreca, & Dr. Gary Brucato)
Chris chats with Columbia University researcher Dr. Gary Brucato, & Boston College researchers Dr. Ann Burgess & Dr. Victor Petreca on their recently published research conducted along with Dr. Michael Stone on mutilation & dismemberment. "Dismemberment and Mutilation: A Data-Driven Exploration of Patterns, Motives, and Styles" can be found in the Journal Of Forensic Sciences.  Purchase 'The New Evil: Understanding The Emergence Of Modern Violent Crime' by Dr. Michael H. Stone & Dr. Gary Brucato  Thank You to this episode's spnsor Subscribe to Criminal Perspective on Patreon for additonal content and perks! add Criminal Perspective on social media! twitter- @crmnlprspctv IG- @criminalperspective FB- @CriminalPerspective Youtube-
October 14, 2020
First Responder Perspective- Officer Tim Smith (The Trayvon Martin Shooting)
On this episode of Criminal Perspective Chris sits down with Officer Tim Smith, the first person on scene of the Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, FL. For the first time outside of court, Tim shares his experiences of that night, what it was like testifying for the state at George Zimmerman's Trial for second degree murder, and his personal feelings on the case.  Join for additional perks and content.  
October 7, 2020
*BONUS* Exclusive Interview W/ Convicted Murderer Kevin Roby aka Satannic Christ
Here is the audio of Chris and Andrews full 2019 interview with Kevin Roby who goes by the name Satannic Christ... Roby was serving a life without parole sentence for the brutal rape and murder of one of his sisters in the late 80's when in 2005 at Pelican Bay State Prison in California, Roby had a confrontation with his cellmate, a well known former Hollywood actor and respected gang member named Lloyd Avery II. Roby murdered Avery and used his body in a ritualistic manor after his death. Here from Kevin Roby himself about his life and crimes... support Criminal perspective on Patreon for additional perks and a library of exclusive content
September 29, 2020
BONUS* full interview with serial killer Phillip Carl Jablonski
American serial killer Phillip Jablonski is the focus of the new Investigation Discovery documentary 'A Serial Killer Among Us: Phillip Jablonski'. Phil was interviewed on the very first episode of Criminal Perspective on Patreon. Here is that interview from early 2019. It's the only known audio interview of Phillip Jablonski to exist.  Subscribe to Criminal Perspective on patreon at Don't forget to rate, review, and add Criminal perspective on social media and Youtube!
September 3, 2020
Survivor's Perspective- The Lawyer's Daughter
Jennifer Carole was 18 years old in 1980 when the Golden State Killer, Joseph DeAngelo murdered her Father Lyman Smith, and Step-Mother, Charlene Smith. On 8/20/20 Jen was able to confront DeAngelo face to face in court, with her victim impact statement in hand. We're going to hear what went into making and delivering that statement, and hear what Jen was seeing and feeling at this time as she gives us unbelievable behind the scenes information. Check out Jen's website at and read her entire victim’s impact statement Please remember to subscribe and leave a rating/review! For additional content and other perks, check out the Criminal Perspective Patreon at
September 2, 2020
Hero's Perspective- Jeffrey Rinek
Chris sits down with retired FBI agent and author of the book 'In The Name Of The Children'-- Jeffrey Rinek. Rinek discuses bits of his career in the FBI from entering the bureau as an accountant to how he was able to help stop one of northern California's most dangerous serial killers, Carey Stayner. Jeffrey Rinek will tell how he obtained the confession that subsequently lead to Stayner's death sentence, and how he felt personally about his role in the investigation.  Please don't forget to subscribe to this show and leave a rating/review! Check out Criminal Perspective at Patreon! Don't forget to find Criminal Perspective on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube!
August 26, 2020
Survivor's Perspective- Cameron
Chris is joined by Cameron; A woman who contacted the show wanting to tell her experiences being a survivor of sexual assault. Cameron will tell about the events leading up to her assault, the assault itself, the investigation, the legal process, and the aftermath. Cameron sought justice, found it, and healed, this is her story.  For additinoal Criminal Perspective content check out Head over to and subscribe to Criminal Perspective's channel. Join in for Criminal Perspective: Murdery Mad Libs every Monday at 7 pm eastern, or pop in for the Criminal Perspective True Crime House Party live stream every Thursday at 8 pm eastern as part of GetVokl's True Crime Thursday block! Make sure to follow Criminal Perspective on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram! This episode is brought to you by Spotify and Anchor. 
August 18, 2020
Rick's Prison Stories
On this episode Chris is joined by a 40 year old software engineer from Florida named Rick. Rick is a listener and supporter of the show and a fan of the true crime genre. Interestingly enough, Rick spent roughly 20 years in prison for a murder he committed at the age of 18 in 1998. for additional content head over to This episode is brought to you by Anchor and Spotify Follow Rick on twitter @RWoltX
August 4, 2020
Nico Claux's Perspective
Chris sits down with Nico Claux, a man with the moniker 'The Vampire Of Paris'. Nico was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison for robbing and murdering a 34 year old man named Thierry Bissonnier, but he admits to other attacks as well as acts of grave robbing, cannibalism, and blood drinking.  For additional content and merch check out This episode is sponsored by  Shelter Farm Sanctuary Spotify Anchor
July 28, 2020
Decoy's Perspective- Casey Mauro
Chris talks with Casey Mauro, who was the decoy actress in the Dateline NBC To Catch A Predator investigation episodes in New Jersey and Kentucky. Hear behind the scenes details and find out what Casey is up to these days! For additional content and other perks check out This episode is brought to you by: Shelter Farm Sanctuary Deep Search Tattoo
July 15, 2020
Survivor's Perspective- Shastsa McClain (Shasta Groene)
Shasta McClain tells all about her tragic run-in with pedophile serial killer Joseph Duncan III who murdered Shasta's Mother, Step-Father, brother, and abducted 8 year old Shasta and her 9 year old brother Dylan in 2005, ultimately murdering Dylan before being caught. Duncan has since been charged and suspected in other murders and currently awaits execution on Federal death row. Shasta tells her unbelievable story in this unflinching interview.  *WARNING* THIS EPISODE IS EXTREMELY GRAPHIC! For additional content and other perks, please subscribe to
July 8, 2020
LA Not So Criminal Perspective
Chris sits down with forensic psychologists Dr. Scott and Dr. Shiloh of the podcast LA Not So Confidential to talk true crime, forensic psychology, and more! check out Check out LA Not So Confidential! Check them out on Patreon as well! For 10% off professional, private counselling at your convenience head over to
July 1, 2020
Survivor's Perspective- Kristen Pratt
Chris is joined by Kristen Pratt who was stalked for years by a man named Patrick Macchione. Kristen tells her story as a survivor, and now as a speaker on stalking, gives some tips and resources on what to do if you are being stalked or cyber stalked! For additional content and merch, head over to
June 24, 2020
Legal Perspective- The Case Of Bobby Bostic
Chris is joined by Attorney Emily Albrecht of Seattle Washington, to discuss the unique case of Bobby Bostic, who Chris recently interviewed; a juvenile offender charged, convicted, and sentenced as an adult in the state of Missouri.  Raw Audio of the interview with Bobby Bostic is available at Follow Emily on Twitter @FuneralLawLady Follow Criminal Perspective on Twitter @CrmnlPrspctv Follow Criminal Perspective on IG @criminalperspective Follow Criminal Perspective on FB @CriminalPerspective
June 17, 2020
Interview with convicted murderer Steve Parkus
Chris and Andrew talk with former Missouri death row inmate Steven Parkus about his life, crimes, and his time in prison. visit one of our awesome sponsors for this episode at for 10% off of your first month of professional, private, therapy at your convenience! for additional content head over to ADD US ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Twitter- @crmnlprspctv IG- @criminalperspective Facebook- @CriminalPerspective
May 19, 2020
Interview with serial killer Ronnie Johns
On this episode Chris and Andrew talk with Flint, Michigan serial killer dubbed 'The 44 caliber killer' Ronnie Johns.  For additional content check us out at go to to get 10% off your first month!
May 13, 2020
Dead killers
Chris and Andrew reveal some of their more prolific penpals who are now deceased. head over to for additional content!
May 6, 2020
Sexual Assault Risk Reduction w/ Jody Plauche'
Jody Plauche joins Chris to discuss sexual assault risk reduction, education, and resources! Go buy Jody's book 'Why Gary Why' HERE To subscribe to our additional content including our Classifies episodes, head over to
April 22, 2020
Interview with Idaho/Ohio death row inmate Timothy Dunlap
On this episode Chris and Andrew talk with Tim Dunlap, who was sentenced to death in Ohio and Idaho for two separate cases of capital murder. for additional content check out
April 16, 2020
Interview with Spree Killer Ray Dandridge
Andrew and Chris speak with Virginia spree killer Ray Dandridge. Ray along with his Uncle Ricky Gray were convicted of multiple murders that occurred in Virginia and Pennsylvania in 2005/2006. for additional episodes and other perks, go check out 
April 3, 2020
Naama Kates' Perspective
Chris is joined by Naama Kates, producer and host of the podcasts Incel and ESC-Hate to talk about Naama's new show ESC-Hate! for additional episodes of Criminal Perspective head over to to follow and subscribe to ESC-Hate: Twitter: @esc_hate Anchor:  Apple Podcasts: Crawlspace Media Network:
March 25, 2020
Interview with convicted murderer Amber Kim
Chris and Andrew speak with transgender paracide killer Amber Kim (formerly Bryan Kim). Amber is a transgender female living in a male prison in Washington state were she is currently serving two life without parole sentences for the 2006 murder of her parents Richard and Teresa Kim.  for additional Classified episodes sign up at
March 18, 2020
Survivor's Perspective with Bizzy Bone
Chris and Andrew talk with Bizzy Bone, best known for being part of the legendary rap group Bone Thugs N Harmony. At age 4 Bizzy was abducted and held captive for 2 years while the FBI searched for him. With the help of John Walsh, Bizzy was brought home.  Visit and subscribe to our weekly Classified episodes for only $2.99 a month!!
March 11, 2020
Survivor's Perspective- Missy Jenkins Smith
Chris and Andrew chat with Missy Jenkins Smith, who was among 5 injured and 3 dead in the 1997 Heath High School shooting, carried out by Michael Carneal. Since being paralyzed in the shooting, Missy has become a guidance counselor, a public speaker, and an author of two books.  Check out Missy's website at for additional episodes, go sign up for our Classified episodes!
February 27, 2020
Interview with spree killer Chander Matta
Chris and Andrew have a conversation with convicted multiple murderer Chander Matta. Matta murdered three sex workers over a 26 hour period in the Washington D.C. area in 1990.  Dont forget to check out to subscribe for additional content!
February 19, 2020
Survivor's Perspective- Amanda Shirley (
Chris talks with Amanda Shirley about the suspicious death of her brother DJ Fickey, who's 2016 death was ruled a suicide. Amanda firmly believes that the facts of the case point to murder, and she'll explain why. head over to for further information on this case and how you can get involved if you choose. *CREATOR NOTE* Full Disclosure: audio quality on this episode kinda sucks, but we did the best we could with it, so save your complaints. We don't have 80 hours a week or a surplus of money to invest into making the show flawless. Sorry, but we're pretty unprofessional. Please direct all complaints to Crawlspace Media :)
February 12, 2020
Interview with X-Raided
Chris and Andrew sit down with Anerae Brown, better known as the Sacramento rap artist X-Raided. Brown has seen major label success on the Billboard charts in his rap career, but in his life as a Garden Bloc Crip he's seen the inside of a prison for 26 years for a gang related murder. X-Raided talks with us about his life and what lead to his incarceration and how he's reconciled his past with present day.
February 5, 2020
Interview with convicted murderer Sharee Miller
On this episode Chris and Andrew speak with Sharee Miller, who was twice convicted of 2nd degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the death of her husband Bruce Miller. In a strange twist to this case, Sharee's online lover Jerry Cassady was the one who she solicited to commit the murder of her husband Bruce. After Jerry killed Bruce, he went back to Reno, killed himself, and left a note implicating Sharee in the plan to murder Bruce. Sharee is currently serving a life sentence in Michigan.  for additional weekly Classified episodes visit 
January 16, 2020
Interview with Richard Allen Davis (part 2)
On this episode Chris and Andrew conclude their interview with Richard Allen Davis. Forensic Psychologist Dr. Kris Mohandie joins in to help analyze and explain the evil that is Richard Allen Davis.  for additional weekly Classified episodes and access to our exclusive True Crime Gallery, check out Buy the new book "Evil Thoughts: Wicked Deeds" by Dr. Kris Mohandie here
January 8, 2020
Interview With Richard Allen Davis (part 1)
On October 1st 1993, multiple time convicted felon Richard Allen Davis broke into the residence of 12 year old Polly Klaas where she was having a slumber party with 2 friends. Davis tied the girls up and abducted Klaas at knife point, later murdering her. This frightening crime splashed across national headlines in the early and mid 90's. Richard Allen Davis now sits on death row for his 24th year and for the first time ever he gives an in-depth interview about his life and crimes. Here is part 1 of that 2 part interview. RIP Polly Klaas. *NOTE* THE FIRST 15 MINUTES OF AUDIO IN THE INTERVIEW ARE ROUGH BUT IT GETS BETTER PLEASE VISIT WWW.KLAASKIDS.ORG   for additional weekly content and access to our exclusive Online True Crime Gallery head over to
January 1, 2020
Survivor's Perspective with Sarah Turney
On this episode Chris and Andrew talk to Sarah Turney-- The host of the Voices For Justice podcast. Sarah advocates to find out what happened to her missing sister Alissa Turney. Check out Alissa's Podcast Voices For Justice and check out  Voices For Justice podcast- For additional weekly Classified episodes of Criminal Perspective check out our Patreon!  Promo: Re-Solved Mysteries Podcast Twitter: @resolvethepod IG: re_solvedmysteries FB: /resolvethepod #JusticeForAlissa #SarahTurney #TrueCrime #Podcast #AlissaTurney #TikTok #News #Missing #missingPerson #show #Crime #MichaelTurney #Michael #Turney #Sarah #Alissa #VoicesForJustice #UnsolvedMysteries #SocialMedia #Facebook #twitter #Instagram #Snapchat 
December 18, 2019
Survivor's Perspective with Jody Plauche'
On this episode Chris speaks with Jody Plauche'. Jody was molested by his Karate instructor Jeff Doucet in 1983 and 1984. Doucet eventually kidnapped Jody taking him from Louisiana to California for roughly a week. When Jeff was captured, Jody was returned to California. As Jeff was being transported from California to Louisiana to face charges, Jody's father Gary shot Jeff Doucet in the head directly in front of news cameras, killing him for the world to see. Listen to Jody tell his remarkable story and talk about his amazing new book 'Why Gary Why' which can be purchased HERE. Promo: Dumb&Busted
December 11, 2019
Interview with convicted murderer Amanda Beaty
On this episode Chris and Andrew speak with Tennessee inmate Amanda Beaty, Beaty was convicted of 1st degree murder in 2018 alongside her co-defendant and former boyfriend Rodger Prince, for the 2014 murder of Amanda's 17 month old son Levi Beaty.  *WARNING* This episode may contain sensitive material for some. LISTENER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED! for additional Classified episodes that are released weekly, visit 
November 20, 2019
Bull shitting about True Crime
Chris and Andrew shoot the shit about True Crime.  check out for additional weekly Classified episodes and more! 
November 13, 2019
Interview With Juvenile murderer Michael Humphreys
On this episode Chris and Andrew talk to Michael Humphreys. Humphreys was tried and convicted of first degree murder as an adult for a crime he committed at the age of 13, when he broke into a home and shot 2 occupants multiple times killing one and paralyzing another. Humphreys tells us about his life, crime, and life in prison. After the interview, Chris and Andrew are joined by Juvenile Justice expert and Agile Professor, James Sparks, who helps to shed some light on Humphreys and the events revolving around his crime and subsequent legal proceedings. For additional weekly episodes, subscribe to any tier of our Patreon to receive access to our library of 'Classified' episodes which are released weekly and exclusively on Patreon. Subscribe at
October 30, 2019
The Mafia Cop Conspiracy pt. 2 with Dan Gordon
We round out our 2 part series with Dan Gordon on the conspiracy to frame and convict the notoriously known 'mafia cop' Louie Eppolito and his former law enforcement partner Steve Caracappa.  for more info on the material heard in this episode you can head over to Dan's website here  to hear our upcoming interview with Louie Eppolito as well as other weekly bonus episodes, go sign up for our Classified episodes, available for $2.99 a month at our Patreon
October 23, 2019
The Mafia Cop Conspiracy pt. 1 with Dan Gordon
we're joined by Hollywood screenwriter Dan Gordon on this episode for the first part of a 2 part series on Dan's understanding of a vast conspiracy to convict the notorious 'Mafia Cop' Louie Eppolito and his former partner Steve Carracapa to cover for a corrupt FBI agent. This one is interesting. Part 2 will be out next week and upon its conclusion you can head over to for an interview with Louie Eppolito. visit Dan's website at
October 15, 2019
Interview with Death Row inmate Alexander Rashad Hamilton
On this episode Chris and Andrew talk with California death row inmate Alexander Rashad Hamilton who landed on death row in 2007 at the age of 20 for a crime he committed when he was just 18 years old; shooting and killing Police Officer Larry Lasater after a bank robbery.  check out for additional weekly episodes! 
October 9, 2019
Interview with mass shooter, Naveed Haq
Chris and Andrew speak with Naveed Haq, the perpetrator of the 2006 mass shooting at the Jewish Federation Building in Seattle, Washington.  for additional Criminal Perspective content, subscribe to our weekly Classified episodes on Patreon for $2.99 a month! this includes brand new episodes weekly and hours of previous Classified episodes that are exclusive to Patreon!
October 2, 2019
Interview with Lorenzo Fayne (serial killer and necrophile)
Chris and Andrew speak with serial killer and necrophile, Lorenzo Fayne.  If you want to hear the 2nd part of this interview, head over to our Patreon for that and other Classified episodes that are released weekly for only $2.99 a month! Classified episodes are exclusively at
September 25, 2019
Survivor's Perspective- Kelsi German (Delphi Murders) *Classified peek!*
here is a sneak peak at one of our Classified episodes from Patreon. You can subscribe to our Patreon for $2.99 a month and access weekly Classified episodes at on this episode we talk to Kelsi German, sister of Liberty German. Liberty was murdered in February of 2017 along with Abby Williams in Delphi Indiana. We talk about the case and Kelsi's endless advocacy for Libby and Abby, as well as the pursuit towards bringing her sister's killer to justice. add Kelsi on twitter @libertyg_sister for resources and information on this case.
September 22, 2019
Interview with Tracie Brady (Love After Lockup)
Chris and Andrew talk with realty tv star Tracie Brady, from the tv show Love After Lockup.  for additional weekly Classified episodes, go subscribe at
September 18, 2019
Daytona Beach Serial Killer suspect in custody!!! (Bonus minisode)
On the heels of the recent announcement that there has been a suspect captured in the Daytona Beach Serial Killer case, we discuss the case in this bonus minisode. *correction to info in this episode— 2016 Palm Beach County victim Rachel Bey was beaten and strangled, not shot.
September 16, 2019
Interview with 'Selfie Killer" Amanda Taylor
on this episode Andrew and Chris interview Amanda Taylor who was dubbed the 'selfie killer' after murdering her former Father in law and posing with a bloody knife with her victim in the background and uploading the photos to social media.  the second part of this interview  along with other Classified episodes can be heard exclusively at 
September 11, 2019
The New Evil- An interview with Dr Michael Stone & Dr Gary Brucato
on this episode Chris and Andrew interview Dr Michael H Stone and Dr. Gary Brucato about their work in the field of analyzing violent criminal offenders, their gradation of evil scale, and their newest book 'The New Evil' go here to purchase 'The New Evil': Check out our weekly Classified episodes exclusively at
September 4, 2019
Interview with a witness to a serial killer's execution
Chris and Andrew talk with crime journalist Douglas Montero about his experience as a witness to the execution of Florida serial killer Bobby Joe Long.  for weekly Classified episodes, subscribe to
August 28, 2019
The Execution of Bobby Joe Long
This is a re-release of an episode we did before the execution of Florida serial killer Bobby Joe Long. We talk a bit about Long, our brief interactions with him, and give you an idea of what kind of person he was.  For access to our weekly Classified episodes go subscribe at to order the Limited Edition custom Criminal Perspective coffee roast BLACK WIDOW head over to
August 28, 2019
Interview with Criminologist James Sparks
Chris and Andrew interview James Sparks, an expert in juvenile justice for over 20 years and Professor of national and international serial homicide. James talks about his vists and Master's thesis on notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy, his correspondences with serial killers David Allen Gore, Jack Trawick, Dennis Nilsen, Ian Brady, and more.  for additional weekly episodes, subscribe to our Classified content at order the limited edition Criminal Perspective/Bean Bastards custom coffee roast BLACK WIDOW at 
August 21, 2019
Interview with Dr. Ali Winters
On this episode of Criminal Perspective, Chris and Andrew speak with Dr. Ali Winters. Dr. Winters is an educator and direct practice clinician. As an Assistant Professor at Tennessee State University, her primary teaching responsibilities are in the graduate MSW Program. With 27 years of social work practice experience in the areas of health/medical, mental health, and forensics, Dr. Winters focuses her efforts now on solitary confinement and trauma-informed care, speaking regionally and nationally on these topic areas. Dr. Winter's hope is to increase the use of safe alternatives to solitary confinement and best practices for trauma-informed care across the country. Check out our Patreon for our premium 'Classified' episodes and tiers with other perks!
August 7, 2019
Interview with Rick Staton (part 2)
Chris and Andrew bring you the 2nd installment of their interview with Rick Staton. Rick talks about his current film projects, the cases and criminals that interest him the most, and the changes and development of 'True Crime' over the the past 30 years that he's been involved with crime and criminals.  Visit Rick's Patreon page at and don't forget to visit our Patreon page and subscribe for weekly premium 'Classified' episodes, including interviews with some of America's most notorious convicted criminals! subscribe at
July 31, 2019
Interview with Rick Staton pt. 1
on this episode Chris & Andrew interview Rick Staton. Rick, who's known as the "Godfather of murderabilia" is a retired mortician, filmmaker, and was once the exclusive art dealer for notorious Chicago serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Rick has corresponded with infamous murderers for 30 years! On this episode we discuss Rick's experiences with John Wayne Gacy and his visit to the Cielo Dr. bungalow where the Manson family gruesomely murdered several notable hollywood figures. be sure to check out our exclusive 'Classified' episodes at 
July 24, 2019
Interview With stalker/murderer Robert Bardo
On this episode Chris and Andrew speak with infamous stalker and murderer Robert Bardo. in 1989 Bardo murdered actress Rebecca Schaeffer at her West Hollywood apartment after years of fixated obsession on the young actress. Bardo helps to paint a clearer picture of himself and of his crime.
July 17, 2019
Interview with Washington murderer Tashia Stuart
On this episode Chris and Andrew interview Tashia Stuart. In 2011 Stuart was convicted of shooting her mother Judy Hebert 3 times and cleaving her head with an axe in Franklin County Washington. The murder was displayed by the state as a greedy ploy to financially profit off of Hebert's death, however Tashia claims it was self defense. On this episode Tashia Stuart answers questions about her life and the circumstances surrounding her crime.To hear additional weekly episodes subscribe to our Patreon for exclusive weekly 'Classified' episodes here
July 10, 2019
The Transformation of John Miller
Chris and Andrew address a letter written to Chris by California multiple murderer and former death row inmate John Laurence Miller. Miller, who was convicted of 3 murders shares the story of his life, how he came to be in prison, and how he transformed himself in prison from psychopathic murderer to a respectable human being. Andrew and Chris analyze Miller's claims and methods of transforming himself into an emotionally stable and caring individual. Lastly they delve into the general science behind what blocks a psychopath from feeling empathy. Don't forget to check out our premium "Classified' episodes exclusively at
July 2, 2019